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Taib Mahmud Al-Mahalanun, Evil "Rajah" Of Sarawak

Sunday, December 20

Sarawak has a new Rajah

KUCHING – Chairman of Sarawak PKR Baru Bian has claimed that Sarawak is now under a new “Rajah” who has controlled the State for the last 27 years where he gets almost everything from forests, land, government contracts, and prime city land like Batu Lintang area in Kuching city down to the collection of rubbish.

“We are under a new colonialism, far worst than before we joined Malaysia,” he said in a key note address at a one-day PKR convention on Sunday 13 December 2009.

“Because of this new colonialism, we, the sons of the Land of the Hornbills, must work together and dispose this dynasty.

Pointing out that Sarawak has come to a political cross-road, Baru said: “A new hope is dawning in Sarawak.

“Parti Keadilan Rakyat which is under the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim is here and it will help us get rid of this new colonialism.

‘Notwithstanding the bleak situation that we Sarawakians are in today, I see hope, new hope rising in the horizon. This hope must be polished and nurtured by all the people of Sarawak.

“It is the hope promised by Pakatan Rakyat, aggressively promoted by PKR, a paradigm shift from inward and selfish attitude of championing a particular race and religion to a focus on the common people cutting racial and religious prejudices to birth a new Malaysia and a Malaysian race where none will be left behind where all shall be treated equal citizen of this beloved country,” Baru said.

He said that he had read the Cobbold Commission Report, which disclosed the findings of the commission on our people before the formation of Malaysia. And one part of that report stated that many of the people were wary and anxious about joining the Federation because they feared that the wealth of this State would be siphoned to Kuala Lumpur and we the people of Sarawak be left high and dry.

“Today this is a reality. But the sad fact is this, that not only are we left high and dry by Kuala Lumpur, even our own leaders here in Sarawak have robbed us of the share of our wealth, robbed us of our land, robbed us of our opportunities in business by getting most of the big Government contracts for themselves and their family members,” Baru said.

He said that many people from Sabah and Sarawak saw their status today as no more than “anak angkat” (adopted children) of the federation because of the treatment given to them as compared with other States in the Peninsula.

“At other time we the people of Sabah and Sarawak feel that we are being colonialised,” he said. Forty-six years down the road of independence, he said the people are proud to say that Malaysia is a developing country, a democratic government, a civilized and opened society governed by the rule of law.

“Yet, today in the same breath we use draconian laws like ISA and the like to oppress our citizens, pervert justice and suppress the truth.

“Enforcement Agencies like MACC, the Police and the AG Chambers have lost all credibility because of their apparent unprofessionalism and selective prosecution focused only on the opposition, the weak and the defenseless while the politically linked, rich, powerful and mighty are free to instill fear upon the ordinary people like you and me.

“You are not permitted to speak your mind, to offer your opinion and to reveal the reality of things. So the truth is often times intentionally concealed, hidden and even manipulated by the power that be, to preserve the status quo or prolong the agendas of the corrupt and the unjust,” Baru said.

He explained that one of the reasons why Sarawak and Sabah agreed to the formation of Malaysia was that our people of the eastern States could merge and flow together in the main stream of national development promised by the Federal Government then, with the sincere hope that they and the generations after them could better their lots in every sense of that phrase ‘national development’.

Our forefathers, he said, were promised that they would be elevated to a better life, improved standard of living, better educational opportunities and share equally the riches and wealth of our Nation.

“Today, after 46 years Sarawak joined Malaysia, the dreams of our forefathers to be on equal footing with Malaya, as it were, is far from being a reality.

“The Government builds one of the tallest buildings in the world, yet we are unable to provide homes and basic amenities for the poor and needy among us in particular the rural Dayaks of Sarawak. Studies show that many people in Sarawak in particular the Bumiputras are among the poorest in Malaysia.

“The Government boasts in sending a medical doctor and astronaut flying into space, yet they fail to continue and maintain the Flying Doctors Services to the rural places of Sarawak which has been a source of great relief to many of the frail and the sick deprived of proper medical assistance all their lives, due to greed and business rivalries at the expense of our poor and needy.

“The Government boasts in our national car-making achievements and records, yet many of our rural areas in Sarawak are still inaccessible by proper roads. Don’t talk about manufacturing national cars when the rural poor have yet to see any road to their villages.

“Vast areas of Sarawak after 46 years within Malaysia are still accessible only by the most expensive means of transport, air, the most dangerous, logging roads, the most arduous, rivers and the longest and time consuming, on foot.

