Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Taib Survived The 1987 Elections...

and why Sarawak is today in the grip of the robber baron timber gang lords...

When the "Ming Court Affair" - a rebellion against Taib by members, both elected and non-elected, of his own coalition led by his own uncle, Tun Rahman - took place in March 1987, Taib had already been Chief Minister for 6 years.

In those 6 years, he had managed to antagonize these members by one-sidedly supporting and giving contracts and concessions to a new group of crony capitalists who were mostly Foochow Chinese, from or close to SUPP, and mainly involved in the timber and construction industries.

Ironically, it was his uncle who had started this trend, when to become Chief Minister in 1970 he had to depend on the support of SUPP and thereby thwart SNAP's attempt to come back to power in the state.

His uncle was in power for almost 12 years, but in 6 years Taib's group of cronies had almost closed the gap in terms of the timber concessions held by them as against those held by Rahman's cronies.

While Taib did benefit personally from arrangements with his group of cronies, by that time it is likely that he could not as yet match the money-power of his uncle's group of cronies. He also knew that the 1987 elections which he was forced to call because of the rebellion was going to be a very costly affair, with his uncle's group spending as much as they could to try and overthrow him, while he had to at least match their spending to defend himself and his cronies.

Partly to neutralize his opponents' money-power and also to gain access to the necessary funds for himself, he ordered the transfer of all state government funds out from Bank Utama which was then under the control of one of his uncle's cronies, Bidari, who was also PBB Treasurer.

This he was able to do with the kind assistance of his brother-in-law, Aziz Hussain, who then just happened to be the Assistant or Deputy State Financial Officer. In fact it was Aziz Hussain who inadvertently spilled the beans, unaware that he was talking to the Sarawak Headhunter at the time.

Taib then made a deal with 5 robber baron timber gang lords - if you don't know who they are, just look for the top 5 timber concession holders in Sarawak. The deal was that they would each pay him RM30 million if he won the elections. In return they would not only get to keep the concessions they already had but they would also be given many more - and Taib would also make much more, the RM30 million each just a small down-payment.

So Taib used RM150 million of state government money to fund his (and the BN's) election campaign. Money flowed like water on both sides, but it would appear that on Rahman's side much of the money did not get where it was supposed to go, so much so that after the elections, Nor Tahir's house in Satok was raided by the federal authorities who found and confiscated more than RM90 million in unaccounted for cash that had not been spent.

Yes, good folks of Sarawak, that's the illegally-earned money from your own natural resources, particularly timber, that they were using to bribe you to support them.

When the elections were over and Taib's group had won by a mere 4 seats, the RM150 million was immediately replaced and no one was any the wiser what Taib had done to survive the 1987 elections.

This is how Taib survived the 1987 elections and how at least 7 million hectares of timber concessions came to be controlled by Taib's family, henchmen and cronies (of which no less than 5 million hectares came under the dominion of the top 5 robber baron timber lords who had reimbursed Taib the state government money that he had used for the elections).

Elections in Sarawak and many other parts of Malaysia are nothing more than a mockery and subversion of democracy, until the people decide that they cannot be bribed with their own money to support and vote for their elected representatives to abuse their trust.


beetle said...

It's a common knowledge that particular CM of yours is the most corrupted amongst the past and present BN politicians.

Yet the people of Sarawak choose to back him every election and he wins handsomely without any real challenge to his throne.

Isn't it time to mobolise the NGOS,oppositions,bloggers and other sarawakians who fights against corruption and injustice to stand against this corrupt government.

Act now before they rob you and your kids of everything that belongs to you and the rakyat.

Remember election for Sarawak is just around the corner.Take away the " of BN.

Unknown said...

Can someone print this article and translate into BM to be distributed in Sarawak?

Any NGOs and so called champions of anti-corruption, human rights etc take up this cause for further probing?

Why can't this damn country demands the CM to declared his riches and assets?

It's time for action and not just "shiok sendiri" writting, blogging and reading!

Louis said...

I'm from Sibu, Sarawak and I have to agree with what u my place the rich are spending like hell with extravagant houses and imported sport cars..yet the Government does not question where they come be honest, the whole Sarawak administration is under the whim of hurts to see such corruption in my place..opposition campaigners, please come before the next GE..please please please!!

Anonymous said...

