Friday, May 15, 2009

BN Sarawak: We May Be Morons But We Are The Boss!

BN members walk out on Chong from The Borneo Post

Comments by Sarawak Headhunter in red

Left with insufficient quorum, Kota Sentosa rep forced to end reading of motion

KUCHING: Chong Chieng Jen (DAP-Kota Sentosa) could not finish tabling his land motion yesterday after Barisan Nasional (BN) members walked out of the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) chamber.

These BN (Sarawak) idiots must be really trying to prove to all Sarawakians that they are really morons. This is surely a first for any State Assembly in Malaysia and probably even the world for that matter - a comfortable majority government walking out on its own assembly.

After the brutish and idiotic shennanigans in the Perak State Assembly, such stupidity from the BN should perhaps be expected from these bully boys.

Something must have seriously discomfited them. What was it? Ah, yes - LAND!

Being the serial land-grabbers and grave-robbers that they are, no wonder!

The afternoon session was adjourned because there was not enough quorum.

There were only a few members left when Chong was trying to table the motion. The walkout started as soon as Chong began reading his notice of motion.

Chong should do this everytime that the State Assembly is in session. Will the BN keep walking out?

The motion was presented to introduce a bill under Standing Order 45, promising better protection of the rights of landowners.

The BN can't have this now, can it? If the law gives better protection to the rights of landowners, how to grab their land while they are sleeping?

While Chong was tabling the motion, Abdul Karim Hamzah (BN-Asajaya) sought point of order: “We do not have enough quorum in this dewan.”

Speaker Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar thus ordered his secretary to count the members who were present in the chamber.

He then ruled under Standing Order 10(3), saying: “Since there is no quorum, sitting is adjourned until 9.30 tomorrow morning (today).”

Chong was apparently not convinced and started protesting, “Mr Speaker, there is no ring of bell.”

Asfia: “Because everybody is leaving. The sitting is adjourned to tomorrow morning (today).”

Met by reporters outside the chamber, Chong said: “I am disgusted with what BN members have plotted.”

All Sarawakians must be disgusted with such behaviour by the BN.

Minister for Land Development Dato Sri Dr James Masing said that the opposition must learn their lesson.

And what lesson is that, you idiot - that the BN can behave as irresponsibly as it likes just because it has a majority? Don't we all know that already?

“By now, they should know they don’t have the majority and the sooner they learn the lesson, the better it is for them.”

Why don't you just keep walking out every time the opposition opens its mouth? That will really teach them a lesson!

Believed to be the first walkout by the BN, Masing said the opposition had done it several times in the august house.

Believed to be the first walkout by a majority government any where in the world, the BN has shown the world just how stupid it is.

“We have had enough of the opposition’s antics and we want to teach them a lesson.

Ya, right! And the lesson is, don't bring up what the BN doesn't want to hear in the State Assembly or it will walk out. Oops! But the BN is in the majority, so why should they want to walk out? And how will that teach the opposition a lesson?

“They did it to us when the chief minister delivered his winding up speech. The opposition members were not in the chamber.

Who wants to hear a winding-up speech by Taib when everyone is only looking forward to his resignation or conceding defeat speech?

“We are sending a strong message to them. ‘We are the boss’. They must know that they are just small fish, trying to score political points.

Strong message indeed, walking out of the State Assembly! Usually that option is reserved for the small fish who get bullied by the boss.

“They have been tabling the same motion over and over again and what they propose is actually what we are doing for the rakyat. They are trying to gain political mileage and we are not interested in that. It has nothing to do with whether the motion is benefiting the rakyat or not,” Masing added.

Of course the BN can't have anything to do with any motion benefiting the rakyat! That would go against the grand scheme of things set out by their great leader Taib to keep the people enslaved and subservient to them so that they can do as they please with the state and its resources, especially the land!

At a separate press conference, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan said the government was “finding ways to adjust the Land Code” so that landowners could renew their land titles once they expired.

Seriously, how long would or should that take the government?

He felt that there was no need for the opposition to spend time tabling a similar motion, saying that the move was just to gain political mileage.

“Some land titles in Bako under Section 47 have been released and this is what we are doing. Do not just talk about it all the time but look into the needs of the people.

No political mileage here of course.

“And now he (Chong) wants to start another bill talking about the same thing.

“Don’t you think it is a waste of time? We don’t want any party to get political mileage by just talking. It is time we do some action,” he added.

Indeed, high time. But is it negative or positive action?

Citing an example, Dr Chan said the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Youth team had gone to Bako to help landowners there renew their land titles.

“We don’t want to spend time talking and talking. Do something and see how we can help the people on the ground. That is why we feel that there is no need for us to debate (on the motion) anymore,” the SUPP president added.

"There is no need for us to debate on anything, we can just do as we like. We talk only to distract the people from what we are really doing, and that is robbing the state and the people of its/their land and resources for the benefit of our boss and ourselves".

Time for the rakyat to teach the BN who's the real boss!

Sarawakians for Sarawak!


Eric said...

