Monday, August 25, 2008

What Sarawakians Want is a Better Highway

What Sarawakians want is a better highway
By Victor James, Kuching

The Borneo Post Online, Saturday, August 16th, 2008

I REFER to an article published in The Borneo Post on Aug 13 where the prime minister assured that Sarawak would get more value-added development.

What we in Sarawak want is for the highway to Miri to be upgraded from its present pitiful state to be on par with the North-South Highway in the peninsula.

The state government has not fought hard enough for the federal government to channel funds for the reconstruction of the Pan Borneo Highway, which in its present state, does not reflect Sarawak’s contribution to Malaysia since the formation of Malaysia 45 years ago.

All we ask is that the federal government ask the Deputy Minister of Works who happens to be from Sarawak to travel by road from Kuching to Miri and thence through Negara Brunei Darussalam to Limbang and Lawas and thence on to Sabah, and similarly travel from Johor to Perlis via the North-South Highway and then submit a report on the condition of this Pan Borneo Highway and ask this question: Do we deserve this type of road after 45 years and the countless contributions Sarawak has made to Malaysia?

If the Deputy Minister of Works were to travel from Kuching to Miri by road, we ask that he bring along the state minister of Infrastructure Development and other officials from the Ministry of Works.

I am a regular user of the Pan Borneo Highway as my business requires me to travel by road at least once a month from Kuching to Miri where I have to call at various towns along the Pan Borneo Highway.

I have also travelled along the North-South Highway from Johor to Perlis, at least twice a year.

What we have as the Pan Borneo Highway does not reflect the contribution Sarawak has made to the Federation and we are being ‘anak tirikan’ by the federal government.

So to reflect the appreciation of the federal government for Sarawak’s contribution, improve the Pan Borneo Highway to one that is comparable to that of the North-South Highway in Semenanjung Malaysia.


Anonymous said...


The immigration check point near the border tbazaar of Biawak has been there for over 30 years. The villagers are Salakau Dayak.

The road is in sorry state even when Sarawak will be celebrating its 46th year of the formation of Malaysia. Its about 15 km.

Is it the fault of the wakil rakyaat or is just case of marginalization beacuase the people there are Salakau Dayaks and BN is not taking taking care of them beacuse of their skin, color and creed!

Will you still BN is balanced?

Anonymous said...

We don't have to compare Sarawak with Peninsular Malaysia. If we compare that we are dead and gone. First, look at how much do Sarawak contribute to the general GPD of the whole of the national GDP. Yes we may want the highway but actually how is the entire volume of traffic which traveled the entire highway every day? How many lorries traveled from Sematan up to Lawas every day? How many expresses buses traveled from Sematan to Lawas Daily? When we talk of connectivity by bus, all these buses are not even half full everyday. These buses are only full during the festive seasons such as Hari Raya, Gawai, Christmas and the like.

In addition to that, if the proposed highway is build, how much will it cost the government. Of course we can build the highway buy using the privatisation model. But the rakyat may not want it because they will have to pay tolls hefty tolls. This will anger the rakyat because we are passing the burden to them. But I am sure Sarawak Headhunter is not aware of the Coastal Road that the State Government is currently constructing because he stays in his posh bunglow in Kuala Lumpur. I doubt whether he has set his foot and traveled from Sematan to Lawas. In addition, I doubt whether he knows about the Development Master plan of the State Government.

Regarding the Biawak Road, I know the place too well, I have been to the place a couple of time. According to reliable source, in fact the government has approved the project and just have to wait for the implementation. The government has also agreed to construct the new CIQ in Biawak. Don't worry, it is in the pipeline. The problem with that area is the road might be spoil by heavy trucks carrying oil palm fruits as well as timber/logs.

If you support PKR the government will never build the road.

John said...

Building a proper highway is the first step to better tourism activities. It will shorten the time travelled and encourage more people to travel by road.

Anonymous said...

Ano said in his comments August 27 2008 @ 8.42 am.

Thank you for participating by giving comments and opinion raised in Headhunter Blog

You are good in highlighting issues and appreciate it. BUT they are of everybody's knowledge my friend.

(1) On highways ...

(2) On costal road ...

(3) On Biawak road ...

(4) On PKR ...

Yes my friend we do read MASTER PLANS after Master Plans. We also dissect the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and so forth. We dissect and digested all these. But just want to know whether you and your friends did any brain-storming sessions and actually know what you are talking about. Correct me if I question your intellectual caability! In my humble opinion it appears that you MISS the many points and still ignorant of what actually happen.

YES my dear friend, you have been travelling on the Biawak road several times. The Salakau Dayaks use it everyday for >30 years. Kesihan these poor people - dusts, bumps and waer and tears for their vehicles. They pay for the same amount of Road tax BUT where is Justice to them?

Whether ppl support PKR or BN is not an issue @ ALL. The govt of the day has to be the RAKYAAT GOVT. If it is how you look @ things and a representative of the thought process your mentor has, I can safely say you are THE RIP-VAN WINKLE of the 21st Centurt!

Again I urge you to read DAYAK BARU WEBLOG and see whether there are any sense there.

BRAVO for being a very BN to the core!

Would like URGE you AGAIN to read Dayak Baru Weblog. Good material. Post your comments and expose your real name/ic/telephone contact(s and have a meaningful discourse on issues raised. All the best to you my friend AGREE TO DISAGREE).

Anonymous said...

HI ANO ... Who posted his comments on August 27 8.42 am,

Why so quiet? No more idea? I think so lah bcos you have to parrot your Genration X mentor!

Stiil reporting to your mentor to shelf the MASTER PLAN TO BUTIMIZED BIAWAK ROAD because of PKR?

You belong to the Generation Y! Out of date lah! Now is the Generation X and moving to Generation Z.

If you look at PR MPs and DUNs, they are a good mixed of human rights, professors, NGOs, entrepreneurs, etc.

The budget 2009 is expected to be "panadol" for the rakyaat BUT that would not last long. It will be a deficit budget.

Malaysia public debt:GDP is 42% while the international "stress" level is 60%. Result? Malysia would be downgraded in international rating. Worried ia?

Have I miss some points? Yes there are more and I can lecture on the Generation X/Y/Z Saudara Ano .. who posted comments on 27th August 2008 @ 8.42AM

Anonymous said...

Basic highway construction and maintenance is just the tip of the iceberg of Sarawak's infrastructure needs. Please don't forget our flooding problems.

What Sarawakians and Malaysians really want and need is an accountable government which will not waste our hard earned tax money.

The sad reality is BN simply hasn't been able to deliver even the most basic infrastructure essential for economic development.

Anonymous said...

Hi anon
August 27, 2008 8:42 AM

Have you ever been travel Miri Bintulu Road, driving behind heavy and long vehicle, not one, two or three but lots of them? If yes then you know how the situation and this is not a seasonal scenario, its everyday my friend.

Coastal road?
Just driving from Miri to Bintulu and god....its in a sorry state, poth holes, bump and all that.

Please friend admit the fact that we need a better road.

"If you support PKR the government will never build the road"

Is that democracy???