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Message to my dear sisters and brothers in Sarawak and Sabah - from a Ranger

Message to my dear sisters and brothers in Sarawak and Sabah
Friday, March 14, 2008
They do not have many Sarawakian or Sabahan Ministers, do they, at the Federal level? If they had, they are given unimportant Ministership as Minister in the PM's department like Bernard Dompok and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Joseph Entulu Beluan for window dressing, and are you all only good for that? . You guys gave such a big win for UMNO , you do not have proper representation in the Cabinet to depict the power you hold over the coalition. UMNO makes you look like wimps. The combined total of your seats in Sabah is 24 seats and Sarawak is 30 seats. Which totals 52 seats. Then why are there NO East Malaysians not being a Prime Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister. Okay, go down one rung, why are you not good enough to be at least the Deputy Prime Minister?

The UMNO strong hold of Johore has only 25 seats, initially 26 seats. The myth of that is that UMNO is very strong there like a fortress, will not fall. Well, a foothold has been gained, one of their seats has fallen to the DAP, so it can be penetrated. You have the greater weight. The Barisan National has a total of 140 seats. The opposition has 82 seats. Demand from UMNO that the post of of Deputy Prime Minister be given to an East Malaysian. Without you in this coalition, UMNO being the big bullly will have only 88 seats, that is inclusive of the motley crew from MCA and MIC.

While at this, being an ex- soldier and all, I have seen many East Malaysian Officers serving in combat units, why did not any one of them make it to General? Not good enough? Look at how brave, loyal and patriotic you are. Go to the archives.

How are you going to get UMNO to agree to that? Just tell them that you want to cross over to the Barisan Rakyat, if they do not appoint a Sarawakian or Sabahan to be the Deputy Prime Minister.

Just cross over and the opposition will have 134 seats to form the new Government of Malaysia. Ask Anwar, I am sure he will be agreeable to an East Malaysian being his Deputy. Whilst at it, ask for the Defence and Education portfolios too. Do not accept less then the Deputy Prime Minister's post. For good measure, demand for Finance Minister's portfolio too. Can you even imagine, in one stroke you can uplift the sufferings of the poor in both Sabah and Sarawak ? You will have all the financial resources at your finger tips, ushering a new dawn for the people of Sabah and Sarawak. Have an imagination.

One more thing, do not let them cheat you by saying they will give you the post of Deputy Prime Minister 2. It will take away the ooomph of being the only Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. If you become Deputy Prime Minister 2, they might not allow you to use the helicopter or the executive jet. As Deputy Prime Minister 2, they will ask you to use the long boat when you vist Song, Kapit, Ulu Baram or Long Danau (have to walk long distances too, carrying your own fuel). You do not get to be Acting Prime Minister of Malaysia when the Prime Minister is out of the country. Or when he visits Nasi Kandar Perth.

You were elected by the people, I am sure you want greater things than the peanuts that are being thrown to you. They have been sidelining you as a non entity. Never giving you due prominence and the respect due to you. You are just someone to wipe their shoes on, once elections are over.Umno has only 78 of the 117 parliamentary seats it contested (67%). What is the diffrence? You have only two states and 52 seats. UMNO has the whole of Malysia and has a pathetic 78 seats, a difference of a mere 26 seats! Do you know how many Johoreans are Ministers, with their pathetic 25 seats, 7!

Are you East Malaysians going to continue being the foot stools for UMNO? For them to keep on holding to power. Can you imagine it, the Prime Minister from Peninsular Malaysia and the Deputy Prime Minister from East Malaysia, we will be bound from across the South China sea as one people. Just cross over to the Barisan Rakyat, if UMNO does not give in to your just and legitimate, demands. You are smart and intelligent, stop being taken for a ride. You are as good as a politician from Semanajung. Maybe even better, so what is it to stop an East Malaysian from being the Deputy Prime Minister, only UMNO. Stop being used, chew on this and think BIG.
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OIL ROYALTY : atleast 75 - 25 favouring Sarawak

DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER : 1 of 3 DPM should be from Sarawak. 1 DPM from PM, Sarawak & Sabah each

PARLIMEN SEATS : each region ( PM, Sarawak & Sabah ) gets 1/3 of parliment seats

20 PRIVILEGE/SPECIAL RIGHTS : return back the 20 Privilege Rights that been agreed during Malaysia Formation now been taken away

AUTONOMY : moro autonomy and federal government should be prevented from interfering in Sarawak's politic

BUDGET/MONEY ALLOCATION : Sarawak should get 1/3 of annual allocation and developments

FREEDOM OF RELIGION : stop Islamization in Sarawak. allow apostasy and someone should not force to convert to get married different religion partner. only with their will