Thursday, November 6, 2008

"You see, they (Taib & gang) have 7 million hectares of timber concessions. Apa itu?"

Monday, November 3, The Broken Shield

Comments by Sarawak Headhunter in red as usual.

Taib blames Dayak shifting cultivators for creating NCR lands

Sarawak’s Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud must have forgotten there were some Dayak ministers, Dayak elected representatives, Dayak civil servants and Dayak farmers present at the Sarawak Agro Fest 2008 in Kuching when he condemned their forefathers for creating NCR land through shifting cultivation.

He didn't forget. He did it purposely. What does he care about the adat and customary practices of the Dayaks and other natives of Sarawak? All he cares is what he wants for himself, his family and his cronies.

If he knew, he would not have embarrassed them the way he did when he opened the function last Saturday, 1 November 2008; unless, of course, he wanted to pass a message through them to their parents and their folks in longhouses and villages.

He not only wanted to embarrass them but insult them with impunity as well, knowing that none of them would have been brave enough to stand up to him or walk off.

“You see, they (Dayaks) have two million acres under NCR lands just because of shifting cultivation. Apa itu?”, Taib said.

What is 2 million acres of NCR lands which benefits at least half a million and maybe more of the natives of Sarawak, especially the Dayaks, compared to 7 million hectares and more of timber concessions which benefit only a handful of people, namely Taib himself, his family and cronies?

No less than 5 million hectares of timber concessions in Sarawak are controlled by only 5 companies. Let us not even go into plantation lands.

Almost all of the Dayak listeners, especially the Ibans, were jolted by the words used by Taib to hit back at the shifting cultivators. YB Francis Harden, assistant land development minister, and other YB Dayaks sat uncomfortably. Alfred Jabu, a senior Dayak minister, appeared to enjoy the criticisms.

Yet none of them had the guts to speak out or walk off. If Sarawak Headhunter had been there, he would have shouted at Taib, "7 million hectares of timber concessions, apa itu?" Why should they be jolted when this is what they should expect, knowing Taib? Does anyone still want to deny that Taib is a bully?

Taib’s choice of words not only smacked of arrogance, but also seemed to confirm Beginda Minda’s accusation that Taib was a big bully.

Confirmed, lah!

Since the amendment of the Land Code in 2000, the NCR lands have become thorny issues as the amendment not only declares all untitled lands including NCR lands as “State Lands” but criminalizes the land owners for defending their rights. Many have landed in jails.

According to the 2005 reports of Land and Survey Department, some 1.2 million hectares of land have been approved for oil palm plantations, the bulk of which is NCR lands. And by the year 2015, some 4 million hectares of land are to be planted with oil palm. Out of the total, about 1.5 million hectares are NCR land. By then there will be a few acres of NCR land left, if any!

Native land owners claim that their ancestral lands have been in existence for hundreds of years. Regarded as their life, now their lands have created nightmares for them and their children as they (the lands) are slipping away from their grips.


Anonymous said...

why are you always accusing Pehin Seri evey time in your blog? Don't you have anthing thing else to do? Who are you Tugau? Why are you so sore about Pehin Seri yang dikasihi?

Anonymous said...

where are your evidences? This is just you propaganda. Black propaganda.

chapchai said...

Beginda Minda has walked the talk and resigned from PRS. Why are the others still sitting around waiting to be insulted as they have been as reported in this article? Haven't they got any pride left?

Anonymous said...

hello sarawakheadhunter,do you realise that there is a commentator here who said that you are a coward but didnt realise that he himself is the real yellow chicken who must have fed upon the bits n pieces that drop from taibs plate.he must be a genuine taibs ball licker.ha2.keep up the good work sarawakheadhunter.

Anonymous said...

Bro Chapchai, that right ...
tapi mun kitak mau tau, buntut yang lain tu sudah kenak main belakang oleh Pehin Yang Berseri ni. nak angkat pun tak boleh.. luka, pedih, bernanah dan busuk..
they have nothing !!!as you see..

Anonymous said...

Just sumpit defler Taib and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

this al tugauw is simply a coward lah. how can he say all short of thing wout any proof one. I see al tugauw is very clever in manipulating the cm. but why don't he challenge defela CM in the election and become the chief minister of sarawak. This al tugau is simply another hopless guy. so stupid one.

neal said...

