Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time's Up, Taib! Just Go!

Open Letter From Sarawak Headhunter To Taib Mahmud. 1.11.2008

Dear Taib,

Time's up! It's time to go. Please go and spare all Sarawakians the trouble of taking you down by force or through the ballot. While you are at it, take Jabu and the rest of the PBB shitheads with you too. All of you are no bloody use to Sarawak and have never been. It is time for you all to be the has-beens that you should have been a long time ago, if not for your cheating and scheming to stay in power by all means, mainly foul.

It would be better for you to leave now, before I expose all your dirty little secrets. Remember Shaheen and how you and Adenan sold a whole ship tanker-load of Malaysian crude oil - which promptly "disappeared" - when you were Minister of Primary Industries - without an L/C to a group of "Arab-looking gentlemen"? Are we to believe that you, with your photographic memory, didn't even remember their names?

What happened to RM150 million of the State Government's money which you withdrew from Bank Utama during the Ming Court affair but didn't make it into the State's other bank accounts until after the election? Didn't you use it to fund your re-election campaign and didn't 5 Chinese tycoons pay RM30 million each to replace it after you had won? Didn't they then get timber concessions in the hundreds of thousands, even millions, of hectares worth so much more than this (billions of ringgit in fact) and which you also had controlling shares in?

I'd like to go on, but it really is tiring keeping up with all that you have done to enrich yourself, your family and a few cronies in the State over your 27 years of misrule. I will if I have to and you don't step down. There are many more stories to tell.

You have made more than enough already and you now have one foot in the grave. Do you want to bring it all to your grave? You cannot control what happens after your death - the staggering fortune which you, your family and cronies have stolen from Sarawak will never be safe, whether you resign, die or stay on. You will be cursed for ever.

At the very least do us all a favour - in slight mitigation for your wrongdoings, resign while you still can and let us try to repair the damage that you have caused to Sarawak for so many decades.

I would rather not have your head on a pole unless I really have to and you leave me and other Sarawakians with no choice but to destroy you completely, which God willing we will.

Yours sincerely,
Al Tugauw
Sarawak Headhunter


de minimis said...

This is a rallying cry for all Sarawak communities. Heed the call, brothers and sisters.

MikeLing said...

1) The old politician learned from the brits on divide and rule policy.
2) Too much development means many smart people around. Let them go to peninsula or Singapore and leave those regular people around happily rowing their boat.

Anonymous said...


It is time for us Sarawakians and Sabahans to voices our disatisfactions to the government. Al-Tugauw(sarawakheadhunter), can you help us. Can you go and meet all the Dayaks organizations including Chinese and Indians organizations in Sarawak. In this ways, we can speak in one voice, and demand the government to give clean water, electricity 24hours and most important is to connecting all the longhouses with Tar-Seal roads to the big cities. Please, can you do this, can anyone or any organizations in Sarawak and Sabah do this ?? Sarawak and Sabah produce a lot of oil and gas, but still our government did not treat us fairly. If anyone can do this, you should invited all media incuding TV3 and RTM. By this ways, the government will consider and take our voice seriously. We also should give deadline to the government, if the government ignore us and not do anything to help us, we should get out from Malaysia.


. said...

Malaysia recognizes Kosovo as a nation.

See more at

The consequence for such action is that if Kosovo can become an independent nation, so can Sarawak.

A comparison between Kosovo and Sarawak -

Kosovo has 2.2 Million people.

Sarawak has 2.5 Million people.

***** Sarawak has MORE people than Kosovo !

Kosovo's total size is 10,887 km2

Sarawak's total size is 124,450 km2

***** Sarawak is MUCH BIGGER than Kosovo !! 12 times bigger !!!

If Kosovo can become a country, so can Sarawak !!!

. said...

San Tot said...

...Kosovo, Timor Leste, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovinia...small is beautiful! Even the Soviet Union broke to pieces...the Roman empire....and this Malaysia is not spared from God's will!

.....imagine a Sabah and Sarawak merged together as a republic! This is not impossible my brothers and sisters....

Gunung Kinabalu

Anonymous said...

You got the right 'Head' this time, we will give you a promotion with extra feathers on your head!!!

