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SALCRA Sucks The Blood Of The Ibans

Salcra Helps Reduce Rural Poverty : Jabu

New postby Dennis Kaiser on Mon Oct 06, 2008 8:18 am

Last year 5,433 participants received a total of RM12.4 Million in dividens from Salcra. " A total 11,470 hectares of land(our grandfathers' land) are now planted with oil palm, and from this total 9,932 hectares have already matured and bearing fruits.

courted from: Borneo Post August 31, 2008.


The Facts:-

1. RM 12.4 Million divided by 5,433 participant and prorated by 12 months = RM 190.20 each month.
2. 9,932 hectares time 30 tons time RM 410.00 per ton prorated by 12 months = RM 10,180,300.00 /month.
3. RM 10,180,300.00 divided by 5,433 participant = RM 1,873.79 / month (if they do their own)
4. 9,932 hectares NCR land valued at RM8,000.00 per hectare = RM 79,456,000.00 (NCR land value)

1. Is RM190.20 per month reduce rural poverty ?
2. Can rural people (Salcra particiapnt)send their kids to world's blue chips univeristy like Jabu(Chairman)?
3. Who really benefited from Salcra?

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Anonymous said...

How Will Life Be Under A Pakatan Rakyat 'Ketuanan Rakyat' Government?

How will it be? Well, recent, and perhaps not so recent events allow us to now hypothesize...

There will be no freedom of the press. We thought that the Teresa Kok inspired madness ala-Singapore was temporary, and that polite engagement and ridicule would curtail further madness, but it seems not! Now, PAS has jumped into the bandwagon! I mean, we understand the PKR boys hating any negative press coverage about Anwar, but supposedly liberal DAP? And 'Islamic' PAS too?

Economics will be run by populist rhetoric. It is troubling enough for me to see the Selangor government going all populist with free water, Perak's free land, and both Selangor and Penang's free municipal rates. But recently the Selangor government announced that they are moving away from privatisation by taking over Syabas. This also soon after Tan Sri Khalid's expressed view that the state government would benefit more from a cash sale of its land to developers than to go on JV's to jointly develop state property. He then gave an example based on cash returns, ignoring capital/equity appreciation benefits in his analysis. Huh??? By the way, this is also to curtail cronies benefitting from these JV deals. But past CEO's of state GLC's involved will not be sacked, but retained to 'fix things'. HAH???

MP's will not act on merit but according to party lines. I found the re-branding of Langkawi from being Langkawi Geopark to Langkawi Jewel of Kedah by the PAS state government to be inward-looking and narrow-minded, seeing as the Geopark brand has by far greater value to the tourist islands. I hence find it galling that criticism of this was absent from the opposition bench, the same opposition bench that seems to now find the idea of changing the name of Jalan Alor to Jalan Kejora by DBKL so objectionable! So is the Langkawi re-branding less objectionable because it's a PAS initiative, or because it was done to a 100% BN voting constituency?

... I'm sure this is to come, together with 5, 6, ad nauseum... Maybe it's a good thing for BN to have lost 5+1 states in March!
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Anonymous said...

well if the Ibans do not want SALCRA to develop the land they can always opt out and not participating in the land scheme at all. If the land is left idle it will not earn a single cents. I think you out to look at the spill over effect of the the land development schemes. I have been to some of the land schemes developed by SALCRA on the insitu basis at many of the places either at the Iban areas and also at the Bidayuh area in the far flung remote area. I have been to Batu Kaya at Lubok Antu, well the longhouse people are enjoying better quality of life as participants, the work in the plantation and earns money which are needed for them to send their children to schools and also for buying the necessary household items, for buying food and etc. Bonus are given based on the area of land that is given to SALCAR for SALCRA to develop. The bigger the acerage, the more bonus you will recieve. In addition, it is also based on the total number of income your plot have generated after taking into consideration the inputs and administrative cost put into the land.

Well, if land owners are not happy they can sell their land to me and I am willing to pay higher for their land. Remember nothing in this world comes free. Go and visit some of the Kampong/longhouses which is adjacent to the SALCRA plantations and witness for your selves how the quality of life of the rural folks have changed. I happened to be in one of the longhouses in Betong, I could see some bilek are installed with aircond and etc. If you as from where do they get money to buy all those, they say from the bonus/dividen paid to them by SALCRA. So go to the Kampong/Villages and find out.

Anonymous said...

"If you as from where do they get money to buy all those, they say from the bonus/dividen paid to them by SALCRA."

Go ahead support Taib til death do you apart. You always sneek into any anti-Taib blogs, sites to show how good you are as ball licker. You're proud of that Dayak having life changed but do have any idea where Salcra swindle all the big profits? That's the big crooks infront of you that you dearly missed.

So happy for some aircon units.

Anonymous said...

Daro State Assemblyman, Murni Suhaili advised the people here to “grab whatever job and business opportunities brought about by development in the area especially the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE)”.
He said Mukahans should consider themselves as being the fortunate ones because “the whole division is lying within that mega development project area”.
“We are very lucky to reside within this SCORE development area. Hence, I would like to urge the people here to prepare themselves to grab the business and job opportunities created by SCORE. The total participation from the locals is very important because the project is for the prosperity of the people, state and nation.”
He said he wished to see the locals play a very proactive role in the project such as landing at least semi-skilled jobs and above.
“We can’t deny that we still need foreign workers for the project, but I hope the locals would make the necessary preparation by equipping themselves with the much needed knowledge and skills to hold important jobs in the project and not just aim to work as labourers. Enterprising locals should grab better business opportunities from SCORE,” he added.
He also reminded the people to stand firmly to support the government of the day to ensure the smooth implementation of various development projects in Mukah.
Murni, representing Mukah Member of Parliament, Dato Sri Muhammad Leo Toyad, was officiating at the Mukah District Police Headquarters’ Majlis Ramah Tamah Aidilfitri 2008 held at Dewan Suarah Mesra Mukah on Tuesday night.
He also called on the people to cooperate fully with the police in helping to preserve peace and order in Mukah.
Meanwhile, Mukah District Police Chief, DSP Sapri Jemahari, who also spoke at the function, hoped the existing cordial relationship between the police and members of the public would be maintained.
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Mukah for their support and cooperation with the force. With such a relationship, we could discharge our duties smoothly especially in maintaining peace and order,” he said.
Among the highlights of the night, besides the dinner, were the cutting of Hari Raya cake, presentation of donation from Dr Toyad to the police widows, presentation of memento to retired and transferred policemen and women, presentation of Duit Raya from Dr Toyad to the policemen’s children and stage presentations.
Also present at the event were Mukah Division Resident, Haji Abdullah Jamil, event organising chairman, ASP Jamil Haji Othman, Mukah Divisional Health Officer, Dr Haji Osman Haji Rafaee, Mukah Division Agriculture Department, Assistant Director, Sanawi Ismail, Dalat/Mukah District Council (MDDM) Secretary, Gustian Haji Durani, Mukah Sarawak United Peoples Party (SUPP) Chairman, Yeo Tiong Ing, heads of departments and local community leaders.