Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sarawak For Sarawakians!

First of all, Sarawak Headhunter wishes to make it clear that he is only anti-BN Malayans and not Malayans in general. All references to "Malayans" here and in his other postings should therefore be read accordingly.

Sarawak has contributed more than its fair share to Malaya, and the Malayans have messed things up. Not only have the Malayans messed things up, they have ignored Sarawak's contributions and have never even acknowledged the same or shown any gratitude to Sarawak or Sarawakians.

Even worse, they look down on Sarawak as being backward while enjoying and wasting the fruits of Sarawak's natural resources, especially its petroleum. It is as if the Malayans refuse to invite or even allow Sarawakians to sit at the banquet table and eat the food that the Sarawakians themselves have provided. This is of course a typical colonial and feudal mentality and attitude, even if the Malayans may deny it.

Must Sarawakians beg to be let into the banquet hall? Or do they grace the festivities only as performing artistes showing off the purported multi-ethnic culture of Malaysia? Do the Malayans really know anything about the culture of Sarawak and Sarawakians? Do they care or even bother?

Can Sarawakians expect anything different from PKR, a Malayan-based political party whose main aim it would appear is to get Anwar Ibrahim to become Prime Minister of Malaysia?

These are some of the tough questions Sarawakians themselves have to answer.

Sarawak Headhunter has increasingly come to the opinion that the sooner Sarawak parts ways with Malaya the better off it will be. Not even a purportedly born-again Malaysia should deter this from happening. The Malayans will never understand Sarawakians because they are too lazy to make any real effort. Sarawakians have made it too easy for them by allowing them to live the good life at Sarawak's expense, so why should they bother? Enough is enough!

Sarawak will then be in a position to adopt a more representative form of government, along the lines of a Presidential system, where every citizen will have a right to vote for the head of the nation, unlike the present system where a few hundred and at most a couple of thousand people (at the UMNO General Assembly) decide who is going to be the Prime Minister. How will anyone who is not from UMNO or not a Malay get to be Prime Minister? Impossible or only with very great difficulty.

In fact there is nothing to say that even the Chief Minister of Sarawak cannot be elected in this manner - by popular vote. All it needs is a few constitutional changes, which of course we cannot expect the BN government to make and which is why BN needs to be overthrown in the next state elections or earlier.

Sarawak Headhunter believes that Sarawakians should have full control of their own government without having to answer to the Malayans, whether Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional.

Many of the Dayaks (effectively the Ibans) believe that Sarawak's problems can be overcome through "Dayak Unity" and that Taib can be overthrown through such "unity". This is misconceived and they are wrong. Other than for the fact that this idea is not shared by all Dayaks, it also ignores the Non-Dayak races of Sarawak and this is a mistake.

Taib Mahmud and the Sarawak BN government can only be overthrown only through a unity of a majority of Sarawakians, Dayaks and Non-Dayaks alike.

It is also a fallacy to believe that only a Dayak Chief Minister can solve the problems of the Dayaks. What would happen if a Dayak Chief Minister were to behave like Taib Mahmud and get away with it? What would happen if he were to discriminate against the Non-Dayaks? Sarawak does not need this and it would be another disaster.

In reality, it is only necessary for whoever is chosen to be the Chief Minister of Sarawak to be fair to all Sarawakians, irrespective of race or religion. Sarawakians must choose the best man for the job, not because of his race or religion.

Finally, Sarawakians should stop looking to the Malayans for solutions to their problems. The Malayans only know how to create problems, then offer their own self-serving solutions as if they were doing us such big favours.

Sarawakians can look after themselves, and the first thing they should do is to kick Taib and the BN out, and preferably limit the role of PKR in Sarawak.

Sarawak for Sarawakians!


Change...... said...

