Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Evil That Is Taib Mahmud

Many Sarawakians perceive Taib Mahmud as greedy and corrupted, but not many as evil. Only those who are supposedly close to him know his propensity for the occult, black magic and other forms of evil.

This propensity is not merely a passing interest but one which he has embraced whole-heartedly, even as a means of keeping himself in power as well as a justification for his being in power for so long, in spite of many challenges.

Taib Mahmud consults bomohs on a regular basis and does not make any major decisions without advice from his bomohs (or perhaps a particular one who has managed to keep him impressed all these years). Many bomohs have become very wealthy from their association with him.

It is said that he has bomohs from different races, religions and nationalities. So what, you may say? Many other Malaysian and Sarawakian politicians are not adverse to seeking advice and assistance from bomohs to stay in power, prosper and advance.

So who is really controlling Sarawak then, Taib Mahmud or his bomohs? And how evil are they or how evil is Taib Mahmud? While we may never really know the extent of his evil or that of his bomohs, Sarawak Headhunter doubts if there can be any good in it.

Taib Mahmud keeps and even uses all kinds of artifacts and objects which supposedly give him power to continue to rule over Sarawak. Some of these artifacts and objects appear to be mundane stuff of many other collectors, but for Taib Mahmud imbued with certain supernatural powers as claimed by Taib (and his wife as well) – thus Tun Rahman’s earlier accusations of syirik against Taib, a sin in Islam which is said to be the greatest and most unforgivable sin, even greater than that of rape, adultery, gambling, usury, drinking alcohol or theft.

Others are without a doubt just plain evil, like for example certain devil’s head busts that he keeps around his palatial house, even in the living room, and which Sarawak Headhunter has seen with his own eyes.

Can any Sarawakian with a bit of conscience, whether with any religious conviction or not, support such a person, knowing that they could be supporting the worst evil in the land? Can we support leaders who support such evil?

How deep is the level of this evil? Does anyone ever wonder why it appears that Taib Mahmud does not have any conscience at all? Shall we all bow to such evil?

Can we allow such evil to control our destinies and that of our children and grandchildren? If we believe in the Power of God and nothing else, then we are obliged to fight this evil.

Let us get rid of this evil from our land, the evil that is Taib Mahmud.


Unknown said...

We also have one guy in KL who think he should control the way the rakyat think....

Muhammad view of Control People


Shiok Guy

Anonymous said...

When in darkness you curse, while others when in darkness they light a candle so that they are able to see. Id what you say is true, and what you say about the bomoh is also true, why don't you become a bomoh and prescribe magic the CM. You are hiding under the veil of your blog and spread lies. Aare you jealous of the CM and those wealthy politician? If indeed you are, come 2011 state election you can choose any state seat and declaren your stand. If may either choose the PKR platform or your MDC and pose a challenge to the CM.
Even though you say CM is evil, has he ever wrote anything in his blog or anywhere to claim that you too are also evil. Who is more evil, the one desreibe the evil deeds of others or the one who is administring the state and bringing development to the state? It is up to you to answer, but as far as I am concern, our CM has done alot for the state. He is not an evil buy a leader whom many of us envy and in the porcess many of us have called him names that nothing in the world could describe including calling him an evil. Oh what a disgrace.

The Chief Minister has no control of the destiny of your children and grandchildren. He only control the destiny of the state. But if your children and grandchildren are clever, scores good grade for their public examinations and also good grades while in Public Universities, they might need some form of assistances from the government if you do not have any source of income to send them to public universitiies. I can vouch for that, but what they want to be, is not of the business of the gvernment of the day. It is their choice and the choice of their parent. Not that of the CM or any politicians. They can make money by participating in government tenders, contracts and etc. They even can work with CMS the company that you repeatedly accused of robbing the State.

I want to draw to your attention of a famous saying 'if you are pointing a fingure at others, there are four of your own figures pointing back at you'. It is indeed true of your case.

This is not to intimidate you, but CM is closely monitoring your blog. It is just a matter of time he will act. Our country is not a lawlessness country, irresponsible bloggers like you will be dealth with according to the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous of July 20, 2008 6:12pm,

Taib Mahmud himself is the impersonation of evil. He's worse than the devil.

And you are a sycophant who have been eating his shit for 27 much so that you must only have shit in your brains.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anaksedihsarawak...

Anonymous is so scared to use his own name and he/she is a lapping-dog of Taik Mamut..

The Devil said...

Hey Sarawak Headhunter...

