Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Keep A Look Out For Sarawak Headhunter's Analysis Of The Batang Ai Results

A bit of suspense there, but Sarawak Headhunter promises that it will be worth the while waiting for maybe 1 or 2 days. The analysis may come as a shock to both PKR and BN, and has the potential of igniting a controversy bigger than the by-election itself (haha, is that possible?). Wait and see, Sarawak Headhunter is not known to hype things up for nothing.

Suffice to say for the time being, the Iban voters of Batang Ai are not stupid and neither did they betray or sell themselves to Taib's evil BN regime. BN did not win in Batang Ai and will have a hard time fulfilling all its promises. PKR still has a lot to learn about the mentality of Sarawakian voters.

Coming soon to Sarawak Headhunter's blog and all pro-rakyat blogs and online news portals...


Anonymous said...

Did you see all those photos in the local dailies today? Makes me sick seeing those smirks and self praises.Hope you are right when you come out with whatever analysis of the Batang Ai results.Expected but still sad.

Still Hoping After All These Years.

Warlord said...

I am pretty sure that Sarawak Headhunter will point fingures on the role of the Kuching Mafia as a major contributing factor in its analysis of Batang Ai Results.

Am I right Mr. SH?

Warlord said...

Marked my words...

1)Mr. SH will say that PKR picked wrong candidate for Batang Ai. Knowing very well that Mr. SH was in favour of N.Bawin.
2) I pre-empt that Mr.SH will say that there was element of sabortage by the Kucing Mafia.
3)SH will also blame DSAI and PKR leaders; question on thier seriousness to win BA would be raised.
4) I foresee that SH will also dwell on the issue of Trojan Horse within the state PKR.
5)The role of YB Dominique Ng and Datuk Hafsah Harun will take centre stage in SH's analysis.
6)Believed me,the role of Datuk S'ng as financier of BA by-election will also be stressed by SH.
7)Of course SH's will certainly not leave out the might of BN election machineries as one of the major factors.
8) I look forward to hear comments from SH with regard to "PKR Operation Room " in BA.To me its a big letdown.

piyatidoria said...

keinginan utk menang terlalu tinggi menggunung tetapi pasukan perang tidak lengkap dgn peralatan. Sumpit tidak digunakan seperti Iban dulu melawan Jepun.Semangat Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban tidak menjadi jatidiri didalam setiap rakyat Dayak ketika ini. Terbukti kejayaan Taib ialah mencipta rakyat yg selesa. Atau adakah PKR memang tidak hendak menang dulu ketika ini semata-mata menunggu pilihanraya DUN yg besar nanti?

Anonymous said...

When is the last time you all see Dominique Ng not smile in newspaper ?

Did you see all those photos in the local dailies today?

Hidup Rakyat !! Hidup PKR !! Get Out Expired medicine !!!

Al Tugauw said...

Anonymous, don't be sad. It is all for the better (and take my word for it, the voters of Batang Ai do know better - than both BN and PKR. Give them credit - they are pretty smart.

Warlord, we all have to see the bigger picture. I am not into any blame game or pointing fingers just for the sake of looking for a scapegoat or a few scapegoats, many though there may be (some probably sacrificial lambs for a cause they don't even know what).

I had reason to be in favour of Bawin, though both raised ghosts of their own, one of SNAP and the other of PBDS. Those ghosts have now been laid to rest by the voters of Batang Ai.

Let's hope the Dayaks, especially in PKR, live these in peace to rest as they should and not unduly scare other Sarawakians into submission yet again to Taib's BN.

There are far bigger issues here than those you have mentioned, although those may matter to some extent.

These are the issues PKR and the rest of the opposition will have to deal with if they seriously expect to topple the BN.

I would consider Dominique Ng and Hapsah to be irrelevant to these issues - they do not even know of their existence.

Lastly, Anonymous, both PKR and BN have their own fair share of expired medicine, one sweet, the other bitter, both poisonous.

Anonymous said...

the older generation are less educated to see the devil, somemore the results are revil kampong per kampong, the ketua are not daring to cast aganist thier salary or title.

Mata Kuching said...

Money and phantom voters are the main factor for BN's win in Batang AI. Nothing to do with PKR being west malaysian party or wrong strategies by DSAI, Jawah or Bawin.

