Sunday, July 27, 2008

Damn Taib!

Damn the dam critic
By Puvaneswary Devindran, Borneo Post, 26.7.2008

Taib slams activist; says he should make careful study before opening his mouth

Sarawak Headhunter slams Taib; says his days are over and his time is up

KUCHING: Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud yesterday said the criticism directed at Sarawak’s 12 proposed hydroelectric dams was an ‘old tune’ played by someone ignorant of the state’s condition and its future direction.

Sarawak Headhunter's comments (in red): Taib must think that he can still fool all the people all the time. This is not merely an 'old tune' of his which Sarawakians, especially the natives in whose areas these dams will be built, will be condemned to hear but also put up with and suffer in silence if he remains in office and the BN continues to be in government of the state.

He said the world was facing depleting energy resources, particularly fossil fuel, where for every four barrels of oil used, only one new barrel was found.

“The world has been trying to overcome this, and then someone in Penang comes up to sing the same old tune and criticise Sarawak without knowing what the condition here is like.

And what is the condition there like? Does Sarawak really need all those damn dams?

“He (critic) should make a careful study before opening his mouth,” the Chief Minister told reporters after opening the Sixth Wacana Pendidikan Islam at a hotel here yesterday.

Taib did not say who that ‘someone’ was but he nevertheless slammed the person and others for making an issue out of the whole thing when it was a non-issue in the first place.

Taib of course would like it to be a non-issue in the first place so that all the timber in the dam areas could be cut and shipped out of Sarawak without any fuss. That's what Ting Pek Khiing did in Bakun and got away with billions worth of timber as well as compensation of a few hundred million ringgit from the BN Federal Government for having to give up the dam building contract.

So let's not make an issue of these 12 other dams, shall we?

Just for the record, perhaps Taib will not mind letting us all know just how much worth of timber are we talking about here? And how many natives will be chased out of these dam areas and for what compensation?

Let's not get confused about the issues, shall we?

Taib, you can't fool us anymore. Your days are over and your time is up.


CT Choo said...

I hope your message will get thru' to the voters throughout Sarawak come the state elections.

lanjak-entimau said...

Where MSM is unreliable, we believe in rumours and the latest is this: parliament might be dissolved - dibubarkan.

So Al Tugauw, your prediction might just be true. This white hair-man's time is up.

Antares said...

I have thus far refrained from saying too much about the medieval management style of the Sarawak government under Taib Mahmud (and sons) mainly because my understanding of Sarawak politics isn't deep. But when it comes to such avaricious and pernicious rape of our natural and cultural heritage - not to mention the humble tribespeople who choose to carry on with their simple lives, supported by Nature's bounty - I can only say I am very grateful to see what you're doing on this blog, Al Tugauw. Bless you, my friend, and I know you're quite right. The old political paradigm is about to crumble - and take down all the robber barons in BN! Lawan tetap lawan, as Anwar says, and I pray that there will be enough courageous and honest leaders in Sarawak who will work with us to usher in a new dawn of freedom, justice and truth in Malaysia :-)

lanjak-entimau said...

“He added such development would enhance the economy which would then benefit the people of the state.” Borneo Post 30th July talking about the DAM.

We, in lanjak-entimau , knew this to be false. All my kin, the mouse deer, kijang, tupai, babi liar etc, etc know that an area the size of Singapore was destroyed when Bakun was constructed; the one to benefit was Tan Sri Ting Phik Ping. Where had you human beings benefitted?

My friends, the 2 thousand yr old trees have cold sweats whenever the names Ting Phik King or Taib Mahmud were mentioned. They said “Murderers, murderers coming.” I told them about the castle of Saruman that were destroyed when trees could walk, but alas, it had been far too long they were stationary. Will they walk again? Not in this life, they said, but when they’ll meet him in the next life, the crimes they point out would include the streams polluted with diesel, the siltation of rivers, the forest laid bare and the dead bodies of the fishes; mengalan, Ikan semah, Ikan tapah etc. They would point to their disappearing friends the Penan, Kayan, Iban, the guardians of the trees and forest that for hundred of years live side by side with them.