Dear Sarawak Headhunter,

Do you know that for the past years that Sarawak has been ruled and run by a Sarawakian called Taib. And not a Malayan. Who elected that Taib??? Definite not Malayan. So why are complaining. BN does not 'put' your Sarawakian 'Taib' there???? You Sarawakians elected a Sarawakian by ther name of Taib to head the state government. Your Taib represents you Sarawakian for the past years. So what are you talking about????? Instead of harping like an old bitch and blame others... Do something the next election?????

Bruce said...

Sarawak is indisputably the most valuable natural resources in Malaysia and yet it is rated the poorest state according to year 2007 survey. Yes, like what Sarawak Headhunter had mentioned, he does not point the finger to nose of all malayans, instead he refers to the Headquarter of BN which is of course located in West Malaysia. Thank you 'Change' for being so emotional about Sarawak politics. On behalf of all Sarawakians I bow to you. Let's hope that your concern will come true and Sarawak will 'Change' in the next election.

Anonymous said...

To "Change"
Obviously we know we elected Taib there but under whose banner did we vote for ? Obviously BN aka Umno a raced base political party.
Sarawak Headhunter i agreed with your statement, it's high time Sarawakian take control of our own destiny before we're dusted and deem a "baggage" when we're sucked dry and high.
At the end of the day which part of "Malaysia" that will be protected ones hell breaks lose? Obviously the Peninsula since the majority of the citizens are there and where the important infrastructures are there too. An independent Sarawak would for the good of everyone a free and just society where every race will stand as one and defend the motherland, beside the threat of Communists was over almost 2 decades ago. So why are we still inside the federation, secession should start now, before it's too late! SARAWAK FOR SARAWAKIANS!

Anonymous said...

Sarawak for Sarawakian. I agree, and Adit had made a grave mistake for being the 'ayam sabong of Anwar Ibrahim and PKR, so are those representatives from DAP. They have made themselves 'ayam sabong' for the DAP which is Peninsular based.

If we all want the Slogan Sarawak for Sarawakians, we should give our whole hearted support for the present political parties. We need to strengthened SUPP, PBB, SPDP and PRS. Vote for these parties in the forthcomming election lah.

Anonymous said...

To me Politicians can be anybody regardless of Races or Religions. This as long as the job is well done.
Some times when we say Sarawakians on may conclude Dayaks whom they do not want to be called so ok Ibans. Many Ibans had already climbed the hardship to be a infinate leader but all the time being pull down by ist own people.

From History Raja? Rentap, YB Stephen Kalong and later whom I regards as prominent Dato' Leo then what? Everybody is scatered around now. How to rule Sarawak when not even any of our people could rule even several years in a small party?

We others to run our country because we are still not ready But of course Not the BN I mean maybe this PR could open a higher Bargain for us Wai...

chapchai said...

As a Sarawakian, I have read this article with great interest. First of all, I agree with the author that, for too long, Sarawak has been treated like a country cousin by the Federal govt. As country cousins we provide the food and work in the kitchen but are never allowed to sit at the banquet table. We eat the left-overs in the kitchen. Secondly, we cannot solely blame the Malayans for the state Sarawak is in now. It was the Sarawakians who voted in firstly Abdul Rahman Yakub then Taib, but it was voter apathy and ignorance that allowed them to stay in power this long. The fact that both uncle and nephew have between them ruled Sarawak since the last Dayak CM and, in the process, amassed great wealth and got away with sheer murder is aided and abetted by the Federal govt. and the betrayal of the Chinese and Dayak leaders. So no one group is to blame.

However, all is not lost. One glance at the pie chart of the racial make-up in Sarawak will tell you that if the Chinese and Dayaks combine forces they make up 72% of the population leaving the Malays/Melanaus at 28%, so ketuanan melayu can go out of the window! The Melanaus only make up 7% of the population and they have ruled for the most part since Sarawak became part of Malaysia. Fellow Sarawakians, ask yourselves this : is this right? If they were doing a good job that would be fine but they have gained power to rob the country. It's almost like inviting a burglar into your home to rob you. We must overthrow BN's rule in Sarawak. If we do it with the help of PKR we must lay down conditions : that Sarawak be given autonomy and we do not kow-tow to the Federal govt. Whatever we do we MUST retain the unique characteristic that differentiates Sarawak from the other states : the racial harmony that has existed since the days of the Rajah Brookes.

