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Taib Mahmud Al-Mahalanun, Evil "Rajah" Of Sarawak

Sunday, December 20

Sarawak has a new Rajah

KUCHING – Chairman of Sarawak PKR Baru Bian has claimed that Sarawak is now under a new “Rajah” who has controlled the State for the last 27 years where he gets almost everything from forests, land, government contracts, and prime city land like Batu Lintang area in Kuching city down to the collection of rubbish.

“We are under a new colonialism, far worst than before we joined Malaysia,” he said in a key note address at a one-day PKR convention on Sunday 13 December 2009.

“Because of this new colonialism, we, the sons of the Land of the Hornbills, must work together and dispose this dynasty.

Pointing out that Sarawak has come to a political cross-road, Baru said: “A new hope is dawning in Sarawak.

“Parti Keadilan Rakyat which is under the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim is here and it will help us get rid of this new colonialism.

‘Notwithstanding the bleak situation that we Sarawakians are in today, I see hope, new hope rising in the horizon. This hope must be polished and nurtured by all the people of Sarawak.

“It is the hope promised by Pakatan Rakyat, aggressively promoted by PKR, a paradigm shift from inward and selfish attitude of championing a particular race and religion to a focus on the common people cutting racial and religious prejudices to birth a new Malaysia and a Malaysian race where none will be left behind where all shall be treated equal citizen of this beloved country,” Baru said.

He said that he had read the Cobbold Commission Report, which disclosed the findings of the commission on our people before the formation of Malaysia. And one part of that report stated that many of the people were wary and anxious about joining the Federation because they feared that the wealth of this State would be siphoned to Kuala Lumpur and we the people of Sarawak be left high and dry.

“Today this is a reality. But the sad fact is this, that not only are we left high and dry by Kuala Lumpur, even our own leaders here in Sarawak have robbed us of the share of our wealth, robbed us of our land, robbed us of our opportunities in business by getting most of the big Government contracts for themselves and their family members,” Baru said.

He said that many people from Sabah and Sarawak saw their status today as no more than “anak angkat” (adopted children) of the federation because of the treatment given to them as compared with other States in the Peninsula.

“At other time we the people of Sabah and Sarawak feel that we are being colonialised,” he said. Forty-six years down the road of independence, he said the people are proud to say that Malaysia is a developing country, a democratic government, a civilized and opened society governed by the rule of law.

“Yet, today in the same breath we use draconian laws like ISA and the like to oppress our citizens, pervert justice and suppress the truth.

“Enforcement Agencies like MACC, the Police and the AG Chambers have lost all credibility because of their apparent unprofessionalism and selective prosecution focused only on the opposition, the weak and the defenseless while the politically linked, rich, powerful and mighty are free to instill fear upon the ordinary people like you and me.

“You are not permitted to speak your mind, to offer your opinion and to reveal the reality of things. So the truth is often times intentionally concealed, hidden and even manipulated by the power that be, to preserve the status quo or prolong the agendas of the corrupt and the unjust,” Baru said.

He explained that one of the reasons why Sarawak and Sabah agreed to the formation of Malaysia was that our people of the eastern States could merge and flow together in the main stream of national development promised by the Federal Government then, with the sincere hope that they and the generations after them could better their lots in every sense of that phrase ‘national development’.

Our forefathers, he said, were promised that they would be elevated to a better life, improved standard of living, better educational opportunities and share equally the riches and wealth of our Nation.

“Today, after 46 years Sarawak joined Malaysia, the dreams of our forefathers to be on equal footing with Malaya, as it were, is far from being a reality.

“The Government builds one of the tallest buildings in the world, yet we are unable to provide homes and basic amenities for the poor and needy among us in particular the rural Dayaks of Sarawak. Studies show that many people in Sarawak in particular the Bumiputras are among the poorest in Malaysia.

“The Government boasts in sending a medical doctor and astronaut flying into space, yet they fail to continue and maintain the Flying Doctors Services to the rural places of Sarawak which has been a source of great relief to many of the frail and the sick deprived of proper medical assistance all their lives, due to greed and business rivalries at the expense of our poor and needy.

“The Government boasts in our national car-making achievements and records, yet many of our rural areas in Sarawak are still inaccessible by proper roads. Don’t talk about manufacturing national cars when the rural poor have yet to see any road to their villages.

“Vast areas of Sarawak after 46 years within Malaysia are still accessible only by the most expensive means of transport, air, the most dangerous, logging roads, the most arduous, rivers and the longest and time consuming, on foot.

“Our priorities are misguided, our focus distorted and our vision blurred; misguided because of insincerity, distorted because of corruption and blurred by material greed.

“We pride in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh, yet often time that spirit is motivated and inspired by racial and religious sentiments not towards a true spirit of 1Malaysia, but leading us down the path of national disintegration, polarization and suspicion. And those who advocate these despicable things are protected and sheltered by the present BN Government,” he said.

Baru went on to say: “The Government boasts in the fact that we are on the road to a developed nation status stirred by a perfect Vision 2020, yet we are blind to the vast majority of us in Sarawak who have lost their only earthly possession, their very source of life, the land, the forests and the environment to rich logging companies, plantation owners and investors, and where poverty rates equal of that many African Nations.

“Where basic amenities are rare commodities and that the very existence of a community is threatened in the name of development,” he lamented. – The Broken Shield


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What Do Sarawakians Want?

This posting is a reaction by Sarawak Headhunter to comments made by ampraxius on Malaysia Today's article "Finally, light at the end of the tunnel" by Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Ampraxius said:
"While it is indeed a good step towards gaining a foot forward in the next GE, I think we need to reconsider the reality of 'points of agreement' between the Borneo states and the federation. We need to ensure that every citizen is represented equally and all casted votes are of the same value. The lower house must be reflective of the population and the upper house must be distributed equally among the states".
You do this and immediately Sarawak's representation will be reduced to 10%. As it is Sarawak is already under the yoke of the Federal BN and its evil State collaborators and exploiters. Do you think that Sarawakians will put up with this even under Pakatan Rakyat? Better for Sarawak to demand independence!
"Additionally I think Malaysians are fed up with the immigration laws between the Borneo states and the peninsular states. This is not about cultural baggage or supremacy, but of practicality. It doesn't make sense when Malaysians are only allowed to be in Sabah and Sarawak for 90 days only while the UK gives them 6 months! Same goes with the work force movement, why do i need a work permit in my own country?"
When you say "Malaysians" I presume you mean "Malayans", since Sarawakian Malaysians are quite happy with it, even if in practice this is only purely psychological, given the reality of abuse of Federal power over the state and its resources in spite of this restriction. While Sarawakians may be "Malaysians", I doubt if many feel that Malaya is their own country for the same reasons. Therefore, don't be so presumptuous to assume that Sarawak is your own country.