People of Sarawak, the only way to seek justice and fair play is for everyone to get all his/her family members and friends to register as voters and vote for the Pakatan Rakyat in the next General Election. Remember that we have to answer to our future generations. Start now, do not wait any longer. Time is running out!!!

Anonymous said...

i don't think it's easy to unseat bn from sarawak. look at batang ai... but nothing is impossible.

good luck PR

wong said...

You are a sarawakian too. Do you think in near 10 - 20 years BN can come down? I persoanlly don't think so. The politic-knowledge in Sarawak is all time low... Wonder why PM came here like a big news to Sarawakian? To build their political knowledge to only with BN.

Where is opposition doing? Opposition in Sarawak don't do much, not much exposure and publicity. Who know what did BN do with our money, no one, opposition don't make much noise like their did in Penisula Malaysia.

We need sound from opposition, STOP thinking the Sarawakian will change by themselves or from the Internet...

Rainbowseahorse said...

Wong wrote:

"...We need sound from opposition, STOP thinking the Sarawakian will change by themselves or from the Internet..."

Unfortunately, many West Malaysians think by simply posting "wake-up East Malaysians. Vote for the oppositions" is sufficient to change the politics of the two biggest States in this Malaysia.
Same as the opposition party who seem to think that jetting into the two States, make some fanciful speech, and then jetting off again is sufficient to win our people over.
Pure idiotic and simplistic thinking!
They seem to forget that to win the people over, they have to travel deep into the kampongs where there are no such thing as toilet paper. Be with the people and know how the people live, think, and their desire.

West Malaysians ranting on here in the internet, like a broken record, about Sabah & Sarawak more than likely don't even know our history and our people.
All that "ranting on" and self righteousness serves ONLY to turn people like me AGAINST anything West Malayan...including the PKR or PKM.

Anonymous said...

The Foochow's are the one's keeping this thief Mahmud Taib in power. Afterall, Geroge Chan allowed his daughter to marry Mahmud Taib's son for this purpose.

Don't blame anyone, blame the foochow's. These are the culprits. If you go to Sarawak, and if you are from Semenajung, the Foochow's will tell you that this is a Foochow market. If you don't believe me ask any idiotic foochow, these are the selfish pricks that keep BN in power.

Mahmud Taib just knows how to manipulate the foochow's. Go ask George Chan, he even sold his own daughter to enable him to have riches. Freakin' as%$#le!

nelson said...

to anonymous no.3, fyi, george chan is not a foochow but a cantonese. plz stop your racist remark.

wong, I couldn't agree with you more. all the rantings from west malaysians had made me hate them even more. 'western cultures' they know nothing about sarawak and sabah at all. It was like lim kit siang in the past coming to sibu and gave a speech that angered sarawakians. be mindful with your tongue of zero knowledge of the land of the hornbills.

one thing for you to figure: why is umno not in sarawak but sabah and the rest? for me, i rather choose the one less evil than the evil most UMNO. Voting for oppositions in sarawak = inviting UMNO to sarawak.

all in all: most of the parties from the west are EXTREME. (both BN and PR).

May Allah Taala Bless Us Sarawakians!

nelson said...

i wish to correct my previous comment.

I agreed with Rainbowseahorse but NOT WONG.

Sorry for the mistake.

Jong said...

DAP and PKR Sarawak should have started work in preparation of the coming state election. If things don't work out they will have no one else to blame except themselves! Holding key party posts means accepting the full load of responsibility to reach out to the people in the interior, educating them and creating a better informed society.

Anonymous said...

u think nelson is just another product of this mahmood taik politic.

that is why sarawakian esp iban & bidayuh in rural are among the poor people in malaysia. becos the are stupid and owes 'conteng dacing' during election.

Chinese conteng DAP and owes getting richer in Srawak year by year.mins

Starmandala said...

The Foochows view themselves as "pragmatists." This means they subscribe to the belief that money is the key to health, happiness and longevity. People who think everything is for sale are sick in the soul. Let's visualize their swift extinction.

Anonymous said...

They say 'Cm will die in office'. What follows is a cycle of 'Follow the Leader' where the timber cronies will too have to pay to the current CM. And how about our CM and his cronies? Well, who gives a shit if you know Taib. There's a new sheriff in town, and he's making new friends. And those Taib family and cucu in Australia and driving Ferraris, soon you see what it feels like when all those fortune are taken away!

