Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Taib's Satanic Agenda

Taib after the Land of the Dead

Posted by A Abdillah on August 18, 2008 on Sarawak Talk at 04:18:19:

Taib is now after the Land of the Dead

Many Sarawakians are fully aware that Taib Mahmud and his cronies by way of abuses of political power through the State policy of Politics of Development, have robbed and accumulated the wealth and riches of the state of Sarawak by awarding the timber licences to their own companies and political and business associates to extract the State’s forest resources; control State, private and NCR land ownership and pass those economically potential lands to their own companies for agricultural, commercial and real estate development purposes; monopolise govt contracts and public projects big and small through the various State and federal depts and state agencies and channel them to their own business entities; demand illegal extortion money from Chinese businessmen and investors big and small.

On the other hand Taib Mahmud and his gang of thieves have continuously blocked and denied the people of Sarawak their share and access to the State wealth and resources namely ownership and development of state lands and NCR lands for commercial and agricultural purposes, the award of govt contracts and public projects, the administrative and financial support from state and relevant agencies.

Since Taib Mahmud holds power in 1981, there is little economic progress achieved by the people of Sarawak. The majority of the people especially the Bumis still live in a substandard standard of living. Ownership of commercially valuable private lands, plantations, real estate land and projects, business ownership and financial wealth are mainly owned by Taib Mahmud and his entourage of thieves. One may conclude that any greedy man will have to stop somewhere. Wrong! This man who believes in borderless greed is unstoppable! Now he is going after the dead! Can you imagine that?!

Recently we heard he had a hand in the demolition of the muslim cemetery located at jln Tun Ahmad Zaidi. True to his image as an unrepentant hardcore hypocrite he put up a pretense that he was not in the know on the matter. The chairman of Lembaga Amanah Kebajikan Mesjid Negeri Sarawak who is his brother-in-law, is in cahoots with Taib Mahmud to demolish the grave site to give way for their own real estate development. In Islam one must recognize that the dead have rights too. Hence we should respect the dead and their resting place.

Muslims are forbidden to build even mosques on a muslim graveyard. The chairman of LAKMNS and Taib Mahmud’s argument that the burial ground is no more in use and hence is considered abandoned, and thereby of no use to any one is dead wrong. There are many sites, places in Sarawak though they are no more active are highly valued for their educational, historical and economic significance. The Niah cave is no more used by the descendants of the cavemen, yet it is a very important tourist site.

The muslim cemetery is believed to be 100 years old. Hence the burial site should be maintained as a historical site especially for the descendants of those buried there. The demolition act is in fact a testing ground for Taib’s satanic agenda. Taib has been eyeing the Malay lands across the Sarawak river. However there is a catch here. Within the Malay kampung sites are are located a number of graveyards.

So if Taib wants the kampong lands, he has to go through the Land of the Dead. As I said this man knows no bounds, even though he himself has one foot in the grave. Looks like he is going to take the risk – demolish the World of the Dead. If a man intends to destroy the alam barzakh he is invoking the wrath of ALLAH . The muslims in Sarawak should rise against this man whose lusts are unprecedented in the entire history of Sarawak dating back to the early history of the Brunei sultanate rule.


Desmond said...

Who are you to call ppl satan? Are you God?

Anonymous said...

yes this is a bit too much. Remember when you point one finger at other people four of your own fingers are pointing back at you. I am sure when you are in power, you will be worse that the people you have branded in our blog.

I hope you don't hide behind the veil of your blog so that the afflicted people concern in your blog can seek legal redress against your allegation. Be brave enough and reveal your true identity just like RPK. Don't hide under the veil of your blog.

sad and angry said...

'Tahi Mahu" does not believe in God or Allah. He has no soul. Any God-fearing man will not do what he have done in his lifetime and continues to do so.

He thinks he is God and he plays God.

But he is Satan in human form.

The sight of him makes me want to puk. Arrrrggh !!!

chapchai said...

Perhaps his days are numbered and he realises this which is why he is robbing the dead.

Anonymous said...

Anwar: Taib’s dominance must end

Tony Thien
August 20, 2008

Opposition icon Anwar Ibrahim, who has promised to take control of Parliament and form a new government by Sept 16, has called for change in Sarawak, saying the East Malaysian state has been dominated by one man - chief minister Taib Mahmud - for too long.

MCPX“There must be change, nobody should stay too long and control everything,” he told Malaysiakini when met at the sidelines of his campaign for the Permatang Pauh by-election.

“You cannot afford to have a gap that is too wide between the rich and poor,” he added.

Resource-rich Sarawak has been controlled by Taib since 1981. The Barisan Nasional strongman has through the decades fended off the opposition, helping his Umno-led grouping to maintain its stranglehold on the state. Even now, the opposition holds only nine seats in the state assembly, while BN has 62.

But according to Anwar, rumblings of discontent are growing louder and the time is now ripe to make headway there with his reformation agenda of bringing change to the existing political, judiciary and socio-economic systems.

“The Malays are always worried about other people taking their rights away, but it is their leaders who are doing so,” he said. “I received a SMS from some people in Kuching complaining about their Muslim cemetery land.”

There have been recent reports of dissatisfaction among Malay groups there, protesting that cemetery land is being taken away and given to big companies for redevelopment into commercial or residential sites.

