Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Did Azmin Ali Mean?

This is what Azmin Ali tweeted recently:

"Prinsip Pakatan Rakyat di Sabah ialah muafakat dalam persoalan dasar dan diberikan autonomi untuk majukan Negeri Sabah." #fb

Translation: "Pakatan Rakyat's principles in Sabah is consensus in questions of policy and (given) autonomy to develop Sabah".

While we can appreciate that it is not possible to explain much on Twitter, some times tweets like this can give away much about what a person is thinking and what his mentality and personality are like. At the same time, does it reflect the real thinking of PKR and its leadership, particularly that of its Ketua Umum, Generalissimo Anwar Ibrahim?

Did Azmin Ali give the game away? What did he really mean by this tweet?

This tweet by no less a person who is Vice President and wannabe Deputy President of PKR is particularly condescending as it is misleading and insincere. It betrays his real thoughts about Sabah (and by extension Sarawak). One can only hope that this does not reflect the real thinking of PKR's leadership, with regard to Sarawak and Sabah, although there have been many instances that give rise to reasonable doubt.

In this instance, it would appear that to Azmin Ali, Sabahans are given autonomy only to develop Sabah as a basic principle of Pakatan Rakyat. What kind of autonomy and what kind of consensus is that? Is it any different from the "autonomy" and "consensus" now "enjoyed" under the BN regime?

Is it the same as the "full autonomy to manage itself within Malaysia" promised by Anwar in Sabah recently, as reported by Free Malaysia Today "Sabah promised autonomy under Pakatan rule"? What does this itself mean as well? Is it just an empty promise, given the degree of interference by Anwar and Azmin seen in the affairs of PKR Sabah?

The situation is made even worse when another tweet by no less a person than PKR's Director of Communications, Nik Nazmi, lumps Sarawakians and Sabahans into the category of "Lain-lain":

"fakta: keahlian KEADILAN 50% Melayu, 23% India, 12% China, 15% Lain2. Parti benar2 lambangkan Malaysia"

Game's up, guys! Don't play games with Sarawak and Sabah - together they constitute the doorway to Putrajaya.


Anonymous said...

The only way to ensure Sarawak and Sabah are fairly taken care of is by not being govern by parties which are really 'branches' or regional arms of a Malayan based party/coalition.

Yes game over lah! Let us start political entities by Sarawakians/ Sabahans for Sarawak/Sabah in the interest of a true Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust this fellow Azim. He talks and behaves like an Umno warlord and he thinks that he's a godsend for PKR. One can't help but get the feeling that he's very manipulative and cunning. It seems a lot of PKR problems leads back to him. But why is Anwar so cosy with him? Does he has a hold on Anwar? If so, what? The feeling one gets is very uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

i hope azmin loses.not sorry

Anonymous said...

What Azmin said and meant are these;viz 1.Malaya may only give you an autonomy,selectively when it suit us the neo-colonialist Malayan.2.The future PR government will continue to have the first say pertaining to your natural resources,Islamization of all non muslims, perpetuate the monopolisation of federal civil service by Malayan,3.Continue the practice of subjugation and marginalisation of Borneo states as per future ex-BN did.4.The suppression of all non muslim natives,by diluting our languages,culture and religion.

Anonymous said...

Azmin and his ex-umno comrades in PKR are still behaving loke umnoputras. While Khalid was running the state of Selangor as best as he could, these ex-umnos wanted "habuan" from the state govt."We are controlling the state man...where's our share?".
So, judging by nominations for Azmin as compared to Zaid, the doom of PKR and PR is imminent. ex-BN supporter