Rainbowseahorse said...

Yes Nelson, we know so because we were born and live here on this side of the pond.

To "anonymous" who mentioned UMNO going to Sarawak, yes it's very true that as long as Sarawak is in the BN and toe the line, the evil and cancerous UMNO will not set-up shop there. A good reference point is Sabah who, after pulling out of the BN, was punished hard by the BN. Not only was UMNO set free there but over 2 millions Mykads were instantly issued to Muslim Phillipinos & Indonesians plantation workers to dilute the less than 1 million Sabahan voters. This very effectively guarantees that Sabah becomes a BN stronghold for the foreseeable future making genuine Sabahan votes irrelevant.

Sarawak will follow the same fate as Sabah if it tries to leave the BN. The "Foochau" are pragmatic and knows it's not in their or Sarawak's interest to give UMNO an excuse to set-up shop in Sarawak as UMNO will monopolize everything in no time as have happened in Sabah.

Reality stinks, but it boils down to the lesser of two evils!
So for Sarwak, it's better to be BN under their own local parties than to be BN (anywhere) under UMNO.

Anonymous said...

If you want to be CM fight for it. Once you get it, you will be hard for the first few years. Once you get the confidence of your colleagues, then you can manipulate them further to anywhere you like.
Sarawakians are still green in politics and they look only to a leader who appears to have the absolute power in everything over the State. If the Federal Government does not interfer then you will survive a long time. (Remember Ningkan? Federal Gov Interference gave Rahman a foothold in the State. After that the Uncle passed the baton to the nephew to these days!!!!)
But this nephew is so greedy and sucks everything dry. High time we have to do something to change our destiny.
Good Luck.
I believe you have the will but I'm not sure if you have the strength and the power to drive to the end?

abun sui said...

Untuk kemudahan pembaca Bahasa Melayu go to :


West Malayan said...

"So for Sarawak, it's better to be BN under their own local parties than to be BN (anywhere) under UMNO."

So, if I understood, Sarawkians, still prefer to be under the grip of the robber baron timber gang lords than to break away from this shackles?

Tell me, what have those local parties done when Taib and his cronies
- took away your NCR land and deprive you of your livelihood
- built dam and pollute your environment
- abused and threatened your people (or was it just rumours?)

while his cronies are enjoying the loots from your land, your people are contented with
- deplorable living conditions ?
- no electricity nor piped water for some districts?
- muddy roads ?
- miserable healthcare service?

Yes, I agree that jetting in and out is not sufficient to win your people over but neither will ‘Be with the people and know how the people live, think, and their desire’ helps much. LKS can only rant in the Parliament about your sorry state, and that of Sabah but you think your local parties MPs (under BN) that you voted in would so much squeak in front of their Master?

We can’t help you as long as you continue to vote BN to power through your local parties. We know that thanks to your support to those local parties under BN, the Federal Govt still lies in the hand of UMNO. So, as long as UMNO is in power, there is nothing much we, from the Peninsular can do to improve your impoverished lot - The Poor, the Downtrodden, the Dispossessed and the Oppressed !

If our ranting and self righteousness serves only to turn you away from anything West Malayan, what about that of your own people, like blogger Headhunter Al Tugauw?

“Yes, good folks of Sarawak, that’s the illegally-earned money from your own natural resources, particularly timber, that they were using to bribe you to support them”

So, instead of chastising us for our ranting, right-thinking Sarawakians should break away from this “toe the line to the whims and wishes of the cronies who serve the evil UMNO” mentality.

Change has to come from you FIRST. And like your fellowman Al Tugauw suggested "Perhaps we may support PR just for a change" and from there perhaps we can work out to form ONE nation with mutual respect. If you are not happy with PR, kick them out in the next election. After all, this Land of the Hornbills belongs to you.

Rainbowseahorse said...

Ah, finally a West Malayan (should be just Malayan as ‘West Malayan’ would mean you are form the estern side of Malaya)!

"So for Sarawak, it's better to be BN under their own local parties than to be BN (anywhere) under UMNO."

You completely and utterly misunderstood and missed the point.

Let me explain the above statement as you, like most Malayans, have no freaking idea of our history.

