Saturday, October 18, 2008



For Crimes Against The Nation, Attempted Political Assassination Of "YB Josephine" @ Teresa Kok, Sedition, Incitement To Racial Hatred & Violence With Murderous Intent, Religious Bigotry, Criminal Instigation & Intimidation, Misuse & Abuse Of Mass Media. Highly Dangerous UnIslamic & Immoral Ass-Licker & Extreme Menace To Civil Society. Approach With Caution, May Be Armed With Poison Pen, Suffers From Highly Contagious Mad Dog Disease & May Also Bite - Reward: 2 Sen

Note: This is a work of fiction.

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Anonymous said...

Fiction in any language is still fiction lor.
Why you take fiction so seriously wan.Unless this a prelude Harry Potter local.
People wan to write fiction, up to them lar.At least they are not suffering from writers block/blog.
Sum pple write.sum pple eat and watch TV.Sum pple drink Tiger or ginees.
If anywan have been reading UM all these years,half the pages are fiction and they devote page after page towards short stories,literature, language,linguistics and book reviews,literary awards.
Fiction permit fantasising.If pple dnt like fiction,buy other papers or eat chiken manok.
If the courts think fiction can cross the line,that will be the day.With all the hot air and accusations flying in parliament , and then chit chat tea break, I seriously doubt most non english bloggers care a sen.
We are known fr lackadaisy,apathyy,last minute,complacent,non competitive... you mentioned.Wwe got merdeka football on soon, fast foods,nice weathers,cheap petrol available,cheap cars,ATMs,mobile phone, hypermarkets, and plenty of skin to oogle,kway chee girls,dragon women selling tiger beer or tuak unlike countries like USA,Canada,Australia.
Sumore we welcome 3.1 milion people from other countries to share our space and cheap food here..they love to be citizens here and they wil pay for it.
Our state minister is legalizing 58,000 indonesian foreigners to work in the plantations.Sarawak will collapse without these hard working illegals.
man..the point dont persuade people to take fiction for reality.Shadow fox oso share your opinions.Mah Ngah Tong.