“Our priorities are misguided, our focus distorted and our vision blurred; misguided because of insincerity, distorted because of corruption and blurred by material greed.

“We pride in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh, yet often time that spirit is motivated and inspired by racial and religious sentiments not towards a true spirit of 1Malaysia, but leading us down the path of national disintegration, polarization and suspicion. And those who advocate these despicable things are protected and sheltered by the present BN Government,” he said.

Baru went on to say: “The Government boasts in the fact that we are on the road to a developed nation status stirred by a perfect Vision 2020, yet we are blind to the vast majority of us in Sarawak who have lost their only earthly possession, their very source of life, the land, the forests and the environment to rich logging companies, plantation owners and investors, and where poverty rates equal of that many African Nations.

“Where basic amenities are rare commodities and that the very existence of a community is threatened in the name of development,” he lamented. – The Broken Shield


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What Do Sarawakians Want?

This posting is a reaction by Sarawak Headhunter to comments made by ampraxius on Malaysia Today's article "Finally, light at the end of the tunnel" by Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Ampraxius said:
"While it is indeed a good step towards gaining a foot forward in the next GE, I think we need to reconsider the reality of 'points of agreement' between the Borneo states and the federation. We need to ensure that every citizen is represented equally and all casted votes are of the same value. The lower house must be reflective of the population and the upper house must be distributed equally among the states".
You do this and immediately Sarawak's representation will be reduced to 10%. As it is Sarawak is already under the yoke of the Federal BN and its evil State collaborators and exploiters. Do you think that Sarawakians will put up with this even under Pakatan Rakyat? Better for Sarawak to demand independence!
"Additionally I think Malaysians are fed up with the immigration laws between the Borneo states and the peninsular states. This is not about cultural baggage or supremacy, but of practicality. It doesn't make sense when Malaysians are only allowed to be in Sabah and Sarawak for 90 days only while the UK gives them 6 months! Same goes with the work force movement, why do i need a work permit in my own country?"
When you say "Malaysians" I presume you mean "Malayans", since Sarawakian Malaysians are quite happy with it, even if in practice this is only purely psychological, given the reality of abuse of Federal power over the state and its resources in spite of this restriction. While Sarawakians may be "Malaysians", I doubt if many feel that Malaya is their own country for the same reasons. Therefore, don't be so presumptuous to assume that Sarawak is your own country.

PR or rather PKR will ignore this at its own peril. Sarawakians are fed up of submitting to Malayans with colonial mentalities, be they from BN or PR. I have yet to see any Malayan politician give Sarawakians the respect they deserve. Most of the time they are patronising and that includes both BN and PR politicians who don't even bother to try to understand where Sarawakians are coming from.

What Sarawakians want is just a little bit of understanding.

Don't expect Sarawakians to be happy either with BN or PR although we may support PR just for a change.

Putting Jeffery Kitingan in charge of Sarawak (and Sabah) just doesn't send the right message to Sarawakians. It just shows Sarawakians that even PR or Anwar cannot be depended upon to do the right thing.

And what is the right thing?

Autonomy. Yes, that too comes with a little bit of understanding.

After all, that is practically what the Federal BN has given Taib, or doesn't Anwar or PKR trust their Sarawakian counterparts? Unfortunately they may also have a point! If they don't trust or even understand their own counterparts, perhaps its time to cast a wider net to attract better Sarawakians who can be trusted.

But this can only be done if Anwar and PKR spell out what exactly they are willing to concede to Sarawak and Sarawakians, which they haven't done so far, even with state elections just around the corner.

Rotation of the Prime Ministership between Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak would do for a start or do the Malayans think that there are no Sarawakians of sufficient calibre?

Perhaps then Sarawakians may consider doing away with the immigration restrictions and we may all be one nation at last.

Otherwise let Sarawak have its independence, from Malaya and from Taib and his family, cronies and henchmen.

Let Sarawak be a nation of its own.

Or the light at the end of the tunnel might just be that of an oncoming train.

Al Tugauw
Sarawak Headhunter

Here's another reaction from Abdul Hakim Bujang at Sarawak Update (with minor editing by Sarawak Headhunter):

Raja Petra forgot Jeffery Kitingan's RM3billion scandal
posted on December 14th, 2009 @ 10 : 57 pm by Moderator

By Abdul Hakim Bujang

I have sent out an SMS to a PKR leader trying to get his honest response over Dr Jeffery Kitingan's appointment as Chief of Sabah and Sarawak. It has been hours, but no reply.