Long2 ago, on the dawn of forming this Malaysia, UMNO had an understanding with both Sabah & Sarawak that they (UMNO) will not spread their evil party into these two states as long as the BN remains in controls there.

In 1985, the Sabah based party PBS (Party Bersatu Sabah) lead by Pairin Kitingan pulled out of the BN to become an opposition State until 1994 (i.e. 8 long freaking years with no help whatsoever from any of you Malayans).
Your mamakthir, and with your Anwar as DPM and Finance Minister at that time, got raving mad and foaming at the mouth with us Sabahans for daring to break away from your precious BN. Hence your mamakthir, with full knowledge of the great DSAI (who even shouted that he will roboh the house of PBS), initiated “project IC” and issued over 2 million Mykads to migrant workers in Sabah. This very effectively made ALL Sabahan votes irrelevant and powerless. As added punishment and to ensure Sabah can never break away ever again, your mamakthir, and with DSAI of course, then renegade on their promise and spread their evil UMNO into Sabah where they got ready membership from those over 2 million now legalized migrant voters….Haiyah, just go and read this piece of history in WIKIPEDIA under “Sabah”.

Now, if Sarawak is to travel the same road as Sabah, UMNO will invade that last UMNO free State and more than likely Indonesian migrants will outnumbered local Sarawakians with another “project IC” to ensure that the BN, through the overwhelming majority of these legalized migrant voters will make ALL Sarawakian votes irrelevant and powerless as has happened in Sabah.

I never ceased to be amazed at how ignorant Malayans are with Sabah & Sarawak affairs, but still have so many “expert” advices for us.
Tell me, West Malayan, out of the 11 States (each the size of our towns in Sabah & Sarwak)in Malaya, exactly how many are or have been Opposition held States?
Prior to your precious 308, how many Opposition held States were there in Malaya? The answer is a mere ONE (1) out of ELEVEN (11) States. When are the rest of the other SEVEN(7) States ever going to have the BALLS to kick out the BN?? You and many Malayans here are right there at home in Malaya. With your smart attitude, know-it-all superiority complex, please go tell tour fellow Malayans to have the balls to vote out the BN. Then, after you have accomplished that, please do come over here and show us simple minded Sabahans & Sarawakians how to kick the BN in their balls.

Sabahan said...


I think you're only speaking for yourself, or maybe for your own state. Reading your arguments is like listening to my former Sarawakian lecturer in Unimas telling me that she never even bothered to register as a voter.

Being a pessimist won't help in changing the country, but of course I can only infer from your statements that you're comfortable under your local party and you fear the scenarios that you 'imagine' might happen if Sarawakians stray from BN, like what happened to us Sabahans.

True some West Malaysians are a bunch of ignorant know it all.

But don't assume so much that all East Malaysians, especially the Sabahans do not want change and are not listening. Since BN UMNO was the one that gave us the influx of PT's with IC, then the real Sabahans would vote them out because we have had enough!

If you say not possible to kick UMNO out of Sabah what with all them IC-ed PTI, then that's you being a pessimist. I rather be hopeful and think of ways to help the opposition here win.

And yes, for you West Malaysian to change our minds, you have to talk to us with humility, learn our culture, speak nicely etc

Because, as far as I know Sabahans are 'generally' jovial folks who are not easily riled up by external influences (internal lain ceritalah). That's why (correct me if I'm wrong)no Muslims here bothered to vandalize our churches during the spate of church attacks recently, and car honking here is not a habit.

Oh by the way to WONG who said

"Where is opposition doing? Opposition in Sarawak don't do much, not much exposure and publicity. Who know what did BN do with our money, no one, opposition don't make much noise like their did in Penisula Malaysia."

I had a stint in a newspaper publishing company once. The government controls what it can and cannot publish you know. One call, and it's done. Heck the company even has an editor from your state working there because as a chief editor, he was axed or maybe he quit (can't recall) when he didn't pander Taib by putting your CM's story on the >>front page.

So you see... don't blame the oppostion if they're not making any noise in Sabah n Sarawak. 'IF' you want change in government don't wait for the West Malaysians to come here and do it for you, you have to help out.

That's 'if' lah. (Pardon my bad English)

Rainbowseahorse said...


Do you actually understand what I wrote? I AM A SABAHAN and very proud to be one too!

