Friday, May 8, 2009

BN Goes Berserk In Perak

The people-friendly UMNO/BN has once again shown its true colours in Perak. Instead of going back to the people for a fresh mandate, in true piratical tradition they have staged what must rank as one of the most shameful power-grabs in the country since independence.

But then again, when has UMNO/BN ever been ashamed of anything that they have done, no matter how wrong?

One wonders why they were so desperate to stage such a shameful and ugly spectacle in front of the whole world, even to the extent of using plainclothes Special Branch police and possibly even army personnel to forcibly remove the Speaker from his chair.

Black is now officially a banned colour in Perak and will soon be removed from the Perak state flag and other official insignias. Not too long ago, even the colours yellow and orange were banned, now black. Malaysia must be the only nation on earth to have colour police. Totally ridiculous and absurd.

Do they seriously think that by doing what they did in Perak this will endear the people to them? Or perhaps they still believe that they can continue to intimidate and oppress the very citizens from whom they derive their claim to legitimacy? Perhaps the citizens don't matter anymore that they can so blatantly abuse all notions of decency?

Doesn't Najib realize that he is making a mockery of his own words? His regime is going to be the laughing stock of the whole world no matter what spin the UMNO/BN-controlled media are going to put on it.

So much for Najib's "1Malaysia". Obviously "1Black Malaysia" is more apt.

Why is UMNO/BN so intent on committing political suicide? Is it so impossible for them to keep the police and the civil service focussed on the real priorities instead of being so irresponsibly involved in matters which they should remain neutral about?

But partisanship is what they are all about, so much so that even the Election Commission, the Anti-Corruption Commission and various other supposed independent bodies have become nothing more than illegitimate adjuncts of discredited governance. They have abused public trust to such a great extent that their very legitimacy is now in question.

The civil service has gone to great lengths to show us all how uncivil and brutish they are. Who pays their salaries if not the taxpayers? They are now no longer the people's "servants" but their masters. They deal with the people's representatives as they please and are so openly hostile to a legitimate state government that they conspire publicly with so many parties, including royalty, the judiciary and the police to bring that government down illegally and violently. This is a coup d'etat under any other name.

At the rate Najib is going, his regime has lost all credibility and right to govern this country even faster than Pak Blah did. At least Pak Blah was merely sleeping on the job. Najib is a sleep walkabout nightmare in broad daylight. Who believes anything he says anymore, least of all himself?

Sarawakians, how did we ever let these Malayans and their partners in crime, Taib and his evil regime, control our resources and our destinies? Just like Sabah, Sarawak is nothing more than a fixed deposit to them, which that idiot Abang Jo, eunuch traitor to the people of Sarawak, has confirmed, our resources theirs to raid anytime they feel like it.

Expect the UMNO/BN gang-rape of the country and all its institutions and democratic principles to continue until GE13. Sarawakians may get an earlier crack at escape come 2010 or 2011.

Time to break free!

Sarawakians for Sarawak!


Anonymous said...

Barisan Nasional Perak Menteri Besar Mohd Zambry Abdul Kadir has conceded that it was BN speaker R Ganesan who ordered for the police to forcefully remove Pakatan Rakyat speaker V Sivakumar from the state assembly hall.

macc official launch 240209 zambry 2"The (BN) speaker was forced to call the police and state government personnel inside the hall," he said, blaming Pakatan state reps for disrupting the proceedings.

"They rudely attacked BN and independent representatives as well as created a chaotic and uncontrolled situation," he said.

Earlier today, Sivakumar had ordered Zambry, his six executive council (exco) members and three independents to leave the house, but the 10 refused.

Subsequently, Sivakumar said that he would not start the proceedings until they did.

Zambry and his six excos were suspended from the assembly by the Special Privileges Committee for contempt in February, while the seats of the three independents were declared vacant after Sivakumar received their resignation letters earlier this year.

Following this, chaos ensued when Jelapang assemblyperson Hee Yit Foong, who is deputy speaker, took over the proceedings and 'convened' a sitting at the BN's corner of the assembly hall.

During this 'sitting within a sitting', BN state reps 'passed' four motions, including the removal of Sivakumar and the installation of Ganesan as the new speaker.

Ganesan had 'no choice'

sivakumar being dragged abused manhandled by security unknown individual out perak state assembly chaos 070509 02Elaborating on Sivakumar's forceful removal by the police this afternoon, Zambry said Ganesan repeatedly ordered Sivakumar to vacate his seat, but the latter refused.

"Ganesan then ordered the sargeant-at-arms to escort Sivakumar back to the floor (but) the sargeant-at-arms was roughed up by several opposition representatives and there was a scuffle.

"Ganesan had no choice but to order the police to assist the sargeant-at-arms," he said, adding that under Standing Order 90, the speaker can issue orders not specified in the Standing Orders.

Zambry also stressed that Pakatan reps should understand that the majority rules the state assembly.

"We cannot allow the tyranny of the minority. The minority cannot rule," he said.

Zambry also expressed regret that the opposition acted rudely and impolitely and failed to respect the royal institution by making the Perak Regent wait for six hours.

"They acted using laws of the jungle and did not respect the rules," he said.

