Monday, June 28, 2010

1Malicious: Taib's Contempt For The Natives

"So in January, after losing in court he used strong arm tactics instead.  He sent in police and bullies to tear down the village in revenge.  The gangs pulled down many houses and destroyed villagers possessions leaving them without food or shelter."

See the full report at Sarawak Report "Taib's Cruel Revenge".

A lawyer friend of Sarawak Headhunter also asks, "Isn't this contempt of court as well?"

Does this look like the face of a sane man?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Asfia Conspires & Schemes

"...There are many examples on this unholy union of angel-and-devil in politicians.

In respect of Sarawak, one of the most cunning and shrewd and influential groups in the Sarawak politics is led by the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) speaker Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar.

And his right hand man is the Asajaya state assemblyman Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah who is the Chief Political Secretary to the Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud..."

See the rest of this article at Sebanaku Sarawak "Asfia and his grandiose plan (Part 1 of 2)".

There is good reason why Asfia's head is one of those that need to roll and it looks like the rakyat of Pulau Bruit are fed up enough to do it. See also the following "NEWS FLASH - Pulau Bruit folks are determined to go after Asfia's head". Go guys, go!

For a follow-up, see "Asfia and his grandiose plan (Part 2 of 2)".

Monday, June 21, 2010

Taib Feeling The Heat, Getting More Irresponsible Each Day!

In the face of widening discontent and opposition to his rule amidst revelations of his corruptly obtained wealth around the world, Taib Mahmud is getting more irresponsible by the day.

It is increasingly becoming apparent that he wants to go down with the sinking ship which he himself has torpedoed. The problem is that he does not want to go down quietly but fighting and putting the blame on others for his and BN Sarawak's predicament, as the following report in the Borneo Post makes clear:

Sarawak Headhunter's comments below in red as usual. 

I will resist any attempt by irresponsible groups to destroy govt — Taib

This headline is itself irresponsible, destructive and divisive. Who wants to "destroy" the government? Have any of the Pakatan Rakyat-run states in Malaya "destroyed" the government? Obviously not, because they are the government in those states.

Why should the opposition suddenly become "irresponsible" because there is a good chance that they can become the government?

Is it not Taib himself the irresponsible one who has destroyed the government by dictatorially corrupting it for his own personal benefit and that of his family, henchmen and cronies?

Does any Sarawakian still doubt this in the light of the recent revelations in Sarawak Report, "Exclusive - Taib's Foreign Property Portfolio"? 

BALINGIAN: Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud reiterated yesterday that he was prepared to face politicking by the opposition to resist any attempt by irresponsible quarters to destroy the government.

It is now up to the people of Sarawak themselves to resist Taib and his continuing irresponsible  acts of depriving them of the state's wealth and resources, their customary land and livelihoods.

Taib and the Sarawak BN have to be destroyed if the people want to reverse their poverty and herald in a new era of real prosperity, progress and development. Or do Sarawakians still want to remain humbly in poverty under Taib's thumb?
RACE BEGIN: Taib shoots a pistol to flag-off a boat race at Sungai 
Balingian waterfront.
LET THE RACE BEGIN: Taib shoots a pistol to flag-off a boat race at Sungai Balingian waterfront.

He should have shot himself instead! Or perhaps the useless and stingy Leo Toyad! That would have been better for the people of Mukah/Balingian and Sarawak.
This was to avoid the people from experiencing a bitter, dark and directionless life when the government institution is destroyed as a result of unscrupulous actions by members of the opposition who only know how to criticise and bad-mouth the Barisan Nasional (BN) government to achieve their selfish agenda.

What selfish agenda do the opposition have? They want to take over the government to have the state's wealth all to themselves like Taib?! WHO has achieved his selfish agenda if not Taib? WHO is the unscrupulous one if not Taib?

And now he has the cheek to say that he wants to avoid the people from having a bitter, dark and directionless life (without him) when they are already experiencing that under his regime?

The government institution has already been destroyed by Taib and his minions by their corruption, money politics, intimidation, oppressive conduct and subversion of democracy.
Taib also reminded the people not to attack government institutions and leaders blindly if they had any personal grudge and hatred against certain leaders as this could also destroy the government and bring misfortunes and hardship to the people.

Notwithstanding that Taib's government deserves to be destroyed, what more misfortune and hardship would it bring upon the people by changing the government that they are not now suffering under Taib?

Sarawak Headhunter has no personal grudge or hatred against Taib and other so-called BN "leaders". It is a matter of principle. It appears that most if not all of them are greedy, selfish and irresponsible and only care for themselves, not for the people.  

Talking in Malay, Taib said: “Kalau marah dengan nyamuk, jangan bakar kelambu. Kerana kalau kelambu terbakar, nyamuk lain datang, maka tiada pertahanan lagi.”