Sarawak Headhunter,

what can we add? You said it all. BN Sarawak's thinking is so twisted they think they are the boss. When they are mere servants of the Rakyat.
Hopefully, Sarawakians will remind them of this through next year's ballot.

Yap said...

Something wrong with Sarawakian? They voted in those idiots and now complaining. Make sure you guy vote them out in the next GE.

See how matured the PR states ADUN are.

xyz said...

It's people like you that cause the opposition to unable to penetrate Borneo.

You blame us blindly without knowing anything on why most of us voted BN. Why not blame other state that did voted for BN?

Oh, I forgot, they were your kind.

Anonymous said...

The walkout of the Sarawak state assembly by the BN state assemblypersons is just plain childish. There is no other word to describe it. What does Georgie Podgie mean by saying, "we want to show who is boss?" This is even more ridiculous than the walkout itself. The Opposition will go to town with the walkout and G's moronic remarks.

The Opposition has the right to introduce motions in the state assemblies and Parliament. Whether they get carried or otherwise is besides the point.

The BN Sarawak Government cannot continue to steal NCR land on behalf of its friends. The recent Federal Court ruling on the matter refers.

Ben Obama said...

Never mind just let them do whatever they like, but come next election use this issue as the election campaign. I always told friends to express our anger thru the vote for the opposition. just put a cross on the opposition then no need to be angry anymore. If all of us especially those who are not yet register yet.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I really don't understand about Sarawakians. How come PRS can win big in Batang Ai

Anonymous said...

Would be please to know why you voted BN. Can you give me your reasons?


wake up from the dream...change your mind...and change your vote in the next GE...

Anonymous said...

First we must realise that Taib is making use of BN for his own good.
In Sarawak, BN=Taib. You vote BN you vote Taib!
Plain and simple.
UMNO does not care as long as they are taken care of and they get the number of seats to help them to maintain power in the west.
All YBs are beholden to him as he got all their balls by enriching them with corruption. Ever YB gets something but he gets the bulk and keep getting them!
To rid of Taib you all should rid of BN.
So next election, vote anybody other than BN!

MIX ZON said...

i would like to move a motion that sometime in late August 2004 enforcement staff of Land office from throughout Sarawak gathered at Penrissen Inn and Merlin Inn to dismantel those houses at the present site of the new DUN complex, who have refused to move out for lack of compensation, to enable the contractor ie. Naim Sdn Bhd take over the site. Naim was the one who foot the bill at both the Inn. my foot the dewan of BN morons. over to u YB Chong.

Anonymous said...

Why is Masing the land thief behaving more and more like a uncouth gang leader? Is he trying to impress Taib that he's better than Jabu? As far as most of us are concerned, both of them are the cause of Dayaks losing their land and respect.

Anonymous said...

Until the day the lakia from all communities wake up everything will be the same BN will still rules. There more lakia from the other communities than the ibans.

adbdin said...

Keangkuhan BN di Sarawak semakin tidak disenangi dari hari - hari kebangkitan suasana politik di seluruh Malaysia. Setiap usul dari pembangkang nampaknya dianggap sebagai satu masalah yang akan merosakkan kerakusan kepimpinan mereka.

Walaupun apa yang kita mahu adalah satu proses di mana setiap wakil rakyat diamanahkan oleh rakyat untuk menyatakan apa yang dikehendaki dan erlukan pembaharuan dalam proses demokrasi untuk kepentingan seluruh rakyat Sarawak.

Dengan keluar dewan tanpa mempedulikan hak rakyat adalah mencelar secara amnya slogan PM "1Malaysia dan Rakyat didahulukan. Dengan berbuat demikian, semua wakil ADUN BN telah membazirkan masa dan wang rakyat.

Mereka seharusnya memberi peluang kepada mana-mana ADUN untuk bersuara.Jika tak setuju pun, mereka boleh tolak pada persidangan tersebut. Agak memalukan, sikap ini menunjukkan mereka juga tidak akan mendengar suara dan rintihan rakyat sarawak setelah mendapat mandat.

Jika ini diteruskan, tidak mustahil tsunami politik di Sarawak akan menerima padah yang sama seperti negeri-negeri lain di Malaysia yang telah di perintah oleh pembangkang.

Perlakuan ADUN BN telah secara rasminya merompak hak rakyat untuk bersuara. Jangan cabar suara rakyat yang inginkan satu kerajaan yang harmoni serta peka dengan peredaran zaman. Kesabaran setiap rakyat Sarawak ada hadnya, kita akan tentukan dalam pilihanraya yang kan datang ini.

Kita takkan pilih mereka yang gagal dalam menjalankan tugas seperti yang rakyat telah tentukan. Semoga semua rakyat Sarawak bangkit dari tidur lena mereka selama ini. Kita cuma mahu, apa yang baik dan hak kita dibela dengan cara yang terhormat.

MataMata said...

Just too same the voters in Sarawak are equally moron and dirt cheap to vote in BN politicians. They deserve craps for their crap thinking.