Anonymous said...

First of all, let me inform that I am not aligned with any party. I support efforts to improve and alleviate the living standards and inhumane poverty that Sarawakians are experiencing.....but, we must be realistic in what we want to achieve and how to achieve them.

To suggest cessation from Malaysia is a very ambitious undertaking. The government will never ever let that happen.

They will pour troops and resources into Sarawak to destroy and massacre such efforts. What are your chances of winning such an onslaught? Casualty will most certainly not be from the heavily armed soldiers from the peninsula!

Why embark on something that you cannot win when you have a better alternative available right at your doorstep?

Yes, you may not trust PKR 100%.....and you may not like Anwar or you prefer self rule.....but, will you ever get freedom or progress or independence you refuse to be part of a bigger struggle?

Why not we take it one step at a time? Provide your full support to PKR to help dislodge BN from office - this, effectivly will get rid of Taib!

Remember, it most difficult to dislodge an incumbent government when it has been in power for such a long time.

If PKR becomes government, and if they do not perform solidly and look after your interest, then, you can initiate efforts to dislodge PKR from office.

Being a new boy in the block, PKR will be a much easier target than an incumbent BN (especially when they are merciless and blatantly abuses the rule of law to maintain power).

Why waste your human resources unnecessarily? Your objectives could be achieved in a much simpler form.

A dayak-An Iban said...

The idea that Sarawak should get "independence" is a wishful thinking that will land you in hell for no return. Stop that cheap rhetoric and be realistic. Secondly, you have BN and PR. So the natural question is this: which one will help us Sarawakians? We will support the party that has better policies. Simple! Didn't Taib tell us for decades that Sarawak is for Sarawakians and that way cheat us? Didn't he brag that he was keeping at bay "evil" Malaysians while he became the reincarnation of evil? So, Sarawak is part of Malaysia and there is no one who can change that however sweet it is. What we need is to start a struggle to replace Taiba and BN in Sarawak. Then we will demand our 20% and other stuff and move forward. Any other idea is wishful thinking that will play into the hands of Taib and I can see him laughing with glee when he reads your concoction here. One finger can't move Taib. We need all the help we can get and at a time like this we can't afford parochial rants that's devoid of reality and the hard, ultimate truth. Segregating ourselves further will not help us and we don't have the mean to secede, so we will operate from within but with a new direction and involvement.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Headhunter,
Why dont you start by giving graphic details of the richness of all our sarawakian elected representative. then those in the longhouses knows who they are electing for.

On the other note, parting from sarawak doesnt mean a lot if we cannot get back all the things that was taken from us. Honestly, we can only blame our fathers for being simple minded bluffed by the politics of perpaduan that has been the backbone of the sarawak bn. a great philosopher once said that to build, you must destroy. hopefully, you can consider my proposal up there to start destroying our father belief.

p/s: keep on the spirit. its not easy to destroy beliefs...
-kuching oxford educated boy

Anonymous said...

Pull out from Malaysia!! We dont want just 5% oil royalty or 20% promised by Anwar. We want 100% so that we will get a cheaper fuel price. In between, want our PM from the Dayaks.

We have bakum hydro here, but do we have electricity?
We have giant timber project here, but do we have KLCC?

Anonymous said...

Bolokot and paloi punya artikel! Tepuk dada tanyak selera lah pok. Sapa ngundi si penyamun penyamun di Sarawak???? bukan sidak urang malaya... urang kita sendirik... janganlah emosional gilak sampei sik dpt nangga hutan dari pokok. tahun depan undilah. masatok pegi ke kampong n target penghulu n tuai rumah n suroh sidak undi PR.