'The majority rules'

Earlier, Ganesan told reporters that he does not see any problems with regards to executing his duties in future.

ganesan perak state assembly speaker 070509 02"There is a maxim in democracy - majority rules. BN has 31 (seats), Pakatan has 28. The majority elected the speaker," he said.

Asked on how he plans to keep the House in order, he replied: "I won't be a dictator. I will do my duty as per standing orders."

On the manner he was elected, Ganesan (centre in photo) said the issue of an 'illegal speaker' does not arise because BN has the majority.

"Sivakumar was removed as per standing order," he added.

Yap said...

A job well done by umno who has planned well to bring its own downfall. The more of these nonsense the better for Pakatan in the next GE.

Its only 31/2 years more..a very short time.

Anonymous said...

308 - rakyat voted against bn.

today - rakyat are pissed.

ge13 - rakyat will vote for pakatan!

simple as that.

bn has never known shame. this is not the first time in history. the other that proved a total comedy was in 1985 in sabah when pbs won. haris went to the palace and got himself sworn in as chief minister. the ydp was under duress to swear him in. the comedy part - haris justified it as THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM!!!

when bush went bombing afghanistan and iraq, the world's perception of america took a plunge and until today the negative perception has not recover.

might is never right. the world saw it being manifested by bush. now we see it in malaysia - bn running amok in dun perak, using whatever force and might at its disposal to wrest power.

i doubt if bn can ever recover from this episode. for the record,
1977 - kelantan. 1985 - sabah. 2009 - perak.

the saying goes - fool me once shame on you. fool me twice shame on me....

duhhh there isn't anything to describe fool me thrice!!!

Kalong Senandong said...

"At least Pak Blah was merely sleeping on the job. Najib is a sleep walkabout nightmare in broad daylight. Who believes anything he says anymore, least of all himself?" I love this quote! Nails it on the spot.

You spoke about Sarawak in the last paragraph. How are you sure what happened in Perak won't happen in Sarawak? After all, the BN (or its earlier version) did something quite similar in the removal of Stephen Kalong Ningkan a few decades ago. That set the stage for the eventual rise of Taib Mahmud many years later. And let us not forget that the Perak debacle actually had its origin in the unconstitutional dismissal of Kalong too: legally and politically. Yes, that's how important Sarawak is in the history of Malaysia, albeit negatively! So what started in Sarawak, when Malaysia was in its infancy, may yet come back to haunt the state.

But there is a ray of hope. Taib is not in the pink of health and the gates of hell are slowly but surely swinging open to welcome him. The beauty about paranoid leaders like Taib is that they do not properly groom their successors. Even his son is hardly a "successor" in the serious sense of the word: more a surrogate figure to represent him when he is not around (such as during one of his cancer-treatment sessions in Singapore). So there might be a chance after his demise.

chapchai said...

3 cheers for BN, you have played into the hands of the Opposition. Hello, Najib, you are behaving like a bull in a china shop. What are we waiting for? They are giving us the ammunition to shoot them down. Let's use it.

PS: Welcome back to cyberspace, SH. I thought you had been nabbed!

Anonymous said...

Since BN have their states and PR have theirs too, and since Perak problem is difficult to solve regardless of time and effort spent, why dont BN and PR sit down and have a PERAK JOINT GOVERNMENT??? Doesn't this will better benefit the people than keep on fighting and neglecting what the people need?

(From a simple and stupid mind, please forgive)

Kalong Senandong said...

In my earlier post, I wrote: "let us not forget that the Perak debacle actually had its origin in the unconstitutional dismissal of [Stephen Kalong Ningkan as Chief Minister of Sarawak]...: legally and politically. Yes, that's how important Sarawak is in the history of Malaysia, albeit negatively! So what started in Sarawak, when Malaysia was in its infancy, may yet come back to haunt the state."

In my last sentence, "the state" was supposed to refer to Sarawak. To my pleasant surprise, the court decision meant that "the state" could mean Perak as well! The Kalong Ningkan case was mentioned in the judgment.

So Kalong Ningkan's friendly ghost has come back to haunt a state at the other end of Malaysia, so as to positively restore justice and order in the state from the illegal and forceful grab of power by the Barisan goons. The following is taken from the Star online report:

In his ruling, Justice Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim said that a mentri besar can only be dismissed by a vote of no confidence, and he upheld the Stephen Kalong Ningkan ruling.

He noted that the Perak State Legislative did not hold a vote of no confidence.

In 1966, Sarawak Chief Minister Datuk Stephen Kalong Ningkan was ousted when the state governor showed him a letter of no confidence issued by 21 out of 42 legislators and asked Ningkan to resign.

Ningkan refused, saying the letters were not tantamount to a vote of no confidence in the state legislative assembly. He was sacked by the governor but eventually reinstated by the Borneo High Court, which saw the necessity of a formal vote of no confidence.

According to the Nutgraph, the judge ruled ruled that the governor can only dismiss the chief minister when both these conditions are satisfied:

(a) The chief minister has lost the confidence of the House, and

(b) The chief minister has refused to resign and failed to advise a dissolution.

Anonymous said...


trying to enhance image by linking to such icons but behaviour is diametriccaly opposite.

gosh, never seen such thuggerish behaviour.