Friday, April 11, 2008

3rd warning to the Cabinet: Resign Now!

From Malaysia-Today
Posted by Raja Petra
Friday, 11 April 2008

By Little Bird

Twice before I have suggested that the Malaysian Cabinet resign. Some readers asked who am I to suggest such a thing. Spot on. I am just an ordinary bloke who just loves taking down morons.

But I do like making practical and workable suggestions. I cannot tell anyone to do anything but I can tell you what I think is the temperature and the pressure inside the pot. Whether you believe me or no, it’s up to you. This is a free country. Let’s wait and see what the morrow brings. I feel that so far what I have said has not been too far off the mark.

Having said that, it looks like the writing is starting to appear on the wall now. The UMNO boys’ nuts are starting to drop into their scrotums after all. About this time, 11.00am on Friday, 11 April 2008 the Idiot Prime Minister would be meeting with UMNO Johor. Talk has been rife that UMNO Johor invited him over to tell Idiot to leave. However UMNO Johor has designed a face-saving device to ease the bastard out. They will ask him to go on leave first. They may even call it ‘Elegant Leave’. During his ‘Elegant Leave’ the Idiot may maintain an ‘elegant silence’. This may happen before April 30th. I think it’s time to upgrade the Reminder to a Warning for the Cabinet to resign and leave now.

Meanwhile, my sources say that from since week the S-I-L has been really packing things up. Someone should watch that boy and confiscate his passport and freeze all his bank accounts. Don’t let him escape. Recall when Thaksin was kicked out of Thailand, a few plane-loads of cash left Bangkok for Helsinki or someplace. Have you all heard the story about the two metric tons of gold bars that were taken from Kuala Lumpur to London days before the General Elections? We Malaysians are such nice and gullible folks when it comes to others ripping us off.

Today, we read that Datuk Sri Kamal Hashim, the Chairman of Patrick Lim’s Abad Naluri, has resigned as the Chairman of the company. Abad Naluri is the developer of the scandalous PGCC project in Penang. The rats are abandoning ship. This is also why the S-I-L is packing up. Money sources are drying up. This also has a great bearing on Idiot’s increasingly dim chances of even being nominated to retain the presidency of UMNO. Please bear with me. If it happens that will be a real funny story.

Yesterday, the Kedah UMNO boys almost threw their shoes at Najib and the UMNO Management Committee that went to Kedah and Penang to hear them out. Both Kedah and Penang UMNO have said plainly that they want Idiot to leave. At last the UMNO boys are finding their balls. If Idiot does not leave, he will be kicked out on his head. There was much thumping of tables and yelling. Muhammad son of Muhammad got an earful and was told to ‘takpa duduk situ saja cukup’. Meaning he is not going anywhere else in UMNO anymore.

Over in the Fox’s Lair in Kelantan, Tengku Razaleigh is getting increasing support from UMNO Divisions to challenge Idiot for the party presidency. Ku Li may not get complete support from all the UMNO Divisions. But he may not need full support. Here is something really bizarre shaping up. For the first time in the history of UMNO, the President, i.e. Idiot, may not get even one nomination to retain the presidency of the party. It is almost confirmed that even UMNO Penang, his own home state, will not nominate Idiot for the party presidency. If he is lucky, Idiot may get one nomination from Kepala Batas. But Idiot will say not to worry. After all it is God’s will. In other words, Ku Li may win by default even with only 60 Divisional nominations.

There is also another possibility shaping up, which the party may find very favourable (which I know many of you here will not like). Tun Dr Mahathir may be nominated for party president. The party is in a mood to see Dr Mahathir walk the corridors of power once again. If Dr Mahathir is elected party president again, he will not be PM because he is not an MP. He will do a Sonia Gandhi -- i.e. he is party president but someone else will be PM (Can I volunteer? He, he, he).

Here is something quick for Pakatan Rakyat. Dr Mahathir did say just days ago that the Opposition must get its act together. Yesterday he has said the Pakatan are ‘conspirators’. I voted for the Pakatan this time around. They must not lose focus. Pakatan must serve the people. We need to set up two teams in this country – both competing with each other to do good works. I am a firm believer in intense but fair competition. But someone said that, in his Letters, Saint Paul said, “I give you that which is good” (interpreted as it may not be necessarily true). Hence we must also do things that are good. We will vote for the team that best serves the people and best serves justice.

The Pakatan boys can also see the writing on the wall that Idiot’s days are numbered. It will be disastrous for Pakatan if Idiot is kicked out, UMNO reforms, a new PM who is more acceptable to all is brought in, etc. Hence the Manchurian Candidate says there will be no ‘vote of no confidence’ in Parliament against Idiot. Karpal is now scolding Mahathir and saying ‘Leave Idiot alone. Don’t harass him so much’.

Obviously they don’t want Idiot to be kicked out now. This is simple main politik lah.

If Idiot is kicked out it will be very difficult for the Manchurian Candidate to buy over the 32 BN MPs whom he has already identified, who are now being watched closely by the SB guys too.

If Idiot is kicked out, it may be just one term for Pakatan in Selangor, Penang, Perak and Kedah. (there are ways to overcome this but let’s talk about that later. Saya sokong parti saya, UMNO, but nevertheless we need a really strong Pakatan).

This is where the Cabinet can play an important role in saving our country. They must all resign their posts. Go and see Najib and kiss butt, talk terms about your future, etc. Then they must tell Idiot at the next Cabinet meeting on Wednesday (or has it now been changed to Friday?) that the situation is getting untenable and that Idiot must resign because they are also resigning.

If you don’t resign now, you will have absolutely no standing when Idiot is finally kicked out on his head. Tengku Razaleigh has made it plain and clear that if he becomes president, he will not retain any of you monkeys who are now in Cabinet. Hear, hear to that. Just for that I will support Ku LI, notwithstanding Kelantan ke, Gua Musang or whatever.

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Anonymous said...

Sooner or later our Agong Sultan Mirzan will dissolve Dewan Rakyat, Dewan Negara and impose martial law nationwide, freeze all entry points ie airports, checkpoints. Expect Askar Wataniah(independent forces and direct under Agong orders) to take over from the police, army and all relevant authorities. Only then UMNO will be banned and we rakyats will go for another new general election. Also our Agong can freeze all those assets, cash hold by the crooks locally and oversea, minimum of RM50 billion will be recalled.

Let's see how far the crooks can go against the Agong and rakyat.