I and a handful of real Sabahans have been voicing out our concerns and pessimism over at Malaysia Today’s site. We would like to support the PKR and would like to BELIEVE that they can be a better alternative government, but there are so many unanswered questions.

I am not going to go into a history lesson on our Sabah…you go and read that up as you seem to be quite bluurr over the issues at hand with us Sabahan in general.

I have posted the following over at MT:

“….the most important and obvious equation at hand in Sarawak. And that is, the real threat of UMNO setting up shop in Sarawak since this is the last bastion of UMNO freed State.

Taib is understandably deeply worried that without his iron grip on power, Sarawak might fall into the opposition hands which is EXACTLY the excuse for UMNO to bring in and spread their deadly disease. For instant UMNO membership, there is an over supply from nearby Indonesia Kalimantan and a “project MyKad” will be initiated, as has been done in Sabah, and “voila” the “Malays” are the majority race in Sarawak and so gets to be CM. Then, where would that leave poor old Taib and his family?

Tun Mustapha of Sabah found that out the hard way when he helped bring in UMNO into Sabah, and ended his days trying to undo the grave mistake, but UMNO disease is just too powerful to be destroyed and there is totally no cure.

….And not forgetting the extremely rich and powerful Foo Chows (who practically controls or have vast interest in every aspect of commerce in Sarawak) will do everything possible to make sure the opposition will never win in Sarawak as they would rather die than have UMNO setting up shop in Sarawak.

Now throw that into the equation as well and see what scenario will play out.”

Perhaps I should add that, very possibly, UMNO might even be toying with the idea of “letting” the opposition win in Sarawak just so that they have the necessary excuse to break their promise not to spread UMNO into Sarawak.

Than they simply “buy” back the State (how many politicians can refuse big money anywhere?) and let loose UMNO into Sarawak, completing the infestation of their deadly disease in ALL of this Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

No need to blame Taib anymore.He is quite sick now and is soon to follow his wife in another dimension.

Sabahan said...


Forgive me for my mistake. You sound so well informed over the situation in Sarawak that I thought you were actually a Sarawakian. So much for asking for humility from West Malaysian huh. Boy do I feel stupid.

I admit I still need to do a lot of reading on our SABAHAN HISTORY and ISSUES as I am only 25 years old. Apparently reading our history from the local news, books and listening to the old folks talking bout politics are not enough to make me as cynical as you are.

However, my mistake in realizing where you come from does not negate my point. That you are being a pessimist and I wonder if that would help in influencing people particularly orang sini, to change their minds.

Regardless, thank you for being vehement in enlightening Malaysians on the situation here in East states, and the difficult and challenges that lie in East Malaysian politics. Hopefully, the opposition can use your information (gloomy scenarios they may be) to strategize efforts in seizing East Malaysia; If that is your point in enlightening us anyway, cynically menegur West Malaysian ignorants, and expounding on the bleak situations of the two states.

Incidentally, by not addresing to your Sarawak predicaments/predictions in this comment, does not mean I do not understand them.

As I am like you so-said, blurr about our history, based on your inference from my previous comment, I should do a bit of reading before I trust your presumptions on Taib's paranoia, and what the Foo Chow communities prospective action. I always take emotional comments replete with hyperboles with a pinch of salt.

You said "how many politicians can refuse big money anywhere?" My, that is a hyperbole. What about our Malayan PKR leaders who refused big money? What about RPK?

By saying, "but there are so many unanswered questions." I hope what you meant was "There are so many issues/challenges that need to be overcome here" instead of "so many problems, nothing can be done laa..."

And that's just about it, sorry if I sound too sarcastic.

Rainbowseahorse said...

Sabahan, I forgot another important aspect of Taib’s "dilemma".

Back in 1986, word on the ground was that Sarawak was to leave together with Sabah under the initiation of Ku Li to form the new government.
However on that fateful year 1986, when Sabah pulled out of the BN as pre-agreed with Ku Li, Sarawak did not follow suit, and Ku Li did not form the new government as he had…well…promised as he lost to mamakthir.

So we Sabah was left standing all alone on the “alter”. Taib was a "front row seat" witness as to what followed suit as the Federal government went all out to punish Sabah for pulling out of the BN. However, in the following GE when Sabah PBS stood fast and won the GE and still remained in the opposition, mamakthir had had enough of us renegades and initiated “Project IC” to dilute Sabahans’ votes by issuing over two millions migrant workers with blue IC (not yet MyKad) who were working in Sabah at that time.

