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To Those Degenerate Sarawakians Who Have Made PBB/BN & Taib Your God


You claim to be Sarawakians, yet persist in upholding and perpetuating the disgusting oppressive agenda of PBB/BN and Taib. How does this conform to humanitarian values and what does that make you? There are no two ways about this.

Every Sarawakian is a brother to every other Sarawakian and Sarawakians constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Sarawakian which belongs to a fellow Sarawakian unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves and to other Sarawakians.

Remember, one day you will appear before God and answer for your deeds, just as Taib will have to for his deeds and misdeeds.

Yet you as Sarawakians have broken the Sarawakian brotherhood and strayed from the path of justice and righteousness by supporting, encouraging and helping PBB and Taib to implement its insidious subversive and oppressive agenda of purportedly bringing “development” to Sarawak, in reality only for Taib, his family, cronies and henchmen - the connected few – to make them wealthy beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, while the rest of Sarawakians remain poor.

You know very well what PBB and Taib in pursuit of this subversive agenda have done to the state, yet you persist in forcing such an agenda down the throats of other right-thinking Sarawakians, Natives and non-Natives alike, in the perversely mistaken belief that whatever PBB and Taib do is right.

In doing so, you have made PBB/BN and Taib your God. This is wrong.

Taib’s God is Greed and Lust for Power, and Satan is his Guide. Why then do you want to follow him?

The sad fact is that since independence, PBB/BN and Taib’s agenda has resulted in many lost opportunities for the vast majority of the people and vicious exploitation by a few opportunistic and greedy PBB/BN Sarawakians and their cronies.

Untold hundreds of billions of ringgit have been siphoned out of the economic system in the implementation of PBB/BN and Taib’s agenda, all through Taib’s wrongdoing and with his connivance.

Has PBB/BN and Taib really given back anything much to the people in return, other than some crumbs and even that grudgingly? The poor Natives in the mean time do not know any better and continue to be misled, hoodwinked, bribed (for a pittance) and intimidated into supporting a corrupt, inept, exploitative and divisive PBB/BN government whose programmes do nothing more than regard the state’s resources as their own to do with as they please.

The whole political, legislative, administrative and economic process of the state has been hijacked by all means, mainly foul, to maintain Taib’s corrupt regime in power at the total expense of the people, who are fed lies and all kinds of misinformation in the name of governance and government.

You disingenuously maintain that all institutions of government, which should be run for the benefit of all Sarawakians, are “Sarawakian” institutions, even if most other right-thinking Sarawakians themselves would not agree with you. Why not just be truthful and call them “PBB/BN” or “Taib” institutions since their only function is to ensure the continued survival, empowerment and enrichment of PBB/BN and Taib and degenerate Sarawakians like you?

Just because you degenerate Sarawakians, and those Sarawakians whom you have been able to convince, hoodwink or otherwise compel, uphold corruption, misgovernance, theft, injustice and all kinds of other wrongs, including murder, does not make any of it right.

But that is the PBB/BN and Taib whom you have made your God. And Taib’s God is Greed and Lust for Power, and Satan is his Guide. And you want to follow him?

You will only regret it when you have to answer before the One True God on Judgment Day.

Don’t think that you can hide behind your beliefs, as you know very well that this has absolutely nothing to do with deliberate misbeliefs. It has everything to do with right and wrong, truth and justice.

Then it will be too late to realize that PBB/BN was the Devil, not God. And it was degenerate Sarawakians like you who made it your God.

You are a disgrace to the yourselves and worst of all to all other Sarawakians.

Repent before it is too late, change your evil ways so that the One True God may forgive you.

PBB/BN and Taib will never change.

It is too late for PPB/BN and Taib, but not too late for you and other Sarawakians.




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Taib's Black Hole

From Sarawak Report "Scandal of Sarawak's Budget Black Hole":

Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister of Sarawak, has failed to account for a staggering RM 4.8 billion of government expenditure over the past 3 years alone, according to explosive figures released by the opposition DAP party.  This represents more than half the Development Budget, which in turn represents nearly three quarters of the total expenditure for the State!  

Put another way, in 2009 RM 1.825 billion of the State’s total expenditure was allocated to persons unknown, compared to the government’s estimated revenue for that year of RM 3.726 billion.  That is about half of all your cash!  