Macam mana kalau nyawa dan harta kita diancam oleh buaya rakus macam Taib? Ini bukan soal membakar kelambu sahaja kerana seekor nyamuk. Kalau kita bunuh buaya itu, apakah buaya lain akan datang dan kita tiada pertahanan lagi atau buaya lain akan jadi takut?

Literally translated to mean: “If one is angry with the mosquito, do not burn the mosquito net because if other mosquitoes come then there is no more defence and protection.”

What about if our lives and property are threatened by a rapacious crocodile like Taib? This is not just a question of burning a mosquito net because of one mosquito. If we were to kill that crocodile, will other crocodiles come and we have no defences left or will the other crocodiles get scared?
Taib made the remarks in his speech as guest-of-honour at ‘Pesta Bederun 2010’ festival at Sungai Balingian waterfront here yesterday.

“I don’t mind not becoming a YB (candidate in the next election) but I will strongly resist any attempt to destroy the government by the opposition,” said Taib.

The opposition only wants to take over and reform the government, not destroy it. In the process of course, Taib himself and the BN may get destroyed once it is clear to the people what they have done all these years, but that is the whole idea!
Taib said that he has contributed a lot towards the progress and development enjoyed by Sarawakians after being in politics for more than 40 years.

Rubbish! He has by his own admission left the people still poor , destitute and humbly begging for crumbs from his politics of development. At the same time, he and his family, their henchmen and cronies have become fabulously wealthy from Sarawak's resources and they have stashed most of this wealth overseas, beyond the reach of Sarawakians, or so they think.
Therefore, it would sadden him to see his noble efforts destroyed by irresponsible quarters who only knew how to talk.

Who's talking now? His noble efforts? To enrich himself? Indeed!
He also took the opportunity to remind the people to be appreciative of the noble efforts made by the government to enhance the income and quality of living of the people by strengthening peace, unity and harmony in their respective communities.

Why are there still so many poor and deprived people in Sarawak then, in spite of all these "noble" efforts? Why has the income and quality of life for the majority of Sarawakians not been enhanced, to the extent that many, especially the natives, have to seek a livelihood in the other states of Malaysia?
“It is very important for the people to understand that money and wealth alone cannot bring development and progress to the people. We need peace, unity and political stability in bringing development to the people,” added Taib, pointing to countries like Somalia and Sudan as examples of nations rich in wealth and natural resources but politically unstable and disunited resulting in great sufferings among its people.

This is the standard ultimate excuse not just for their failures but to keep them in office in spite of all their failures. When all excuses fail, intimidate and threaten the people with strife, disunity and political instability for even daring to think of changing the government. This is the ultimate trickery and treachery in their arsenal of weapons to use against the people.

Sarawakians, do not continue to be tricked or fooled by them!
There will be NO strife, disunity or political instability by a mere change in government. This is a normal democratic process every 5 years or so.

The only people who are threatened by any change in government are those who have been taking full advantage of their positions for so long at the people's expense.

These monkeys have invaded our homes at our invitation and have been having an almost endless free feast for the last fifty years and they now want to kick us out of our homes! Time to hand them the bill and show them the exit!
Taib also reminded the people not to let our country become bankrupt like Greece in the European Union where its people are chaotic and suffer greatly.

If our country becomes bankrupt, it will be because of the likes of Taib, Najib and gang.
In his speech at the function, member of parliament for Mukah Dato Sri Dr Muhammed Leo Toyad pledged his support for Taib to become Balingian assemblyman to bring more development and progress to the people in the constituency.

The useless Leo Toyad is just a yes-man, low-level facilitator of Taib's corruption and traitor to his own people.
Also present at the function was a political secretary to the Chief Minister and Jemoreng assemblyman Abu Seman Jahwie, Mukah resident Saudi Narani, organising chairman councillor Abdul Akub Arbi, Sarawak administrative officer (SAO) for Balingian Albania Linus Lukong, senior government officers and community leaders.

All participants in the rape of Sarawak and its people. 

See also the report in Free Malaysia Today, "Don't abandon BN because you don't like me".

Well Taib, Sarawak Headhunter has news for you, we are abandoning BN because we don't like BN and because we don't like you as well!

We will resist all attempts by irresponsible you to stay on!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Question In Parliament (Revised)

One question Sarawak Headhunter would really like to hear being asked in Parliament is:

How much did UMNO actually pay for the PWTC (including the Menara Dato Onn) and how much did Bank Bumiputra and also Maybank have to write off on UMNO's non-performing loans (which stood at RM850 million in 1985)?

OK, that's two questions in one, but Sarawak Headhunter suspects that the answer will surprise everyone, including all those clueless ordinary UMNO members who have been taken for a very long, expensive and harrowing ride by their leaders - all in the name of "Ketuanan Melayu" or is it "Kenakan Melayu"?

The latest development, almost 2 years from Sarawak Headhunter's original post, may be seen here, at Anwar Ibrahim's blog, "PAS Kesal Najib Halang Siasatan UMNO Bina Ibupejabat Di PWTC Guna Wang Rakyat".

