Thursday, May 22, 2008

Question In Parliament

One question Sarawak Headhunter would really like to hear being asked in Parliament is:

How much did UMNO actually pay for the PWTC (including the Menara Dato Onn) and how much did Bank Bumiputra and also Maybank have to write off on UMNO's non-performing loans (which stood at RM850 million in 1985)?

OK, that's two questions in one, but Sarawak Headhunter suspects that the answer will surprise everyone, including all those clueless ordinary UMNO members who have been taken for a very long, expensive and harrowing ride by their leaders - all in the name of "Ketuanan Melayu" or is it "Kenakan Melayu"?


Anonymous said...

better ask during supplementary questions session

revulutioner said...

nice work on this blog dudes...have been looking around for a blog that discussbout sarawak politics...