Friday, May 9, 2008

How Is It That Najib Can Utter Seditious Words With Impunity?


Malaysia Digest said...

Najib is a hypocrite. talang dua muka

Malaysia Digest

D_Dollah said...

Najib, you are sooooo...racist! I wonder, if you are a reincarnation of Hitler. Or maybe, lately, you have a sleepless night..Altantuya.

chapchai said...

One rule for opposition voices and another for the govt.

Anonymous said...

I have a codename for Najib and that is "C4". No, it is not Citreon 4 (if there is such a carmodel).

Can u imagine C4 becoming the PM? Wife of C4 would be literally bursting at the seams from all the contracts that would be re-channeled to her companies.

(1) By the way, codename for the existing PM is "Sleepyhead".
(2) I am using Anonymous because I cannot establish your ID just yet. I wouldn't want the UTKs to blow me up too. Hahaha