PR or rather PKR will ignore this at its own peril. Sarawakians are fed up of submitting to Malayans with colonial mentalities, be they from BN or PR. I have yet to see any Malayan politician give Sarawakians the respect they deserve. Most of the time they are patronising and that includes both BN and PR politicians who don't even bother to try to understand where Sarawakians are coming from.

What Sarawakians want is just a little bit of understanding.

Don't expect Sarawakians to be happy either with BN or PR although we may support PR just for a change.

Putting Jeffery Kitingan in charge of Sarawak (and Sabah) just doesn't send the right message to Sarawakians. It just shows Sarawakians that even PR or Anwar cannot be depended upon to do the right thing.

And what is the right thing?

Autonomy. Yes, that too comes with a little bit of understanding.

After all, that is practically what the Federal BN has given Taib, or doesn't Anwar or PKR trust their Sarawakian counterparts? Unfortunately they may also have a point! If they don't trust or even understand their own counterparts, perhaps its time to cast a wider net to attract better Sarawakians who can be trusted.

But this can only be done if Anwar and PKR spell out what exactly they are willing to concede to Sarawak and Sarawakians, which they haven't done so far, even with state elections just around the corner.

Rotation of the Prime Ministership between Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak would do for a start or do the Malayans think that there are no Sarawakians of sufficient calibre?

Perhaps then Sarawakians may consider doing away with the immigration restrictions and we may all be one nation at last.

Otherwise let Sarawak have its independence, from Malaya and from Taib and his family, cronies and henchmen.

Let Sarawak be a nation of its own.

Or the light at the end of the tunnel might just be that of an oncoming train.

Al Tugauw
Sarawak Headhunter

Here's another reaction from Abdul Hakim Bujang at Sarawak Update (with minor editing by Sarawak Headhunter):

Raja Petra forgot Jeffery Kitingan's RM3billion scandal
posted on December 14th, 2009 @ 10 : 57 pm by Moderator

By Abdul Hakim Bujang

I have sent out an SMS to a PKR leader trying to get his honest response over Dr Jeffery Kitingan's appointment as Chief of Sabah and Sarawak. It has been hours, but no reply.

I am sure he will pretend not to have received it.

I sent it out to him because he was the most open-minded of them all.

I will not waste my money by sending SMS's to others, I am definitely going to get typical Anwar Ibrahim worship replies.

My first question is very simple, how much does Jeffery Kitingan know about Sarawak, or care about Sarawakians or has fought in the name of Sarawak before to warrant him to be the leader of PKR Sarawak?

To me, he is just a desperate political frog that nobody else wanted except Anwar Ibrahim, period.

Then PKR Sarawak Chairman, Wan Zainal Abidin Wan Senusi, once requested me to draft a letter protesting Jeffery Kitingan's admission into PKR.

Do not tell me that Wan Zainal is a very happy man now that Jeffery has been made big boss of PKR Sarawak.

Where was he when PKR founding members fought with blood, sweat and tears in the early formative years? Flying kites with Dominique Ng or main pondok-pondok with Lina Soo? Please tell me.

I am also very confused that Raja Petra, my former boss, now suddenly writes such a positive analysis on Jeffery's appointment that he must have forgotten that he blogged extensively about Jeffery and Pairin's good old days' Yayasan Sabah folly.

Are we saying that by virtue of joing PKR, all the former BN leaders' sins would be deemed cleansed? Will that make the likes of Jimmy Donald and Jawah Gerang holy? And Gabriel Adit a bloody traitor after he quit PKR for refusing to finance his political struggle?

Let's hear from the likes of Daniel Tajem, Baru Bian, See Chee How, Wan Zainal, Hafsah Harun or Baharuddin Mokhsen. I am eagerly waiting. On a personal note, this is just another excuse for Anwar to his Western financiers…

“Ooh, we make a mistake. We forgot that Sarawakians do not like to be under a Sabahan. That’s why we lost this election...”

I presume some guy whoever that may be, is easily pocketing a handsome amount of campaign money because Raja Petra did complain before that the money never trickled down and that PKR leaders were staying in lavish hotels while campaigning in Sarawak.

BTW, these beautiful blogs by Raja Petra no longer exist except in “captured files”:

"If we can remember, Yayasan Sabah was the centre of a RM3 billion – that’s right THREE BILLION RINGGIT – scandal during the time of another two infamous brothers, Pairin and Jeffery Kitingan.

Why are crimes in Sabah always perpetuated by two brothers?

Anyway, the then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced that RM3 billion had been siphoned out of Yayasan Sabah that was headed by Jeffrey at the time Pairin was the Chief Minister and he ordered Price Waterhouse to conduct an audit. Jeffrey was subsequently removed and Musa Aman took over as the new head of Yayasan Sabah.

The audit report was never made public and till today no one knows what happened to the RM3 billion. Yayasan Sabah, which used to be the richest organisation in Malaysia, is now in dire straits. Shouldn’t someone be brought to book for this crime? Why is there a cover-up? After all, RM3 billion is not a paltry sum!"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Malaysian Oil & Gas Production Since 1974

From PETRONAS's website here:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

James Masing's Head Added To Sarawak Headhunter's List Of Heads To Roll

For his recent remarks on BBC's Radio 4, the Sarawak Headhunter has concluded that James Masing is beyond redemption and has therefore added his head to the list of heads that must roll in Sarawak.

James must be more confused than the Penans if he thinks that the Penans do not know the difference between consensual sex and rape. Does he seriously expect the whole world to believe that being dragged, beaten unconscious and raped is part of the Penan social etiquette of consensual sex? What an idiot!

This man, who purports to have a doctorate in anthropology, is not only a traitor to his own race but to the human race as well and a complete disgrace.

It is actually Masing who's telling stories, clearly on behalf of his master Taib Mahmud and his logging and oil palm land grabbing cronies.