The Forest Department classified 64 million hectares as production forests, of which 53.4 million hectares was designated under timber concessions. The cost in terms of forest loss was an average of 1.5 million hectares a year has complex laws surrounding foreign ownership of timber concessions.



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deepo said...

kpd anon, the 1st commentator,

u ni buta ni...x npak ke taik mahmud ambik harta kau hah? buta ke? buta sebab jilat burit taik mahmud ker? guna otak sikit la....proof is in front of u...only that u dun want to see....

klu berani tulis lah nma kau tu sapa....ini x tulis anon...penakut mcm taik babi....wei budak sial....tunjukkan diri tu...bodoh...

James anak Bond said...

To the first two anonymous,

How about a fiction story about Yang Dikasihi Taib Mahmud instead? Try this reading from

The story goes...

By the time the armies from Sabah and Sarawak converged on Miri City, the Malayan force had lost nearly half of their number. The Borneo freedom fighters overturned the siege and completed their victory the very same day. They found Jack’s body among the slain enemies. Clutched tightly in Jack’s hand was the decapitated head of the most despised Sarawak traitor, the one head most wanted by the Sarawak Rangers, the one head that has so far eluded many headhunters but it cannot escaped the sword of Jack ‘the lightning’ Lawai. That one head was formerly known as Taib Mahmud.

Now Taib is dead, the Sarawak forest is free from his greed and selfish politics of development; the Penans are safe.


James anak Bond said...

Another part where Taib Mahmud is mentioned in that tale...

The story goes...

She accompanied her father that day as the old king tried to talk the Penans and the Chinese merchants out of a violent confrontation. The Chinese were felling trees in Tinjar River to build boats for sale. The Penan stood in their way. The Chinese merchants said they have permission from King Taib Mahmud in Kuching to do as they pleased in the jungle. The Penans instead asked, Taib who?

The Malayans continue to make troubles in Sarawak in the following years, albeit subtly. Already they have Emperor Taib Mahmud and Admiral Jabu anak Numpang in the pretentious scheme called BN – that is short name for Brat Nation –; Malaya is, by no feat guessing, armed to the teeth to exert absolute control over Sabah and Sarawak. While the lesser kings in Borneo struggle to buy time, the Sarawak Rangers, a society of knights who answer to no corrupt kings, take it up with the Malayans head on. Along the way, many knights have lost their lives, including Patau Rubis, a distinguished Bidayuh knight from Tasik Biru.

Yet the Sarawak Rangers is never short of greats. In land of the Ibans, the braves ride with Beginda Minda, who only recently overturned a ship full of ogres. In Orang Ulu County, the rebels ride with Sir Baru Bian in Lawas and Temenggong Pahang Ding in Marudi. Jack Lawai often volunteers to high-risk mission for the Temenggong. His success each time is undisputed but not always he come back unscathed; one time he nearly lost his life.


James anak Bond said...

To you Tugauw,

Here's the part when you enter the story.

The story goes...

Then come the day when great wizards from Borneo meet up with their Malayan counterparts in Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Much to the chagrin of the Borneo representatives, the Malayans could not answer many discrepancies in relationship between Borneo and Malaya. Not wanting to subject Borneo to any more pretence from the ogres, James Jemut Masing proposes a DIVORCE with Malaya.

Boldly he speaks out, “Sabah and Sarawak feel that we have been sidelined. There is still that uneasy feeling that begs us to question if we are really part of the three regions.”

Bernard Dompok, formerly a Sabah king, stands up to echo Masing’s view: “If we want national unity, it must not be artificial — you know, singing this song or that song... it should be more practical, such as settling grouses and changing the people’s mindsets. There is still this perception that Malaysia refers specifically to Malaya. When I tell the ogres in Malaya that I am going back to Sabah, they ask me when I am coming back to Malaysia. The mindset that Sabah and Sarawak is an addendum to Malaysia must change.

Sarawak’s John Brian chips in: “Sabah and Sarawak were guaranteed enormous autonomy under the auspices of the 20-Point Agreement, for Sabah, and the 18-Point Agreement, for Sarawak, the international treaty signed during Malaysia’s establishment. The agreement stipulates, among others, that Sabah and Sarawak are not required to declare ogre religion as their state religion. The states would also have control over immigration, the civil service, education and development funds.

One ogre from among the Malayan bench barked: “That’s your problem. These rights have, over the years, been bartered away by your own politicians who were eager to gain favour with Malaya, am I right?!”