The people of BA are so used to BN empty promises for 45 years that they would prefer to leave it to God to deal with these crooks so long as someone would give them extra money to their already irregularly low income of less than RM400 a month.

Their humility or even studity to be so subservient to BN or to be so tempted of the extra few hundred to one thousand ringgit which they would receive from their Tuai Rumah if BN won and which make Malaysians feel so shameful for them would acutually inspire and fire up the educated and young Dayaks to correct the wrong perception of the race.

BN won not because the folks accepted Najib or Taib or BN.BN won because of the predicament,poverty level and compositions of voters in BA which are mostly elderly men and women. If BN is so confident, let us see what will be the verdict if Perak and Sarawak have a new election simultaneously.

chapchai said...

Don't keep me in suspense for too long. Look forward to your analysis.

Warlord said...

Hey,Al Tugauw,I m afraid u r going overboard.
How dared u said both Dominique and Hapsah didn't know of thier existence? They were the one who man PKR operation centre in BA Pls. lah u are red carded for hitting below the belt.
How I wish I could share with u the good words Tan Sri Kahlid had for Dominique and gangs via SMS I received hours ago.

DeePo said...


u sounds a lot of frustration...trying to blame others..u r the one trying to blame others...

try to look at the batang ai's election as a lesson, what's PKR weakness in this election so that we can do better next one. do not try to provoke others to argue wit u...think use ur brain la...

i dunno wat's ur intention to give such comments...stupid....taik mahmud laughing like babi if he hears you talked like that...

as for me, the main reason behind the failure, might be the failure of PKR front man like anwar to understand the mentality of the sarawakian voter...

or maybe PKR should instead try to win the bigger cities like sibu, miri and bintulu first before trying to have trusnami in smaller ADUN like batang ai.....

Shiok Guy said...

Dear Fellow Sarawakian

PR will never have any change in Batang Ai, so PR win 2 Bukits and lost 1 Batang. Sound like a good deal to me, right?

In order for PR to make an inroad into Sarawak and Sabah, the Indelible Ink has to be implemented and others form of rigging has to be stopped. I am not a sour grape or bad loser in Sarawak, I am a Sarawakian and work as boatman to ferry voters around. So I have seen it happens before.

Yahoo to the Rakyat!

Shiok Guy

jumpover said...

mungkin ada unsur sabotas.mengejutkan kerana waktu penamaan calon ramai penyokong pkr. semasa kempen juga mood pengundi lebih kepada pkr. semasa keputusan ia berpihak kepada beend. Apa yang saya risau ialah peranan si sung lintung. kita semua tahu watak yg selalu dilakonan kan oleh pelakon ini.PKR berharap sangat pada dia ni..dan ini akhirnya. Walau bagai mana pun dayak baru tetap bersama PKR.

Anonymous said...

Actualy the BN didn't win the Election base on their so call power or whatever you may call it. The PKR were defeating themselves even before the votes were cast out on the 07th April 2009.

It's a simple answer and solution for everyman on the street to know, what for more to say for the high up thinkers in the Crystal Palace of Decision making.

They had shot themselves in the leg even before the race begin. Why?. Ask the (PKR) or they try to be in a denial mood, if they don't know the answer.

Actually we were alive and kicking on the ground and trying our very best to convince the masses (Nicholas Bawin Anggat- NBA) supporters to give a way for Jawah Gerang-JG). But that is not as easier said than done. NBA had been maintaining the ground base well before JG was in the picture even. There was a private arrangement, that JG will take over the Lubok Antu Parliament and NBA for the Batang Ai State Constituency, and that was the deal they had established privately, ever since then.

So that was honored and kept to the last minute and suddenly thing didn't goes as it is. JG should be blame for that as well and more still NBA are not to be made as a bunch of useless rascal after all either.

So everything goes haywire and everybody were on their own agenda and that is the Time for the BN to prick their needle and pin to the PKR balloon, so you are kabooooom at the end. More still the wild voice of SNAP goon were made in the wild Jungle of Batang Ai, which were very unacceptable at all, during such a point of time. A damned opportunist and soul selling all the way.

PKR would had won it easily, cause (Malcom Mussin Lamoh-MML) was not the choice of PRS in the 1st place. He was there because of Jabu & Taib had side step James Masing. MML was a mere paratrooper from PBB and was told to do the fighting using the PRS shirt. And (Naga Alam - NA)factor was not properly utilize by the parties who were supposed to do it.