The secret projects soaking up Sarawak’s cash 

The DAP, who recently triumphed over BN at the Sibu by-election, have produced a closely argued Alternative Budget for 2010, in which they demand a return to proper accounting methods, so that taxpayers can know exactly how their money has been spent.  This is their right and it is also Malaysian law, in line with the rest of the civilised world.
The DAP figures show that Taib has not only reserved 80% of the State’s entire Development Budget to the three Ministries controlled directly by himself, but that shockingly most of that money has been spent on secret projects about which he has provided zero information.
Under the circumstances the people of Sarawak are entitled to assume that the money has been stolen. As the DAP points out:  
      “This [state of affairs] defies the basic principle of political accountability in  a democratic system and is susceptible to great abuses”.  
So let us all guess what those abuses might be and where the money might have gone. Some on more Rolls Royces for the Chief Minister?  Some on more foreign properties for his family?  Some on bailing out projects by Taib-owned companies?
The Chief Minister appears to think he can get away with not telling people where he has decided to spend this money, but we can be comfortably certain that none of these secret projects involve benefitting any of the impoverished people whose lands he has taken for palm plantations now owned by his family and friends.

Read the rest at Sarawak Report.

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Yes Taib, Please Tell Us: Why Are There Still Poor Sarawakians?

The following comment by Sarawak Headhunter to the article "Why are there still poor Sarawakians?" on Sarawak Update by Dr Jeniri Amir was disallowed by Abdul Hakim Bujang who in an email to Sarawak Headhunter said:

"Your comment will make us close shop...if you want to make such deadly comment, go own up. the site is registered under my name. until you have such courage, keep such a comment to yourself."
Jamilah Taib's 2nd Most Expensive Mansion in Ottawa,  Canada
This is Sarawak Headhunter's reply:

"Sarawak Headhunter has kept his comments to himself for too long and will not do so any longer. Owning up is not a problem, but why make it easier for Taib and his goons to victimise oneself and family when he is the crook and Sarawak's Public Enemy No.1? 

No matter which way you twist things as appears to be your norm, this is not a question of courage, since Sarawak Headhunter is ever willing to face Taib publicly and say the same things straight to his face, foolhardy though this may be.

That time may come, but for now it is a question of strategy to be adopted against a more powerful and ruthless enemy.

The war is going to be long and hard-fought and many battles lie ahead. Sarawak Headhunter does not see the logic of exposing oneself to unnecessary slaughter. Call it cowardice if you like, but Sarawak Headhunter's tactics (together with those of other similar blogs) have been in some small measure successful in sowing the seeds of chaos amongst the ranks of Taib's evil regime and rallying the otherwise defenceless Sarawakians to the cause of their own defence.

We will continue to do so until the time has come for us to show who we really are, when the evil that is Taib is gone from our land and no longer oppresses our people and freedom, justice and equity prevail".

This was the comment that was disallowed:

"THIS is the reason why there are still poor Sarawakians:

"One source estimated that Taib has amassed $4 billion through his connections to the timber industry (Rainforest Action Network 1993). According to an interview with a former Sabah chief minister, Taib personally takes RM30* ($12) from each cubic meter of timber cut in the state (1 and 2 October 1996 interview with Harris Salleh). The chief minister is the state’s third largest timber concession holder (see Table 4.3 below). His appropriation of timber rent is in large measure intended to augment his and his family’s personal wealth."

"There is also strong evidence indicating that a fantastic sum of timber rent has been diverted neither toward building development nor toward creating political support, but instead toward something that is vastly less societally-productive, namely, the personal financial gain of the chief minister, his family and his close personal friends…"

"Analysis of the managerial and equity positions of the timber concessions licensed to each of Sarawak’s top four private timber concession holding groups, as well as other evidence with respect to the fifth through the ninth top groups, suggests that not only the political supporters, but more significantly, the families and friends of the chief minister, are virtually omnipresent as managers and owners of these concessions. Anticipating this maze of ties, I hypothesized at this study’s outset that timber revenues would be low in Sarawak. In fact, the rate of official government rent capture in Sarawak is the lowest of any case in this study. Similarly, the rate of unofficial rent appropriation is the highest, reaching more than $160 per cubic meter during one year, despite the fact that timber royalties were increased by 50 percent in that same year."