"State land" is it? What gives Taib's regime the right to parcel out millions of hectares of forest for timber logging concessions to a handful of family members and their cronies, when hundreds of thousands of natives depend upon the very same land for their daily survival and livelihood?

And yet these natives are told that they are trespassers on the very land which they and their forebears have worked on and depended upon and that they have to get out when outsiders come to bulldoze whole forests down.

Where are they to go? They do not have massive bank accounts overseas (if at all any bank account) where they can escape to like Taib, his ministers, his family and their cronies and henchmen.

Enough is enough!

See the Malaysiakini report "S'wak minister draws flak over Penan rape".

Senyum Kambing: Apa Itu Program BTN?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taib's "Till Death Do Us Part" Cabinet

It is quite obvious now that Taib wants to die in office. His "new" cabinet line up sees no "new" ministers being appointed and a few "new" assistant ministers, all yes-men and sycophants, like any good cabinet should be of course. They are only there for Taib and themselves, not the rakyat.

There is still no clear successor in sight, as Taib wants it to be.

Only the rakyat of Sarawak can now decide whether he stays to die in office or is booted out unceremoniously at the next state elections. If the people cannot make the right choice, maybe God will decide for them.

Whatever it is, Taib's days are numbered and he may not even live to see his 75th birthday anniversary, which is also the limit of his present term.

The only question is whether he goes quietly or is dragged screaming to his grave trying to bring all his ill-gotten wealth (actually Sarawakians' wealth) with him.

See The Broken Shield report "Taib's New Cabinet line-up" and also The Borneo Post report
Six new faces; three dropped by Zora Chan "Revamp to prepare Sarawak for new development policies and approaches: CM".

In actual fact the revamp is to prepare Sarawak for new exploitation policies and approaches. Taib is asking for more Federal funds for this very purpose. See The Borneo Post report
"Taib wants more federal money for development".

What this means is that Taib wants more Federal money for exploitation by himself, his family, henchmen and cronies. Do you think he wants it for the people?

"He said Sarawak was still very much behind compared to other states in terms of infrastructure development due to its size and geographical conditions".

Not to mention the fact that most of Sarawak's resources have either been siphoned off to benefit the Malayans or Taib, his family, henchmen and cronies.

“There’s no major cabinet reshuffle until after the next state election,” he told a media conference at Wisma Bapa Malaysia here.

Of course if he wins or unless he dies before that. What will the rakyat of Sarawak be praying for?

Monday, November 2, 2009

MPOC Advert Banned By UK For Being Misleading

Blow to Malaysian palm oil industry as UK bans advert

from Survival International

2 November

Oil palms planted on recently-deforested land, Sarawak
Oil palms planted on recently-deforested land, Sarawak
© M Ross/ Survival

– Penan tribe in Borneo welcomes ban

An advert for Malaysian palm oil has been banned in the UK, dealing a major blow to the credibility of Malaysia’s palm oil industry. Members of the hunter-gatherer Penan tribe in Borneo have welcomed the ban, saying, ‘Oil palm plantations have not benefited us at all; they have only robbed us of our resources and land.’

The Penan live in Sarawak, in the Malaysian part of Borneo, and are fighting to stop the forests they rely on being cut down to make way for oil palm plantations. Survival International is calling on the Malaysian government to halt plantations and logging on their land without their consent.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Agency banned the magazine advert, placed by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council. The advert claimed that Malaysian palm oil was ‘sustainable’ and contributed to ‘the alleviation of poverty, especially amongst rural populations.’

The advertising regulator ruled that these and other claims made in the advert were misleading and could not be substantiated.

Members of the Penan tribe who have already lost much of their land to oil palm plantations said today:

‘Our people welcome the ban on the magazine advert by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council. How come the advert claimed that palm oil helps alleviate poverty, when from the very beginning oil palm plantations have destroyed our source of livelihood and made us much poorer? A lot of people are hungry every day because our forest has been destroyed.’

Oil palm plantations and logging are destroying the forests the Penan hunt and gather in, and polluting the rivers they fish in. Without their forests they have difficulty finding enough food.

Survival’s director Stephen Corry said today, ‘Claims that Malaysian palm oil is green and people-friendly will not wash, especially with the Penan. The industry’s expansion onto their land is a disaster.’

Palm oil is used in many everyday grocery products, and is increasingly being used for biofuel.

Download the banned advert

Act now to help the Penan

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Do The Malayans Get To Decide Who's A Sarawakian Bumiputra?

Marina, you’re no bumi

Friday, 30 October 2009 02:02

KUCHING - For 17 years, Marina Undau lived a life of a child growing into a young adult.

School, her family and friends were a central part of her existence. She dreamt of doing her parents proud by furthering her education in a university and eventually getting a good job.

SPM came and went, and the 18-year-old science stream student of SMK Simanggang did well, scoring 9As and 1B last year.

But then she had a rude shock.

Not eligible

The education system said she was not eligible to enroll in a matriculation course, a prelude to varsity and a degree. The reason? She was, it seemed, not a bumiputra.

Born to an Iban father and a Chinese mother, Marina’s hope for a smooth climb up academia was dashed. With it went a part of her identity and the drive that made her a top scorer.

In an interview with The Borneo Post at her house in Sri Aman on Wednesday, Marina expressed her feelings in Iban: “Aku amai enda puas ati nadai olih nyambung sekula ngagai universiti (I’m very sad that I can’t pursue my university education).”

Meantime, she has started Form Six in her old school as a workaround solution for now.

Upset and bewildered

Seated between her parents, Undau Liap and Wong Pick Sing, the disappointment in the teenager was plain to see.

Her elder sister never had a problem getting into a university. Her identity was never questioned and she is at present in her second year at Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang.

Marina is worried that a similar obstacle awaits once she completes her STPM.

“If I get good results, what’s next?”

Marina’s father, Undau, would not take no for an answer.

When her application to enter matriculation was rejected, Undau, a civil servant, contacted the Education Ministry’s Matriculation Department in Putrajaya on June 23 and was told that her daughter was not a bumiputra.

Pressing on

Dissatisfied, the father wrote to the ministry on July 1. The reply he received shocked him, and it is bound to challenge the identity of many Sarawakians who are of mixed-parentage.

