Monday, May 26, 2008

What Next For Sarawakians?

Please vote on the right. Only Sarawakians please.

Explanatory Notes/Queries: Does Sarawak need a new party, given the fact that if PKR forms the next State Government, this will open the door to other Malayan parties like UMNO to come in? Can the present State PKR leadership garner the support of the Dayaks, the Orang Ulu and the Malay/Melanaus, given that most of the Chinese majority seats will be contested by DAP? Is it capable of doing so?

If PKR or Pakatan Rakyat comes to power in Sarawak, this will mean that for the first time, Sarawak politics will be directly determined by Malayan-based political parties (PKR and DAP, maybe even PAS) instead of Sarawak-based political parties themselves.

Is this a better alternative to the present situation where even UMNO cannot come into Sarawak directly? Sarawakians have to ask themselves whether Sabahans are better off under direct UMNO rule? The answer is probably "no".

Sarawakians will therefore also have to ask themselves whether Sarawak will be better off under direct PKR rule or under a new Sarawak-based party which will take the place of PBB, SNAP, MDC, PRS and SPDP as part of Pakatan Rakyat? Is there anyone in Sarawak who can unite these diverse elements?

Sarawak Headhunter has a preference for the latter because this will mean that to a great extent Sarawak's autonomy will be better preserved than having to kow-tow to the Malayans, even under Anwar. At the same time, Sarawak will still have a say in the Federal Government through Pakatan Rakyat when it comes to power.

Otherwise, independence is or should be the ultimate solution.

Based on feedback, Sarawak Headhunter will soon be coming out with an open letter to all Sarawakians to determine the direction Sarawakians should or want to take to achieve the goal of political, business, economic, administrative and land reform (amongst others) for Sarawak.

Once this is determined, then Sarawakians can discuss constructively and decide the strategies and practical policies and moves to be implemented to achieve a change of government for the betterment of all Sarawakians, irrespective of race, creed or religion.


wafiUddin said...

Indeed, I agree with you that we should have a Sarawak-based Pakatan Rakyat component party. It is also in my opinion that we should not let Malayan-based party set their foot on Sarawak, the same way we keep UMNO out. This is obviously because the racial make up of our beloved state is different from that of Malaya. State-based party will let us natives decide for ourselves, instead of letting the Malayans decide for us. Look what happened to Sabah when they let UMNO in.

piyatidoria said...

dont let malaya perintah kita.

chapchai said...

I think it is a an idea worth pursuing. This will ensure the autonomy that Sarawak has never had when it was merged with Malaya and Sabah to form Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I think forming another Sarawak based party is barely short sighted unless Sarawakian are prepare to be independent. The situation of this component party in PR would be similar as the position of Sarawak BN component parties in BN. I believe with the numbers of MPs that we have from Sarawak, joining a nationwide political party would not cause the benefit of Sarawakian being trimmed down. However it will be the best way for Sarawak come back to mainstream in terms of politics and therefore the improvement of economics as well as physical development and etc. (of course with fair policies within party to all races, states and cultres)

sahari said...

I don't think forming another Sarawak-based Pakatan Rakyat component party is practical. Who will lead this party? The only choice left is for us either to join DAP or PKR. SNAP wont last long . If the party seems or perceives to be well received by the dayaks the unseen hand will intervene and SNAP wll be back facing leadership crisis - as history of that party has shown us. PAS, PKR and DAP are three different parties.Just because they are semenanjung based parties that donot mean that they cannot be made to fight for our causes. Our chinese friends has shown us how DAP in Sarawk has really fought their causes.DAP has even brought NCR cases to our DUN.( Sadly our dayak representatives seemed to be too scared to even be seen involved in this NCR thing).UMNO did not come to Sarawak is just because Tok Uban did not let them. Tok Uban knows he is very powerful and he doesnot need UMNO to govern Sarawak. Once he feels threatened then you will see UMNO's kris coming to rescue him. Whether you like it or not malaya already perintah us and will always be. The only choice is whether we want to perintah along with them or we let them alone perintah us. It seem to me that under Pakatan Rakyat they want us to perintah along with them. If we want to make it alone then its our choice that we will always be ruled by them. Unless we want to be independent but then that mean we were just dreaming. For better or worst we are malaysians so you folks always remember that!!

Anonymous said...

i want jeffry kitingan to reveal his religion
it is true is a mualaf like toyad

Anonymous said...

let us rebuild snap and merge with mdc

no to another malaya colonisation

no swkian will be able to climb the highest rank in malaya party xcept for reserve rank

Anonymous said...

i believe DAP and PKR need to work together to bring about the change to the political environment in sarawak. as for the ibans and natives of sarawak, they should be united once and for all and work with DAP and PKR to bring down taib mahmud FOREVER. better still, sarawak should be an independent nation and we should kick out the traitors of sarawak, i.e. taib mahmud and his cronies from this sacred land. we need to bring back the brains to sarawak - follow the footsteps of singapore and become a great nation! we have oil and we fear no one!

Anonymous said...

Under the federal system we have less alternatives but to vote for PKR.Once the Pakatan take over the Sarawak Goverment at the least we are at the talking terms with our counter part in the Federal Goverment (Pakatan).

Candidates who runs on indepedent ticket (Sarawakian) easliy cross over to PBB,PRS ,SPDP or SUPP because of dollars and cents.Once that happen you are keeping the bastard back in power.

Pakatan (PKR+DAP+Dayak Congress) form the Caltion Goverment to administer the state fairly. The Coalition Goverment works effectively because there are check and balance within the themselves while the bargainig power by either parties prevail.

Unlike the BN spirit of of coalition Goverment. SUPP,PRS and SPDP had no choice to tow the line with TAib.Otherwise he will loose his Ministerial Post.That's the bottom line anyway.He will loose his red carpet welcome,unable to walk tall,even his Datukship will be withdrawn.On these consideration SUPP,PRS and SPDP keep their lips tight.

The Rakyat suffers.These YBs had assisted our beloved Taib to make more money and gather more power to suppressed the Sarawakian in general.We blamed PRS.SPDP and SUPP for this unhealthy coalition goverment.PBB YBs neutrally at Taib's mercy.This bunch is not only useless but uneffective both as council negeri member and as rakyat representatives.Their Pockets over ride the rakyat aspirations.

We go for hunting spree.We join the Pakatan Rakyat.Topple them without second thought.

The Goverment of the day need it be BN or Pakatan , it is their responsibilties develope our state/nation without favour.They must built road and other infrastrutures with the tax payer money.It is our right to enjoy these development not because of BN ? We pay same amount of Road Tax to JPJ , similar caluculation on personal tax,company's tax,custom tax and etc.

The 5% royalty paid by Petronas not for Taib and his cornies.Or BN and their cronies.The royalty is meant for Sarawakian (Iban,Chinese,Malay,Melanau ,oreang ulu etc).The rightfull recipient none other then the rakyat not Taib and cronies alone.

We go for hunting spree,our bullet is our one vote for Pakatan.Shoot the right target and you miss you die suffering from high cost living ,missmanagement of public fund,allowing corruptors continue in power for endless years etc.

"God save the Queen".