I weep for the animals, rocks, trees and rivers; their spirits are not there anymore. They do not weep and they do not laugh. They have given up their lives. But isn’t it ironic, their death also means the death of every human beings? The earth can sustain human’s lives, but it cannot support human’s greed. (The Spirit of Bob Hunter).

Anonymous said...

U make me laugh when I read your blog. ATM is there to stay. He is a good CM. Al Tugauw is only brave to write in in blog but did not dare to resign from his position and contest against ATM.

ATM will still prevail in 2010.

Dr.John Brian Anthony said...

Sarawak should control its resources. That is the reason for setting uo NREB.Such being the case, Sarawak do not need to comply with DOE EIA requirement. In Sarawak, the EIA work is given to YB company whose EIA work is well below standard.Then Taib use the worthless EIA that has been approved by NREB to substantiate his case. Taib as Head of NREB must understand that he is holding responsibilty that is with conflict interest. A person who want to develop dam should be the person who approve the EIA for the dam. Taib, please don't waste Sarawak resources just to feed your children and political monkeys. Sarawak don't need those dams. If you need the money learn to do decent business BUT stop robbing Sarawak of its resources. Taib you are old and senile, you can't learn anymore because dirty politician treat you like "god" and we know you behave like "goat". Bye Taib - live your life to the fullest, your time is coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

Another state leader has lashed out at certain environmentalists who criticised the proposed building of 12 hydro-electricity dams in Sarawak.

Land Development Minister Dato Sri Dr James Masing, in reminding the environmentalists to be responsible when making criticisms, said those people were making unfavourable judgements about the dams just to ‘cakap cakap’ (make noise) in order to get the fund from their sponsors.

“They just ‘cakap-cakap’. If they do not ‘cakap-cakap’ there would be no fund,” said Masing, who is Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president.

Believing that the activists did not understand the actual issue at hand, Masing said they should be fair and avoid using that kind of incentive (making noise).

When met at a function here yesterday, Masing said he would like to pose them a challenge.

“Be more responsible. My challenge is for them to be responsible sometimes and do not judge others when not knowing what to do.

“They may not know but we (government) do,” he said.

He pointed out that hydro power was one of the cleanest renewable energies which people look for all over the world and one could find that in Sarawak.

“To me, the government has the right to build the hydro dams.

“And more so when they are to build in scarcely populated areas.

“For people to assume that we do not care for the environment is wrong as the Sarawak government is a responsible one and it is mindful of any impact of any development on the environment.

“We are as good as anybody else in understanding the issue. Our leaders are equally qualified and careful in this matter.

“Hydro power is clean and cheap renewable energy. As we have it why don’t we develop it?” he asked.

Masing said he regretted that certain fellow Malaysians had accused the government for being irresponsible and careless about the environment.

He said even if the government did not have the ability to understand environment issues and the relevant experts, it could always find the experts from outside the country.

“If we don’t have the ability (to understand), we buy it (knowledge) from somewhere or if don’t have the brain (experts) we buy the brain. But nobody should accuse us of not caring about the environment,” the minister said.

On the environmentalists’ fear that rural people would be displaced should such developments go on, Masing said it might sometimes be inevitable.

But he assured that the so-called Baleh dam – which can generate 1,400 megawatt of electricity – was situated in an area where there were no people.

He said resettlement was not an issue.

Masing, who is Baleh assemblyman, said should resettlement occurred, the government would never neglect the affected people because “after all they are our people”.

On July 30, Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said the 12 hydro-electricity dams would go on for the sake of economic development despite the constant criticisms, sometimes destructive, coming from the activists.

The environmentalists might have their say on the environment but it would be the people in the government who decided on how best to charter the course of the state’s future and also to further develop its economy,” he had said.

“They voice their concerns but the government decides.

“And we have to weigh development and its impact on the environment,” he said, adding that he could not allow a small group to decide on the betterment and future of the people.

Such development would enhance the economy which would then benefit the people of Sarawak, he said during a special interview for the media in connection to the state’s 45th independence anniversary.

He said criticisms, particularly from the environmentalists, only focused on their own point of view or concerns but failed to consider other aspects including economic prosperity.