Anonymous said...

yahoo... hooray.. good for you. sarawak for sarawakian. now will you vote for sarawakian chinese or sarawakian indian as well? your malayan malay brother has used indian and chinese as the you realised too late that the real bogeymen is your malayan malay brothers who has been sodomising you all these 45 years and frankly you have been enjoying it too sometimes. now,will you vote for your sarawakian chinese and indian brothers against your malayan brother. no?.. then shutup and go back to sleep,bro.

San Tot said...

keep fighting Pangait Sarawak! Agi idup agi ngelaban....let's unite the Borneo states!

King Cup,
Gunung Kinabalu

San Tot said...

Sabah/Sarawak Peoples' All-Races Revolutionary Association....

Anonymous said...

some stupid people write something stupid and somebody who reads it become stupid.

Anonymous said...

Even small country like Kosovo can be independence without using blood !! Malaysia also supported Kosovo for independence !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro Headhunter,
Kick out the white hair, (Laki Taib) kasi cin cau sama dia dalam election akan datang, no matter what, Sarawak is for sarawakian…. That is fact…One day we can do it Bro Headhunter, merdeka ! merdeka ! merdeka !


Sempulang Gana said...

mm..why not revamp the infamous SAPPO? and to all who may feel offended reading this article of SH..Please,try to understand the Swakians more especially these days. I too feel exactly the same way..or perhaps more Swakians out there.This sentiment being harped by SH might come true, as many people in Sarawak is now beginning to really feel the price they have to pay as a result of their forefathers' agreement to form the Federation..even the so-called 18 Points Agreement is not respected and slowly being eroded (gosh, its a contract and therefore is sacred..why would anyone breach the contract for their selfish purpose), how do you expect Swakians from keeping cool and act as if there's nothing happened. "so, blame the forefathers la" ..well, some may look it that way, but if most of us were born at that time and very well educated, S'wak would had never been in M'sia history. We don't like to 'ungkit-ungkit'..but humans are humans. We can't read people's mind. Some of us may not think that Swak's secession is not a good idea, but we don't know what other people are thinking. Me, though I know it sounds far fetched, but Singapore has proven it.

Perhaps, this can be a high price one has to pay, when they are not really concerned about the disgruntlement felt by the 'food providers' sons and daughters. "Sarawak For Sarawakians" suits the dissatisfaction towards unjust treatments against the Swakians at large.So, if you grumbling about the hiking petrol price or whatever 'barang naik'...think of those who have to travel by their 'ikan empurau boats' going to upper river.. If you want to blame them for living deep in the jungle or ulu sungai, channel your anger towards God..God listens; and so does He to the prayers of these ulu people. God might answer you "be grateful, there are more people out there living worse than you do" stop being a pig-like whiner if you realize there are people who hardly make their ends meet!!goddammit!!

As a Iban+Bidayuh or Dayak myself, I don't feel that having a non-Dayak CM as a threat, as long as he/she treats all Swakians fairly and equally. Because, human beings are equal,nobody's perfect.Championing for Dayak supremacy or whatever supremacy is nothing better than saying yes to UMNO itself or any racial based party!!

to bro SH, nicely written and I totally agree with you. Keep up brushing your writing talent bro. It's just sharp that some feel easily pissed off when reading your thought. Well, at least you're being honest and not keeping everything inside...and risk yourself of getting stroke and mental illnesses later, in your golden age days.

So, this article with your head and then feel the real emotion with your heart. Most of us get pissed off easily when we read and try to fathom things with our butt-heads..where our craps come out.So, read with your butts..oopss..sorry, your head!


-Sempulang Gana-

Eric T. Cartman said...

Yo bro Headhunter!

I'm Eric Theodore Cartman from Southpark, Colorado. I just wanna say that I agree with what you've expressed here bro, gotta kick 'em in da nutzz!!