* RM30 per m3 = RM72,064,380 (RM72.64 million) for a volume of 2,402,146 m3 of logs during this period with a total FOB value of RM1,080,000,115. This is NOT the real value. See http://sarawakheadhunter.blogspot.com/2009/03/timber-how-do-they-cheat.html.

If they have been doing this for so many years since the formation of Malaysia, not counting WHAT ELSE they have done to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor, then OF COURSE there will still be poor Sarawakians.


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Senyum Kambing: Kenapa 1Malaysia Gagal?

Taib's Sins Against The Poor People Of Sarawak

In response to FreeMalaysiaToday's report "Penan issue: Taib expresses regret over NGOs' unfriendly views".

From Burak S Sem, via e-mail
I refer to your report, 'Penan issue: Taib expresses regret over NGOs' unfriendly views'. Being chief minister for 29 years, Sarawak people, especially the Dayaks and the Penan are heading for poverty because of the government policies on corruption.

On behalf of the poor people of Sarawak, I send you this 'love' mail to enable you to see for yourself your sins to your own people instead of directing your faults to the NGOs.

Abdul Taib Mahmud, we Sarawakians are angry. Yes, we the people are very angry. We have endured your ill conceived economic and social policies for too long.

We have no jobs, no income, no savings and no place to lay our heads while you and your selected few live in mansions at the expense of the very poor you are refusing to take care of. You have consistently ignored our cries for help even though you know our plights well.
  1. Are you not appalled by the scale of poverty and the living conditions of the Dayak people?
  2. Are you not appalled to see young Dayaks leaving their long houses/kampungs to major towns like Miri, Bintulu, Sibu, Kuching and other places in Sarawak to seek a better life, just to earn the salaries of RM15 per day because there's nothing left in there in the long houses/kampung? You and your government are not serious about helping the Dayaks. You developed your business empires on Sarawak's wealth through your sister, brother, son, daughter, brother/family members and your cronies.
  3. Are you not appalled to see Penans roaming the jungles, scavenging for foods? They have been displaced because your logging and oil palms activities have taken away their lands, polluted their rivers, allowed their women to be raped by irresponsible loggers while you and you cronies live in homes like palaces.
  4. Don’t you care about the dignity of the people you are robbing? For years, you have asked us to sacrifice our votes in the name of "developments" and even today we are still sacrificing.
How many more years should we continue to sacrifice and tighten our belts while you and your cronies enjoy from our lands and sweat? We cannot continue any longer. Absolutely cannot!

We are sick and tired of all of you, your BN YBs and especially you as chief minister of Sarawak for 29 years. We are tired of your dictatorship, silent racism, religious discriminations, imprisonment without trial (ISA) and political instability.

We are tired of being refugees in our own native land. We are tired of consuming water from muddy rivers/streams at the same source with your loggers transporting their timbers; water infested with silt, bacteria and viruses.

We are tired of having to work as lowly paid labourers in timber camps, oil palm plantations, construction sites and workshops.

We are tired of your corrupt practices and the looting of Sarawak's 2% oil royalties for your family businesses, your CMS (Chahaya Mata Sarawak). Your foreign bank accounts are swollen with hundreds of millions of dollars, pounds and Euros while thousands of Dayaks people live on RM15 a day. It's not enough to buy one bag/10 kilos of rice.

We are tired of you, secretly using Sarawak money to develop your family businesses in Ottowa Canada, San Francisco California USA, Australia, UK while most of our rural children go to school barefoot and hospitals are miles away without any means to travel distances.

We are tired; while the Dayak's long houses are folding up for lack of electricity supply from your government while harvested crops remain in the bush for lack of good roads or no road at all.

We are tired of all your inactions, the wait-see-and-do-nothing approaches to problem solving and endless empty promises.

We Dayaks demand your cronies return our NCR lands peacfully with immediate effect. We demands for better education, health, transport and telecommunication infrastructures now, we mean now.

We demand affordable housing now. We demand irrigation facilities, tractors, equipment and improved agricultures for our farmers now.

