Thursday, November 6, 2008

James Ak Bond - Quantum Of Dayaks

Dayaks should be united but we are not!

Written by James ak Bond,

This article is written in response to Dr. John Brian's question of “Do we need the Dayak Agenda?”

(See Dayak Baru Weblog, minor edition by Sarawak Headhunter)

Where are we now?

To the rest of you, we can start thinking big for the Dayak nation provided we know who we are. Are we DAYAK or are we Ibans, Orang Ulu, Bidayuh, Penan, or what? At this very moment, ask yourself where are we? We talk about Dayak but where are the Kelabits? Where are the Bidayuhs? I am a Kayan but where are the Kenyahs? Are they here with us?

Jesus, people do you know what is seriously wrong with us Dayak even until today? Everyone does not want to do anything with Dayaks! All tribes go away. Why? Because we don’t have that sense of identity over Dayaks, that’s why!

That is the utmost important thing in Dayak society these days. We need to start pulling all Dayak tribes to one spot and from that spot we can march forth. But where are we now?

Where are we now?

Do Dayaks betray other Dayaks?

I know where we are. We are in Baram. We are in Bau. We are in Lubuk Antu. We are in Bario. No wonder Taib is very powerful, because all the forces that can challenge him are scattered in all corners.

Yes, I know, there are a few who finally come to a spot and there they stand. They should try to pull more others to join them on the spot. But you know what they did? They bebukut, bebunuh sama kaban on that spot. On that spot they betray us all!

We have no qualms about likening Dayaks to traitors to their own future because every argument they can employ to quash this claim will rebound to stare at their face, and they know that.

Dayak always want to be in control

The Dayaks always want to be in control. If we cannot take over the ship as a whole, we divide the ship in two to be fair to everyone in the hull. A halved ship will sink! Oh, we forgot that. But we can worry about that after we split the ship.

That is what we Dayak do. Call it self-mutilation but that is Dayak. Call it wrong sense of competition but that is Dayak.

Four things we Dayak need to do :

1, For a CORRECT sense of community

Note the emphasis on “Correct”. To acquire a correct sense of community, this is what we must do.


· The Iban must stop thinking like Iban, the Kayan/Kenyah must stop mutating, the Kelabit must stop decorating themselves, and the Bidayuh must start dragging themselves to embrace the spirit of Dayaks and sit next to the Lun Bawang if they think the Ibans are too noisy. The other tribes must stop being too tribal and keeping only to themselves. Wherever Dayak is concerned, that’s the only race that matters now.

The Iban especially must exercise some restraint, and a whole lot of it. Already the other Dayak tribes vilify you as the mother of all evils in the Dayak gallery of debauchery, and your boisterous behaviour will continue chasing them away from our midst.

You Ibans must stop thinking Dayak is Iban, Dayak is for Iban alone or Dayak is all about Iban day in day out. Stop thinking selfishly. You are no superior to other tribes. If you think Ibans are superior, then Sarawak history may want to nominate the Orang Ulu as the real champions. The Orang Ulu only make up a small percentage of Sarawak's population yet they can conquered nearly half of Sarawak's land mass. What’s that if not the legacy of their superior past? The Ibans were after all jungle wanderers without a proper civilization and the Europeans are ready to acknowledge that. So quit the ego, stop blowing your own trumpet, stop thinking you’re special, start thinking for a larger community. Help us. We sincerely need you. Bring out the best of Rentaps in you and unite us again so we can conquer all again. Now you come down to the ground to be with your Dayak brothers and sisters. Here! In the mud we stand!

· The Kelabits must quit the ego, too. Stop the dreaming you’re the Jews, the Chosen People, of Sarawak. You’re the jewels of the land in many cases all right and everyone is ready to give that to you. But enough with that. Time to share your virtues and honed skills with the Dayak. Time to grace the humble Dayak nation with your presence. Have a sense of belonging with us, for Christ’s sake, and quit living like a hermit in your elite exclusive society. Tear down that wall, Miss Bario, and come down here to be with us. Here! In the mud we stand.

