Thursday, August 14, 2008

BN Government has failed Sarawakians

A Pakatan govt will fail, says Masing
By Raynore Mering, The Borneo Post 14.8.2008

BN govt has already failed Sarawakians, says Sarawak Headhunter.

KUCHING: The government that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is planning to set up - should he succeed in convincing some Barisan Nasional (BN) elected representatives to join him - could be doomed for failure.


Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Dato Sri Dr James Masing said yesterday: “Any government formed by a group of turncoats will never be stable.”

Masing forgets that he himself is a double or triple or perhaps even quadruple turncoat, first when he went against Taib in 1987, then when he rejoined Taib's government, when he caused the de-registration of PBDS, and almost did the same thing to PRS, all in all a traitor to his race and to the people of Sarawak.

All he has ever done is to advance his own personal agenda rather than that of his people or of Sarawakians in general.

Anwar, the de facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Pakatan Rakyat, had been claiming for several months that he had the numbers to take over the government in September.

After the March 8 polls, the BN government has 140 members of Parliament as against Pakatan Rakyat’s 82.

For Anwar to take over the government, he would need at least 30 BN MPs to cross-over.

Masing said any coalition members who hopped over to the opposition side of parliament would be committing a “betrayal of trust”. He felt that if Anwar were serious about forming a government he could wait until the next general election.

Of course Masing knows a lot about "betrayal of trust" since he has been doing it for so many years.

“The fact is that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is the duly elected leader of the country. Give him a chance and let him do his work. Until then he should serve his term as the duly elected leader.

The fact is that "duly" elected leaders can become duly unelected as well at any time they no longer act in the interests of the country or the people. Abdullah was elected by UMNO and the BN, but if his own MPs no longer have any faith in him why should he be given any further chance to mess things up even more? If the MPs who elected him cross over to Pakatan, then he will become duly unelected.

There is no law to say that once duly elected he cannot become duly unelected or that he should serve his full term. If the duly elected people's representatives no longer have confidence in him, then by law they can remove him by calling for a vote of no confidence in Parliament, irrespective of what party they belong to. That is the law and it is called the Federal Constitution.

“Anwar is just 61, what is another five years. He can seek the mandate of the people during the next general election. That is the proper thing to do,” said Masing, who is the Sarawak Land Development Minister.

If Anwar has the mandate of the people's representatives that is as good as having the mandate of the people. That is the system and the proper thing to do. Why wait for another 5 years for Abdullah to ruin this nation beyond repair?

On Wednesday night, Sarawak BN chairman Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said Sarawakians felt offended when rumours surfaced of state BN members contemplating hopping to other parties for the sake of positions and other benefits.

Which Sarawakians felt offended? Most Sarawakians would be overjoyed if this was to happen. What is offensive is Taib saying that these MPs would do it for the sake of positions and other benefits. Why can't they do it for the sake of the state and the country, for Sarawakians and Malaysians?

“Sarawak people may have been poor at one time but I can tell you that we cannot be bought and we will not hop blindly when other people ask us to do so.

This implies that Sarawak people are no longer poor. Taib knows very well how much it costs to buy votes, a common practice of the BN. Hopefully Sarawakians are no longer as blind as he still thinks they are.

“I can assure the prime minister that the people of Sarawak will never forget what the BN leadership has done for our state,” he said at a dinner held in connection with the BN Elected Representatives’ Wives Annual Programme here, which was officiated by Abdullah.

Sarawak Headhunter urges all Sarawakians never to forget what the BN leadership has done to our state. It is high time that the BN government was kicked out.

In turn, Abdullah assured that Sarawak would get more value-added development and thanked Sarawak for its continuous support for the ruling coalition.

More value-added development for whom? Why should we trust anything that Abdullah has to say anymore?

“Tan Sri Taib said thank you to us but I must say this: You may thank us for whatever little things that we have done for you but I have to thank Sarawak for not forgetting the BN,” said Abdullah, who is the national BN chairman.

In particular, Abdullah has to thank Sarawakians for letting the Malayans have full control over Sarawak's petroleum resources, without which BN would not have been able to stay in power for so long. Even then BN has already lost 5 states to Pakatan because of abuse of power and misuse of resources.