You’ve asked us to tighten our belts while you have loosened yours and your family members. This cannot go on any more. We are starving to death while you are developing protruding bellies.

You are having lavish life, million dollars houses, exclusive gold plated office, driving world most expensive cars while your corruptions is threatening us the poor Dayaks.

Your greed and insensitivity are forcing the best of your family to seek greener pastures abroad with Sarawakian money. How dare you Abdul Taib Mahmud?

We demand a share in the revenue from the sale of timbers, oil and gas. We demand a say in the way you spend our money; and a say in the way major contracts are awarded. It is not going to be business as usual anymore.

We demand change now. We demand probity and accountability now. We demand political action to solve the numerous problems facing we the Dayak people.

Look at the world around you. Don’t you see or hear what is going in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Latin America, Europe and North America? Can’t you see that you and your people, especially the Dayaks are being left far behind in developments than the rest of the world?

Aren’t you ashamed that after over 40 over years after Sarawak gained independance from the British, the Dayaks' living standards today is not much different from the living standards of the Dayaks 80 years ago, using hoes and cutlasses for farming, tools their forefathers used before they were colonised?

Aren’t you ashamed that after all these years of independence, some of the Dayaks people cannot feed themselves on their own ancestral land; and the youth are in a hurry to leave to towns as cheap labour? Can’t you see or hear?

Well, a word to the wise is enough. Remember, you can fool some people all the time and all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

BN was defeated in the Sibu by election, this is crystal-clear signs for you to start packing your personal belonging from Petrajaya. We Sarawakian are tired and sick of you and we want to get-rid of your dirty, smelly, rotten government.

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Qmack! Qmack! MACC!

If it looks like a lame duck, walks like a lame duck and quacks like a lame duck, it must be...QMACK! QMACK!...the MACC!


Dare we hope that the MACC will thoroughly investigate Taib, his family and their henchmen and cronies for corrupt practices and ill-gotten wealth through corruption? Will we ever see any of Sarawak's stolen wealth returned?

Will the MACC's lame duck be cooked?

See Free Malaysia Today "Taib's Billions: Will MACC boss walk the talk?" or will he qmack like a lame duck?

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Electricity Glut In Sarawak - What Does This Really Mean?

According to the report on 3.8.2010 in the Star "Electricity glut in Sarawak", "There is likely to be a major power glut in Sarawak with the coming on stream of two major hydro power projects by the end of 2013 and the lack of firm commitments from investors to take the power up, industry players said.

There will be 2,400MW of capacity from the RM7.3bil Bakun Dam by the end of 2012 while a further 944MW will be added from the RM3.5bil Murum Dam by the end of 2013".

And they are planning to build 52 dams. It does not sound as if they are really bothered about any impending electricity glut, probably because the costs will be fobbed off on the unsuspecting Sarawakians.

Sarawak Headhunter has made it clear some time back that Sarawak does not need all these dams: "If what Sarawak Energy Berhad ("SEB") is scheming to implement for Sarawak together with elements of China's state-owned companies involved in electricity-generation and hydro-electric power plants/dams, Sarawak will have the dubious honour of having the most number of dams in Malaysia (52 dams to be precise), which it does not need".

See Sarawak Headhunter "Sarawak - Land Of The Dammed".

The real reason they are not worried about the electricity glut, of course, is because they are actually going to make a lot more money from the timber that they are going to clear from the dam sites than from the dams themselves. The dams are just the excuse. How much timber are we talking about here? Billions and billions of RM worth, at minimal cost, all to disappear without a trace.


Yes, that's what they are really interested in - the timber.

And they don't care how many natives they have to resettle or the environmental damage caused to get it.

See the photos of the other dam sites at "Sarawak - Land of the Dammed", which will show their true intentions quite clearly.

Once all the timber is gone and the revenues banked into their overseas bank accounts, do you think they would be worried about any electricity glut?

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How Sarawak & Sabah Were Conned By Malaya AFTER The Formation Of Malaysia

See Pengayau's blog Mangkang Menua, Mangkang Dunya, Ngetan Ke Bansa! "September 16th, 1963 is our Grave Mistake!!!", "The Malayanisation of Sarawak - A Malayan Wayang Kulit" and also Free Malaysia Today "'Tunku's Malaysia Project a failure', forum concludes".