· The Kayan and Kenyah. I don’t know what’s wrong with you two tribes but you had better stop idolising the Chinese because it has been proven in silence you can eventually surpass the Chinese at many of their craft and we fear you will infect the Dayak with the same made-in-china trickery. Already you’re skilled to bluff your way to the top. Just because the Chinese did it, it’s still not right for you to rape the Penan girls in ‘lumberjack minutes’ like the Chinese! You are after all religious God-fearing people. So save yourself from yourself. Already you sent your children to Chinese schools and married your pretty daughters into Chinese homes.

What’s next? No problem with the Chinese but too much of it can kill your own identity and good caring nature. Here, look here, we are your brothers and sisters. We are the same people who danced with you in the river long before any foreigners set foot on this island. You are one of us. We are the same. So come down from there and join the Dayak crowd. Here! In the mud we stand.

The Penans! Sebile’ek, (meaning brother in English) you must start fighting for yourself. For Christ’s sake, pick up that blowpipe and put it to good use, could you? You cannot continue relying on other people to fight for you. God has given you two good eyes to be vigilant, two good ears to tell between lies and sincerity, a good mouth to say “Stop! That’s the farthest you can go!”, and all the good limbs to kick the intruders out of your jungle, off your back, off your skirt. You cannot continue standing there like some dead wood and expect God to intervene. That’s not the way to do it! The gangsters they sent to intimidate you are just a bunch of crabs waiting to be cracked.

Believe me, many times gangsters have roughened me up, too. They beat me up, slashed me and left scars on my body. But you should see what I did to them. They got even bigger scars. After that, they’re no more. Penans, you must show them you can make a stand and fight for what you believe is right before they want to leave you alone. That’s the basis of survival, you hear me? What Dayak are you if you cannot defend yourself? We cannot simply come to your aid because someone will make a completely different issue out of it. And we don’t want to fight for you and be made to fight alone while you pack up and quit on us halfway. So you must make a firm stand over your rights. Come down from your hiding in the caves and face the brunt of the tyrant.

Fight for the air you breath, fight for the trees and the land and the rivers, fight for your children and your future, fight and don’t you stop fighting, fight like a Dayak you should and we will join you. Here! In the mud we stand and we wait for you.

Other Dayak tribes? Never mind, this is enough for now.

For a CORRECT sense of identity
The Ibans play a key role here. All they need to do is shut up. Shut up and allow other tribes to speak. Shut up and observe how they do it. Let everyone speak and work in this Dayak family. That’s the only way a Dayak nation can be identified as a nation, otherwise they will continue to regard Dayak as small as a tribe, and that tribe is Iban.

I’m sure other Dayak tribes will be encouraged to play active parts in the Dayak branding if the Ibans stop horsing around as if they own the planet. Given enough room to manoeuvre, perhaps a true Dayak identity will slowly come to notice and everyone will take pride in it. I repeat, take pride in it.

Don’t pull a face at me. All I’m saying is for you to give room for others to paint a Dayak identity on a canvas as big as Sarawak. You don’t own the Dayak, you hear me? We need an extreme measure now, because after trying for many, many years the Dayak tribes continue to put some distance between them. Something must be wrong somewhere. Maybe the Ibans are the culprits. So maybe you should make a sacrifice. I know this is very difficult for you to do, given your nature and all, but please, please, please, please, please, Jabu anak Numpang, you shut up.

For a CORRECT sense of Sarawak Supremacy
Once we have the correct sense of community and a correct sense of identity, we can command respect from the world society. Malaya will want to court our friendship, this time with heartfelt sincerity. It will look nice for Malaya to share the Bumiputera status with an esteemed Dayak nation. We can walk amidst the Malayan kings with our head held high because we have raised ourselves up to become a force to reckon with. The last thing they want to do is trespass our native land. The Sarawak Supremacy will be known from coast to coast. And we will gloat in the success, and all the glory will be ours!

