Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sarawakians, Here's Where Some Of The Money Stolen From You Went

Rockcliffe 'palace' Ottawa's No. 2 home

New house valued at $9,609,000, 2nd only to Cowpland mansion


Anonymous said...

Who is this Mr. Murray and Ms. Taib?

Al Tugauw said...

Taib Mahmud's son-in-law and his (Taib's) daughter of course.

Raja said...

How is it that Jamilah Taib (a muslim) married to a Kafir? Where is JAKIM and Zul Kulim, the defender of islam?

Where is UMNO, the defender of Ketuanan Melayu and Champions of Islam?

Anonymous said...

Thieves living on the blood and sweat of Sarawakians.

Born2Reign said...

UMNO and JAKIM only interested in sodomy cases where there is not evidence.
The exception Zul Kulim is lapdog of Taib, too concerned with the Allah issue, and keeping the bible in non-Malay language.

Richard-Budak Taiping said...

Like I said before.Taib, his family & cronies are bunch of theives. Stealing thro closed tenders etc.He gives the Sarawkians scraps & loot the rest. His days are numbered. Great job for exposing this infor.

Anonymous said...

Only a few Sarawakians are critical of Taib Mahmud. Majority simply love and adore him. Proof? At every election since forever he personally gets a very big majority and his coalition also gets a very big majority. Sarawakians love Taib so much that they even elected his gangster-like son into Parliament and they must be very elated that this gangster-like son is now a deputy minister. Remember the assault on his girlfriend in KL?

I am sure all these Sarawakians are so happy that Taib's daughter owns and lives in the 2nd most expensive house in Ottawa, Canada.

Therefore my suggestion to the small minority of Sarawakians including Sarawak Headhunter who hates Taib Mahmud and wants him out is to spend less time blogging and spend more time on the ground trying to convince your fellow Sarawakians not to vote for Taib Mahmud and his coalition at the next election. Although I am not from Sarawak I believe a large majority of Sarawakians who voted for Taib Mahmud and his gang do not own a computer and therefore do not access the internet. They therefore will not be reading whatever you post on the internet. So sorry people like me who reads your postings cannot help to vote Taib Mahmud out of office.

stingray said...

Ha Ha,this show that the blind sarawakian are foolishly voting and making crooks.They are responsible for helping these crooks to live lavishly from the money that they steal from our land.Keep up you good work,sarawakian ,and one day you all will realise that there is nothing left for your children and your grand children.Then the curse will begin.
What you all see here is the tip of the iceberg.You haven't see their real wealth.

Jetty said...

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has named former Member of Parliament for Lubok Antu Jawah Gerang (pic) as its candidate for the Batang Ai by-election which is to be held on 7 April 2009, sources close to the party revealed today to Malaysiakini.

Continue reading >>

NEIL said...

This is nuts compare to what her father have 'earn' from his 'hard' work.The blame goes to all the sarawakian who have blindly elected these people who they believe will be helping them to be rich,but today we see the opposite.If they still live in dreams then that son of the dictator will continue what his father have left behind,plundering and raping the land of the hornbill.


Anonymous said...

this is the tip of iceberg.

white hair man's networth is far far more than that.

now you know why he will never relingusih the CM post. Its money printing.

Oops, i forgot. No cows and cars here. MACC, dont you put a finger in else you get fingered.

Anonymous said...

"Where is UMNO, the defender of Ketuanan Melayu and Champions of Islam?"

The UMNO laws of oppression are reserved for the weak and ignorance.

DBA said...


BE informed that the protem committee of Dayaks Bloggers Association will meet on Tuesday, 3rd March 2009 to unveil 10 Dahlil why PKR leaders shouldn’t nominate Nicholas Bawin and/or why Batang Ai voters should reject him.

Venue: A-One, BDC, Kuching
Date : Tuesday, 3rd March 2009.
Time: 2.30pm

All are welcome !


The above announcement was posted almost in all Dayaks Blogs on 1st March 2009. Not many then take heeds of the intended objective.And today Dayaks Bloggers Association is pleased to announce that PKR leadership
has finally agreed to endorse Jawah Gerang candidacy as PKR flag bearer for Batang Ai. Special thanks to Singh the King, Miss Kepayang, low IQ and other lobbying & pressure groups who managed to convience DSAI that Jawah is the best, with that now the rating improved to 55-45 in favour of PKR.
Just spoke to YB, he is inviting Dayak Bloggers and readers to come to his Sayat longhouse for the official announcement this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Will be interesting to know if Mr Murray is a person with personal wealth and can afford such a mansion. Anyone out there know his background?

Anonymous said...

Blind Sarawakians and blind Sabahans are not only perpetuating the reign of crooks in their part of Malaysia. Because of them UMNO crooks are able to continue plundering the whole of Malaysia. The rest of Malaysia are depending on you people to regain your sight so that all of us can get rid of the crooks and regain our rights.

Usop said...

Al Tugauw,
I knew you r a bit disappointed that Bawin is not the chosen one...what's important is PKR win, correct bro.?

Anonymous said...

Can Jawah Gerang post his bank account no cos my friend and I would like to make a donation for his campaign since we cannot be there to help?

angela ooi

chapchai said...