So now at his old age, Taib is understandably worried that the opposition might be just strong enough to win enough seats in Sarawak to form the next State government, and thus giving UMNO the excuse to break their promise and spread the evils of UMNO into Sarawak and effectively ending the last bastion of UMNO freed State in this Malaysia.

As I have mentioned before, I would not put it passed UMNO in contemplating letting the Opposition to win in Sarawak and than buy back the State government in a matter of months, as happened in Perak. This is especially so if the PKR still continue to practice “employing” recycled opportunistic politicians whose sole interest is to become rich or richer still.

This is just one of the many factors and scenarios that the PKR must consider and to planned up a contingency plan for that eventuality.

Rainbowseahorse said...

No need for apologies yah as…hehehe…I once was 25 too and felt totally “know-it-all” and indestructible.

I do wish more of our young Sabahan would take a bigger interest in our politics as that’s the way forward for our Sabah. But please, do read up and be better informed on our Sabah’s rich political history.
I just got back from “informing” 2 of my young (mid twenties too) West Malaysian Engineers on the political history of Sabah and, as expected, both do not know that Sabah was the second opposition held State (after Kelantan) for 8 long years.

Regarding Sarawak, I have been going there quite frequently on business and I do know the sentiment and fear of the rich Foo Chows regarding UMNO setting up shop in Sarawak. With UMNO in Sarawak, the Foo Chows will be the biggest loser as they have everything to loss as UMNO will cut into and grab their lucrative business controls which they have and are enjoying under Taib.

I am not a pessimist as you and others had claimed, but a realistic…and there is a difference between the two. A pessimist is negative about everything, while a realistic is one who looks at things in an objective and realistic manner. Sure, I can go with the flow and say “yah, yah, yah”, go for it PKR, you can win Sabah & Sarawak. But reality on the ground does not suggest such a situation as there are many2 realities to consider and equations which are not so apparent to most people.

I can go on a long and winding story on why it’s very difficult for the PKR to win in Sabah & Sarawak, but that takes time and I am not such a detailed writer. Moreover, I think our RPK (over at MT)has already been doing a very good job on that in various postings.

All the best and do keep up with the political situation in Sabah as you younger generations will be the ones who can and will restore People’s Power back in Sabah. Do remember me when the day comes when your generation stand together once more as one (like we did in the 70’s and 80’s) and the Federal government have absolutely no power of control whatsoever to stopped Sabahans from changing out the government of the day.

God bless and be with you all always, my fellow Sabahans!

West Malaysian said...

To Rainbowseahorse

First of all, I was disappointed to read that we, from West Malaysia, are still being referred to as ‘Malayan’ (instead of West Malaysians) from your Land. ‘Malaya’ was during our forefather’s period. I thought we have moved on together after Sabah and Sarawak joined the Federation in 1963. Thus, on purpose, I refer to myself ‘West Malayan’ here, to indicate that I come from the West part of our country cos’ in my HEART there is only one country where you and I come from.

Yes, many of us are freaking aware of Anwar Ibrahim’s (as DPM at that time) knowledge of the scandalous project Mykad in Sabah and it’s sad that they have become minority in their own land. And this Mykad scandal is just as rampant as in West Malaysia. You know, and I know the story – no need to go into detail.

Backstabbing is part of the game in politics …both in West and East Malaysia…and it’s happening right now as I write. It’s as old as ancient history. Many of us have asked whether we can trust Anwar Ibrahim? After all, he was an ex-UMNO. But as up to now, he is the only one that is able to hold the three opposition parties together and a united PR is our chance to kick out the evil BN govt. Even now if all those defections from PKR, as far as the DAP is concerned, Anwar continues as Parliamentary Opposition Leader even if PKR MPs number less than DAP’s 28 MPs. And PAS has pledged its continuous support to Anwar too. And to think that all those money used by UMNO to buy those ‘froggies’ are our hard-earned taxed money!!!

As to your question

“Tell me, West Malayan, out of the 11 States (each the size of our towns in Sabah & Sarwak)in Malaya, exactly how many are or have been Opposition held States? (prior to 308)”

- Just ask yourself that very same question as to why Taib and its cronies are still holding power to Sarawak since 1981 and the answer is there – THE FEAR FACTOR.