Bung Mokthar from Sabah promptly cut in: “And we have replaced those politicians, right?!”

By that remark, the house bursts with laughter. Sarawak’s Tugauw asks the Bung to sit down and never again introduce his silliness in matter so grave. Mokhtar being a bung does not even know how the howler has leaked shame upon himself.

Tugauw grabs his spear and trains the weapon in the direction of Hishamuddin Hussein, causing great panic across the room. Now the people have stopped laughing, Tugauw says, “Hear us now, you moron, respect for that agreement is the lynchpin of unity between Borneo and Malaya. We, the people of Borneo, feel that the federal government has not met their promise. Sabahans have been short-changed in some crucial areas. The civil service for instance. After 45 years as Malaysians, there are not many signs of advancement in the civil service; we don’t get a chief secretary, for instance. There are many explanations offered by the federal government. But the country has not worked hard enough to ensure that the civil service is a reflection of Malaysia. We should have a service that is Malaysia, truly Malaysia. Another point of contention is the economic disparity between the Ogre Bumiputera and the non-Ogre Bumiputera. There are glaring disparities that require attention.

Sarawak’s Joseph Tawie: “You ignore at our peril the importance of the international treaty that binds Malaysia. Sabah is wedded to the 20 points. And Sarawak is wedded to the 18 points. We hold it dear to our hearts and you must respect that. Nations are born not because the law binds them. But nations survive, and unity and patriotism are created by winning people’s hearts. Sabah and Sarawak are more than equal partners under the Federation. Most of the 20 points are included into the Constitution; and the states have additional law-making and financial powers, and sources of revenue that are not available to the Malaya states. But whether we, the people of Sabah and Sarawak, are afforded those special rights in the administration, that is the question.

Malaya: That’s what you think, huh? Sabah and Sarawak must also take a share of the blame. The lack of development in these two states is also the result of inadequate leadership, mismanagement, and the lack of dynamic policies. Above all other, your politicians suck!

Sabah: Very well, grant us complete autonomy in all areas. You’ll see who sucks up to who then.

Malaya: That would go against the notion of building a united nation.

Sarawak: A united nation under a Federal Government? Good, then the Federal Government should respect Sabah and Sarawak’s cultural, religious and language diversity and autonomy. The many minority Bumiputera groups in Sabah and Sarawak are largely marginalised by sheer virtue of the fact that every facet of life — be it pop culture or political discourse — operate along three Malayan racial lines, the Orges, the Trolls and the Goblins. The people of Sabah and Sarawak are more than often under-represented in these areas.

Sabah: Furthermore, the government should not export Malaya’s brand of race-based politics or try to ‘ogring’ the population. Such actions would undermine the inherent pluralism in Sabah and Sarawak. Malaya has been trying to export its model of race-based politics to Sabah since the early 1990s. It has racialised politics in Sabah and created a heightened sense of ethnicity. Race is not an issue there. When you start promoting race, you will heighten the awareness of racial issues. Additionally, while issues of an Ogre state often given importance in Malaya, Ogre mutants and converts are a minority among the 27 ethnic groups in Sarawak and 32 in Sabah.

Malaya: Why you need autonomy, you ungrateful lots?

Sarawak: Sabah and Sarawak feel the need to maintain autonomy because it is the last bastion in being recognised as an integral part of Malaysia. Once Sabah and Sarawak gain parity with the Malaya in terms of progress, development and education, the states’ protective barriers will naturally fade away.

Sabah: My dear, Sarawak, this is the opportune moment for us to make demands from the federal government in order to adjust the widening disparity between Borneo and Malaya. Already, post 8 March, the federal government has been allocating funds for Sabah and Sarawak, and addressing grievances that have long been ignored such as the issues of illegal immigrants and lack of economic parity.

Sarawak: Let me ask you, Malaya, when is Malaysia formed?

Malaya: Why, August 31, 1957. Malaysia is 51 years old today.

Sabah: You fools! Malaysia is formed on September 16, 1963. That was 45 years ago. Malaysia was not formed 51 years ago. Let us not deceive ourselves to think that something was formed before its existence.

Sarawak: If you cannot remember the date, Malaya, I can forgive you. But you remember a date but that date is wrong. If you cannot keep to your heart thing as simple as our wedding date, what good then is this marriage? Forget it, forget about everything, forget about us; forget about Malaysia!


James anak Bond said...

Another interesting part, Tugauw, is when our 'friend' Khairy Jamaluddin is mentioned.