For a CORRECT sense of competition
We need someone around to surrender to us by the time our Dayak Renaissance comes into full swing. We need that someone to see the awakening of the Dayaks and see how the Dayaks arise from the mud level to the pinnacle of the kingdom. We want this!


We want progress for all Malaysians. We want progress for all Sarawakians. We Dayaks also want to progress as much as our brother Malaysians. We ask for fairness and justice. We were promised special privileges in the Federal Constitution but why have we been taken for a ride by the government?

November 5, 2008


Sim Yun Young said...

wtf. i'm sino-kenyah. I'm a little offended.

I love Sarawak too. I love to see Sarawakians stand up.

Ajang Laing Liling@Sim Yun Young

Rebel said...

(Just because the Chinese did it, it’s still not right for you to rape the Penan girls in ‘lumberjack minutes’ like the Chinese!)

wat make u think all the rapist is chinese?

Anonymous said...

We know because we live in longhouses near logging camp..

Sim Yun Young said...

im a kenyah and chinese. what you said is as if only chinese and kenyah rapes. doesn't other tribe rape? this is profiling. its not good to generalize.

San Tot said...

First they rape the forest...then the women...what lust!

Anonymous said...

redefine term dayak

San Tot said...

....after the rape of the forest and our indigenous women....what next? Please just don't sodomise the rivers!

James anak Bond said...

You "sim yun young"!
You "rebel"!

Of many things you can discuss about that article, you care only to be offended over something which many here can brush aside as 'analogy'? The real issue there is "Dayak Unity". Talk about that instead, you moron!

If you really want to talk about race, okay, let's talk about your race. What race are you? Kenyah or Chinese? I guess it is that chinese in you that make you feeling so insecure. That Kenyah in you make you think you have the right to talk here.

I tell you what. You're a Chinese. So rapist, get the fuck out of here. You raped our forest enough already.

Listen Ajang Laing Liling, swear as loud as you can the National Registration Department still cannot say you're Kenyah. I believe your father is Chinese. To that effect, your race follow your father's race. So, you're Chinese, as simple as that.

As simple as that, you cannot get Bumiputera funds, you cannot get Dayak respect, you cannot send your children to Government university, you cannot get all that privileges allocated to Bumiputera.

If you don't like that, that's your problem. Who ask you have a Chinese father. You already have Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Go there if you think you're rich enough to belong with them. You already have SUPP. Go there and fight for your society.

Try as you may, I cannot accept you as Dayak. I like the Kenyah in you, but I fear the Chinese in you. You know what a Sng Chee Hua did to our party?

Sim Yun Young said...

my grandfather is a kenyah but my grandmother is a chinese. the chinese that you said who raped the forest and the poor penans, they are scum of the universe. and frankly, i don't understand why you think that i'm standing those scums. I stand with you guys.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please don't generalise. Just because of the action of a few, does not mean that the whole community is bad.

Anonymous said...

I am a Dayak and i hate people who is a racist. To james anak bond, from your words that you said to sim yun young, its look like you are a racist. Now UMNO supporters are laughing at us because of this.. This is the time for all of us to united(Chinese,Indians,Dayaks). We can only be strong and powerful if we united..Believe me, if we united UMNO people will be trembling in fear !! Fear for their death, and fear for their heads to be cut of !!

James anak Bond said...

You're right about that.
I shouldn't generalise.
My open opology to Sim Yun Young.

But I will continue as racist
...until there's no more races in Dayak.
...until there's only one race -- DAYAK.

Anonymous said...

GOOD ONE! Mr. James Ak Bond. Sorry is indeed the hardest word.

Ay said...

One of our Sarawakian killed by White Tiger in Singapore. What I try to emphasize is too many sarawakian & sabahan working in Singapore. Most of our bumiputera work as a cleaner. They deserved a better job offer in our land.


Three white tigers mauled a Malaysian to death in Singapore's zoo on Thursday after the man jumped into their enclosure, a zoo official said.

He suffered neck injuries and died on the way to hospital.

