Sunday, May 10, 2020




The Protem Committee of the Republic of Sarawak views with utter and absolute disgust the so-called settlement between the Sarawak Government and Petronas with regard to the Sales Tax issue, which had already been recently decided in favour of Sarawak by the High Court and for which Petronas’ application for stay was also refused.

It is clear from the terms of the “settlement” that it is in fact ultra vires, illegal and unconstitutional, notwithstanding the bare-faced assertion (lie) in the Joint Media Statement by the Sarawak Government and Petronas that Petronas "is still recognised as the national petroleum corporation having full power over the oversight of the entire development of the oil and gas industry in the country, in accordance with the Federal Constitution”.

This is a complete u-turn from the stance of the Sarawak Government against the previous Pakatan (Tiada) Harapan Federal Government. What has changed other than the fact that the Group of Pirates of Sarawak (GPS) has joined the traitorous Bersatu, PKR, DUMNo and PAS elements to overthrow the people’s mandate to form the present illegal back-door Federal Government, which will soon face a vote of no confidence in Parliament?

This is also an abject and ignominious betrayal of the people of Sarawak by GPS, marking the culmination of a continuing betrayal that started with the illegal and unconstitutional (ultra vires) enactment of PDA74 and the unauthorised agreements that misappropriated the entire Oil & Gas resources of Sarawak for a pittance.

This betrayal has deprived Sarawak and Sarawakians of hundreds of billions of ringgit of revenue that could have been used in many ways for Sarawak’s own development and even savings and investments for future generations of Sarawakians.

Neither the Sarawak Chief Minister then, nor the present idiot Chief Minister and his entire Cabinet of morons now have any authority to deal with the inalienable Oil & Gas resources and assets of Sarawak as if they were their own.

There is absolutely no question of any negotiation or entering into any commercial arrangement that compromises Sarawak’s inalienable rights to ownership of its own Oil and Gas resources and assets. Any such compromise is a dereliction of duty on the part of the Sarawak Government amounting to treachery to Sarawakians and to Sarawak itself.

Sarawak has all the means and people to manage its entire Oil & Gas resources and assets without any “assistance” from the Malayan Federal Government. It is completely unjustifiable for Malaya and Petronas to derive the benefit of more than 90% of Sarawak’s petroleum revenues, not to mention that of the gas subsidies provided by Sarawak.

Neither the Malayan Federal Government nor Petronas has ever been fair or equitable to Sarawak and Sarawakians from the very inception of PDA74. The Malayan Federal Government never even bothered to appoint any Sarawakian to the Board of Directors of Petronas for more than 40 years, let alone to be the CEO of Petronas and dealt with all its revenues as they saw fit to bail out their cronies and their families and generally to squander, giving peanuts to Sarawak.

Any Sarawakian who is a party to this utter mismanagement and waste of Sarawak’s Oil & Gas revenues is a traitor to Sarawak and its people, and chief among them are the GPS monkeys, and this includes the Sarawak DAP and the Sarawak PKR monkeys as well. Get rid of ALL of them!

The ONLY solution to this is that the people of Sarawak must rise up, overthrow these monkeys, and declare Sarawak independent of Malaya and get out of Malayasia. Leave Malaya to its Malay Land.


Al Tugauw
(Sarawak Headhunter)
Protem Committee of the Republic of Sarawak
10th May, 2020