The story goes...

A strike from a blade had slightly gashed Jack’s left arm during a duel with Khairy Jamaluddin the ogre. It is now known why Khairy limped away rather smilingly, although he had completely lost the use of his long tail. The wound did not paralyze Jack, the poison from the blade did.


Anonymous said...

"Timber concessions" are crimes against creation. Mother Nature has her own way of healing herself of the greed of a few. Remember the 3 Gorges dam and the grief of millions of displaced ancient communities. Then the Sichuan earthquake happened. Don't give in to the fear, you are a warrior, a head-hunter!!

Anonymous said...


All Petronas profits from oil and gas for 1 year is enough to used to give clean water and electricity 24hours to all longhouses in Sarawak including connecting all longhouses with Tar-Seal roads to the big cities.. Clearly, after 45 years joining Malaysia, UMNO/BN goverment have no intention to help the Dayaks people. All the money that Petronas get from our oil and gas is only used to help the Malays people and Malaya.. UMNO/BN party treat us the Dayaks people just like Orang Utan. Because only Orang Utan don't need Clean Water, Electricity and Tar-Seal road..
After 45 years joining Malaysia, let us Sarawak and Sabah get out from this racist Malaysia country !!!


Anonymous said...

“Across the border in Malaysian Borneo, the state of Sarawak has been controlled for 27 years by Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, whose administration is widely regarded as dictatorial and corrupt.”

(National Geographic Issue November 2008)

Anonymous said...

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Roy Rasul
Tue | Nov 11, 08 | 3:55:36 pm MYT
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Perkara ini diperolehi melalui perangkaan yang dibuat oleh Penyiasatan Pendapatan Isi Rumah (HIS) yang terkini tahun 2007 yang dijalankan Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia, kata Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, S K Devamany di Persidangan Dewan Rakyat, dekat sini, hari ini.

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Keseluruhan bilangan isi rumah berpendapatan RM2,001 hingga RM3,000 Melayu juga paling tinggi iaitu 614,700, berbanding Cina 300,800 dan India 121,500 daripada jumlahnya keseluruhan isi rumah iaitu sebanyak 1,144,700.

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Sementara itu beliau berkata, kumpulan berpendapatan RM10,001 -RM20,000 dengan melibatkan 235,300 isi rumah kaum Cina menguasai pendapatan tersebut iaitu sebanyak 118,700 berbanding Malayu 85,700 dan India 23,400.

"Kumpulan pendapatan melebihi RM20,000 pula terdapat 49,500 isi rumah dan daripada jumlah tersebut 16,500 merupakan isi rumah Melayu, 27,900 Cina, 3,600 India dan 1,500 dari lain-lain kumpulan etnik," katanya.

Anonymous said...

Berpendapatan rendah tidak bermaksud orang melayu patut membuli orang bukan melayu, contohnya:
- Orang bukan melayu tidak boleh menjadi perdana menteri.
- Rumah-rumah panjang orang Dayak tidak di beri air bersih dan elektrik 24 jam.
- Rumah-rumah panjang orang Dayak juga tidak dihubungkan dengan jalan raya tar ke bandar-bandar besar.
- Orang-orang bukan islam di paksa menjadi orang islam jika mengahwini orang islam. Malah orang islam juga ditahan oleh pihak berkuasa jika keluar dari islam.

Bangkitlah orang-orang dayak, mari kita memenggal kepala-kepala semua penyokong-penyokong UMNO seperti mana kita menghalau dan memenggal kepala-kepala orang-orang Brunei yang suka membuli orang-orang Dayak dimasa dahulu !!!

Anonymous said...

money, money,money

its a rich man's world.

thats what the present Dayak leaders within the coalition care about.

People of Sarawk, follow Abit for liberation from the present corrupt regime.

Best wishes in your struggles. But, if you decide to stick with the present leaders, stop griping anymore about losing your lands.

Anonymous said...