For many years, the evil UMNO played out the fear factor in us, West Malaysians too, and never fail to remind us of May 13th 1969 racial riots. So, prior to 308, many West Malaysians felt that it’s better to be BN under their component parties (UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc ) than to risk another May 13th riots. But that was the old thinking. On 308, 51% voters in Peninsular Malaysia overcame their FEAR factor and voted for CHANGE.

As to your comment

“With your smart attitude, know-it-all superiority complex, please go tell tour fellow Malayans to have the balls to vote out the BN.”

This we did, at least to the BN in Peninsular Malaysia as it was shown that BN failed to obtain a majority of popular votes cast from West Malaysians.

Does that answer your question how to kick the BN in their balls?


- Unfortunately, it was not enough to kick out BN from the Federal Govt.

Don’t take my words for the above, check yourself from:

MCA and MIC has lost the majority support from their grassroots. These voters realised that their raced-based party are there NOT to serve them and are unwilling and unable to stand up to UMNO. RPK has rightly said that they are prostitutes and beggars, serving its MASTER’S whims and fancies. Are your own local parties (under BN) any different from these prostitutes and beggars in MCA/MIC?

Part 1/2

West Malaysian said...

So, you and your handful of real Sabahans, will not vote for CHANGE unless PKR can answered your concerns and pessimism as to whether they can be a better alternative government?

You have written (in another blog):
“Talk is easy and cheap, we want to see real solid actions from the PKR for a change. And how exactly are the PKR going to counter the over 2 million legalized migrant voters in Sabah? Are they up to the monumental task that lies ahead?

How do you expect PKR to show real solid actions (to handle the woes of Sabah ) if they were not given a chance to govern? It’s like a Catch-22 situation! There’s nothing much they can do if they are not the state govt. From what I read, many Penangites are happy with the progress by the present state govt. NO RISK NO GAIN.

In another of your comment (again in another blog)
“My heart really weeps for them (the Dusun people) as they deserve so much more than what the government have been doing for them.”

You have to make up your mind WHAT is best for your PEOPLE!!! And what you can do for your PEOPLE to improve their living condition. If you are unhappy with the recycled garbage candidates offered by PKR, then surely there are suitable candidates amongst your people who have the community interest at heart and who will not sell his soul to the evil BN, even if his party is under BN!!!

My dear friend, (though I would have like to use the word ‘brother/sister’ but sensing your animosity towards Malayans), it bleeds my heart too, to read through Headhunter, Broken Shield and Dayak Nation blogs, the plights of these natives and to see their houses being bulldozed etc And to think that Bruno Manser ‘vanished into the thin air of the forest’ while trying to ‘Be with the people (Penan) and know how the people live, think, and their desire’.

I used to feel proud when I see that TV ads in CNN ‘Malaysia, Truly Asia’ – to see the grace, charm, hospitality from these natives and to know that they are part of the multi-cultural, multi-racial composition of our society but now I hang my head in shame to think that they have become a destitute lot in their own LAND.

You know, a very long-time friend of mine working in AI asked me THIS question “Why does your people keep voting in the BN after so many years of abuses and corruption” – Fear of change and race factor, my friend, I replied.

He told me that they can only do so much as highlight these natives’ miseries to the world, write to your government, jetting in and out to monitor these poor natives living conditions but the CHANGE has to come from the people itself.

Even Tengku Razaleigh is despaired at the direction the country is heading under evil UMNO with the cohorts of its component parties, or own local parties under BN.

“This is beyond politics. We need a movement to save this country”
“I often stay up late wondering how we lost the country to a troupe of clowns”
“This country belongs to you! Get informed! Organise! Publicise! Act!”

Surely the above remarks from an UMNO veteran is enough to convince you that we
have to do something to save this country from further ruins???.


I did not claim that I have that ‘know-it-all superiority complex’. When there is a need, I just checked my source/ facts through the internet first before I penned my thoughts. My weakness lies in not being tactful with my words.

So, I’m sorry if my remarks have offended you and your brothers/sisters. It was not my intention. I don’t know whether I was still wearing diapers when you were travelling around Europe/USA, and if the day comes when I have to pass, I will not regret if our country is still in a sorry state.. At least I know that I’ve overcome my fear and have done my part to wake up my people in the Peninsular. No more ‘IF’s’ …….. After all, Malaysia under Pakatan Raykat couldn’t be worse than it is now under BN.

