Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Sarawak Dilemma - To Leave or to Stay in Malaysia


To Leave or to Stay in Malaysia

There are some Sarawakians who still think that staying in Malaysia is an option for Sarawak. Many, possibly the majority of Sarawakians, however have come to the conclusion that it is not. If a referendum were to be held today, most Sarawakians would undoubtedly vote to become an independent nation, most probably a Republic.

The colonial Malayans self-servingly consider this to be “treason” and “sedition”, even though there is absolutely nothing in the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) and the Federal Constitution that prohibits secession. After all they themselves forced Singapore to secede, without even consulting Sarawak or Sabah, when they could no longer tolerate Singapore’s resistance to their racist and opportunist agenda.

The Malayans have never been sincere, and since the very formation of Malaysia to this very day have treated Sarawak like a colony, in spite of their avowed intention otherwise and notwithstanding their present hollow and hypocritical pledges of greater autonomy and return of Sarawak’s rights under MA63.

Instead of Borneonising the State’s administration, they Malayanised it. They never bothered to appoint Sarawakians to any senior or important positions in the Federal government or civil service. Instead they found all kinds of ways and means, mostly unconstitutional and in breach of the Federal Constitution itself as well as the spirit if not the very letter of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), to dictate to and control the Sarawak government and civil service through their policies, finance, taxation and development expenditure, to name a few.

The only Sarawakians they were happy to deal with and honour were those traitors who collaborated with them in subjugating Sarawak and its people to their will and in furthering their racist and piratical political agendas. The useless Rahman Ya’kub and Taib Mahmud were thus able to divide and rule Sarawak for their own and the Malayans’ benefit, a situation that is continued to this day by the even more useless Abang Johari.

The Malayans and their lackeys Rahman and Taib and precipitated a constitutional crisis through instigating the unconstitutional removal of the first Chief Minister of Sarawak, Stephen Kalong Ningkan, who to them was troublesome and unwilling to cooperate in their colonisation schemes. When the case was decided against them they conspired to create a false state of emergency and direct rule and installed a puppet Chief Minister, who was then later expediently replaced by Rahman as a reward for his loyalty to the Malayan agenda.

Taib was rewarded with a Federal Ministership and soon set about to please his Malayan masters by conspiring with them to bring Sarawak’s (and Sabah’s) oil and gas resources under Federal and Malayan control. They succeeded in this nefarious and diabolical agenda by by-passing the Sarawak Legislative Assembly, by getting Rahman as Chief Minister to expediently and single-handedly sign away all of Sarawak’s oil and gas wealth to the Federal government via Petronas.

There was no discussion or debate at all in Sarawak nor a single sound in the Sarawak Legislative Assembly. Under the orchestration of the Malayans, particularly Razak and Razaleigh, in cahoots with Rahman and Taib, Sarawakians didn’t even realise what was really going on.       

After the Malayans got their dirty hands on Sarawak’s petroleum resources via the illegal and unconstitutional Petroleum Development Act 1974 (PDA74), presented by Taib and supported by his and Rahman’s lackey Sarawakian members of Parliament themselves, for a paltry royalty payment of 5% of gross production (amounting to only 1% to 1.5% of the total petroleum value chain), they did as they pleased with those resources and the revenues derived from them.

Having been manipulated into giving up control of their oil and gas wealth to the Malayans, Sarawakians were forced to beg for the funds needed for their development, and Sarawak has been reduced to becoming one of the most backward and poorest states in Malaysia, in spite of having among the highest GDP.

Many Sarawakians, especially from the rural areas have been forced to work outside of Sarawak, while Malayans deprive Sarawakians of work and tens if not hundreds of billions of contracts in the petroleum industry.

The Malayans never even bothered to appoint any Sarawakians to the Board of Directors of Petronas or its senior management until recently when the State Secretary of Sarawak became the first after more than 40 years of its existence, even then only after Sarawakians started making noise.

Rahman and Taib were allowed to do as they pleased to Sarawak and Taib in particular became rich beyond belief from his corrupt control of Sarawak’s timber and land resources. They never bothered at all about how much wealth the Malayans were siphoning off from Sarawak’s petroleum resources.

It is this wealth that has given the Malayans the opportunity to mismanage, waste and siphon off hundreds of billions for their personal benefit at the expense of ordinary Sarawakians.

Over the years, in spite of Sarawak’s major contribution to the national coffers via Malayan exploitation of its oil and gas resources, its dilapidated schools, lack of clinics, hospitals, electricity, clean water and other basic amenities, especially in the rural areas, speak volumes not only for the gross neglect by the Federal government but also by the GPS Sarawak government itself that until recently was part of BN Malayan-controlled coalition of parties.   

The so-called "New Malaysia" Pakatan Harapan (PH) Federal government (also Malayan-controlled) is no better than the Old Malaysia either, and has back-tracked on its promise for higher oil royalties for Sarawak. In reality they don’t care and should have no say at all in Sarawak’s petroleum resources, nor should they dictate how much Sarawak should get from its own petroleum resources.

Given all that has happened and the above scenario, the Sarawak Dilemma is not really a dilemma and must be answered by Sarawak leaving Malaysia as its only option. Sarawakians can no longer put their trust in the Malayans nor their present leaders, all of whom have proven treacherous. Sarawakians must be the masters of their own destiny and must create and build a New Sarawak without GPS and/or PH or any of their useless component parties.

Rise, my fellow Sarawakians! We have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Take your destiny in your own hands, for the sake of your future generations, for justice and equity for all Sarawakians, for Fair Land Sarawak!

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban!

Long live the Republic of Sarawak!

Al Tugauw

The Sarawak Headhunter

27th September, 2018