The CM reads ur blog... u must be feeling honored n proud :D

Interesting info u got there... show us, the sarawakians living outside sarawak more expose ;)

Anonymous said...

apapun taib mesti diturunkan pada pilihanran negeri nanti samada oleh pkr atau oleh org dalam pbb sendiri. a dayak pkr leader in the making now utk ganti dominique. malah banyak org dlm pbb dah lejuk dan ato macamni nak jatuhkan taib. sidak yg dudok dlm parlimen bukan boleh di arap oleh taib kinek tok. semuanya ada plan. ada yg nak lompat masuk pakatan. ada yang cari jalan nak guna bomoh KL utk lawan bomoh taib juak mungkin bah. apapun, saya rasa pilihraya DUN kali tok akan lebih mudah lagi. mun org semenanjung dolok marek mikir susah nak jatuhkan kerajaan tapi hari tok terbukti ianya begitu mudah. selangor negeri yang terkaya pun mudah dijatuh oleh pkr apatah lagi sarawak hanya ada seorg saja yang terkaya. sik apa, bomoh banyak dah nak lari kerana minyak naik, komisen dah kurang.

Anonymous said...

Mr AnOn Says:-

This is not to intimidate you, but CM is closely monitoring your blog. It is just a matter of time he will act. Our country is not a lawlessness country, irresponsible bloggers like you will be dealth with according to the rule of law.
Ha!!he!!!!!he!! bloggers tak takutkah dengan Ancaman TAIK MAHMUT Kamu TU...UNDI LAGI BN KAMU tu.. I RESPECT YOU SARAWAKIAN sebab kamulah kami UMNO masih berkuasa. Kerajaan kasi naik minyak, orang Sarawak tak rasa apa apapun. Negeri kaya katakan.. Bagilah TAIK MAHMUT KAMU tu CM SAMPAI MAMPUS.

lanjak-entimau said...

This was what we knew for sometimes already

chapchai said...

May I remind the author of comment No.2 that democracy is still practised in Malaysia. As such we are free to make comments about our politicians without fear of intimidation. Freedom of speech is such a precious thing; don't let it be taken away from us.

Al Tugauw said...

Me curse? Hardly. Haha, have you seen Taib Mahmud shout and curse? I assure you it is quite an ugly sight.

If anyone thinks that what I say is not true, by all means refute it. Is there any reason to ask me to become a bomoh?

Why should I be jealous of Taib Mahmud and other wealthy politicians who have stolen their wealth from the rakyat through corrupt practices?

If anyone envies evil, perhaps they deserve evil leaders. That's the real disgrace.

For those who think that Taib Mahmud has done so much for Sarawak, why is it then that Sarawak is still far behind Malaya in spite of all its petroleum and timber resources?

I am not in the least intimidated by Taib Mahmud. He can take any action he sees fit if he is daring enough.

It is irresponsible people like him who have no respect for the rule of law or humanitarian values.

I am prepared to see him both in the court of law as well as the court of public opinion, and he will see all his evil deeds exposed one by one to the whole world, not just in this blog.

Do you think he will dare to confront me? I know all his secrets.

Anonymous said...

Our God in heaven will punish Taib Mahmud one day. Taib Mahmud may have won in this world but he will be punished by God and may burn in hell.

Yes, this is a democratic country. We can say anything we want and we are not afraid of Taib. He and his family members are devil's weapon and nothing more than that.

Anonymous said...

This is my little prayer: May Allah shows His mercy upon CM’s soul…

Anonymous said...

Since 1963 Taib and Rahman had made this state a sick state...

Anonymous said...

hey you anonymous above,

you should post this as a blog post instead of here. it's too long, boring and most it all, it has no significant relevance to th e topic discussed.

and you just wasted 10 mins of my life reading your comments and writing this.


The People's Power said...

Don't worry people,

His quite old already, right? I know you and me are thinking about his end.

Nothing can surpass the destiny of death, when it comes then his soul will be leaving this world. You think that his most powerful Pawang can revive him back? No no no.

Anonymous said...


I would like to invite you to post your article into my website..You may find the T&C in it...

Anonymous said...

taib mahmud aka 'tahi mahu' personifies evil. he is corrupt to the core and eaten so much shit that he's now punished with colon cancer.

there's just no shortage of words to describe this despicable scumbag....

here's a few though...nefarious, abhorrent, abominable, antipathetic, contemptible, despicable, despisable, detestable, disgusting, filthy, foul, infamous, loathsome, lousy, low, mean, nasty, obnoxious, odious, shabby, repugnant, rotten, vile. wretched..

Someone come with more adjectives.

DivingViva said...

somehow i wonder what type of secret spells or special injection this "white hair" uses? can u imagine a man at his age still fyling around, talking non-stop, and crazy for money? Have u guys ever noticed that he always look a bit "diff" when he came back from overseas. his bomoh might not be local. and i am sure his bomoh will be working hard until he pass his power and everything to his son.