Anyway, this is the 'first time' I have written to this blog…and with this, I will also take leave from here. Part 2/2

Rainbowseahorse said...

My dear West Malaysian,

I rushed through your replies and….well… you are one of the very few West Malaysians actually who understand us Sabahans & Sarawakians and…yes…respect us for our struggles since joining this Malaysia.

I will give a suiting reply to your very well written post(s) as I need to digest and to ponder on your well chosen words and manner of writing. To tell the truth, I am pleasantly surprise that I didn’t get the usual barrage of attacks on my postings as has so often happened here and in other forums.
For that, I thank you.

As’salamualaikum my fellow Malaysian!

Rainbowseahorse said...

West Malaysian,

I re-read your postings and though you have many valid, logical, and obvious arguments, especially on bringing the BN down “through the ballot box”, let me surmise the real situation in Sabah.

UMNO Sabah has delineated just about all the constituencies in Sabah and distributed their legalized migrant voters to all of them. Effectively, for every 1 vote cast by a genuine Sabahan, 2 votes are cast by legalized migrant voters for the BN. It doesn’t take much to figure out we got us an impossible to win situation.
Sounds very hard to believe; doesn’t it? But that’s exactly how effectively mamakthir orchestrated “project IC” to make damn sure Sabah will NEVER EVER break away from the BN for the foreseeable future.

As for the unexpected win by the opposition in West Malaysia, I think RPK has basically rationalized (over at Malaysia Today) what had probably happened there.
I was in Ipoh just before that GE and, at ground level, people were generally talking about reducing the BN winning majority to show the BN that they are not happy with the BN candidate and their dissatisfaction with the BN performances. Not once did I hear that the people were going to vote for the opposition to put them into the government.
My opinion is that just a little too many people felt that way (i.e. to reduce the majority of BN winning votes) resulting in the unexpected win of the opposition candidate. And I am quite sure that the voters themselves were equally shocked as the opposition candidate that the BN lost in these constituencies. That explains why so many unknown & un-experienced opposition candidates won in the last GE in areas which the opposition never expected to win in the first place and so fielded any Tom, Dick, and Harry who have no party loyalty in the first place. So, now, how can the opposition control these Tom, Dick, and Harry MPs?

As for the rest of your postings regarding Sabah & Sarawak, I don’t have much to add except to say that I do wish West Malaysians would know us better before posting mindlessly and in such insulting manner as though we (especially Sabahans) have never ever dared to change out bad government. We have more than done our fair share in kicking the BN, but we did that way before other Malaysians, especially West Malaysians with the exception of Kelantan, though of doing that. We just got a little too far ahead of ourselves and landed up being totally and utterly crushed by the seer might and power of the BN.

As’salamualaikum my fellow Malaysian!

Web Master said...

To those who may wait for answer from Idris Jala, what is the outcome of NCR Lab in Kuching Sarawak around 12.2.2010. I had sent email to Idris but NO ANSWER until now. May be we will wait until end of BN ERA?

Don't have idea what happen to our Bro. Idris. What Najib had told him we really don't know.

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic article you have have written. You ramble on and on about Taib being corrupt, having cronies, making money off the land and the rakyat. Let me ask you (and anyone else reading this): if you were in Taib's position, would you do the same thing with the power that you had? If you say "No" then you're either of unsound mind or a big fat liar. At least when Taib puts money in his pocket the rakyat are also reaping the benefits of development. Only ungrateful people with their own personal, selfish agenda would feel otherwise.

Do you really think if the opposition takes over Sarawak that the state will be better off? Think again! They would be ready to sell parts of Sarawak to Brunei or even Indonesia for a quick buck. You think the opposition isn't corrupt or does not practice cronyism? THINK AGAIN! If they were in power you can say goodbye to the rights, land, trees and money of the Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau and all the other Bumiputras of Sarawak.

True, BN may not be perfect. True, Taib may not be perfect. But it's the better alternative to the opposition. Don't destroy our children's future by handing over power to the PR that has i) a religious extremist party, ii) a socialist/racial extremist party and iii) a party led by a sodomite.