Lastly, don't listen to idiots who think they're smart like dolphins, bro. Yeah..they're smart but they still get trapped in the fishing nets.

Peace, bro!

Ay said...

Sarawak for Sarawakian ! Totally agree with this statement. Too little voice from Sarawak in Malaysia Parliament. Our leader is suck. Sabah's MPs at least say something about sabahan. Sarawak MPs always been humiliated in Parliament except Tiong King Sing. Recently our deputy works minister from Kuching is a joke in Parliament. He know nothing about TOLL. I can't understand why he has been elected to be our representative.

Recently I just realized that IBAN in West Malaysia is not considered bumiputera. IBAN is not eligible to buy those bumiputera housing lot. Only native in east not in west. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I really hope that our nation - IBAN can be stronger and united. You're warrior !

Anonymous said...

Taking Sarawak out of Malaysia is not a good idea n almost impossible dream at least for now.

The easier goal now is removing Taib n BN from power. Throw ur support to PR to dislogde Taib/BN.

M not a die hard PR/Anwar supporter/fan but for I would give them a chance. If they fail then vote them out the next next election.

PR is definitely better than BN. Period. How do I know? Simple they haven't been proven to be corrupt n rotten unlike BN.

Anonymous said...

As long as Sarawak stay in Malaysia,
minority will never be a PRIME MINISTER !!!
There will be no freedom of religion,
All the Dayaks people who live in the longhouses will never get clean water, electricity 24hours and our longhouses will never get connected to the big cities !!!




Anonymous said...

What we Sarawakians get now is the results of voting BN to power for as long as i can remember.
Who dare to say melanaus is only 7% sarawak's population? You do not include Jabu AK Numpang who already became melanau and a brother to Taib Bin Mahmud....Grumbling without doiing anything to rid all these bloodsuckers means nothing.

Anonymous said...

Good write up! It makes your heart go thumping; but let's not talk about secession which is most unwise.

Don't forget that the Indonesian army is a formidable force, let alone the huge Indonesian population who can easily throng over the borders.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarawak Headhunter,
I lived and stayed outside Sarawak and now living in Australia.
I agreed. Stop blaming other people. Think back why Taib is still in power because your vote help him there. Why BN still in power because our tuai rumah, penghulu kitai paloi..meda duit maioh undi who suffering now...not Taib not BN but you...and for coming elections open your eye wide and think before you tick any box who you like to running your country..BN or PRS?
Do you want your wealth to stayed in Sarawak or you want your wealth going to West Malaysia? It your vote.
US have a 1st Black African American, and we can have Iban or Chinese to be our state of head too! It all up to you...

Anonymous said...

Dearest all;

In most cases, the article is fully agreeable. Yet, whereas the idea of secession seems to be a pipe dream, perhaps its better for us to demands our 18 points back.
We are to demand our autonomy. We are NOT A STATE in Malaysia, for we are EQUAL PARTNER through the FORMATION OF MALAYSIA together with SABAH, FEDERATION OF MALAYA (and SINGAPORE-back then). For too oft we see the price lists on merchandise giving different prices (Semenanjung Malaysia RM X, Sabah RMY, Sarawak RM Z) or (West Malaysia RM A, East malaysia RM B). We are not treated equal. Theres no proper roads, nor pan-Borneo highway even years after we formed the federation. Dams are DAMN lots, yet many other places still relied on diesel generators which fuel price keep increasing. Demand our rights back.
Realistically, PBB must secede from BN and be a all-Sarawak party. And formed another party as a check-balance for the party. At least, if we can have the binary (true Sarawakian) party system, we can have more voice in the parliament and at the same time, provide a relatively cleaner-balanced system.
Theres no place for racial politics here, unlike in PM. We Sarawakians truly lives as one, united as one. Thus, be proud of it.

As long as i breathe, i hope. Dum Spiro Spero