No doubt we had some unseen hand from the dark side of the other world with PKR but that wasn't enough to turn the table.

It is suggested that, should Pakatan Rakyaat are really serious to topple the BN and Taib in the Next Sarawak State Election, then they must be very flexible and don't create an atmosphere of uncertainty for all the Constituencies that are contesting on.

A mere paratrooper will not solve the problem, just because he is a Green Beret Holder and his life will be ended with a single shot from the enemy muzzle. So what we want is a Team Spirit and not an individual decision.

Batang Ai is a lesson learn for Pakatan Rakyaat, so avoid that in the Coming State Election, least you all will be just left as a dreamer and an opposition forever.

hostage88 said...

The battle was lost even the 1st whistle was blown.

This is money politics of BN.
RM30.00 per vote to a section of the LA's community.

As you get it.

Anonymous said...

Don't be despair. I have mentioned in another blog. One of the many factors are Dayaks might be afraid of strenghtening PBB if PRS kenna booted out. Remember the hoohah of nominating Malcolm to contest in batang Ai
The point is PBB malay/melanau's seats. 25 of them. Something got to be done on that. PR Sarawak must be formulating strategies of breaking down the bastion of PBB. Once PBB is down, PRS, SPDP, SUPP are nothing. What Sim said is correct to rebuild the base.
Perhaps, Dominique's clique to lay off grabbing DAP's traditional chinese seats. DAP is a much better party to deal with SUPP. They are much better party to work with. Think of PAS-DAP partnership in Perak. The best ever.


Anonymous said...

By the guys......The best way to tackle election fraud is LANDSLIDE VICTORY.......If PKR got 4K or 5K votes in the bag, not many hantus can cover the shit hole


Akiq Hawong said...

kamu datang kotor kah, period kak , mothly leaking kah or on heat, mana satu?

Antares said...

Looking forward to your Batang Ai analysis, Al! :-)

Anglophile said...

OK, Al, we'll wait for your take on this election. Perhaps it was one of those elections that was lost before it even started?

Asapai said...

wahhhh...see..semua Dayak pandai bejako kerah2...that lah...this lah...but TIN KOSONG..why not you all go back to kampung this Gawai & padah ngagai semua anembiak register kena ngundi 2010 or 2011 ilak..ok....kitai sama2 ngelaban BN....forget cerita Batang Ai...look ahead....

Al Tugauw said...

Anonymous with the long comment, I will be putting your comment on my blog after editing and formatting it properly. It is not easy to read in its present format as it is long and not properly paragraphed.

In the mean time it will be deleted from this particular comment section as it has appeared in the comment section of an earlier post and will remain there.

What you say does make sense but will not reach its proper audience until you make it more readable.

Anonymous said...

Ya ya BN win. Malcom is unknown gomen servant and is not involved with any party (hei I taught that gomen servants should stay out of politic and come to think of it most of our ministers are from gomen service... allah so much form the policy of staying out off politic). PRS is dying and need new meat to be grinded. Can Malcom play politic while as a ex-gomen servant his main task is to maintanence. Batang need fresh ideas to thrive. If he failed then PRS is to lose out.

johnny said...

Idup ka MDC or re_furnished SNAP.
Sarawakian For Sarawak. Not UMNO or PKR.

1. PKR parti Ari Malaya Ngena tambai menira lambang Mata. Enggai Bala kitai Iban meda tu..

2. PKR having a lot of problem in TV 1,TV2, TV3, NTV7 Astro 501 and 502 Laban bala kitai iban balat meda TV channel tu. Di Rumah panjai ni bisi internet Service.lalu sida ia arap bendar ka utai ti keluar ari TV channel Perintah BN.

3. Kebuah PKR alah di lubok antu....Simple aja laban nadai PROPER PLANNING to PREVENT PISS POOR PERFORMANCE. Tambnah mega nadai Issue semina Lutor John aja bisi issu manah tang too late ka print out lalu distribute ngagai rumah panjai laban bala BN udah maioh project di janji ka sida ngagai orang rumah panjai. PKR nadai janji semina madah ka deka nulong ngaga Surat pala Tanah Aja.

4. Bala PKR supporter/ bala KIMPIN enda segulai sejalai penemu.
Bala orang ti nulong kimpin nya maioh agi bala APEK BAYAT tang bala BN mai bala GENGSTA.

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban