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Taib's "Till Death Do Us Part" Cabinet

It is quite obvious now that Taib wants to die in office. His "new" cabinet line up sees no "new" ministers being appointed and a few "new" assistant ministers, all yes-men and sycophants, like any good cabinet should be of course. They are only there for Taib and themselves, not the rakyat.

There is still no clear successor in sight, as Taib wants it to be.

Only the rakyat of Sarawak can now decide whether he stays to die in office or is booted out unceremoniously at the next state elections. If the people cannot make the right choice, maybe God will decide for them.

Whatever it is, Taib's days are numbered and he may not even live to see his 75th birthday anniversary, which is also the limit of his present term.

The only question is whether he goes quietly or is dragged screaming to his grave trying to bring all his ill-gotten wealth (actually Sarawakians' wealth) with him.

See The Broken Shield report "Taib's New Cabinet line-up" and also The Borneo Post report
Six new faces; three dropped by Zora Chan "Revamp to prepare Sarawak for new development policies and approaches: CM".

In actual fact the revamp is to prepare Sarawak for new exploitation policies and approaches. Taib is asking for more Federal funds for this very purpose. See The Borneo Post report
"Taib wants more federal money for development".

What this means is that Taib wants more Federal money for exploitation by himself, his family, henchmen and cronies. Do you think he wants it for the people?

"He said Sarawak was still very much behind compared to other states in terms of infrastructure development due to its size and geographical conditions".

Not to mention the fact that most of Sarawak's resources have either been siphoned off to benefit the Malayans or Taib, his family, henchmen and cronies.

“There’s no major cabinet reshuffle until after the next state election,” he told a media conference at Wisma Bapa Malaysia here.

Of course if he wins or unless he dies before that. What will the rakyat of Sarawak be praying for?

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MPOC Advert Banned By UK For Being Misleading

Blow to Malaysian palm oil industry as UK bans advert

from Survival International

2 November

Oil palms planted on recently-deforested land, Sarawak
Oil palms planted on recently-deforested land, Sarawak
© M Ross/ Survival

– Penan tribe in Borneo welcomes ban

An advert for Malaysian palm oil has been banned in the UK, dealing a major blow to the credibility of Malaysia’s palm oil industry. Members of the hunter-gatherer Penan tribe in Borneo have welcomed the ban, saying, ‘Oil palm plantations have not benefited us at all; they have only robbed us of our resources and land.’

The Penan live in Sarawak, in the Malaysian part of Borneo, and are fighting to stop the forests they rely on being cut down to make way for oil palm plantations. Survival International is calling on the Malaysian government to halt plantations and logging on their land without their consent.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Agency banned the magazine advert, placed by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council. The advert claimed that Malaysian palm oil was ‘sustainable’ and contributed to ‘the alleviation of poverty, especially amongst rural populations.’

The advertising regulator ruled that these and other claims made in the advert were misleading and could not be substantiated.

Members of the Penan tribe who have already lost much of their land to oil palm plantations said today:

‘Our people welcome the ban on the magazine advert by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council. How come the advert claimed that palm oil helps alleviate poverty, when from the very beginning oil palm plantations have destroyed our source of livelihood and made us much poorer? A lot of people are hungry every day because our forest has been destroyed.’

Oil palm plantations and logging are destroying the forests the Penan hunt and gather in, and polluting the rivers they fish in. Without their forests they have difficulty finding enough food.

Survival’s director Stephen Corry said today, ‘Claims that Malaysian palm oil is green and people-friendly will not wash, especially with the Penan. The industry’s expansion onto their land is a disaster.’

Palm oil is used in many everyday grocery products, and is increasingly being used for biofuel.

Download the banned advert

Act now to help the Penan

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