Thursday, December 10, 2009

James Masing's Head Added To Sarawak Headhunter's List Of Heads To Roll

For his recent remarks on BBC's Radio 4, the Sarawak Headhunter has concluded that James Masing is beyond redemption and has therefore added his head to the list of heads that must roll in Sarawak.

James must be more confused than the Penans if he thinks that the Penans do not know the difference between consensual sex and rape. Does he seriously expect the whole world to believe that being dragged, beaten unconscious and raped is part of the Penan social etiquette of consensual sex? What an idiot!

This man, who purports to have a doctorate in anthropology, is not only a traitor to his own race but to the human race as well and a complete disgrace.

It is actually Masing who's telling stories, clearly on behalf of his master Taib Mahmud and his logging and oil palm land grabbing cronies.

"State land" is it? What gives Taib's regime the right to parcel out millions of hectares of forest for timber logging concessions to a handful of family members and their cronies, when hundreds of thousands of natives depend upon the very same land for their daily survival and livelihood?

And yet these natives are told that they are trespassers on the very land which they and their forebears have worked on and depended upon and that they have to get out when outsiders come to bulldoze whole forests down.

Where are they to go? They do not have massive bank accounts overseas (if at all any bank account) where they can escape to like Taib, his ministers, his family and their cronies and henchmen.

Enough is enough!

See the Malaysiakini report "S'wak minister draws flak over Penan rape".


Starmandala said...

Zaman Raksasa habis! We celebrate the long-awaited end of Kali yuga and the reign of Robber Barons and Demon Kings.

Anonymous said...

Masing, Masing you know the truth and yet don't dare to say what is truthful. For once be a human with dignity both in GOD's eye or human. Heard that Jabu has a child with his niece. Yes and the child has grown up... and now telling the world that rape of Penan is okay like you Masing.