"Kitingan, the younger brother of Sabah deputy Chief Minister Joseph Pairin Kitingan, in his paper highlighted facts and ‘secrets’, notably how the federal powers had subdued the state through many manoeuvres since 1963, and how Sabah leaders were duped into believing in whatever Peninsular Malaysian leaders pledged and promised them."

"The Harvard graduate also cited how Malayan subsequent leaders managed to tilt the equation of power to the peninsula ever since the inception of the federation in 1963."

“In 1963, we had a 50-50 equation in Parliament representation vis-a-vis the 11-states in Malaya and the group of Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore.

“When Singapore left or was kicked-out of the federation in 1965, their 15 seats should have been distributed to Sabah and Sarawak but what happen was Malaya took seven seats and the remaining eight were distributed to the Borneo states.

“Then in 1972/73, 73 new Parliament constituencies were created, and all of them were in Malaya. From here on, Sabah and Sarawak lost its power to block any passing of laws in Parliament, so peninsular leaders can do whatever they want to the federation,” he said.

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Senyum Kambing - Skim Cepat Kaya

Why Najib's RM20 Million Survey Won't Solve The NCR Land Issues

Firstly of course, this amount of RM20 million is not enough. Najib knows it and Taib knows it. They can pour RM100 million into the survey exercise and it still won't be enough.

The truth is that survey will only solve part of the problem. And part of the real problem is the Sarawak Land Code itself, which only recognizes NCR land prior to 1st January 1958. In other words, land settled and cultivated by natives after 1958 is NOT recognized as NCR land. Natives settling and cultivating those lands AFTER 1958 are regarded as squatters and trespassers on State land. 

The real problem is Taib himself. Is Taib willing to recognize NCR land after 1958 and will the boundary survey take this into account? Will the Sarawak Land Code be amended to conform to recent court decisions or will the BN government continue to ignore the plight of the people? THAT is the issue!

Many still claim ignorance of NCR land issues, which have been harped upon openly in the mass media by Taib and his favourite(?) barking dog, Awang Tanah. These issues are also the subject of hundreds of still pending court cases. Under the circumstances, ignorance is no excuse. Najib as the Prime Minister should also not be so ignorant of NCR land issues to think that merely surveying NCR land and issuing communal titles will work.

What about the hundreds of thousands or maybe a couple of million hectares of NCR land created after 1st January 1958? Are the hundreds of thousands of natives and their descendants today who have worked, and continue to work, on these lands to be relegated to the status of squatters and trespassers?

For Taib's perspective on NCR issues, for a start see this article at The Broken Shield: http://thebrokenshield.blogspot.com/2008/11/taib-blames-dayak-shifting-cultivators.html.

Sarawak Headhunter's reply is here: http://sarawakheadhunter.blogspot.com/2008/11/you-see-they-taib-gang-have-7-million.html.

If anyone wants to know what it is all about, read this: http://sarawakheadhunter.blogspot.com/2009/03/what-is-true-value-of-all-ncr-land-in.html. That's right, it's all about money.

Who do you think will benefit the most from any declassification of NCR land, the Dayak "trespassers" and "squatters"?

Jabu is already salivating: "We wish to thank the federal government for allocating RM20 million to Sarawak and the main focus will be to develop NCR land that are ready for development." RIGHT!

The question again is, WHO WILL BENEFIT? Have the natives whose NCR lands have been the subject of such development in the past really obtained any real benefit other than minimally?

See http://sarawakheadhunter.blogspot.com/2009/07/ncr-landowners-have-good-reason-not-to.html, http://sarawakheadhunter.blogspot.com/2008/12/truth-behind-salcra-afraid-jabus.html and http://sarawakheadhunter.blogspot.com/2008/10/salcra-sucks-blood-of-ibans.html.

For one solution proposed by a friend, see: http://sarawakheadhunter.blogspot.com/2009/01/sarawak-ncr-foundation.html. No one, not even PKR, has taken this up yet.

See also Din Merican: The Malaysian DJ Blogger "SARAWAK: NCR Land Issue Unresolved".