Anonymous said...

Too many shameless ,thick skinned ,greedy ,corrupted bums as politician in this country

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! At last, a true son of Sarawak has awakened

The time for Sarawak to change all its BN rulers has been long overdue. The Chinese and natives must unite to form the majority and kick out the corrupted BN government that has been raping and robbing this rich state. All their wealth could make each Sarawakian a millionaire many times over!

Wake up, my brothers and sisters in Sarawak. Come next election, kick this BN government, have a government of your choice who does not favour any race and are not corrupted and who will ensure that all the poor in the state are all looked after equally. If you go to government departments now, you see majority only Malays and Muslims, as if other races and religions do not exist.

Wake up, wake up before it is too late. Look at what's happening in West Malaysia - even the Malays are voting out the evil and corrupted BN government.

Listen to the clarion call of SARAWAK HEADHUNTER! Ngap Sayod!!

Anonymous said...

its time for us all sarawakians to unite against taib n his i sharpen my ilang..please al,say the word we will all descend tot he more barisan no more umno no more fucking west malaysians in our land.get them out!!!and the traitors of every race must be made to pay..

NEIL said...

Lets have a change.It has been too long that we are having the same leaders who think that we are still so stupid.Change is what we need.
That 18 points agreement must be shown to the west and all the terms must be abide to.
Like in a marriage,if we cannot agree then we part.

Sarawak's son said...

The only way for Sarawakians to be
Sarawakians is Sarawak independence.
No second choice. Only Independence can help Sarawakians from being bully by others, eg west malaysians, indonesians, philipinos and so on.
Lets All Sarawakians wake up, everyone of us, the Sarawakians must fight, fight for our own rights, fight endlessly, till all of us die on this beloved Mother land, Sarawak.
Lets all Sarawakians wake up, politically, economically, socially, militarily, environmentally, educationally, and so on!
We were independence before, and we will independence soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm Sarawakian and I want the bloody Taib to step down!!

And I support sarawak independence too!

Rebel said...

so wat can we do to make sarawak independence? u think malaysia wil let us go that ezly? without sarawak n sabah, malaysia sure wil be a poor country, they wont let that happen. so anyone who wan sarawak n sabah to be free wil be in jail by "ISA" aka nazi malaysia.

Anonymous said...

taib & jabu thank you and for god sake please GO!

Anonymous said...

Please don't go taib & jabu! we all sarawakians love you guys.dont listen to hedhunter blog. all nonsense here.crazy man this sarawak hedhunter

Anonymous said...

bye bye taibland
bye bye malaya

welcome to United Borneo Republic

Anonymous said...

where on earth can we find a country where the minority rule and govern for 30yrs? I thought the Dayaks are the majority and by right they should be the CM OF SARAWAK.

Anonymous said...

wah Al Tugauw you are our hero. When will you become our CM. Hidup al Tuguaw. steady u.

Anonymous said...

Top Ten Jabu's most visionary (but ridiculously no-brainer) ideas so far:

10. Buah Kepayang is the next golden fruit and should be commercialised big-scale. Cynide paste should be traded at RM5000/ metric tonne. Cynide Futures trading from Bursa soon.
9. Ikan Terubok rearing using kelambu for large-scale project to avoid extinction. Ever heard of high-tensile PVC aqua netting?
8. Tricycle subsidy for rural Dayak folks as alternative transport. Donkeys, Ilamas should be an optional upgrade. Hee-Haa!
7. Santubong bridge is ok! The hairline cracks should be no worry. ( err..sweat! ::) Declared safe by a non qualified engineer or maybe self-declared engineer Ir.Jabu? Anyway, it's a world's first.
6. "State JKR better than federal JKR in handling govt projects." His theme song enthuastically repeated for 2007 all year round. DAMA 2008 Song Of The Year nominee.
5. MRSM Betong college marks the sleepy ghost town Betong as the next education hub. Expect the formation Faculty of Nyabungology and Tuakology. Another world's first.
4. "My new Camry got no good battery." (It's a gift car/ numpang car shh! so he just leave it for 2 weeks, cannot start and eventually stall.) That's Toyota Camry Numpang Limited Edition.
3. My wifey got senator, now that's what we called symbolic appointment. Passed a bill at Dewan Negara that declared munching 'sugis'/ tobacco is legal and mandatory at any longhouse.
2. NCR land systematically grabbed (read:Salcra) for palm oil is good, good, good!
1. Dayaks to be united under Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak soon? Parai kitai! Akai, akai, akai!

