Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Farewell Address of Charles Brooke in the Council Negri Sarawak

Farewell Address in the State Council
to the Sarawak People
by Charles Brooke

“I beg that you will listen to what I have to say, that you will recollect my words, and endeavour to call them to mind when I am no longer with you. I will make known of what is in my mind to my successor, but I can only be responsible during this my lifetime.

I have lived in this country now for 60 years, and for the greater part of that time as Rajah. I know that I feel as you do in every way regarding the present and future for the existence and welfare of the inhabitants. I think after so long a period you will allow me to open my mouth and give my opinion truthfully.

Has it ever occurred to you that after my time out here others may appear with soft and smiling countenances to deprive you of what is solemenly your right, and that is the very land on which you live.

This land is your inheritance on which your flesh and blood exist, the source of your income, the food even of your mouths.

If this is once lost to you, no amount of money could recover it. That is why the cultivation of your own land by yourselves or by those that live in the country in important to you now.

Cultivation by strangers, by those who might carry the value of their products out of the country to enrich their shareholders? Such products should be realised by your own industries and for your own benefits.

Unless you follow this advice you will lose your birthright, which will be taken from you by strangers and speculators who will in their turn become masters and owners, whilst you yourselves, you people of the soil, will be thrown aside, and become nothing but coolies and outcasts of the island.”


chapchai said...

I hope the so-called leaders of the Dayaks and Malays read this.

Anonymous said...

Hi sarawak headhunter. this is the speech in video format. hope you will share it with your fellow bloggers. spread this great speech by our great king to every sarawakian.

Title: Malaysia Day Special: Speech by HRH Charles Brooke to the people of sarawak