The ministry said in a reply on July 14 that Undau’s appeal was turned down because “the candidate is categorised as non-bumiputra (father is Iban and mother is Chinese)” based on a definition used by the Student Intake Management Division, Higher Learning Department and Higher Education Ministry.

Their definition is as follows:

• If either parent of a candidate is a Malay who is a Muslim/Orang Asli as defined in Article 160 (2) of the Federal Constitution, the child is considered a bumiputra.

• Sabah – If the father of the candidate is a Malay who is a Muslim/native of Sabah as defined by Article 161A(6)(a) of the Federal Constitution, the child is considered a bumiputra.

• Sarawak – If the father and mother is a native of Sarawak as defined under Article 161A(6)(b) of the Federal Constitution, the child is considered a bumiputra.

Despite the explanation, Undau is still dissatisfied and urged the government to clear up education issues that differentiate bumiputras from non-bumiputras.

He said the 1Malaysia concept would be rather hollow if education today continues to be polarised along such lines.

“Why all the differences in the intake of students for higher learning? I am not questioning the Constitution, but what is the meaning of 1Malaysia if things like this happen?”

NRD and Native Court weigh in

The National Registration Department (NRD) headquarters here said it has received a flurry of enquiries about the bumiputra status of late.

An NRD spokesman said that in Sarawak, a person’s race is registered based only on the race of the father.

On whether such a person is automatically accorded bumiputra rights, the spokesman said: “We don’t actually handle that. We look at the race of the father. If the father is Iban, the child is Iban. If the father is Chinese, the child is Chinese. The bumiputra status comes under the Native Court.”

Native Court registrar Ronnie Edward said the bumiputra status was a “birthright” and the Native Court only hear cases where a person who was to be declared a bumiputra although his father was not a native.

He said Marina was not alone in facing this problem.

Edward believes the only way to clear the air is to amend the Federal Constitution.

“Article 161(A) of the Constitution has to be amended. The article says that in Sarawak, both parents have to be ‘exclusively’ a native,” he said.

Being ‘mixed’ is no privilege

Iban-Chinese schoolgirl in limbo over Bumi status; ministry ascertains her as non-native, throws out application to do matriculation

KUCHING: Getting her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) result was the best — and the worst — thing that could happen to Marina Undau.The 18-year-old science stream student of SMK Simanggang scored 9As and 1B in the SPM examination last year.

She thought she was on her way to university, especially being a Bumiputera and all, but that was not to be.

Born to an Iban father and a Chinese mother, Marina’s life was turned upside down when her application to undergo a university matriculation programme was rejected by the Ministry of Education. The ministry determined that she is not a ‘Bumiputera’.

Her dreams were crushed and in the process, she lost a part of her identity and the drive that made her a top scorer.

The Borneo Post met Marina at her house in Sri Aman yesterday.

Seated between her parents, Undau Liap and Wong Pick Sing, the disappointment in the teenager was obvious.

Speaking in Iban, she said: “Aku amai enda puas ati nadai olih nyambung sekula ngagai universiti (I’m very sad that I can’t pursue my university education).”

With no chance of entering a university for now, Marina has started Form 6 in her old school.

Asked what she thought of everything that was happening, she replied: “What worries me is that will this happen again when I pass my STPM next year? If I get good results, what’s next?” What confuses Marina even more is how her elder sister could further her studies in Universiti Sains Malaysia in Pulau Pinang, where she is now in her second year, without ever having her identity questioned.

When Marina’s application was rejected, Undau contacted the Education Ministry’s Matriculation Department in Putrajaya on June 23 and was told that her daughter was not a ‘Bumiputera’.

Dissatisfied, the father, a government servant, wrote to the ministry on July 1 and the reply he got shocked him, and it is bound to challenge the identity of many Sarawakians who are born of mixed-parentage.

The ministry said in a reply on July 14 that Unau’s appeal was turned down because “the candidate is categorised as non-Bumiputera (father is Iban and mother is Chinese)” based on a definition used by the Student Intake Management Division, Higher Learning Department and Higher Education Ministry.

Their definition is as follows:

• Semenanjung – “Jika salah seorang ibu atau bapa calon adalah seorang Melayu yang beragama Islam/Orang Asli seperti mana yang ditakrifkan dalam Perkara 160(2) Perlembagaan Persekutuan; maka anaknya adalah dianggap seorang Bumiputera.” (If either parent of a candidate is a Malay who is a Muslim/Orang Asli as defined in Article 160 (2) of the Federal Constitution, the child is considered a Bumiputera.)

• Sabah – “Jika bapa calon adalah seorang Melayu yang beragama Islam/Peribumi Sabah seperti yang ditakrifkan dalam Perkara 161A(6)(a) Perlembagaan Persekutuan; maka anaknya adalah dianggap seorang Bumiputera.” (If the father of the candidate is a Malay who is a Muslim/native of Sabah as defined by Article 161A(6)(a) of the Federal Constitution, the child is considered a Bumiputera.)

• Sarawak – “Jika bapa dan ibu adalah seorang Peribumi Sarawak seperti mana yang ditakrifkan dalam Perkara 161A(6)(b) Perlembagaan persekutuan; maka anaknya adalah dianggap seorang Bumiputera.” (If the father and mother is a native of Sarawak as defined under Article 161A(6)(b) of the Federal Constitution, the child is considered a Bumiputera).

Undau could not accept the explanation given by the ministry and he hoped that the government would seriously look into education issues that involve Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera status.

“Is this what we call the 1Malaysia concept? Why all the differences in the intake of students for higher learning. I am not questioning the constitution, but what is the meaning of 1Malaysia if things like this happen?” Unau asked.

A check with the National Registration Department (NRD) headquarters here revealed that there have been numerous enquiries about the Bumiputera status of late.

A staff said she was somewhat surprised because no one had asked until recently.

A spokesperson for the NRD here said that in Sarawak, if a person is born to an Iban and his mother is Chinese, he is registered as an Iban according to the race of his father.

Asked if such a person is automatically accorded Bumiputera rights, the spokesperson said: “We don’t actually handle that. We look at the race of the father. If the father is Iban, the child is Iban. If the father is Chinese, the child is Chinese. The Bumiputera status comes under the Native Court.”

Native Court Registrar Ronnie Edward, when contacted, said the Bumiputera status was a ‘birthright’ and the Native Court only hear cases where a person who was to be declared a Bumiputera although his father was not a native.

