Friday, May 23, 2014

What Do We Call UMNo & The Malays Who Support It?

UMNo, in spite of governing the country for more than 50 years, has ironically emerged as the biggest threat to itself and to the nation. The parasitic seeds of this disaster were planted within UMNo from its very inception and have now grown out of control.

The tree that fed itself fat on the resources of the land now feeds on the very people themselves - all Malaysians and even the Malays who form UMNo's membership, whether the latter realise it or not, as many who used to support it already do.

UMNo, formed by the Malay political "elite", was adopted by the British colonial masters as the most convenient and amenable vehicle to hand over independence of Malaya to, as opposed to the other more socialist, people-centric and radical-minded Malay groups. This synergy and collusion with the colonial regime sealed the fate of Malaya's and subsequently Malaysia's political development.

Because it was ostensibly Malay-centric, UMNO was able to garner popular Malay support, not the least because it also had the support of the colonial powers who actively suppressed all other nationalist movements in its favour. 

It was also supported by other race-based parties such as MCA and MIC that came into being in its wake, when the Chinese and Indian political elite also came to realise the benefits of cooperating with an UMNo that had the blessings of the British. Together they were thus able to convince the more passive and gullible members of each of their respective races to support what was to become the collective agenda of the Malayan political elite under UMNo leadership. 

UMNo's Malay-centric emphasis was in reality just an excuse that appealed to the political insecurities of the Malays, in spite of the fact that it actually went against Islamic teachings that denied and even abhorred race or racism as a basis for Islam. UMNo's Malay-centric ideology became so greatly ingrained in the Malay political psyche that its leadership was even able to fuse and confuse race and religion into becoming the basis of its political platform and survival, notwithstanding this incompatibility.

Even one of the main founding fathers of UMNo and its first President, Onn Jaafar, could not overcome this and was forced out of UMNo when he proposed to turn it into a multi-racial party. 

UMNo's apparent "success" and its ultimate failure may be traced back to this unfortunate emphasis on race, an emphasis that not only subverted the religion of Islam but also the Malays themselves and which was manipulated and taken full advantage of by their leaders. 

The nation's wealth and resources, its economy and commerce, the education system, the electoral system, the entire instruments of government, the civil service and all its branches, parliament and the judiciary, the police and the army, even royalty and the very cause of justice, were all corrupted and subverted by them in the name of the Malays, yet anyone who questioned or opposed them became "enemies of the nation" and charged with sedition. And they have even made every citizen pay for their misdeeds and mismanagement.

Many illegitimate fruits were born of this tree of purportedly good intentions (to help the Malays). The bulk of these haram fruits were consumed by the elites of UMNo, their families and their cronies (of all races) and the remainder to feed their supporters, most of whom nevertheless gave their eager support notwithstanding that they were merely struggling to survive.

They even managed to convince the Malays that all their woes lay at the doorstep of the non-Malays, thus solidifying fear, envy, resentment, intolerance, racism, religious extremism and bigotry amongst the ranks of the ordinary Malays.

With the connivance of the British who were eager to get rid of their colonies in the region but still maintain some measure of benefit from them, UMNo's leaders eyed with their customary greed the vast land mass and resources of Sarawak and Sabah and the Singapore entreport and were able to con them into the formation of Malaysia. 

The additional majority Chinese population of Singapore could thus be counter-balanced by co-opting the majority non-Muslim and non-Malay natives of Sarawak and Sabah into a wider purportedly Bumiputra agenda (behind which the Malays, or rather their leaders, could now hide).

Notwithstanding their sweet promises, UMNo's leadership did not actually have any intention of letting Singapore, Sarawak or Sabah become equal partners with Malaya in the Federation of Malaysia. They used all ways and means (mainly foul) to manipulate these new "states" and bring them under the hegemonic control of Malaya (UMNo).

Singapore fought back and was rewarded by being kicked out of the federation, to its ultimate betterment. Sarawak and Sabah didn't take the opportunity then presented to review their position in the truncated federation and were rewarded with the first Sarawak Chief Minister being removed unconstitutionally and a state of emergency declared, the first Sabah Chief Minister and half of his cabinet dying in a mysterious air crash, their entire petroleum wealth and their whole finances and education system coming under Federal control and Malayanisation instead of Borneonisation of their administrative services and many other travesties and tragedies.

For a long time, they managed to hide all their misdeeds through tight control of the mass media and pretend that they had popular support through a rigged electoral system, but with the advent of the internet, they could no longer escape the intense scrutiny and revelations of their misconduct were out in the open. Even the Malays - those with conscience and who see and acknowledge the truth - have begun to desert them.

Their only answer to this instead of reform and change for the better has been to stonewall, fabricate false charges and resort to intimidation and violence.

What do we call people like these?