Reacting to Abdullah’s comment, Masing said he was touched that the premier had acknowledged Sarawak’s support for the BN.

Let's hope he will still be touched when Sarawakians support the opposition instead.

“I hope the federal government will also reciprocate by giving us development projects that the state is in need of,” he said.

The question is why is the state which is rich in natural resources still in need of development projects and why do we have to beg the federal government for projects?


Sean E said...

Unfortunatelu, leaders like James Masing are aplenty in third world countries.

Once they are elected and in power, all their care about is their pockets, family and cronies.

Due to gerrymandering of our electoral system and abuse of state machinery, it is diffciult to dislodge such leaders. Election after election, the rural voters are cheated again and again.

anaksedihsarawak said...

Masing, just like his fellow colleages in the sarawak BN, is person without a soul and conscience. Deep inside their hearts, they know how the federal government had sodomised the sarawakians, with the state government in cahoots. But they will do and say the opposite, just to stay in power for their own selfish interests and continue to benefit while the people continue to suffer.

The reason they can stay in power is obvious. Because the rural people are poor and ignorant. The tragedy is that these are the people who ensure that BN win in the election because the BN scumbags will use money to provide temporary relief to their poverty.

To Masing and his bunch of sycophants, go to hell...

abdullah said...

I like you sense of answer. Keep it up.

From KL.

chapchai said...

Who is Masing calling turncoat and using the phrase "betrayal of trust"? These are two aspects he is very familiar with as we all know. Hmm, I wonder how he brings himself to look in the mirror. And as for giving Abdullah time, how much time does he want? Time is definitely not on the side of Sarawak.

The truth is BN has failed the MAJORITY of Sarawakians who, I hope, will give Anwar a chance to put things right. I will even give the green folks from Mars a chance if I think they can improve things in Sarawak.

I hope the 30 BN lawmakers will not let the people of Sarawak and Sabah down.

Shiok Guy said...

How can they always has NO Shame when they open their stupid mouth. I would like to be a politician and I would not want to be one like this..


Shiok Guy

Anonymous said...

What makes you think that BN has failed Sarawakians? Look around you and see for your self? BN has ruled Sarawak for only 45 years, have you seen Sarawak development blue print, RECODA, SCORE. Look at the success story of Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) look at the success story of other agencies. How do you know Anwar will bring Sarawak to a greater height. If he can, he could have done that when we was the Deputy Prime Minister, but what did he do? He sondomise his aide. Now being the deF##kto leader of PKR he again sondomise his aide. So do you want a leader who plays with you back side all the time.

Sarawak has grown into a state which chich is continually building on its capacity, building on it human resorces with Universities in some of the major town. Skill training for its skill workers, ILP, IKM, CDB, ICATs, UiTM campus in Kota Samarahan, Mukah and etc. Sarawak is developing its Renewable Energy corridor. But what is Anwar's vision for Sarawak...sondomise our back? NOw way Anwar, let him the back side of PAS, UNMO, MIC, MCA and Gerakan or even DAP in Peninsur Malaysia. We don't need Anwar to screw our back side in Sarawak.

Desmond said...

This blog only know how to criticize like a small child. Sarawak Headhunter what have you done for Sarawak? Share us your contribution! A Typical NATO (No action Talk Only)!

Anonymous said...


I am impressed with the rosy account of what Sarawak had achieved and continued to achieve 45 years and to follow.

BUT ...

(1) Who are incharge of Natural Resource Planning and Finance in Sarawak?

(2) Who actually benefits from all those Development Master Print?

(3)What and how amendements to Land Code brought to rural NCR "owners"?

(3) Yes a dam was built in Batang Ai (1000 ha of lands were flooded). Bakun Hydro is progressing well, albeit Sime Darby had pulled out. Now Bengoh Dam is going to be built. Who are the contractors? Who will get the timber licence before 1,000 ha of land will be flooded? Ordinary kampung/longhouse folks heard the buz words - MEGA PROJECTS! Oh! People in the corridor of powers had the outfits to embark into these projects. The poor folks just look out of their wooden windows - millions of RM waiving goodbye folks. The Meat for us you get the bones!