Anonymous said...

If CM read this...

I would like to congratulate him for successfully getting into HELL with 1st Class ticket. Hey, it's prebooked n FREE, epecially for u!
n dont forget to bring along ur families n cronies too.

enjoy n have fun there!

Anonymous said...

I just wonder why you sarawakian know are make noises, i bet with you peoples that if the election to be held tommorow your taik Mahmut will won the election. So please shut up your mouth and do some homeworks how to get Taik Mahmut out of JOB as you cant do anything to get back the state's wealth yang di ROMPAK.

Anonymous said...

Anonynomous said ... on July 20, 2008 @ 6.12pm
UMNO Sarawak said ... on July 21, 2008 @ 12.19 pm


My friend ANONYNOMOUS AND UNNO Sarawak. You do not need to judge ppl. In Chritianity, the enemies of God are:

1. The World
2. The Flesh
3. The Devil

There is no need for you to be so defensive about someone to the extend of threatening by saying that that someone is monitoring the blog (and you say it is not to intimidate - YOU DID did't you and GOOD LUCK to YOU!), unless, of course, you have your own hidden agenda.

Suggest you take hold of "THE BIBLE" placed by The Gideon (Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, etc.) and read it. Anyway its free (we donate without govt subsidy!) Do some comparisons but don't judge and intimidate ppl, please.

Sarawak Headhunter is not attacking you my 2 friends. WHY YOU TWO LIKE THAT? DON'T PRAY PRAY! Your turn may come as Sarawak is a small place. LIFE is more precious to ppl like you 2 but ppl living from hand to mouth has nothing to loose.


Anonymous said...

In the NST Sat. July 26, 2008.

MERC controvercy purchase by Trengganu MB.

Ahmad Said must be a brave man. Its like "David vs Goliath" even within the BN. He dares to also ask ACA to probe into Proton Perdana's high maintenance cost. Now he is also asking ACA to probe into the mega projects implemented by Idris Jusoh.

First he was not the choice of Pak Lah but The Sultan's choice. UNMO is making things very difficult for him.

Pak Lah said all State Excos use Proton Perdana V6. Its a cabinet decision. Now Pak Lah said the 14 Mercs are to be used only for foreign dignatories.

It appears that the cabinet decision gives special exemption to Sarawak Excos. Pak Lah and his cabinet dares not TOUCH Sarawak for fear of backlash in support. He needs 40 BN MPs to remain in power. Otherwise 40+82=122, which means BN MPs-40=? If 15 Sabah MPs abandon BN that would be 112+15=137. Malaysia would have a new government with new PM, 3 Dy PMs (W. M'sia 1, S'wak 1 and Sabah 1). This is not about power only but about exposing what BN had been up to in managing the economy. The exposure made after PRU12 won additional states - Kedah, Perak, Penang and Selangor.

The official cars for Heads of Dept. in Sarawak are Toyota Camry and Honda and not Proton Perdana V6.

CM's official car is Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Dy. CMs' (Jabu & Chan) official cars are BMW 7

2 Ministers' (Johari and Tengah) official cars are Jaguar XJ.

This is another modern version of George Orwells "THE ANIMAL FARM".

jalapeno said...

taib's dog, anonymous:".....the one who is administring the state and bringing development to the state? It is up to you to answer, but as far as I am concern, our CM has done alot for the state."

what kind of development do you mean? just to mention one,
look at the west, they have north-south expressway since 1994, and we?? The reason they give is stated clearly in our kids geography book, "bergunung-ganang".
hell to BN.

Anonymous said...

