Sunday, August 17, 2008

BN Pushing Sarawak & Sabah Aside

"All the leaders are busy quarrelling in the august House, who is fighting for the people?" sighed the grandfather to 14, greatly disgusted with the behaviour and performance of both members of the ruling and opposition parties in Parliament.

"Sabah and Sarawak won the general election for the Barisan Nasional. Now, they're asking for things but they are being pushed aside," (Md Saad Din, 61, Permatang Pauh).

More than disgust, however, was his overwhelming disappointment with the political leaders; in the course of developing the country, he felt they had lost sight of what it means to be mature.

"The political parties are not wrong. Umno is not wrong, PKR is not wrong, Pas is not wrong. The ones who are wrong are the leaders. Everything is pushed aside because of money," he remarked.

As such, corruption leads to arrogance, which is leading to a decay of morals, ethics and civility in society.

From The Malaysian Insider, 15.8.2008

Do Sarawakians still want to support BN and their corrupt leaders? They will say and do anything just to stay in power and continue to have full access to the state's resources and wealth.


chapchai said...

Ah, but you had a visit from the PM who recorded his appreciation of the support given by Sarawakians and Sabahans. What more do you want? However, if you want more than words of appreciation I suggest you insist that your representative in Parliament switch his support to Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

What does this old man know about what happened in Sarawak? All we know he never set foot on our soil. He may have read and saw news on PM visiting Sawawak. All we know he might percieved that the Dayak still live in trees, wearing loin cloths or cawat as depicted in this web site.

Do you think that Sarawak leaders are corrupt? Why don't you report them to the ACA if you have the evdences? Why are you only daring to write and accuse them in your blog. In fact if you know that they are corrupt you should have reported them by failing to report, indeed you are conspiring with them. As f or me I do not have the evidence and I do not want to accuse them of being corrupt.

Anonymous said...


In Sarawak, it appears that those in power are pushing their nominees to acquire lands (State Lands, NCR, etc)as fast as possible.

Just want to ask anonymous who put his comment on 17th August @ 6.433 p.m.

Can you name the person or company who aquired State Land Kuching Town L.D Block 023 (2,137 sq meters) @ MOSQUE Road Kuching?

This is just one and I hope Anonymous can go to L & S, Kuching.

Anonymous can go back to list of Timber licence holder during the 1987 Ming Court episode. He can also look at the Directors who own plantation lands.

Do a bit of research and NOT a parrot when you want to be defensive of your Godfather!

You dont have evidence that Sarawak leaders are corrupt, wait when they fall than they will be exposed like in Penang, Selangor and Perak!

All the best to you anonymous.

mode de la shadow said...

i am also a sarawakian from sibu but sometimes i give some blind believers those benefit of doubts that they have been brainwashed & thought that they are with the norm or right. nah, those BN blokes arent that bad. =))

Mike said...

When Anwar was the DPM years ago did he do anything for Sarawak?? NO!He only promise this and that for Sarawakians because he needs our support! He does not gives a damn about us and i rather c Sarawak become an independent country then being controlled by PKR and PAS! Once PKR is in control there will be power struggle among the 3 parties (PKR-DAP-PAS) and this will cause instabillity in the country. Hadi wants to become PM, Anwar wants to become PM, Kit Siang wants to become PM, in the end who will suffer? you and me!

Anonymous said...


Breaking news from Sabah - ADIK ANGKAT MUSA AMAN - MICHAEL CHIA had been arrested in Hong Kong @ 2.35pm 14/8/08 for bringing RM16 million cash. The funds are meant for PP by-election.

Anyway let Annuar Ibrahim led the opposition @ Federal level while we from Sabah and Sarawak (the marginalised ethnic minority) re-group and form PAN BORNEO Party. If our wakil rakyaat from Sarawak wanted to cling to UMNO-led BN let them be.

Let Sabah lead us - Tan Sri Bernard or Yong Teck Lee or Monjimbun. They are all let down. If Annuar comes to Putra Jaya then hopefully he can bongkar kekayaan yg di-miliki mereka.

Keep our fingure cross and see what happen after August 26 and then September 16!

anaksedihsarawak said...

Sarawak developed? That's a joke. Most of the developments are cosmestic. We are a backward state lagging behind in many aspects.

Our roads are a glaring example. Click here to read:

piyatidoria said...

sarawak nang dah lama sik diduli lagi oleh BN apatah lagik taib pun. ari tok nya madah mun federal sik beri duit, nya cari duit dirik pun utk majukan swak. tol maknanya swak negeri terkaya tapi rakyatnya menderita krn taib jak yg kaya. apapun, rakyat swak sik perlu BN lagi dan taib perlu diturunkan. Biar PR di semenanjung ajak dan di swak dipimpin oleh parti baru. kamek dengar abang jo pun dah nak ato jalan mcm ni nak jatuhkan taib krn inginkan jawatan TPM dari swak. sama juak dgn Richad Riot yg mauk jadi TMP. adakah nak diengkah jadi presiden jaga main bol, ni nya maok bah. paloi ! Fadhilah, Hasbi, nancy akan melompat juak..sik percaya, tanga kitak kelak.

Anonymous said...

Well, mike, compared to the scum that is Taib, I'd rather try my chances with Anwar and see what he can deliver. Then we can talk about whether Anwar will be shoving us Sarawakians aside.

Anonymous said...

The BN or Ministers for the matter did not failed the raykat but the people do. The people will vote for them everytime election comes. So the people are the one who like to be cheated over and over again. It is like a drug, even a majority of professional Sarawakians needed these lies to survive.