Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Taib Denies Elections Carnival Or Popularity Platform

bn supreme council mt meeting sapp sabah issue 190608 taib mahmudThe coming state election will not be a carnival nor a platform to gauge one's popularity, said the Thief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud in Miri today, notwithstanding that this is what the BN had turned it into in the past.

This time it will be different - no more all-night boozing parties in the longhouses organized by BN to ensure that those opposition-minded Dayaks are too drunk to turn up to vote, no more feasts given by BN to try and bribe the voters, no more cash for votes, no more fun and games, trickery, intimidation, cheating, coercion, lies, lightning projects, magic shows, electricity black-outs, singing and dancing, parties and general merry-making.

"Blame it all on the opposition," Taib said. "They have spoiled the game. They are now watching every move I make and I can't hide anything anymore, especially those bags of money people like Hamed Sepawie and the rest of my gang carry around to distribute during election time".

"I know I'm no longer popular or wanted by the people of Sarawak any more, in spite of all the development I have brought to the state and my family, cronies and henchmen, so there will be no popularity contest in the next state elections as previously when I was sure to win through all the dirty and under-handed means possible". 

He said any decision made by the people during the election would decide the state's future direction, unlike previously when he alone decided, and that direction was his, his family's, cronies' and henchmen's pockets and bank accounts.

The election was not merely to choose the candidate liked by the people because there was a link between the people's choice and the development that the state would enjoy, he said.

"If we make the right choice, the state will continue to progress as I please. On the other hand, a wrong choice may hamper the state's development in the direction I want," he said at the 53rd Merdeka Day celebration at the Mara Indoor Stadium.

Sarawak Yang Dipertua Negeri, Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng led the celebration which was attended by about 5,000 people from within the city.

The term of the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly will end in June next year and its dissolution would pave the way for the state election which could take place any time now.

Taib, who would have complete his 30th year as the Sarawak Thief Minister in March next year, if he lives long enough, said the next state election should be perceived as an opportunity for the ordinary people to achieve their dream of a better future for their children, since they have never had this opportunity before.

"Make sure that the people whom they want to vote will be able to deliver, will be able to develop the country into one that can give prosperity to their children, unlike previously under me and the BN, where prosperity was given to my children and my brothers and sisters" he said.

The Thief Minister said Sarawak still needed political stability and solidarity as the basis for further exploitation by his family, cronies and henchmen.

Therefore the people should vote for him even though he was no longer popular.

- Bukan Bernama


Mata Kuching said...


Taib says, ” if people disciplined and focused, Sarawak can be richest state by 2030.”

If Taib Mahmud had managed to make himself the richest man in Sarawak one year after becoming the 4th and longest serving chief minister of Sarawak, it shows Sarawak could have been the richest state with its timber revenue alone plus 5% royalty from Petronas when Taib’s uncle and mentor ,Abdul Rahman Yakub was the 3rd chief minister. It was totally rubbish for Taib now to say that Sarawak can be the richest state by 2030. It shows Taib should rightly belong to where Trinekens dispose of the trash they collected.

Sarawakians now have no choice but to take national politic and state election seriously and vote out UMNO controlled BN government and Taib Mahmud and all his thieves.

We must change and change we can. We must help our rural brothers and sisters who are still living in poverty after almost 50 years of BN rule, to free themselves of mental slavery and the colonisation of UMNO controlled BN government.

Let us say to Taib Mahmud, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. Kick him and BN Sarawak out. Vote Pakatan.

Asri Rahman said...

From all Sarawakians to BN ADUNs. READ our lips, ” WHAT WE GIVE WE CAN TAKE BACK ”

The people’s vote should be the most powerful element in any democratic government. The whole government is indebted to the mandate given by the people. It is the people who have full ownership of the government. What the people give, they can rightfully it take back. The elected candidates owe the people (not Taib) their allegiance.

Ingat betul- betul! The people of Sarawak decides and it is not for Najib, UMNO, PBB, SPDP, PRS, SUPP and all their stooges to decide if Taib stays.