saya rasa dalam hal ni kita tidak boleh salahkan taib mahmud.sebenarnya kita dayak iban/bidayuh yang tuyuk(palui)sebab undi bn dan kita dayak tidak nampak bersatu.kita selalu juga menyalahkan org semenanjung kerana ketidakpuasan pembangunan di negeri kita swak.sebab itula saya katakan kita ni dayak amat tuyuk.klu org semenanjung jahat apa ka tengoklah mara(MRSM) siapa punya kita dayak ka punya,ptptn,jpa,.tapi atas dasar kemanusiaan mereka bagi kita.kalau mereka tidak bagi/kongsi katakan kita boleh minta keluar dari malaysia.taib mahmud hanya pandai ambil kesempatan keatas kelemahan kita yang suka berebut jawatan dalam parti.kalau kamu kaji dan faham betul-betul perlembangan org semenanjung tidak boleh apa terhadap senario politik kita.oleh itu klu tuan/puan berani buatkan kai rentang tulis Biar Dayak Bersatu"..dalam PBB lebih kurang 70% org dayak.jadi klu nak tumbangkan taib kenapa tidak buat satu parti dayak (jgn banyak2 parti)dan bersatu untuk tidak memilih taib.Apa salahnya kamu memilih pembangkan dulu dan tak ada apa2 perubahan berlaku dalam masa lima tahun. jadi selepas kamu menguasai bangsa,kamu boleh control ekonomi ..kalau ekonomi di control barula politik..saya tanya pada sarawak head hunter kamu nak lawan taib mahmud nak guna apa.hanya sekadar nak menulis blog.Orang dayak ni kalau bersau betul2 memang kita dapat menumbangkan si taib. Lupakan bomoh2 mengarut.sekian terima tidak lama lagi dalam bulan ni ada conference kat KL yang bertema kemana halatuju anak2 sarawak.bagi pendapat saya anak2 sarawak tidak tahu apa hala tuju diorang sedangkan kalau minda kita tidak berubah.tak pecaya tengok la kalau kat padang bolasepak kalau semua org swak main mesti bergaduh..sekian renungkan lah

Anonymous said...

SIN CHEW DAILY exclusive interview with former Gerakan President, DATUK SERI LIM KENG YAIK.

"BN component parties are like "beggars" KETUANAN MELAYU RULES. Pesaka Wing of PBB ar also "begars" in Sarawak Politics of Development.

A writer wrote comments in a blogg on the accryonim of Dayak-based and Chinese parties where Dayaka are represented:

PRS: Party Rosak Sendiri!
SPDP: Sama PalauDalam Pub/ Saya Punya Dia Punya
SUPP: Selalu Untung Punya Party

Sounds good are they not!

It is a pity that our Dayak wakil rakyat continues to to be chemeleons. Kudos to Alexander Nanta who exposed to Dy Minister of Education in Kapit District the living condition of the rural students.

Dayak wakil rakyat of Sarawak please spaek up for your people when you have the voice LOUD and CLEAR! Do not be like Datuk Seri Lim Keng Yaik.

Kanowit went on bif scale Oil Palm Plantation run by BOUSTEAD. Ten (10) years on and no divident. A small-holder in Kuching, Betong or Saratok District are reaping a monthly income of RM10K to RM15K per month after the gestatation period of 5 years.

What has gone wrong?

Anonymous said...

He's devil in disguise..

Ladyheaven said...

i fought with his black magic for the past 8 months, the first time he lose was june 2008, that time he nearly die, i will continue to fight, his black magic curse me everyday, i will fight till he collapse.

Anonymous said...

concerning his corruption; i know that taib mahmud owns several luxury apartments in both paris and london; and these aren't 'normal' aparments, oh no; these are among the most expensive ones along hyde park in london and along champs-elysees in paris. i smell dirty money.

student said...

what it takes for sarawak to be liberated from this so called evil is a voice that could be heard.everything here is concealed.nobody really knew of this evil.internet alone is not enough to spread words in sarawak.what we need is someone who dares to swim against the current.but someone like this for sure will be caught.thats why nobody dared to be this someone.thats why taib is the longest serving cm in the history of malaysia.if u dare to stand up,your periuk nasik will be shut,your family will be cannot even imagine the influence taib mahmud have in this state and even in this sarawak, almost everything here is own by,my advise to this blogger,choose your words carefully,or you might end up in jail..

Anonymous said...

Our beloved CM please I pray that you live for another 10,000 years. We do not have enough of your guidance, your wisdom and your magnanimity. We thank you for the wonderful highways that connect to every town in Sarawak. We thank you for the clean Rajang river where boats can go with ease to Kapit and Belaga. We thank you for the deep port in Sibu where ships can come in and unload their goods. We thank you for no flooding problems in Sibu. We thank you for the University in Sibu. We thank you for cheap electricity, we thank you for making Rejang river the cleanest in Malaysia with no silting, rubbish and rift rafts floating about. We thank you for not taking any lands from anyone and giving them their land titles without heavy renewal premiums. We thank you for the bridge over Batang Lupar and no toll for the travellers going to Sibu over the Rajang bridge. We thank you for the first class Medical centres located in every major town in Sarawak with their world class equipment and specialists. We thank you also for a lot of things that you have done for your fellow Sarawakians and how in the last 30 years of your watch you have improved the lives of everyone especially those in Sibu town and Rajang river. May God bless you and your family...then I woke up and I am in hell. I think I am living in another world where we have a CM letting us live in paradise. What have we Sarawakians done to deserve hell?