Monday, September 6, 2010

Zaid Or Azmin?

PKR Sarawakians and Sabahans would be better off with Zaid than Azmin. 

There has to be some form of check and balance against Anwar, who has had a penchant for unnecessarily interfering in these two states' affairs from his UMNO days without proper thought or knowledge of the local situation, personalities and sentiments. 

Let us not forget that Anwar brought UMNO to Sabah, "reformed" though he may be today, and that was with the assistance of Azmin. 

Azmin will not be a check and balance but a complete toady & crony hoping to inherit the PM's post by default should Anwar make it to Putrajaya. 

Ask yourselves, who is better PM material, Zaid or Azmin?

In the mean time, Sarawak can do with as little interference from Azmin as possible, and perhaps even from Anwar, unless they want to see Taib still around to finish off the rest of Sarawak's resources before he dies.


Anonymous said...

Walaupun Azmin orang lama dan berjasa pada Anwar dan parti, namun Zaid lebih baik dan layak.

Anonymous said...

Forget PKR and PR! Sarawak and Sabah should form their own PERIKATAN - a third political front - have control on its own seats and not subsevient to Malayan based parties or coalition. This Swak/Sbh political front can then form an alliance with whichever Malayan parties to form the Fed Gov. That should be the way the Confederation of Malaysia works in order to safeguard the interests of Swk and Sbh, which are by right 'equal' partners in the FORMATION of Malaysia.

romerz said...

Both are needed. The cut and thrust of the political animal Azmin Ali and the moderation of the technocrat Zaid.

Anwar going to jail is a very real possibility when dealing with desperadoes from the ruling elites.

Should that happen, Azmin would be the next best person to lead the next charge so long as PKR remains in the middle ground between PAS and DAP. In my humble opinion, much as I disagree with his methods, I think we need a political animal to fight all those political enemies - with fire!

This is where Azmin's intelligence is called upon. Zaid may be a hindrance now but surely he will be needed when we gather our country together after a fractious fight, which will come not because of us but those who are unwilling to give up power.

And he is the best person for that! I cannot see a future Malaysia where once all the conditions are put in placed, PKR can move away from their combative stance without peacemakers like Zaid.

Both are needed in my humble opinion, but I'm at a lost as to how to get both of them to see their respective importance without destroying the vehicle of change which we both and ALL fair-thinking Malaysians desire so much!

In short, oppose each other by all means but be inclusive once the ballots are counted.

That to me is the bigger question which until and unless individuals from PKR are able to address honestly, we will continue to experience the immaturity of politics on which UMNO/BN would love for us to squabble over!

Sorry SH, the bigger need of Malaysia prevents me from taking sides in PKR despite knowing the importance of their outcome.

Trust me when I say that those who cannot see the bigger picture of a better Malaysia will be thrown aside one day. Evolution of society knows no such constraints be it politics against technocratic inclusiveness or political might of right from wrong.

Politics is but a tool and not an end to a means! Big picture my friend and do not fall for the small parochial picture which those we oppose would like to trap us with!

Think big my friend. Trust me when I say that the "Malayans" from PKR are a lot easier to handle when compared to to UMNO/BN.

Anonymous said...

Truly said. I never trust Azmin. Much too ambitious for his own good. But why is Anwar so scared of this guy? It's so mysterious the way Anwar gives in to him. His body language tells us that he could be a BN stooge. As for Zaid, he lacks charisma although intellectually he's miles ahead of Azmin. It's brain versus brawn. I agree that Sarawak and Sabah is better off with Zaid.

Anonymous said...

Yalah, romerz is right. Both also are needed to be in the team. You need a good striker, but also someone strong in midfield who can see the picture of the whole game and give good pass up front. Stiker must be aggressive and take all the chances, but midfield player must also see if the defends can tahan a sudden attack. Zaid don't need to be in politic. He is already orang kaya. So he will think more for whole team. Azmin is young and hungry for goals. Lets hope they have a good team coach and a lot of supporters to cheer them when they play!