Sunday, March 8, 2009

Whose Money Is It -Taib's, Najib's Or The People's?

Taib disburses nearly RM2 mln to flood victims
By Gaing Kunding, The Borneo Post

Comments by Sarawak Headhunter in red.

MUKAH: Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud yesterday presented special assistance (‘wang ehsan’) totalling RM1.9 million to flood victims in this division.

"Wang ehsan"? Who does Taib think the people are - beggars?

The aid benefited 6,366 families who were badly affected by the recent floods which hit the state.

That is an average of RM300 per family. Sarawak Headhunter leaves you to ponder on the adequacy of this amount.

Taib said more money would be disbursed to flood victims.

“Another RM9 million has been allocated for other flood victims in Sarawak and will be disbursed to the deserving victims once proper documentation and verification are completed.

“In fact, the government has spent about RM14 million disbursed by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in Kuching and Miri earlier on.

Government money is the people's money.

“This shows that the government cares for the people during good as well as bad times, unlike the opposition who just talk and criticise,” said Taib.

This is the duty of the government, not the opposition. The duty of the opposition is to talk and criticise the government if it misspends the people's money, is corrupt or otherwise mismanages the state.

Actually, he said, during and after big disasters like the previous prolonged floods, ways must be found to get help to the victims first, adding this was different from the approach taken by the opposition.

“The opposition prefer to look and see and then make criticisms instead of lending a helping hand,” he said.

These are entirely self-serving remarks. This is again the duty of the government, not the opposition. How can the opposition lend a helping hand when they do not have the means, which is all under the control of the government? If the government were to share some of the resources which it controls with the opposition then Taib can criticise the opposition if they do not do anything to help people.

Of course Taib assumes as usual that people are stupid enough to accept such rubbish reasoning.

Time for the people to show Taib how smart they are and how stupid he is?

Taib described the last flood as the state’s worst ever as it had caused extensive damage, destroying properties, farm lands and houses.

“But we must be patient in facing this natural disaster. Be steadfast and continue to rebuild our families, homes and income accordingly,” he said.

Nothing to do with Taib of course. Sarawak Headhunter of course is of the opinion that Taib himself is the biggest natural (human) disaster Sarawak has faced for almost 30 years. He has definitely caused more damage to the state than all the other natural disasters combined and more.

When Taib is no longer around, definitely Sarawakians will have to be steadfast and start afresh to rebuild their families, homes and incomes accordingly.

“In Kuching alone, the amount of two days of rainfall that time was equivalent to the state’s average annual rainfall.

“This never happened in our history. So it was a very big challenge posed by nature.”

Not as big as the challenge posed by Taib, his family, henchmen and cronies.

Taib pointed out that the relevant government departments and agencies had been trying their best to help the flood victims despite the bad weather and dangerous conditions.

“Actually the best way to help the victims is by mobilising the relevant government machinery. This has been proven to be effective during the last flood.

“As such, I would like to thank and commend all the government officers for their dedication and commitment to helping to the flood victims. This was made possible by their good preparation and teamwork. This could not have been created overnight,” he said.

He reminded the ‘wang ehsan’ recipients that the money was not compensation but a token of help from the government, stressing the welfare of the people was always the priority of the government.

After the "welfare" of Taib himself, his family, henchmen and cronies of course - this is top priority.

He thanked the federal government for giving the cash aid to Sarawakians.

Has the federal government ever thanked Sarawak for all the petroleum revenues derived from Sarawak which has enabled it to give such cash aid in the first place?

Remember people, this is not Taib's money or Najib's money, it is the people's money.


Anonymous said...

Sarawakian have no money lah, how to help the flooded. Taib owns all the money, let his family throw their charity to the flood, and a finger ring of his daughter is sufficient to feed thousands of families - In Sarawak, it is Taib's money, Dont any body argue or think other wise

Miss Kepayang said...

Good Sunday morning everybody, Bloggers and Blog readers alike.

Not than that I am short of intelliegence information but rather there are more urgent and pressing matter which I would like to share with you, and that is my DISAPPOINMENT.

I am disappointed because:
1)At the way Borneo Warrior blog, once a vocal supporter & friend of PKR but now running down PKR like hell (see Sarawakupdate). Blog owner Tedewin is now courting Tiyungdayak and Brokenshield with the hope of enticing them to join BN bandwagon.Note: Apparently A. Ahmad has not done enough to prevent the exodous. Latest informatin revealed that Tedewin has been tasked by Jabu to spearhead BN cyber/media war aginst Pakatan in Batang Ai.

2) All are not well within State PKR.The party leadship are at loggerhead on the choice of candidate.Its a bare fact and undeniable truth that the warring faction of Bawin and Jawah is start elbowing each other.At the time of posting Bawin is very much a lone ranger after others like Dominique, Adit, Jawah,Lagong , Munan, Jimmy abondoned him. He is only left with Ibi Uding, Baharuddin or perhaps Micheal Bong.
If the current tussle among the warring faction persit, you can say goodbye to Batang Ai.

3) The state PKR has not got its priorities right. Apparently some are not concerned about Dayak interest, serving self or group interest seemed to be the order of the day.

4) I have reason to believe that the state PKR is suffering from the "curse of the PBDS Syndrome" and is spreading like wild fire.

Mupok aku ngiga kampua mee!

aki rempit said...

I think we are coming to a point whereby NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT PARTY, all we want to see is taib and his cronies are out. As simple as that !

Bala kami serumah udah besedia ka ngelepas ke geram maya bepilih tu lagi ngicak ka sida federal ningga sebana kami enti BN alah. Nya aja meh jalai iya, batang ai by election tu meh peluang kitai.


thebastard said...

So Anonymous do you have money to help the people or do you have thinking to built up and chart the life of the people... The real leader does not talk and write only but use their GRAND Intellectual and Working Mind to help the people... Do you have anything that immediately can work your talk??? While you are in the timber company what have you done? If yopu really fight for the people why dont you be in the SYSTEM???? Or you just love to be the BLOGGERS...

thebastard said...

And one more Anonymous... who said sarawak has no MONEY???? The sarawakian are rich until they can sell of thier lands to chinese when they got the Land Titles....