Come on, fellow Sarawakians, carry on voting for BN and this is what you get. How many times do I have to say:


Anonymous said...

mind your own business you semenanjung pricks. if not for sarawaks oil, gas and timber all of you would be far worse than you are now. we sarawakian's do not need pakatan politics and your bullshits. so back off!!!

Hazard said...

Why isn't Sarawakian of Iban heritage the CM of Sarawak? Why this BN crony?

Anonymous said...

The Anonymous @ March 21, 2009 2:22 PM hates fellow citizens from outside Sarawak are among the many Sarawakian's who "do not need pakatan politics and their bullshits" and tell them to "back off!!!". Such people really love Taib Mahmud and his family. Now do all of you understand why Taib Mahmud and his family are going to continue ripping off the people of Sarawak for a long long time to come. The majority of Sarawakians simply love being ripped off, as long as they are being ripped off by a fellow Sarawakian.

Anonymous said...

Well Lakia Gong. There goes your NCR Land and Money all for RM300.00 per vote.

Damn stupid.

Anonymous said...

I do agree that we need change in Sarawak but please do not blame the Sarawakian as a whole. It is sad to note that Sarawak BN (taib) has played politic well, by making some from each native group rich, & betray their own people. A lot of the Native here are still not educated & very poor thanks & no thanks to BN. Education is important & we hope the educated natives will contribute by going back & educate their own people. Only then, change is possible. Just look at how masing defended his boss in 101 east. What a shame!

Take Batang Ai as an example. BN just need to buy 5,000 voters to enjoy victory. Say RM1K per votes, it take RM5,000,000 ONLY. What is RM5M to taib? He fly to foreign country in his own jet just to see a dentist! But RM1K really means a lot to the local folks.

Anonymous said...

Jamilah is a Muslim in Sarawak not outside...she like ang mo because bigger

Anonymous said...

ABUSE is but an inherent characteristic of BN rule; in Sarawak, its Taib, Sabah Musa and in Malaya the list is as long as UMNO membership rolls; past, present and future not excepted. What is the alternative therefore? None, insofar as Sarawakian, we still remember what Anwar did to Sarawak did during his tenure as DPM in the 80s.

Taib is no saint; but better the known evil than the hordes of UMNO goons.

Anonymous said...

THis is only a miniscule portion of the money robbed in broad daylight.

What's more is billions of ringgit in the direct negotiated contracts awarded to the Taib family owned business.

The Sarawak voters are the one to be blamed. The educated need to inform and convince those in the interior longhouse that these riches belong to the state and is rightfully the ownership by the rakyat. The Dayak community should be ridded of the perception that only BN can look after their needs.

In fact , PR with a clean government can return much more back to the rakyat including customary land rights. Dayaks should shed the BN political bondage and look towards better governance from the opposition PR.

This is the only way to a better future.

tunabdulrazak said...

It has always been the educated Dayaks who betray the Dayaks. The Dayaks are cowards, stupid, goons, nincompoops, fuck you all Dayaks!
You deserve that?
If NO, then vote PR.

Anonymous said...

Why Taib is so rich? This is because we have a lot of stupid Iban who just wanted to be raped like Desmond Jerukan of Nadai Nama Nama, I am sure he will send his daugther to Taib's son once she turn 18.

Mamak Penang said...

Our human brains,and only human brains,have been armed by habits and methods,mind setting tools and information.In priciple that our minds will cognitively closed to some domain or other.So what is the Political Domain that is controlling Sarawakian's mind setting in politics..?

But if follows Darwian thinking suggest that if we survive our current self- induced this political crises,our capacity to comprehend will continue to grow by increments that are now incompresible to us.So let pray the Sarawakian realy understand what they are now.The sarawakian's are the "The king Makers of Malaysian Politics"?.The Sarawakian's must abide the Federal Goverments as same time keep the states politics in very healthly.New leaders must be groomed and fumble the leaderships from old deceptive politicians.

DBA said...

Just curious how Brokenshield & Miss Kepayang accurately predicted on Jawah candidacy. They must be very influencial group in PKR, even Dayak Baru didn’t quite get there.From now on better trust them for accurate & reliable political info.

I heard that now they are predicting that Jawah will win in Batang Ai by not less than 400 votes.

ULTRAMAN said...

gosh..... hate those f***ing thieves....

Jackson Mangan said...

“ … when the couple showed off their new home at a recent house-warming and Christmas party.”

Were they celebrating last Christmas?! Ah, well… those hypocrites!!! Even Najib and Nazri’s sons are “damned souls” hypocrites, too! WTF!!!

Miss Kepayang said...

A very good afternoon everybody, Bloggers, Blogs readers and campaigners alike.

Wanna share with you a pretty fresh piece of intelligence information extracted from a horse mouth.
Contrary to a common believe Johnny Chuat particaipation in Batang Ai by election is infact a welcome news. Jawah Gerang whom I contacted a minutes ago is of a franks opinion that JC will draw BN supporters considering that both JC & MM are very much a PBB men.
"Its better for us, JC will split BN votes, not ours" lamented Jawah

He doubted if JC would presence himself at the nomination centre on 29/3

NOTE: Latest intelligence info suggest that DSAI will be in town again tomorrow.

Anonymous said... that's where they put our money.

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