Friday, October 31, 2008

The Winds Of Change Will Blow Taib Away & Clean Up Sarawak Of His Shit

Friday, 31.10.2008
From The Malaysian Insider

Taib cautions people about winds of change

KUCHING, Oct 25 — Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud today cautioned the people about the winds of change many politicians talked about, saying they could bring both good and bad.

Taib of course does not like any wind of change, since no wind is good for him. Stagnation and no change will keep him in power and this is what he hopes for.

"Change is like the wind. When it is a breeze, we feel good. But when it is a gale, we will face the danger of uprooted trees and demolished houses," he said in his speech at the parade at Padang Merdeka in conjunction with the 87th birthday of the Sarawak Yang di-Pertua Negeri, Tun Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng.

Taib's house will be the first to be destroyed, but Taib is not unduly worried because he can live a life of great luxury in any of his many palatial houses around the world.

Abdul Taib advised the people to be wary and understand the current situation because, he said, they could succumb to the undesirable influence of the world economic or political developments.

Instead they should continue to succumb to his undesirable influence. Better him than the Malayans, you think? Or out with all of them?

He said Sarawak was fortunate because it was able to enjoy prosperity and security since becoming a part of Malaysia 45 years ago.

Prosperity and security for whom? Certainly not for the bulk of the people of Sarawak.

The state had a growing middle class which could support the economy through its purchasing power, he added.

Abdul Taib said this conducive condition must be nurtured prudently by both the administrators of the state as well as the people to ensure continued economic and political security.

About 3,800 people making up 78 contingents, both from the government and private sectors, participated in the parade. — Bernama

Let the winds of change blow stronger and harder. It is time to uproot this petty tyrant and predator from our beloved land which he has leeched dry and shat upon for almost half a century.

Sarawakians, unite! You have your future to regain! Do not let your children or grandchildren say that you did nothing to rid Sarawak of this Chief Monster and his cronies and allowed them to continue to cause great damage to the state, at the expense of your and your descendants' future.

Let the winds of change blow Taib away!



King Cup said...

Worry no more my brother-in-headhunting for the wind of change surely is blowing inside Sarawak at present....north first second in the south! The unprecedented northern flood is actually cleansing off that part of Sarawak of "cow-dungs"...

Even the mouth of a river protested with low tide! Unlike you Sarawakians...a sort of "wind of change" also blowing Sabah's way...but the "pick-up" here is slow...they say "TODAY IS NOT TOMORROW!"

Carry on Al-Tugauw! Appease the spirits of our pre-1963 ancestors!

Rebel said...

Wat can we do? pls give us something to start...

Anonymous said...

This is just the propaganda of Al-Tuguaw. He is insunating the leaders. That is what he is good at. He had been doing it all this while buy it is just nothing, insunating all these while. We expect him to come out just like RPK dub he never did. He is hiding under the veil of Sarawak Headhunter, his identity not known, which is not good at all.

King Cup said...


Anonymous said...

Peace and love to all of you my at Al-Tugauw's site... natural collusion and collision of the minds!

dafit coppofield

Anonymous said...

Why you people asking Al-Tugauw to show his identity, So UMNO can arresting him for speaking the truth using ISA ?

to Al-Tugauw, keep on fighting and keep on convincing our people how bad and evils this BN/UMNO party really is. Our childrens future is in your hand...So please continue what you doing, Al-Tugauw.

Anonymous said...

I fully support you, Al-Tugauw! Don't let the bloody ISA to take you down!