Friday, March 6, 2009

Is Taib Mahmud No Longer Relevant To Sarawak?

Taib Mahmud will soon be dead or dying. His mortal life is coming to an end, as is his political life as well. Sarawak will be rid of a petty tyrant, corruptor and oppressor who has amassed billions for himself and his family. He may not get to spend all that wealth for much longer, but his children can - if they can keep it, that is.

Once he is gone, the wealth will soon also be taken away from his children and the rest of his family. The vultures within PBB are already gathering, muttering and plotting. Awang Tanah is plotting with Awang Asfia, Asfia with his father-in-law, the great bomoh Iskandar Abdullah @ Swithin Boult, and he with Ali Mahmud, Taib's brother.

What are Julaihi and Naroden secretly plotting with Karim and Talib? Why is Abang Jo on a frolic of his own with guess who? Where is Jabu slinking quietly off to? Is Leo Toyad playing safe and keeping quiet or has he got plans of his own?

They all think Taib is no longer relevant to Sarawak and when the time is right they will each strike.

Sarawak Headhunter has gone underground and has discovered strange goings-on in PBB. All will be revealed in due course. Relevant or not, does Taib know what is going on behind his back within his own party?

And of course, outside of PBB, James Masing still harbours hopes of uniting the Ibans under his great leadership, but Mawan has plans of his own too.


Anonymous said...

When Nicholas Bawin, a Sarawak PKR Dayak leader was asked whether he could name any Dayak leader whom he thinks is sincerely looking after the interests of the community in the state, he paused for a moment and declared “None”.

I dared claimes that I am the one , and only one.

Gorgeous you beleive that? Very soon the residents of Batang Ai will be feeling on cloud 9 after being represented by an Angle.


BN is still relevant but not taib, we have enough of him....NO TO THE DICTATOR

Anglophile said...

Al, You gave me a good laugh today! Swithin Boult is no more a bomoh than my cat. What he does is all "smoke and mirrors" -- an illustion to cover up what is real or should I say, what is really not there?
This man has no special powers ... if anyone believes that, then I have a lovely bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell them.
God does not give extraordinary gifts to such a person. But I can guarantee you that hell will be rejoicing when this man's time is up.
He has no powers to be feared but what should be of concern is that he is a man who is amoral -- who does not have the ability to distinguish between right or wrong and does not care for anyone but himself. If you take a good look at his family background, you will know that he is estranged from his siblings and hated by his most of his children. Do not be deceived by appearances ...
They can plot all they want ... God will dispense with them in the end. And there are enough good people around to combat the evil.