He said there had been others who had suffered the same fate as Marina and it all boiled down to the Federal Constitution.

“I think to solve this problem. Article 161(A) of the Federal Constitution has to be amended. The article says that in Sarawak, both parents have to be ‘exclusively’ a native,” Ronnie said.

Marina, you’re not alone

By Nigel Edgar

Parents like Marina’s now worry for children’s future; STU calls for immediate solution

KUCHING: Marina Undau is not alone. Apparently, there are many students in Sarawak suffering the same fate as her.Yesterday, several parents contacted The Borneo Post to thank Marina for speaking up for them and of the heartache they now endure after learning that their children are not Bumiputera.

One of them is a teacher here, who wants to be known only as James. Like Marina, James’s daughter, Lymie, was also rejected after applying for matriculation this year.

James is an Iban-Bidayuh from Serian while his wife is a Chinese-Iban from Kuching.

“My daughter from SMK Kuching Town No. 1 also scored 9As and 1B in her SPM but she was rejected when she applied for matriculation. I asked her to appeal to the Education Ministry online. The appeal failed,” he said.

“I contacted the matriculation section of the Education Ministry after that and their explanation was that my daughter is not a Bumiputera. I was puzzled because as far as I know, if the father is Bumiputera, the children are also Bumiputera,” he said.

He said he had recently written another appeal letter to the Education Department with the help of two elected representatives whom he declined to name.

“A few months ago I also went to an education fair. I stopped by a matriculation programme booth opened by the Education Ministry to ask one of the people there on the criteria of enrolling into the programme.

“I explained to them my daughter’s status but they said she is considered a non-Bumiputera and is not qualified to enrol. I asked them why and they replied it is according to Sarawak law. They even explained to me other local higher learning institutions like UiTM also implement this criterion,” said James.

“My daughter is now in Form Six in SMK Kuching Town No. 2. My concern is what would be in store for her after Form Six?”

He urged the state ministers to look into the matter because there could be more parents and students facing the same problem.

“My brother-in-law also faced a similar problem with his daughter who tried to enrol at UiTM. He, a Bidayuh, is married to my wife’s sister who is a Chinese-Iban,” James said.

Another father who wants to be known only as Lambros, a Bidayuh-Iban with a Chinese-Iban wife, said his daughter also had excellent SPM results but failed to enrol at UiTM for the same reason.

“I have to put my daughter into a private college for now. I am concerned over my four other kids who are still schooling. What does the future hold for them?” he said.

Some more parents called in to express their concern as well as support for Marina and all those children in a similar predicament.

They said many Sarawakian native children who are excellent in their studies have been bogged down by this issue which is preventing them from utilising their full potential.

When Marina’s application was rejected, her father Undau Liap had contacted the Education Ministry’s matriculation department in Putrajaya on June 23 and was told that his daughter is not a ‘Bumiputera’.

Sarawak Headhunter's comments:

Looks like it's easier to be a Malay in Malaysia than a Sarawakian Bumiputra, if we leave it to the Malayans. Even if one's father was Indian and mother half Malay and half Indian, one could still be a "Malay". What nonsense is that?

Irrespective of what the Federal Constitution says (who cares anyway?), what business do the Malayans have of deciding who is a Sarawakian Bumiputra and who is not? That is for Sarawakians to decide.

Just give those idiots a declaration or certificate from the Sarawak Native Court or the NRD. If neither of these wants to give the requisite declaration or certificate, time to declare 1Malaysia DEAD and Sarawak INDEPENDENT!

The Sarawak government under the evil Taib's regime also has some dirty tricks of its own. See Jetty's comments from "Is Iban a Bumiputra or not?":

If the Higher Ministry of Education really applies the ruling as it does to Marina, then many of those having native fathers with Chinese as their mothers in Sarawak will suffer. For Marina, her status as a Bumiputra is being questioned and it is made worse by the amendment to the Sarawak Interpretation Ordinance in 2004 when the State Government banned the use of the word “Dayak” in official communication. Thus “Sea Dayak” has been changed to “Iban”, “Land Dayak” has become “Bidayuh” and “Murut” to “Lun Bawang”.

The words “Iban, Bidayuhs and Lun Bawang” are not listed in Article 161a (7) and thus they are considered as non-natives under the Federal Constitution. The legal effects of these are many and Marina when she puts her race as Iban, she is not considered as native or Bumiputra, and should not be accorded any privileges given to natives.

Even now, there are efforts to say that Ibans do not have any native customary rights over land as they are not natives according to the law due to the amendment to the Interpretation Ordinance. When the bill was passed, our Dayak elected representatives including Alfred Jabu, William Mawan, Michael Manyin and James Masing were too eager in supporting the amendment in 2004. They did not realise the legal implications.

From now on, it is advisable for Iban when filling a form asking for race, to write down “Iban (Sea Dayak)” to ensure that they are not going to be disqualified. I believe Marina could have been a victim of the doing of our elected representatives.

Since the story has been highlighted by The Borneo Post, our leaders like Jabu, Masing and Mawan should do something to help her and many others by urging the authorities to relax the conditions of entry to matriculation, etc. These students really need their help since they (ministers and our elected representatives) are walking along the corridors of power and rub shoulders with the powers that be. If they can do this, then they really help Prime Minister Najib Razak in his campaign of 1Malaysia. Otherwise the 1Malaysia is a mere lip service.

These are the issues that our Ministers – Jabu, Mawan, Masing and Manyin – should be very vocal and firm in fighting for the rights, the future and livelihood of the Dayaks rather than shouting at the top their voices on petty issues such as “cawat” “sirat” (loin clothes) or Miss Dayak Borneo pageant contest.

Don’t you think so? – The Broken Shield


They Might As Well Declare Perak A Police State

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sarawak: Government Servants Of The People Or People Servants Of The Government?

From Sarawak Talk:

A day in the life of an investor in Kuching

Posted by ENDING, SAYING GOODBYE SARAWAK, MALAYSIA FOREVER on October 27, 2009 at 15:03:54:

Temporarily working for a would be large foreign investor in Sarawak.

Work for the same company in Indonesia.

The company had a pilot team to feel the investment atmosphere here. They been here 2 months and my job is to show them the truth about local conditions. They have signed a MOU with the government but finality only after 6 months.