Nordin Bin Montong, 32, from Sarawak, leapt into the moat of the white tiger exhibit and was attacked, said Biswajit Guha, assistant director of zoology at the Singapore Zoo in a statement.

The noise from the attack caught the attention of zookeepers nearby and they eventually managed to distract two of the tigers but a third continued to maul him.

"Keepers managed to separate the worker from the tiger. While waiting for the ambulance, our vets attended to him," said Guha. "The worker tragically succumbed to his wound."

The Singapore Zoo said the white tiger exhibit would be closed and investigations were ongoing after the midday attack.

The Straits Times reports that he was not supposed to be in the tiger enclosure and was assigned to clean the chimpanzee section.

He was seen behaving in an agitated manner before he fell into the moat.

According to conservation group WWF, there are about 4,000 tigers left in the world and they are considered an endangered species.

White tigers are even rarer because they suffer from a genetic condition that strips their fur of the orange pigment,leaving the animal with snow white fur, black stripes and blue eyes.

(Additional reporting by Reuters and

James anak Bond said...

I have one crazy idea. See if you can go with crazy idea like this. Cammon, just give it a thought, okay. Let us play racist openly for once, okay.

Because we love DAYAK so much, we must multiply. We must make more Dayak children. But, what's the point of breeding a Dayak if in the end the Malay lays claim on him/her and their children. Your daughters and sons marry a Malay, and she or he become a Malay instead. That's one less Dayak to our loss.

I read in about this Penan boy who goes by a Chinese name. He gets no benefit from Bumiputera or Chinese. So much about intermarriage in this country huh?

Cammon, I don't want to oppose intermarriage in this country okay. But since some community already becoming protective of their number, becoming overly defensive, why can't we do the same?

So, if you have a daughter marry her into the home of fellow Dayak. Or ask her to marry Orang Putih because the Orang Putih can compromise their identity for Sarawak culture. Well, that's usually the case, right?

Ask your son to marry a Chinese or Indian and ask him to retain the Dayak identity for him and their children. If you have a son or a daughter, never, never allow him or her to marry into Malay society. Because the Malays will make him/her to sever whatsoever ties with the Dayak parents and Dayak relatives. Well, that's usually the case, right?

Listen, people, don't get so jumpy. All I am saying is if the intermarriage culture in this country cannot give the inter-racial couples the liberty to choose which race they want to become... if they cannot choose... well, let's not intermarry.

Look at the case of Sim Yun Young here. Look at the case of Tom Balare aka Abu Bakar Abdullah in OUNA, and many other Abdullah and Ah Beng converts in this country. No matter how committed they are to Dayak struggle, they cannot drag their whole into the Dayak boat! One foot still belongs with other society. That other society can yank at the foot and the Dayak boat will collapse.

Think, think, think.

Sim Yun Young said...

Seriously, I see myself Sarawakian first followed by my race.

Anonymous said...


The only ways we can have freedom of religion, minority like Dayak can be a Prime Minister and for our longhouses to be given Clean Water, Electricity 24hours and to have Tar-Seal road is, if we Sarawak and Sabah get out from this racist Malaysia country and be Independence !!


Anonymous said...

Mr. James ak Bond, kudus and bravo to you. Its a message and statement well written. The dayaks need people like you to speak up.
Our dayaks ministers and politicians are a bunch of bloody idiot. But again on second thought, we can't blame them. They are already coward, self-centred, suckers, ball-lickers, you name it.. the list goes on..
On second thought again, that's the politics of development. To develop individial groups. Divide them and rule so that no particular group is any stronger. Bully one, the other group laugh. At the end of the day, Mr. Taik has his last laugh and laughing all the way.
Mind you, the dayaks ministers and politicians alike are laugh to their fellow dayaks..

To be continued....

Tsunami said...

Mr.Anonymous, well said. If i were to name names to our fellow dayaks ministers and MPs. Well out of respect and with due respect and with all respect.
1.Afraid Labu
2.Semut Masin
3.Mee kol Main-main
4.The Worst
5.Pete Nonsense
6.Teke laughing
and lots more including be continued....