From Najib's evasiveness, it certainly look like UMNO has a lot to hide - in this case at least RM850,000,000 ++ worth.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Taib Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag!

According to a recent report in Bernama, "Bumiputeras Still With BN In Next Sarawak State Election", Taib said that "the bumiputeras are humble. They know they are poor and in difficulty. So they place high hopes in the government to help them out".

Help them out??? The reality is the exact opposite! See this article in Malaysia Today, "Money for everything else but the poor" and the original article by Dr John Brian Anthony in Dayak Baru, "The "Dayak" genocide by the government".

It was also reported that he said that although there were people from outside trying to undermine their confidence in the government, the Malays, Ibans, Melanaus and others had been "humble enough to recognise that they still depend on a working government for their fate."

The question is after almost 30 years of Taib's rule, WHY are the bumiputeras still poor and in difficulty?! Is it not because of his rule? While the bumiputeras place high hopes in the government to help them out, Taib has been busy lining his own pockets, fattening his overseas bank accounts and those of his family and cronies.

High hopes indeed! The people have been depending on crooks to help them and all the while the BN regime's Chief Thief Taib and his gang have been looting and plundering the natural resources of Sarawak - the Federal BN its petroleum resources and Taib its timber and land resources!

They have kept the Bumiputeras poor so that the latter will continue to depend on their corrupt and thieving government for the few crumbs that are thrown to them.

Taib has let the pusak out of the bag! Taib is the one responsible for the position the poor and deprived Bumiputeras find themselves in, in spite of almost 30 years of his so-called "politics of development".

See also the Malaysiakini report "Bumi votes in the bag, says CM Taib" and at Hornbill Unleashed. This is a show of sheer baseless bravado by Taib, hoping to intimidate or convince the Bumiputeras of Sarawak to keep on sleeping.

WHAT "development" for the poor Bumiputeras (and other poor Sarawakians as well)? If there had been any real development, there wouldn't be any poor Sarawakians. "Politics of deprivation, division and deceit" is more like it!

WHY should Sarawakians continue to depend on Taib and his equally evil Foochow towkay backers and BN Malayan sponsors who have made their billions and wasted billions as well at poor Sarawakians' expense?

If the Bumiputeras and other Sarawakians don't realise this by now and vote against Taib & BN in the coming state elections, then Allah help them! Taib certainly won't!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Subsidizing RM300+ Billion Of Corruption & Gross Mismanagement

If Malaysia becomes bankrupt in 9 years time, it will not be because of the so-called "subsidies" that the government gives the people. It will be because of the people having to bear the brunt of subsidizing the government's corruption, gross mismanagement and wastage.

Idris Jala unfortunately got hold of the wrong end of the stick, deliberately or otherwise. Either way he is a fool and will soon be the scapegoat for something that is not his fault.

See a very good article by Abang Benet in Aliran, "Excuse me, Idris! Just who is addicted to subsidies?". To quote Abang Benet, "Heck, is Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud even going to buy into Idris Jala’s rhetoric? God knows, Taib and his family have benefited most from the pillage of Sarawak’s resources via the NEP. And what about Sabah CM Musa Aman and his coterie of greedy hanger-ons? Why should they stop living it up just because Idris Jala said so and just because the country risks tipping into bankruptcy?"

"Indeed, who really has been “living beyond our means”? Have ordinary Malaysians “been living beyond our means”? Have poor Chinese, rural Malay farmers and Indian plantation workers “been living beyond our means”? Have the Penans “been living beyond their means”?"

UMNO cannot afford to do away with these "subsidies" unless it wishes to actually lose the next general elections - which it is already at risk of losing. At the same time, UMNO needs to point its dirty fingers at these "subsidies" to account for the nation's current RM362 billion debt. Apparently UMNO's well-documented corrupt practices, governmental mismanagement, wastage and countless other abuses have had nothing to do with this. Who are they trying to fool? Idris Jala?

In the Free Malaysia Today article "Don't hold people to ransom over RM362b debt", the MP for Tawau is quoted as saying "It is wrong to give the perception that the accumulated debt of RM362 billion is due mainly to the subsidies given to the people".

The article goes on to say "She said the arguments by federal leaders for ending the subsidies were just a desperate measure to cover up for “their past recklessness in managing the country's resources”" and that "The government contends that its subsidy programme costs it RM74 billion annually".

A pertinent question that Sarawak Headhunter wants to ask is "Who is subsidizing whom? Is the government subsidizing the people or the people subsidizing the government?"

Now we know why our politicians, civil servants and connected businessmen are so rich while the bulk of our people, especially the natives of Sarawak and Sabah remain poor and deprived - in spite of all the "subsidies".

Sarawak Headhunter's own earlier estimates indicate that "UMNO & its BN Cronies have stolen or wasted RM300 BILLION since the formation of Malaysia!"



Tuesday, June 1, 2010