First thing is the visit to TM office for telephone lines and internet lines. The foreigner was aghast at the chaos at the waiting area. He was even more astonished when I told him that TM do not care how big or busy a boss you are, you must come here and sign the contract yourself, and also wait in line for 1 to 2 hours. He had a good laugh.

Next we went to the Immigration Department to extend his visa. At the entrance we were told our car must be parked at a public carpark far away and the near car park is for staff. He said, in our place staff park at the far car park and all customers park at the near car park otherwise the boss there will get sacked. Continuing he said, "public serve the boss or the boss serve the public?" he laughed.

Then we entered the building, he could not find where he needed to go to because all (the signs) were in Bahasa. (Melayu). So I pointed to the place where he needed to go. Again he laughed saying, "your Immigration expects us foreigners to study Bahasa (Melayu) in your country? Visas are for foreigners and yet no English or Chinese language signs!"

We went into the Immigration room, 20 people, all foreigners are waiting, so we asked the receptionist. She said we had to wait. So my foreign friend asked her, "for how long?". She screamed at him, "WAIT LAH!" and walked away. My foreign friend saw 4 to 5 people laughing and chatting in another room. He went in to ask and was rudely told to get out and wait outside. 15 minutes later that woman came out and looked at the pile of forms.

My friend said he also needed a form to fill maybe. She gave him one. It was all in Bahasa (Melayu), so he asked her to help him to fill. She scolded him and asked him to look for a runner to help him. Immediately someone approached him to help for a fee.

Promptly he refused and asked to leave.

He was not angry, just amused. Then he asked me to bring him to MIDA at Bank Negara. There the people know him and try to carry his balls knowing him to be a big guy from a big company. The MIDA boss personally came out to ask him to go into his office and try to sell him Sarawak, Malaysia. He laughed and laughed and did not answer much.

Then we went back to the hotel, had a bath and he said he wanted to buy me the best dinner in Kuching. We went to the Hilton bistro.

Finally, after dinner he told me, "I thank you a lot for telling me to go down to the ground and see for myself the atmosphere of the situation in Sarawak. On one hand your government begged us to come in, on the other hand your other ministries do not care about the investing people or rather any people. The people serve the government in this country and all its servants and not the government and its servants serving the people. So investors like us come in, then we become like Sarawakians serving the government and its servants. In the end it is the people and the investors paying for the government and its servants. So if we come in, we are paying billions to be slaves of your government and its servants. Yes, the businessmen Sarawakians are very helpful and diligent and hoping that we will invest here so that they have some business and jobs to do. But the government and its servants not only want to get paid by the people but also want to be their Boss, God and their Lord. So tell me a good reason why I want to bring my money and my people to come here and be slaves?"

He laughed and laughed and laughed.

Adding he said, "why invite foreigners to your country when you make sure they do not understand anything, from forms and making them to walk so far to see the authority while your office boy can park his car in front of the authority's office? If you cannot serve your own public with ease and convenience to them, it means your servants do not know their priority, it means the civil servants top to bottom do not understand their jobs and priority, so tell me what am I doing here?"

With this he ended his company's mission to invest in Sarawak and paid me 25k for the simple reason of opening his eyes, ears and feeling to the reality in Sarawak (and) Malaysia for investment.

So, why does anybody in Sarawak believe that the government can turn Sarawak into a higher income state from the poverty we are in? It is not my duty to con anybody for my state and country. I show the foreigners the truth. The government must change, address the bullshit in the civil service and the negative image that civil servants are king and the people paying their salaries are slaves.

Sarawak just lost a big investor.....ending they have their laugh!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Behind The Sarawak Headlines 17.10.2009

Sarawak Headhunter is starting a new series of short looks behind the headlines of the local Sarawak newspapers, especially the Borneo Post. Sarawak Headhunter's comments will be in red, as usual.

Same role but new approaches for Saberkas
Anthony Aga | Sat, October 17, 2009

Youths of today are very knowledgeable and more demanding compared to their predecessors: Abang Johari

SARIKEI: Sarawak’s largest multi-racial youth organisation, Saberkas, will continue to lead and guide youngsters to become the country’s important asset, its president Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg said.

Mislead and misguide is what they do best. Important asset for whom, their political masters?

Not true SPDP breaking up, says political secretary

Churchill Edward | Sat, October 17, 2009

KUCHING: Multi-racial Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) yesterday brushed aside talks that it is on the verge of breaking up.

They have already broken up, they just don't know it yet. And since when were they "multi-racial"?

Safeguard spirit of sharing in society: Sng
Sat, October 17, 2009

KAPIT: The spirit of sharing which is very strong in Sarawak needs to be protected, Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department Larry Sng said Thursday night.

For the benefit of all politicians, especially Taib Mahmud, his henchmen, family and cronies, including the Sng dynasty. But they don't need to share with the people, they only take.

My duty to serve everyone, says Taib
Sat, October 17, 2009

KUCHING: Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said Thursday night his responsibilities as a Muslim leader of the state were not only towards Muslims, but also non-Muslims.

Who is he kidding? His only duty is to serve himself, his family, henchmen and cronies first, all others only by the way, if at all.

Hardcore poverty no more for these families
Doreena Naeg | Sat, October 17, 2009

DALAT: A total of 104 out of 170 families in Rejang Hilir have managed to break out from the cycle of poverty.

Let's hope they stay out of poverty. But if Fatimah thinks that there are only three components of poverty, i.e. lack of money, education and food, chances are they won't last very long out of hardcore poverty.

SCORE to draw RM300 bln investment in next two decades: CM
Gaing Kunding | Sat, October 17, 2009

BALINGIAN: Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) is to attract more than RM300 billion worth of investments over a period of 20 years from now, Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said yesterday.

We all know for whose benefit. The ordinary people will just remain enslaved to him, his family, their henchmen and cronies and their descendants - not just for the next 20 years. That is what the so-called "employment opportunities and economic spin-offs" really means.

“It is very important for the people not to listen to negative ideas and perceptions painted by irresponsible quarters aimed at discrediting the government so they will not become the ultimate losers, deprived of development and progress,” said Taib, referring to these irresponsible quarters as people playing ‘hatred politics’ for personal gain.

And what "personal gain" would such "irresponsible quarters" (presumably including Sarawak Headhunter) get? Who is getting most if not all of the "personal gain" from Taib's "politics of development"?

The people will only see real development and progress once Taib and his evil regime are no longer in power.

