Friday, April 27, 2012

The Malayan Colonization Of Sabah (& Sarawak)


Anonymous said...

kenapa tidak panggil orang Brunei, orang Sulu dan Kesultanan di Kalimantan berkenaan Sabah siapa punya?

Seterusnya, negeri Sabah adalah ciptaan British. Sabah sebagai sebuah negeri tidak wujud sebenarnya - kenapa ada konfrantasi dengan Indonesia dan kenapa ada tuntutan dari Filipina?

Apakah beliau pakar tentang apa yang beliau cakap. Isu Sabah terlalu kompleks sebagaimana isu Limbang, Sarawak dan Belaga.

Isu Sabah adalah perjanjian diantara Persekutuan Malaysia dengan Raja England.

Anonymous said...


The foreign Malayan invasion and takeover of Sabah and Sarawak took place following the Brunei Uprising. This set the stage for the waves of land invasion. Few of us are aware of this!

Posing as our protectors against the threatened Indonesian invasion Britain and Malayan had suppressed the anti-Malaysia Brunei independence uprising on Dec 8 1962 and hastily imposed their neo-colonial Malaysia on us by September 16 1963.

Sabah and Sarawak were simply annexed by Malaya and became the new colonies of the new Malayan colonial masters.
Kuala Lumpur maintained its colonial grip by force through its armed forces supported by UK till 1970s in the suppression of armed resistance for independence.

At the same time Kuala Lumpur installed its puppets in Sabah and Sarawak who were given a free hand to plunder and rob the people of their land and resources!

When you can see the background to our present day predicament you can understand the context of the numerous land invasions by BN linked companies and their land grabs. This is happening because the traitors to Sarawak independence have sold out our country’s independence for their own selfish gains- look at Taib and families and the Dirty Datos exposed by Sarawak Report!

What have we gained by being in Malaysia? From being the most resource rich territories Sabah and Sarawak have been reduced to be the poorest through the KL plunder of our oil resources and it local puppets stripping of our timber wealth, corrupt development projects and high taxes.

We were independent 1842 -1942 and colonised since the Japanese invasion.

See the pictures of our anti-colonial struggle which say “we don’t want to be a colony”- (HU has no facility for uploading such pictures but you can find them on the Internet). This message remains true to the minute you read this.

East Timor and South Sudan are 2 examples of occupied countries who won their independence after struggling against their colonizers.

We can take back our country.

It depends on your determination and will power and if we get organized to free ourselves from the foreign domination of UMNO BN and its local puppets!

Comment by anon (from Hornbill Unleashed 07/05/12)