I am sure he will pretend not to have received it.

I sent it out to him because he was the most open-minded of them all.

I will not waste my money by sending SMS's to others, I am definitely going to get typical Anwar Ibrahim worship replies.

My first question is very simple, how much does Jeffery Kitingan know about Sarawak, or care about Sarawakians or has fought in the name of Sarawak before to warrant him to be the leader of PKR Sarawak?

To me, he is just a desperate political frog that nobody else wanted except Anwar Ibrahim, period.

Then PKR Sarawak Chairman, Wan Zainal Abidin Wan Senusi, once requested me to draft a letter protesting Jeffery Kitingan's admission into PKR.

Do not tell me that Wan Zainal is a very happy man now that Jeffery has been made big boss of PKR Sarawak.

Where was he when PKR founding members fought with blood, sweat and tears in the early formative years? Flying kites with Dominique Ng or main pondok-pondok with Lina Soo? Please tell me.

I am also very confused that Raja Petra, my former boss, now suddenly writes such a positive analysis on Jeffery's appointment that he must have forgotten that he blogged extensively about Jeffery and Pairin's good old days' Yayasan Sabah folly.

Are we saying that by virtue of joing PKR, all the former BN leaders' sins would be deemed cleansed? Will that make the likes of Jimmy Donald and Jawah Gerang holy? And Gabriel Adit a bloody traitor after he quit PKR for refusing to finance his political struggle?

Let's hear from the likes of Daniel Tajem, Baru Bian, See Chee How, Wan Zainal, Hafsah Harun or Baharuddin Mokhsen. I am eagerly waiting. On a personal note, this is just another excuse for Anwar to his Western financiers…

“Ooh, we make a mistake. We forgot that Sarawakians do not like to be under a Sabahan. That’s why we lost this election...”

I presume some guy whoever that may be, is easily pocketing a handsome amount of campaign money because Raja Petra did complain before that the money never trickled down and that PKR leaders were staying in lavish hotels while campaigning in Sarawak.

BTW, these beautiful blogs by Raja Petra no longer exist except in “captured files”:

"If we can remember, Yayasan Sabah was the centre of a RM3 billion – that’s right THREE BILLION RINGGIT – scandal during the time of another two infamous brothers, Pairin and Jeffery Kitingan.

Why are crimes in Sabah always perpetuated by two brothers?

Anyway, the then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced that RM3 billion had been siphoned out of Yayasan Sabah that was headed by Jeffrey at the time Pairin was the Chief Minister and he ordered Price Waterhouse to conduct an audit. Jeffrey was subsequently removed and Musa Aman took over as the new head of Yayasan Sabah.

The audit report was never made public and till today no one knows what happened to the RM3 billion. Yayasan Sabah, which used to be the richest organisation in Malaysia, is now in dire straits. Shouldn’t someone be brought to book for this crime? Why is there a cover-up? After all, RM3 billion is not a paltry sum!"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Malaysian Oil & Gas Production Since 1974

From PETRONAS's website here:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

James Masing's Head Added To Sarawak Headhunter's List Of Heads To Roll

For his recent remarks on BBC's Radio 4, the Sarawak Headhunter has concluded that James Masing is beyond redemption and has therefore added his head to the list of heads that must roll in Sarawak.

James must be more confused than the Penans if he thinks that the Penans do not know the difference between consensual sex and rape. Does he seriously expect the whole world to believe that being dragged, beaten unconscious and raped is part of the Penan social etiquette of consensual sex? What an idiot!

This man, who purports to have a doctorate in anthropology, is not only a traitor to his own race but to the human race as well and a complete disgrace.

It is actually Masing who's telling stories, clearly on behalf of his master Taib Mahmud and his logging and oil palm land grabbing cronies.

"State land" is it? What gives Taib's regime the right to parcel out millions of hectares of forest for timber logging concessions to a handful of family members and their cronies, when hundreds of thousands of natives depend upon the very same land for their daily survival and livelihood?

And yet these natives are told that they are trespassers on the very land which they and their forebears have worked on and depended upon and that they have to get out when outsiders come to bulldoze whole forests down.

Where are they to go? They do not have massive bank accounts overseas (if at all any bank account) where they can escape to like Taib, his ministers, his family and their cronies and henchmen.

Enough is enough!

See the Malaysiakini report "S'wak minister draws flak over Penan rape".

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