Sarawak Headhunter

Senyum Kambing - Bahaya Besar Menanti Melayu

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Deepavali 2009


Senyum Kambing - Pembangkang Disifatkan Talam Dua Muka

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scenarios Of Blatant Institutionalized Corruption In Malaysia At The Highest Levels Of The BN Government

From Sarawak Talk October 14, 2009

With minor editions by Sarawak Headhunter

What is PKFZ? Read carefully here and understand

How massive corruption is implemented in the CABINET:

Bakun tendered out 8 turbines for 800+ millions. One of the successful suppliers is a consortium called LAPSA. The chairman is the head of the Bumiputra (Chamber of?) Commerce Malaysia.

His company supplied 4 units of the turbines for 433 million. Although his tender is more expensive by 10 million, MoF awarded the contract to it.

3 years down the line, LAPSA put in a claim for 455 million extra. The claim was for all sorts of nonsense which to read is to believe that such nonsense can be claimed in the hundreds of millions in Malaysia......2 million for 10 temporary toilets included, the irony being that the other supplier on the job did not put in a cent of extra claim.

What is PKFZ here?

LAPSA is dangling a 456 million carrot in front of all the ministers in the cabinet - approve the claim, never mind what for, and each will get 5 to 10 million. THAT IS HOW ONG KEE TEAT get his 10 million from Tiong King Sing.

What or how the cabinet arrives at the approval is irrelevant because the cabinet is not accountable as the whole report and everything will be OSA'd. Nobody can accuse the cabinet of corruption when there is no information of the deed.

So PKFZ get their funds of 12 billion for work costing less then 920 million including land, and for Bakun LAPSA also can claim endlessly for additional funds.
















From Sarawak Talk
October 14, 2009

Let me show a real scenario - I was doing a 223 ml road project, when one day the same Minister called me.

He told me I can make a 50 million extra claim. I asked him for what. He asked me to be innovative.

The same night he asked me to make it 100 million and I would get 25 million for myself.

I showed him my claim - I claimed anything from making telephone calls to chase for my due payment to the fuel I spent on driving to collect my check. He said, no problem and everything's okay.

That night he called asking me to increase my claim to 200 million, and I would get 30 million in return.

I asked him "how?", he simply answered, "just double the amount of everything you claim lah!"

The initial amount was already 99.9% absurd. I did not want to think any more, actually there was no point thinking, I booted up my computer and just doubled everything, printed the claim and tomorrow sent it to him.

He just simply said, without 200 million, the Cabinet cannot approve.

I forgot about the matter after a few days.

2 weeks later I received from JKR a letter advising that my claim was approved. I was dazed for 15 or more minutes. I went to collect my payment certificate and to await the check.

The Minister called me up, okay, do not worry, Titanium (Taib Mahmud's son's company) also did the same. They did 426 million and did an extra claim for 466 million....all approved.

When I received the check, that blew my mind away. After leaving an amount for taxation and above my 30 million the rest of the money I slowly cashed out, transferred to Singapore and placed into a nominated account.

I never really knew what happened to the 124 million I banked in.

I quickly finished off the project, paid everyone, wound up my company and left the country.

Up to today, my mind still stayed blown away until I read of the PKFZ matter. Then I realized what is happening and that what I had done is titbits to the real things.

I was puzzled how my claim for the food and drink that I paid to entertain people at 500 a pax ever got paid. I was told not to worry, all the matters were filed away in a safe place where nobody will ever read it. In fact he told me, I myself am the (only) one who had read it.

So PKFZ is so real to me that I think the government is also paying TIONG KING SING for arranging sex for the MPs, the ones he brought to Taiwan to avoid Anwar's D-day.

I am sad for Malaysia, but like the Romans say, when in Rome do what the Roman do or be squashed.

BYE..have a nice life.

From Sarawak Talk October 12, 2009

Additional claim of 456 million for a contract of 433 million..privately he said, duit kopi 100 milllion, then the additional claim will be approved. If you claim too little, duit kopi not enough, nothing will move.

This is called the PKFZ class of claim.

The fundamental of the claim is not important, the duit kopi is everything, if enough, you can buy the whole Cabinet approving the claim, they will OSA the claim and give you the money without any questions asked.

I learnt this when I was a young QS based in a local construction company. I worked hard and came up with a competitive bid for a government tender. On submission my boss asked me to up 50 million for a 75 million project. I was puzzled. Then he explained, it is all about what you can give to the right people in the end if you want the job.

After that I knew, we never really needed to price the job, only to have a feeling of the market for the price.

Compared to any Chinese and the Chinese government, the BN MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT IS THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS DEVELOPED THE PKFZ SYSTEM OF CRUDE AND BLATANT METHOD OF CHEATING THE PEOPLE'S MONEY USING THE OSA (Official Secrets Act) = illegal to question the illegality of the Government cheating billions from the public.


The above speaks for itself. No comment from Sarawak Headhunter.

Senyum Kambing - Pemuda UMNO Cadangkan Penubuhan Bank Belia

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Experiences Of Harrison Ngau Laing


Subject: Sharing and learning from past experiences

Dear All,

Its very interesting and indeed refreshing to hear and read of our diverse views and comments on the decision of and action by our Penan brothers and sisters in "re-setting" their blockades and on the so-called dialogue held between them and YB Lihan Jok, the Resident of Miri Division and the Ketua Polis Daerah Baram recently on the same subject.

In 1987, I was working with the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) (environmental organisation) Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) based in Marudi, Baram and it was at our office there that the Penans came to lodge the same complaints that they were making today which forced them to set up their blockades then, which complaints concerned the blatant disrespect for their rights over their lands and forests, the pollution of their rivers, disappearance of wildlife which they hunt, the intimidation from gangsters paid by the companies whenever they try to protest, damages done to their burial grounds, the bias of the government against them in favour of the companies, ignoring their complaints as above, etc.

SAM repeatedly wrote appeal letters on their behalf to the govt, the Chief Minister, our elected reps in Council Negeri and Parliament but was also ignored.

In July, 1987, I led a delegation comprising representatives of not only the Penans but also of the Ibans, Kayans, Kenyahs, Kelabits and Lun Bawang to meet with Federal Ministers including the then Deputy Prime Minister, the late Ghafar Baba. We also met with the IGP, Tun Haniff Omar and top army officials of the country at Bukit Aman and had a very lavish lunch with them there.