The government’s plan to build the 12 hydro-electricity dams in Sarawak have been criticised by the environmentalists.

Among other things, they questioned the impact on Mulu National Park, if the Tutoh dam were built.

They are also worried that the dams would lead to the destruction of Borneo’s natural environment and wildlife and also the displacement of the rural people.

Besides Tutoh, the other proposed dams are located at Ulu Air, Metjawah, Belaga, Baleh, Belepeh, Lawas, Limbang, Baram, Murum and Linau rivers.

The plan which also seeks to meet future industrialisation needs would also include an extension to the Batang Ai dam.


Anon says:-
U make me laugh when I read your blog. ATM is there to stay. He is a good CM. Al Tugauw is only brave to write in in blog but did not dare to resign from his position and contest against ATM.

ATM will still prevail in 2010.

Thank you my Sarawakian frnd,

sebab orang macam kaulah Kami UMNO masih hidup dan memerintah kerajaan Persekutuan. Selagi orang Sarawak BODOH macam kay he! He!!!!!!!!!! selagi itulah kami memerintah dan menjajah negeri kamu. Millions TQ.....

lanjak-entimau said...

Fact. New concession would put Sarawak in a poor light especially when concessions are currently awarded to certain group and families only. The Hydro project will definitely be on in 2010, but that is the smokescreen. The main aim is to award the harvesting of timber under the proposed project and exactly as in Bakun, there is no certainty the various projects would be completed.

Fact 3. Bakun itself is not completely out of its sink-hole. Original proposal included (1) Undersea cable to W Malaysia and Singapore. That is very unlikely when S Darby calculated the IRR for such investment was negative. The undersea cable which was projected at RM4.6 b has now been calculated to escalate to RM9 b. (2) Sell of electricity to Brunei and Indonesia. That was a stupid projection mooted both by the state government and Ekran.

If Bakun itself is not fully utilised as per its initial projection, what is the necessity of 10 more HEP?

The talk now is switched to safeguarding the economic activities of the future generation. Is there are need for that? Yes, but does the answer lies in repeating the mistake of Bakun?

I want to list more questions but this is Al Tugauw’s blog. If you say Taib is a good CM and you are a beneficiary of his goodness, I can understand that. And just a few parting questions:

1. What was the total revenue from timber; concessions and taxes since Taib took over?

2. What percentage of that sum was placed in “renewable” income, like government securities for the “future generations”? Look at Singapore than does not have “renewable energy”; how does it survive?

3. What is total borrowing
(including guarantees) of the state as compared to its income? If they care about the “future”, why is the state adding burden to the future generations?

4. How much was spent on the new ADUN building? What was the cost over-run?

Don’t tell me Sarawak income had been for roads, hospitals, schools. This is all rubbish – we W Malaysian say only “talk co*k”. Sarawak roads are all maintained by CMS, why? Where is the trans-Borneo Highway that was mooted more than 30 year ago? Sarawak continued to be raped and we have people who says, “Taib Mahmud is a good CM” .... poraah.

Anonymous said...

It is always easy to crtiicise whatever that the government do is not for the good of the people. Indviduals who are politically inclined and claimed to be environmentalist will always said that whatever government policies is always not good. This is espically so in the case of this blog, but the blog owner do not have the gut to repeat it in public and this I view as a coward.

The leaders, notably the state leaders knows what is good and what is not good for the state. The birth of all the dams have been planned long before and when the leaders do this they don't just do it abruptly. I am sure they have look at the various aspects of the future need of the state and I am sure they have put the state interest and public choice at first place before asking the consultants to stuudy the implications, the cost and analysis of the benefits of the dam.

Do you want to have no jobs and still leave in the backwaters of Sarawak. Do you want your relatives to still remain in the ulu longhouses or do you want then to have a better quality of life with electricity and water supply to their long house. If your chioice is the second choice than all those dam projects should be implemented. But if you still want to see another fellow Iban live in poverty in the ulu, well go ahead and ask the government to stop the dam project.

Anonymous said...

