Thursday, April 10, 2008

Looks Like the Federal BN Gov't has another Stupid Minister Here

On BN doesn't discriminate, Azalina tells MBs (as per the report in Malaysiakini), Azalina in showing the vindictiveness of the BN, is equally showing her own stupidity. Does she expect her stand, which reflects Federal Government policy, to endear herself and the BN to the people, both those who in the last election chose to vote against the BN as well as those who voted for the BN?

Obviously, the Federal BN Government is unable to discriminate between what it can legitimately do and what it cannot. Then again, who will they blame for their own stupidity when they get kicked out, if not sooner, then in the 13th GE?

The BN seems to know nothing about constitutional government, yet it expects the people to pay Federal taxes. Why should people of these 5 states pay taxes to the Federal Government if they or their legitimate representatives (the State Governments) are going to be discriminated against?

Does Azalina think that Federal Government funds only belong to the BN?

If UMNO (and the BN) doesn’t reform, then obviously it is looking for a revolution against it. Looks like the BN has not learned anything from the last election.

This stupid arrogant woman’s (?) head must roll! Better still along with the rest of the present useless idiots in the Cabinet.

They are now even thinking of channeling Federal funds to the 5 States as “wang ehsan”. Do they think that the people of these States are beggars and have no legal right to these funds? I am thoroughly disgusted at their sheer stupidity, ignorance and arrogance.

Obviously, this is normal modus operandi for the BN, as we have seen all too often in Sarawak.

What does her Deputy Minister Sulaiman Taib say about this? He's probably trying to slink away with his tail between his legs after being kicked by Azalina.


Anonymous said...

Azalina should not have been appointed minister. Her place is at the Kamunting "Resort". She should be investigated and charged for her misdeeds. Taxes (income tax and other duties) are paid by all citizens, not just in BN-run areas but also in Pakatan Rakyat areas. Who does she think she is? Obviously she isn't human because she is devoid of good feelings towards other Malaysians.

Unknown said...

The BN has a governance issue here... So far, they are treating federal funds as their own BN money... If this happens in the real world, we would be calling in the police and charge them for CBT.

In any case, Azalina and her fellow BN ministers are trying their utmost best to help PR win more support. Despite of our PM's acknowledgemnt that he has heard what the rakyat is saying thru the polls, their Action speaks louder than words. BN has not learnt a single lesson from 8 March. Everyday, they dig for themselves a deeper grave. So sad for them...

Francis said...

I have said before and am repeating here 'GIVE THEM A LONGER ROPE TO HANG THEMSELVES'!!

The one given earlier on GE12 was not long enough and alot did not perish!!

chapchai said...

This was the stick used by BN during the election campaign trail - if you don't vote BN you don't get any development! This really scared some people, but as I said to them: development money does not belong to BN. It comes from taxes and the wealth of the country and belongs to the people. So next time BN threatens you with this stick, ask them: is this development fund coming out of BN's bank account?

Anonymous said...

BN leaders and backbenchers, listen up!

The rakyat wants you to take a lesson - DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES 101. Your knowledge in this area is totally lacking, your utterances and deeds expose your ignorance for the whole world to see!

What do you think the election is for? Do you think the rakyat has nothing better to do than just to vote you in so that you can carry on with your 'merry (crazy) ways'?

Respect the majority's wish is the first lesson in Democratic 101!

Anonymous said...

Why are the PR-controlled state governments taking this undemocratic action of the BN federal government so meekly? Is there no recourse available?

Malaysia is not in a unique situation, in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US, similar situations exist. In these places, the federal governments and the various state governments do not belong to the same parties, yet such undemocratic and discriminating act are unseen of.

What does the Malaysian Federal Constitution has to say on this? Why are the constitutional legal experts not consulted? This should not be allowed to go unchallenged.

BN is again ignoring the rights of the rakyat, it is showing gross disrespect!

Unknown said...

That is why we do not need sekolah pondok graduate in the parliament. They learn only Jawi and not mathematic and science.

gram.kong said...

Diehards with old bad habits still rule supreme in BN.The politics of intimidation,harassment and coercion is still very much alive in the them.

They haven't learned anything from the recent polls results.

The Phoenix Foundation said...

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