Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Gabungan Penyamun Sarawak's Evil Modus Operandi

As promised, we will now show more of Gabungan Penyamun Sarawak's (GPS) aka Gabungan Penyamun Snake's evil modus operandi - how they gang up with Petronas & the Malayan Federal government to cheat Sarawak & Sarawakians & enrich themselves, their families & cronies.

GPS has all this while only been pretending to fight for Sarawak's Oil & Gas ownership rights, but behind everyone's backs they have been making dubious side deals with Petronas and the Malayan Federal govt. 

As part of those side deals, they purported to enter into a secretive "Commercial Settlement Agreement" with Petronas as a cover. The joint press statement by Petronas and the GPS govt didn't say much and until today as usual the GPS govt has not bothered to enlighten the people about how they are screwing them, of course.

One of those recent dubious deals is this one:


The question here is who is Roney Zaidell? How did he get involved in such a project with none other than Serba Dinamik, current darling of the Malaysian Stock Exchange? How did he get the money for this project? Surely not from his Petronas gratuity. Is he only a frontman?

He is of course none other than the bagman for his elder brother Ikhwan Zaidell. Why are their names so familiar? This is the reason:

Their younger brother is none other than the self-important, greedy, powerful, diabolical, conniving, scheming and vindictive Dr Muhammad Abdullah Zaidell, erstwhile Director of the Sarawak Economic Planning Unit, also known as "the Gatekeeper" to Abang Jo, Chief Minister of Sarawak.

Abdullah is absolutely indispensable to Abang Jo and has his hand in every pie and holds a number of other important posts in Sarawak and even at national level, such as Director of Petros, SEDC, MDEC, MASA, MIDA, Sarawak Metro, LCDA, Business Events Sarawak and Director-in-Charge Sarawak Petchem. He is the smartest and only qualified Sarawakian available to take up all these positions.

He is also a key member of the Technical Committee with executive powers formed by the Sarawak govt to "negotiate" with Petronas and the Malayan federal govt on oil and gas matters. Did they really negotiate or did they sell out Sarawak to Petronas and the Malayan federal govt for their own, their families' and cronies' benefits, smacking of conflict of interests?

Another invaluable member of the infamous Abang Jo cartel is Ibrahim Baki, a longtime friend of the Zaidell brothers, who out of nowhere was appointed a Board member of Petronas, only the 2nd Sarawakian to be appointed in Petronas's 45 year history. Whose interests does he represent? Certainly not Sarawak's, since there has been no announcement from the Sarawak govt regarding his appointment. This is yet just another example of the cartel's reach, influence peddling and scheming. 

For Petronas and the Malayan Federal govt, it is not surprising therefore that it is business as usual, and they continue to reap tens of billions, even hundreds of billions from Sarawak's Oil & Gas resources and revenues, to the detriment of all other Sarawakians. 

Abdullah is a civil servant who should not be involved in politics, but then he is also a true blue hardcore GPS power broker and interfering busybody behind the throne. In fact it is well known in Sarawak that he and his brothers as well as Ibrahim Baki are nominees/proxies for CM Abang Jo in many matters.

What is clear is that they are not in the positions that they are to take care of Sarawak's interests, but their own and that of Abang Jo and GPS. This is their evil modus operandi.

Sarawakians must reject and overthrow GPS in the coming State elections, to put a stop to all this nonsense that is costing Sarawak and Sarawakians dearly. 

Al Tugauw 

Sarawak Headhunter

Republic of Sarawak