Friday, May 23, 2008

Natives of Sarawak In Any Of These Dam Areas, Beware!

Sarawak to have 52 dams in year 2020

May 21, 2008 · Btu.Org

Sarawak Energy Bhd (SEB) has identified fifty two (52) dam sites for hydro power projects (including Bakun) for the whole of Sarawak when Malaysia aspires to be fully developed nation in year 2020.

Once completed, these hydro powers will generate a whooping 25,000 MW reported Eastern Times in a special tribute to Sarawak Chief Minister's 72nd birthday today. Murum dam expected to commence by the second quarter of the year will generate at least 944 MW.

Other dam sites identified by SEB include Baram (1,000 MW), Metjawan (300 MW), Baleh (1,400) and Limbang (150 MW).

The report said with Sarawak currently undergoing a second wave of development, demand for electricity will increase in order to attract energy intensive industries.

Government have identified 67 industries for the SCORE corridor, however priority will be given to only 10 industries. These include oil-based, aluminium, metal based including steel, nickel, zinc, gas, tourism, palm oil and timber based industries.

Once these industries start operating - Bintulu will be the world's most polluted place on earth - I predict. How will Similajau National Park in particular and tourism in general fit into this and thrive?

from BTU.Org


Anonymous said...

We are gearing towards an industrialised nation by 2020, now is 2008 meaning we have more or less 13 years to go. In your earlier postings you claimed that our state Sarawak is backward and we need development. Don't you know that Sarawak is also one of the most wired state in Malaysia, if you don't believe me you can ask the Honorable Member of the DUN Richard Wong Ho Leng, in fact he also posted to the Sarawak Talk when he was in the DUN. He felt that he is very grateful to the State Government for that.

You mention that the Sarawakians migtated to Brunei and S. Malaysia if your earlier blogs. The reason is simple, because they need to be gainfully employed so that they can feed their aging perents, send their love ones to schools and of course to fulfill their basic needs.

All the industries that you mentioned will provide job opportunities. With job available in Bintulu or in Sarawak for that matter, they do not have to uproot their families with them to Brunei or Semananjung. The spill over effect of the project can be immense. It will be an engine of growth that will propel Sarawak economy and thus in one way or another has a trickle down effect thus able to provide better quality of life to those employed in those industries.

Have you been to Bayan Lepas Industrial Zone in Penang? Is it badly populated? Have you ever been to the Pasir Gudang Industrial Zone in Johore, Is it badly polluted?

Have you ever been to other Industrial Cities in other developed world such as the US and Japan or even Korea? Is it badly polluted?

I think what you wrote in you blog is nothing but lies. Remember, the lies which you disseminate is can be more detrimental to the pollution. With lies that you manufactured, investors will shun away from Sarawak and will not invest in those industries. But, if the industries pollute the environment, the government will find ways to mitigate the problems.

Cheers, ngirup kitao. Nda lama lagi gawai. Selamat ngintu ari gawai.

Anonymous said...

maybe we can claim we going make it into world record as having most dam in the world!

btw, what is development in bn's eyes? duit masuk poket

dam is not a development...why not build dams in malaya? why must sarawak? is because less population in swk? waste our dam in swk but the energy send to malaya

Savuini said...

Why use anonymous? Government paid blogger? to spread BN lies?

Sarawak certainly doesn't need all these high pollution industries. There are other industries - eg. tourism, Agro tourism, Agriculture, etc.

Sarawak most wired? Are you kidding? That DUN Wong have not been to other place like Marudi, Belaga, Julau. IF you merely wired Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri then proclaimed Sarawak most wired - all bullshit la.