To Dr. John Brian

What you wrote here is nothing but all ficticious lies and you do not know the real scenario. Name the politician who has been given the right to deal with the EIA. Don't you know that all matters pertaining to enviornment lies in the concurrent list where both the state legislative assembly as well as the Dewan Rakyat can enact laws pertaining to environment. Sarawak infact is the first state in Malaysia to have laws pertaining to enviromnent and the enforcement agency responsible for enforcement of environment legislation in Sarawak is NREB. NREB was formed earlier than the Department of Environment, a Federal Agency and is responsible to enforce laws/legislations enacted by Parliament.

So are you implying that the State Leaders or Federal Leaders are corrupt? But can you name who are those politicians who you accused of setting up companies to conducted the EIA? This to me is abbsurd since most of the EIA are actually conducted by consultants who are either licensed by the NREB or the Department of Enviromnent. Some of these people are specialised professionals such as geologist, engineers, hydrologists, economists and ofcourse social scientist. These are the people whose expertise are often sought for when the EIA are conducted. Do you mean that the geologist are of sub standard, the engineers and third class engineers, the hydrologist who holds a PhD in hydrologist bought their PhD. If the bought their degree from some degree mills than you can say that the EIA reports that they perpare are of sub-standard. I know some of the EIA consultants and some of them have many years of experience as researchers and some of them have written papers in international journals and hold important posts in either the public or private universities. In some instances, expert professional advise are sought for if it is required. Prof Jeff Sach, the renown novel winner expert advise was sought for by the state government of the socio-economic benefits of the 12 dams. He concure with the State government that the prjects should go ahead because he sees the potentials of the dams in the socio-economic development of the dams. China, India, the US, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world have hundred of dams built in their countries. And can you see the impact of the dams towards the economic development of the country?

Another question I would like to ask you is will you disconnect the electricity to your house or your office if you know that the electricity connected to you house/office comes from the dam. If the bakun dam project is completed will you disconnect theelectricity to your longhouse in Sebauh knowing very well that the electricty comes from Bakun which you are very much against?
Have you not seen the other economic benifit of the dams on the locals. Look at Batang Air, had it not been because of the dam, many economic activities in Batang air such as rearing of fish would not have been there. Now fish from Batang Air are exported outside Lubok Antu to hotels, restaurants and etc. So are you not going to buy red talipia if you know that these fishes comes from the Batang Ai Dam. Our leaders are correct in asking the enviornmentalists not to politicise the dams. Because at the end of the day, it is not the environmentalist who is going to put the food in the plates of those needy people or those poor rural dwellers. It is these leaders who have to find the best affirmative actions to alleviate all these.

Anonymous said...

obviously the 12 dams is to powered up China in future terms. and perhaps Taib got a lot of money for it. great. he basically had sold Sarawak to China.

great leader eyh?

lanjak-entimau said...

and of course, 28 years as CM and there are 30,000 Ibans in Johore, not counting the thousands more in N Semblina, Malacca, Selangor, Penang. So that is the economic plan of our wise and good CM...ah?

(Note: I am also a 'reject' of CM's economic policy).

Batman said...

Waste of money to build 12 dams when One Bakun dam provide enough electricity for the whole of Sarawak. First Silicon loses Billions before being sold off. The money would be better used for building other infrastructure like a proper highway with 4 lanes from Kuching to Miri. Taib economic management and speeches REALLY SUCK!

Ing said...

Sarawak State Election in 2010! Stop been fooled by the BN. Start asking your friends around to come back and vote! We need your votes!

We can't just keep on complain without action!

Spread this out especially the natives, stop been fooled by the BN's umpang - RM20, RM200 atau pun RM2000? Janganlah kena tipu lagi, itu bukan yang kita mau. kita mau tempat kita selamat dan hidup selaman nya~ STOP DAMs!
Say NO to TAIB MAHMUD! Let's all join the OPPOSITION!

Ing (

Joker said...

Taib probably awards these projects to his families and cronies like Naim, CMS, etc and these people sub-contract to the Chinese.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

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rawdawgbuffalo and if u like what u read, maybe u will come back, even Blog Roll Me