Friday, April 30, 2010

Help DAP's Sibu Campaign

Help Our Sibu Campaign!

Dear Friends,

The 10th by-election is over at Hulu Selangor and it is most unfortunate that we suffered a setback amidst the millions of ringgit poured in by the BN government.

Nevertheless, our struggle for a Malaysian's Malaysia is now shifted to Sibu Sarawak and we at DAP will lead the challenge. We expect the BN in Sarawak will pour even more resources into maintaining their grip in this by-election.

Despite that we at DAP still believe we can make a difference and a clear statement that Malaysians from both East and West want and deserve a change.

We are appealing to ALL MALAYSIANS to donate generously to fund our effort in Sibu Sarawak. Your funds will be used for the following:
  1. Printing campaign materials
  2. Securing transportation
  3. Organizing road shows, talks, ceramahs
  4. Hiring of AV / PA system
  5. Other expenses in connection to help our team
We ask you to consider donating RM500 or more for this effort including asking your friends and relatives who believe in our good cause to do likewise.  All amounts are however small, much welcome.

You can also donate online by way of Credit Card, Maybank2U, CIMBClicks etc. Please check for more details here @

Alternatively, cheques can be written to "DAP MALAYSIA" and all donations for DAP can be banked into our Party’s account at any Public Bank branches with reference to our account No. 306 382 8309.

Or you can send cheque to: DAP MALAYSIA
No. 24 Jalan 20/9, 46300Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Your love for the nation will definitely make a difference.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dr M & Daim - The Two Greatest Damagers of Malaysia

From one of Sarawak Headhunter's favourite bloggers, Antares:

"It was becoming more than obvious by 1986 that Dr M had given a sinister twist to the word "entrepreneurship" with his misguided attempt to create a Frankenstein's monster called the Bumiputra Billionaire, aided and abetted by the ultimate Mafia don, Daim Zainuddin (right).

When people become exceedingly rich by inventing something universally popular and useful — or through the display of extraordinary talent, whether in the cultural or athletic field — one can only applaud wholeheartedly. However, fast bucks obtained through political skullduggery and financial shenanigans are hugely damaging to the moral equilibrium of a nation. What happens is that the horizon of decency quickly becomes obscured, to the extent that honest truth-speakers become a threat to the corrupt status quo."

All Sarawak Headhunter wants to add is that these two rogues not only caused the greatest damage to the moral equilibrium of Malaysia but to its entire equilibrium. The third greatest damager is of course none other than Sarawak's very own rogue, Taib Mahmud.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Independence for Sarawak - The Only Way To Go

Push for Sabah, S'wak's independence: Next stop UN

By Athi Shankar
GEORGE TOWN: A group of prominent politicians and social activists from East Malaysia are seriously contemplating pulling out Sabah and Sarawak from the Federation of Malaysia.

They are planning to take up their case to the United Nations to hold a referendum on the status of the Borneo states as independent nations.

They no longer want their states to be under the clutches of the Umno-led Putrajaya administration.

The group has already sought legal advice from the international community to explore all orderly and democratic means to legally declare Sabah and Sarawak as separate sovereign states.

Sources said the group was keen to avoid any civil unrest, bloodshed and armed conflict with the central government, features usually associated with separatist movements.

“They want to resolve the pressing issue by peaceful and civilised means,” said the source.