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UMNO's Mouthpieces: Do They Really Know The Meaning Of Sedition?


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Above are photos of the irresponsible mouthpieces of Umno that has been instigating the people to anarchy in TV3's Bahasa Malaysia Buletin Utama.

I wonder if MCA and Gerakan would slam Umno for all these seditious and malicious form of gutter journalism from Utusan Malaysia and not forgetting TV3 which are mouthpieces of Umno.

I fully agree with Chong when he said this in the Malaysiakini article called 'YB Josephine assassination story worse than ISA':

He reiterated that the story was an act of "literary terrorism" which is unacceptable and undemocratic. Moreover, Chong said the story was embedded with a "political message - a propaganda disguised as a fiction". He said the story cannot be taken simply as a work of fiction because Utusan Malaysia has a track record of antagonism against Kok. " All the narration that is produce here we can easily associate with our domestic political scenario and I don't think you need an expert in politics to identify the YB J referred here (in the story) as Teresa Kok (right)," he said.

Chong furthered said that the story was "an abuse of the writer's intellectual creativity, rights and a form of political terrorism." The opposition MP said that he was "sickened" by the tangential responses giving by government MPs in Parliament yesterday and stated that they were "unfit to be leaders".

"We also condemn all political parties that resort to such agenda and propaganda to try to consolidate their powers," he said. In addition, Chong said the story reflected "a form of criminal intimidation" and urged the authorities to act speedily on the matter.

To exacerbate matters, Utusan Malaysia printed yet another poem likening MP Kok to a dog. Go to this link here to have a better understanding of the issue. I am not going to harp on the issue but I want to bring to your attention the following excerpt extracted from the article mentioned earlier:

Speaking to Malaysiakini in Parliament today, Lim Lip Eng (DAP-Segambut) argued that anyone who read the poem would know that it was referring to Kok.

"The poem is not necessary as Kok has done nothing wrong. This is too much and unfair not only to her but to all Muslims and non-Muslims. "I believe Utusan has an agenda behind this," he said, adding that DAP will consider lodging a police report on the matter. Ibrahim, however, told Malaysiakini that his poem was not directed at anyone in specific but was a general call to all that “when they do something, it must be done with wisdom and maturity.” Read more here:

Sarawak Headhunter's Comments: I suppose that UMNO, Utusan and TV3 see what they are doing is with wisdom and maturity. What kind of Malays are these? They are a disgrace to both their race - possibly even the human race - and Islam.

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