Sept 16 still on target

Anwar once again reiterated that his Pakatan Rakyat opposition alliance is poised to sweep power by Sept 16, even though it now only commands 82 seats in parliament compared with the ruling BN’s 140 seats..

The former deputy prime minister has not given details on how he hopes to achieve the result, but political observers believe there may be switchovers from the BN camp if he wins the Permatang Pauh seat and returns to parliament to officially lead the opposition.

Meanwhile, Anwar also accused BN, especially Umno, of resorting to personal attacks against him in the campaign.

He lashed out at Wanita Umno deputy chief Sharizat Abdul Jalil, who earlier declared ‘jihad’ (holy war) against him.

He claimed that Sharizat was feeling sour because she lost to his daughter Nurul Izzah during the March 8 polls.

“For that she announced a holy war against me and Sharizat should be the last to talk about it herself!” he hit back.

Confident of winning

Regarded as a hero by his supporters for uniting and leading the opposition to its biggest ever haul during the March general election, Anwar expressed confidence about winning in Permatang Pauh against BN candidate Arif Shah Omar Shah but declined to predict by how many votes.

Permatang Pauh, a quiet northern town, has drawn hordes of supporters and is now the focus of national attention. While many believe it is a given that Anwar will win, bookies are doing a roaring business taking odds on the size of his majority.

According to the latest talk in the warungs or coffee shops that dot the semi-urban town, the going bet now is that Anwar will win with a majority in excess of at least 10,000 votes if the voting turnout is more than 70 percent.

The Permatang Pauh seat fell vacant after Anwar’s wife PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail vacated it to pave the way for her husband’s return to parliament after a 10-year absence.

A former prime minister in waiting, Anwar was sacked by ex-premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad in 1998 and jailed on sodomy and corruption charges he says were framed by his political enemies.

He was released in 2004, a few months after Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi took over from Mahathir.

While the previous sodomy charge was overturned by the courts, Anwar now faces a fresh sodomy allegation, this time by former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Anwar has pleaded not guilty and claimed that it is a political conspiracy to stop him and his Pakatan alliance from taking power.

Although the sodomy case is being wielded by BN as their main campaign weapon, Anwar said he has never before experienced the kind of support he was now getting from the constituency.

He said feedback from the ground showed that “the people just don’t buy it.”

Source: Malaysiakini

Anonymous said...

Taib mahmud, hard to say la, this is a political, religious, and many issue... what i can say is sarawakian especially the muslim should know their position in sarawak. Minority is the word, but this graveyard issue is a conspiracy, many people might involve, TAIB, AWG TENGAH, BUJANG NOOR, SABRY OTHMAN, LAKMNS, taib relatives (maybe, aziz, rodziah,zainab etc), also bujang noor crony (anak Tan sri nih), facts is hidden well by sabry, the executive "secret"ary, yes... he knows better, some say rodziah is the contractor, some say faizal (aziz son @ taib nephew), the latest is bujang noor son (very famous of hornbill scam)... ohh... may be not that famous, heee... heee...

Ya looo... but the facts is, most of top leader of sarawak organization is very wealthy, SABRY of lakmns "millionaire" with just one source of income" haaa... maybe from profit sharing in jamek renovation using aziz and crony company, hee... maintainance of masja building (cergas asli sdn bhd) nephew of sabry, hee... ayooo... to much this guy... i wonder why people of sarawak cannot question the governance of this charitable trust organization... 4 mil plus for What..mashid bahagian renovation... 5% lo00... coz sabry house is not complete yet... so big oooo.... baitulmakmur... so makmur (i dont know) , abg shebli of baitul mal (but this guy is much more clever (champion in hide and seek), you know lah... a new building is coming in... sure help aziz meeehh.. abdullah shit.. blue eye of taib... look like poor... but ..you cannot hide "taik meh.... so close with busrah... loyal to aziz, lfc, hahaaa... ayooo... so many so call intelligence people with corrupt mind....

angkat pelir cm only... but... cm some time doestn know what his trusted people like bujang noor, sabry, shebli, dollah and many more deal outside the board meeting... hee.... anyway.... taib as a person is good, but his political power make people arround him tamak,... relatives etc... using name...

conclusion... u ask sabry to do press conference laa... national issue... he is aware maa... bujang noor is also in picture.... wrong time, wrong place, ... it happen... i belief this matter will be silent in few month time... money talk...

but remember, chinese is laughing with current developement, they move forward... creating more wealth... without or with political support, (but ussually they sponsore from behind laaa...

just la mathma ghandi say in this blog that attract to read and always remember is:-

The Roots of Violence:
wealth without work,
pleasure without conscience,
knowledge without character,
commerce without morality,
science without humanity,
worship without sacrifice,
politics without principles.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Anonymous said...

merinsa meh mensia maioh ketegal orang ke baka tu. berapa maioh duit enggau reta tengkira ti ka digiga lalu dikena siko mensia sepemanjai umur ia diau di dunya tu? anang kelalu bam bakanya meh kita. kala berunding ka orang bukai? if one do not believe in God then at least have compassion towards others...dead or alive.

Anonymous said...

people like you are just not happy when others are achieving great length yaaa..dengki kah mun orang lain dapat tender and ktak sik dapat??? hahaha kasian dey lohhhh!!!