During the meetings held with all the above, we told them that the problems as above affect all native communities in Sarawak not just the Penans. Everyone of them promised to help to look into the problems.

NONE OF THEM TOLD US that it is an offence to put up blockade on our customary land. The IGP in fact told us that its not for the police to decide who has a right over the land in dispute. That is for the court to decide.

In fact, for the record, all those arrested by the police and the Forest Department for putting up the blockades and who were defended by the lawyers were all acquitted and discharged by the courts.

After we came back to Sarawak, many of our people put up blockades like the Penans.

I was visited by a lot of company managers and their towkays who tried to offer me and my family large sums of money. Some even brought fruits to our house.

My answer to them was simple and standard. "The land where the blockades are set up is not my land. So even if you pay me money, I have no authority to ask those who put up the blockades to dismantle them. Its their land and only they can decide whether or not to dismantle their blockades."

There was one General Manager who came all the way from Sibu who cried (probably only shedding crocodile tears) in front of me after I told him I cannot go with him to one of the blockade sites affecting their company as I don't want to be accused of being bought by the company.

Officials of the companies also tried to seduce me with luxurious food and drinks, holidays and beautiful women of different nationalities.

Gangsters were also unhappy with me but I couldn't be bothered with them.

Many of our own people, particularly our Ketua Masyarakat, Ketua Kaum and political leaders humiliated me in many ways and on many occasions. They said, "if Harrison is such a good man, why can't he help his own parents and family first. He is just an empty tin". Of course, it was and is a fact that, my parents and family were the poorest and most downtrodden in my longhouse, Kampung Long Kesseh.

And of course, being so poor and as a human being, working only with an NGO and yet still dare to get married at that time, I was many many times tempted to take the money dangled to me by the companies, mind you, they were in big bundles (of hundred ringgits!).

But somehow, my heart kept telling me, "never mind, GOD is fair and just."

I hate to also think that if I received the money from the companies and bought say a house, how would I feel every day living in this type of house knowing I got it from the companies. I would be tormented with guilt every day.

But things even got worst for me after that. The in famous "Operation Lallang" (ISA arrests) took place in October, 1987 and I was one of those arrested during that operation accused of instigating our people to go against logging.

I was detained for a full 60 days and interrogated by 12 officers from different sections of the police special branch for 2 to 3 weeks. They also went through the files they seized from SAM office on the day I was arrested.

On the 60th day of my detention, I was brought to see the Director of the Special Branch Sarawak, Datuk Lee Seong Mei, a Sabahan Chinese who told me I would be sent back to Marudi. I told him this, "Tuan, I have been your guest for 60 days and now you want to send me back but nobody told me what I have done wrong". His reply was, "Harrison, if I am in your position, I would also do the same thing".

After our meeting, the police sent me to stay in one of the hotels in Kuching as Mahathir the PM and Home Minister at that time has yet to sign my "Restricted Residence Order" restricting my movement to Marudi for 2 years but which was revoked after about 1 year. That night they brought me to a night club around 9.00 pm and we came back around 4.00 am. There were Taiwanese, Thai, Filipino women in the club and one Chinese businessman footed all the bills! I was wondering whether he was one of the tycoons.

About one month after my release, the former Baram District Officer, Richard Pahang came to my house one morning saying the State Secretary (SS) Tan Sri Bujang Nor wanted to see me. So I went with him to the District Office Marudi and saw the SS there with the former Resident of Miri, Stephen Jussem and all the Ketua Masyarakat of Baram. The SS told the Ketua Masyarakat that he wanted to meet with me first before he talked to them.

Some of our Ketua Masyarakat were stunned and confused with some I heard exclaiming "the government just arrested and detained him, now the SS is meeting with him".

During the meeting, the SS asked me to work with the governmentt and I said I cannot. He asked why not? I said, the government is the cause of our problems and I went on to explain why. He told me that is why I need to join the government to help solve the problems. I assured him that even if I am outside of the government, I am prepared to help and that there is no point even if I join the government but the government doesn't want to listen or to change its ways of doing things I won't be of help.

He asked me what the government needed to do to solve the problems of our people. I told him to gazette the communal land boundaries of all the longhouses or Kampungs and Penan settlements so that there would not be any dispute over land or the boundary of any land in future. I also told him that the Brookes and British started and encouraged that during their time so there is no reason why our own government cannot do even better than them. But he said its difficult.

I said its a question of political will on the part of the government and that it could be done phase by phase or area by area and if every year the government can gazette the communal land boundaries in one Division within 10 or 15 years, the government would have gazetted the land boundaries in all the adminstrative Divisions of Sarawak.

I also proposed the State Government allocate a specific budget for the purpose and that after gazetting the communal land boundaries, the next step would be to survey individual plots of individual NCR land within the communal land boundary of the longhouse and issue individual documents of title to the individual owners. As for the shared area outside of the individual plots but within the communal land boundary of the longhouse, the government should issue the title in the name of the longhouse.

In relating my abovesaid experiences, it is my earnest and fervent hope that all of us will learn something about our individual weaknesses, limitations, how people who want to grab our land and our resources in it divide, rule and manipulate us often particularly targeting our political and community leaders.

And most important of all, why we all must stay united, fight our enemies together, be brave because we are not here robbing other people of their rights or property but merely defending or protecting what is rightfully ours. We must learn how to detect or identify and handle enemies among us as our enemies will always try to recruit and use (or abuse) our own people to fight against us.

A few other things I also learned were that, when you want to help your own people to defend or protect their land or rights, you will be demonised, ostracised, branded a traitor to our country, being anti-government or anti-development or tools of foreign NGOs jealous of our country etc. etc. in the local newspapers, in the radio and TV by those having vested interests or those who are after our land and resources.

Some of our own political leaders who are "apple polishers" will be their local agents to mount all these accusations against you and I. Their strategy is to frighten our own people from supporting our cause so that we are weakened and left alone in our fight to defend and protect our lands and our resources.

Mark my words, all the big companies will unite with these enemies among us using money and threats to get or buy our votes during the coming state election.

Would you still give the key of your house to the thief?

May God Bless you all and guide and give His Wisdom and Protection and Courage to all of us and to our Penan brothers and sisters at their blockades.

Harrison Ngau Laing