Kalau orang Dayak inginkan kemudahan seperti air bersih dan elektrik 24 jam diberikan kepada semua rumah-rumah panjang termasuklah untuk menghubungkan semua rumah-rumah panjang ke bandar-bandar besar menggunakan jalan raya tar. Orang-orang Dayak haruslah mencontohi orang Melayu seperti peristiwa 13 mei 1969, penyokong-penyokong UMNO merusuh dan membunuh ramai orang-orang Cina termasuk harta benda mereka dicuri, dirompak dan dirosakkan oleh penyokong-penyokong umno dan disertai juga oleh askar diraja Melayu. Selepas kejadian tersebut orang-orang Melayu mendapat hak-hak yang istimewa seperti :

- Wang dan keuntungan dari minyak dan gas yang UMNO rampas dari Sarawak dan Sabah digunakan untuk memajukan orang-orang Melayu dan Malaya.
- Kebebasan beragama yang dijanjikan jika Sarawak dan Sabah menyertai Malaysia dibatalkan. Sekarang orang bukan islam dipaksa memeluk agama islam jika mengahwini orang islam, dan juga orang islam akan ditahan oleh pihak berkuasa jika keluar dari agama islam.
- Orang bukan islam tidak boleh menjadi Perdana Menteri.

Malah UMNO dan Sultan-Sultan Malaya dengan sangat angkuh melarang semua orang-orang bukan Melayu supaya jangan mempersoalkan hak-hak istimewa yang diberikan kepada orang-orang Melayu, ataupun yang dipanggil Ketuanan Melayu. Jadi sekarang marilah kita merusuh dan memenggal kepala semua penyokong-penyokong dan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO termasuk Sultan-Sultan Malaya supaya kita orang-orang Dayak diberi perhatian dan diberi kemudahan infrastruktur di semua rumah-rumah panjang orang Dayak, termasuk diberi 50% royalti minyak dan gas kepada Sarawak !!.. Bangkitlah semua pahlawan-pahlawan Dayak dari Sibu, Miri, Bintulu dan Kuching, Bangkitlah untuk menyerang dan memenggal kepala mereka sekarang !!


BLOG KOMEN said...

kunjungilah blog komen untuk anda memberikan komen, pandangan dan pendapat anda tentang apa-apa sahaja.

Francis Fenandes said...

to anonymous nov7 2:53Pm & anonymous nov7 7:16Pm and also nov8 8.33am
u guys are just balls lickers and just talking kok.

all Sarawakians knew how rich these bas**rd are. Are u one of their cronies and afraid that ur gravy train will ends with all these exposure.

you bast**rd dont even have the guts to sign in your real name and yet remain anonymous.

how do u explain the amount of wealth these @#$%%^ have. Stay out of this blog if you MF dun like what Tugau wrote in his blog.

dont you idiots care about the 200 million old rainforest that this SOB of a CM is raping. what will your children and grand children inherit when they grow up... nothing.. but barren land. Wake up, u fcuk fools.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that Taib always shouting this words 44 time a day.
"Aku Kaya"
His big brother is Pek Kiing and do you know that PekKiing always say Melayu Bodoh.
Lets the Malay read this hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

I would say SARAWAKIAN no matter what race Chinese,Malay,Melanau,Iban,Dayak and what ever...all stupid,bodoh.
So siapa undi BN..kakalau nak cuba PKR,DAP apa apa ayam pun boleh...baru lah orang Sarawak hero.

Anonymous said...

where is this al tugauw? Sudah masuk jel kah? Mana you punya pos? Celaka lu.

Anonymous said...

al tugauw, kau jangan pula terima rasuah dari UMNO !!

Mengapa kau hilang, pergi bercuti ke Hawai ka ?

Tapi kalau benar kau di jail, sila suruh keluarga kau umumkan kepada pemberita. Supaya bolehlah orang-orang Dayak dari Sibu, Miri, Bintulu dan Kuching datang untuk MEMEGGAL KEPALA-KEPALA semua samseng-samseng(polis di raja malaysi), yang menjadi alat mainan UMNO untuk membuli orang DAYAK !

Anonymous said...

INDEPENDENCE is not impossible to achieve, just look at Singapore, Kosovo and many more country from former Soviet Bloc !!...
Only by INDEPENDENCE Sarawak people can have :

- 100% freedom of religion. Minority people will not be force to be a muslim if they married to a muslim. Also Malay people can be free to choose to get out from islam.
- 100% oil and gas royalty for Sarawak. With this money and only for 2 years, all Longhouses will have Clean Water, Electricity 24hours and also get connected by Tar-Seal road to the big cities.
- Anybody from any race or religion can be Prime Minister.

This is the 'CHANGE' that Sarawak people should die fighting for !!!


C.O.B said...

Sir, this is out of topic. May I make a suggestion. It might be better if you use a three column blogger layout.

Sabahan reader.