Anonymous said...

wah u think so are so great kah? You lawan C Eng lah di Mukah nanti. jangan cakap di internet sahaja. Ini pengecut punya orang.

chapchai said...

We can shift these dinosaurs but we must be united to do so. Look what America has just achieved - voted an African American as its 44th President!


Anonymous said...

Now this is someone who got real Balls to voice out. Just like RPK, Haris Ibrahim, Antares, Din Merican, Zorro etc. My salute to you.

Your words are in fact too kind to this slimeball CM. Fact is this CM cant take all his money, cars and houses with him when he die. How greedy can one person be and yet continues to steal from the poor people of Sarawak and deprive them of a decent living.

You will be CURSED for the next SEVEN GENERATIONS and they will all suffer for your sins, you SOB.

Rainforest said...

Dear Sarawakinas

Wake up, dont let this Taik scumbags
rape u guys anymore. How can you all let him cut down your 200 million years old rainforest for his benefit.
Your rainforest is the most valuable and priceless natural assets that you have. It has sustain the Penans and other real bumis for tens of thousands of years, not to mistake with those Fake UMNO bumis from indon or kerala stocks. Save yourself and your forest before its too late.

Anonymous said...

when are you going to challenge the Chief Minister? don't just say it in your blog. Otherwise you are just a cowardice.

Rebel said...

we need more action, less talk..

Anonymous said...

Al-Tugauw, Do you think that you could do better? Shame on you when you could only shout here. Pls la, if you are one of those drunken bunch talking only shits,pls do dream on ya. Oh ya, there are more cheap liquer for you and your shitheads! Show yourself u coward ass hole!!

San Tot said...

I don't think Al-Tugauw is a drunken-head! He simply uses he simply uses his "divine wisdom" propagating his beliefs through a harmless computer! Which is fatal....a computer or a guerilla's assault rifle!

Am I being understood here?

(...or else go to you there!)

....and LOVE varies according to circumstances. Can we put the blame on the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam)...the Viet Congs of the former South Vietnam...the Moro Islamic National Liberation Front and the Moro National Liberation Front...the Palestinian HAMAS and PLO...or any of the separatist guerilla organisation that is fighting Myanmar's military junta...etc,etc?

If and should any secessionist movement in this world is regarded A BIG SIN...then did we sin by recognising Kosovo's independence....had the Malaysian government been wrong in providing moral support for the Palestinians against the Israelis? """And actually what role did Malaysia's federal government played alongside the Moro National Liberation Front's pursuit for an independent Islamic state in the region of the southern Philippines...especially in the time of the late Marcos? It was a time when you can see alien guerilla commanders roaming Sandakan as they were the authority! It was a time when a well-sourced person heard covert cargoes of assault rifles, medicines, etc.. being transported to the Philippines Islamic rebels via Sandakan. It was said that it had been a time when aspiring Muslim guerilla recruits from the Southern Philipinnes were flown to Libya secretly from Malaysia to receive military training there.

No, we didn't err in recognising Kosovo's independence....and we were right when we helped secessionist movements in the past but we must remember that it will be very wrong to SUPPRESS THE PURSUIT OF FREEDOM BY ANY PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD!

...opponents of a the bullet or a natural instinct of mankind! If a government could shower its opponents with sincere LOVE....then the problem's solved!

My point is....the true inccoruptible Sabahans are in deep remorse. The Malayans are depriving them their rights to be equal citizens of the Malaysian Federation...due to the "insistence of UMNO's supremacy"....

...liberation movements the world over have never been wrong! It is a people's divine right to master its own ship!

Now...does that make LOVE confusing?

God bless you and ...hahaha!

Gunung Kinabalu

Anonymous said...

Way to go!! Full support here!!! Yes, all brothers and sisters of Sarawak it is time for us to rally together and change the politic in the state!!!!