Why do you use "SODOMY"? Rural folks dont know what it is. This indicates your poor upbringing (vulgar words)! Polish your thoughts first, purified your heart and speak with clean words.

Anonymous, please be objective to defend your GODFATHER (whoever they are) by painting a rosy picture of what Sarawak has achieved. YES, Sarawak has progressed BUT who BENEFITS and for WHOM? Who has NOT enjoy the FRUITS due to lop-sided implementation.

A Sarawak Politician once said, "IF I SHAKE MY HEAD, MY BOSS WILL SHAKE MY CHAIR"! So, toe the line rather than give dessenting views and receive the "CANDY"

Former Gerakan President lamented of being a "beggar" party ove the last 25 years in BN. President of MCA and MIC are now more outspoken now odf the way things are run. Sabah SAPP and UPKO are now questioning the leadership. Ruralbased party such as PRS, SPDP and PESAK Wing of PBB should speak up or they would become irrelevant with new younger voters giving the true pictures of what has been happening. BUMIPUTRA wings of PBB lead by our Beloved CM will continue to win hands down in their areas anytime because HIS wakil Rakyaat takes GOOD care of Their people (ENOUGH RINGGIT and SEN for all) - SEDC, PELITA, STIDC, SYT SESCO BHD, ASSAR and host of cash-rich Companies in their stable.

Come ANNUAR! (we know his creditial as former student leader in the 70s, join UMNO, than ousted in 1998 and now PR Advisor) SAVE Sarawak from being plundered by "WHITE TERMITES"! From there we CROSS the bridge.

Anonymous said...

Article by Jetty:

Abdul Taib Mahmud has been at the helm of the State Government since 26 March 1981 till this day, a record of more than 26 years unsurpassed by any record in any State in Malaysia. Sooner or later he will have to go. Either on his own wish or fate will intervene.

Click the link to continue reading..

Anonymous said...


theSUNDAYPOST Sunday August 17, 2008 page 12 reads, ...

"Not the road to expect after 45 years of independence!"

Anoymous crowed about RECODA, SCORE, the success storey of BDA, capacity building infras, etc ...

Anonymous has a myopic vision NOT VISION 2020. He is short-sighted! He sees only one side of the coin. Why? The fact is that he is the "TALI BARUT" to hoodwink the poor rakyat.

Did he read about the students in Kapit? The Dy Minister of Education saw it! And yet Anonymous has the cheek to tell Sarawakian all the rosy pictures.

He should read the actual survey done by an independent reasearche of SOcial IMpact STudies (SIS)

Anoymous ADA BACA TAK? Otherwise, I say sorry for you friend (YOU ARE A RIP VAN WINKLE of MODERN TIMES

Tbsbidayuh said...

it's time to think again what we got from BN in 45 years compare to other states.

We gave a lot but receive a little. Is this the best kind of democracy? Blame the rain and wind for doing nothing?

Sarawak always belong to its peoples and not for "new colonialism"

Best Regards,
The Lost Aborigine

c.m.suxxxx said...

Quote for Anonymous' comment on August 17, 2008 9:11 AM....

helo brader..i bet u hail from ulu sungai kapit and never been to the real world out here where a lot of sh*ts happened!!

come on la!why give such an **sHole instances for ur so called development like RECODA,SCORE,ILP etc..u see,ppl will only laugh at u for your stupidity!

45 years and those things u call developed?fuct off u anonymous!wake up u moron!bullshit!
u jilat burit taib mahmud ka makan taik nya?i think both!

anyways,thanks for u guys out there who tried to teach "anonymous" a lesson to learn..

i support sarawak headhunter!!agi idup agi ngelaban!

Anonymous said...

Annoymous is trying to impress by mentioning the government plans. What he didn't know is that these plans still remain as plan so far and haven't see any result yet that haas benefit the people. Bintulu Port Authority???? You really have no idea eh. Well, it is ran by the federal government, meaning to said all the money earned goes to Semanjung and not Sarawak. The bosses working there are majority from the other side. Sarwakians like you and me good in driving the tens of forklift and as coolies now in the port.