Thursday, April 2, 2009

Batang Ai: Beware The Corrupt BN Bearing Gifts

Christmas has come early to Batang Ai, so much so that the people of other backward constituencies in Sarawak are wishing for the premature deaths of their own incumbents so that they can also enjoy the same "gifts".

In the case of Taib Mahmud, his death will not be premature, but long overdue and eagerly anticipated and awaited even by his own PBB party members and others of the corrupt BN. His deliberate failure to groom a successor will see a power struggle that will tear PBB and the state BN apart.

Anyway that is another story. For a list of all the goodies being bestowed upon the good folk of Batang Ai, see Anil Netto's account at "Batang Ai: Ho! Ho! Ho! The White-Haired One arrives..."

The fact that these goodies belong to the government and the people in the first place and not to BN is conveniently forgotten. The Elections Commission of course does not see these as corrupt practices or attempts to bribe the voters. And BN keeps on trying to justify them as part of "the continuing efforts of development" for the constituency, in spite of the obvious lack over the past 30 years.

Suddenly a critical by-election has brought forward all these "continuing efforts of development" into the space of hardly a month for Batang Ai and Christmas has come early, or so it would appear.

With so many past promises still unfulfilled, will these new promises be fulfilled or will the people of Batang Ai be fooled yet again?

The last 3 days of the by-election campaign period will be the most crucial, that is when the actual cash will arrive. Those voters who can't be bought by cash will be seduced by liquor and general festivities by the BN and they will wake up on election day to find that the voting is over. Or they may be transported away by BN for an all-expenses paid holiday to Kuching until after the voting. PKR should try to catch them in action and gather all the evidence. This will be important in the event an election petition becomes necessary, like in the case of Mong Dagang.

The pro-BN 3 monkeys, the Elections Commission, MACC and the 800+ police will of course as usual see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing.

PKR had better have enough fuel and transport (both land and river) ready to transport their voters who may not want be seen dead taking BN transport to their respective voting areas.

Keep a sharp eye on all goings-on during and even after the voting. Do not let your guard down at any time. When the voting ends, voting areas will be closed to all parties except the Elections Commission staff and hanky-panky can take place during the period before the counting begins. Make sure that only trusted members get to be polling and counting agents and they know exactly what to do and look out for - this is absolutely crucial.

The BN's trojan horses, of which there will be many, do not only come in the form of "gifts". They are masters of sabotage as well and they have the Elections Commission, MACC, the police and the whole government machinery on their side.

The only thing that can stop them is the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

On second thoughts, welcome the corrupt BN bearing gifts.

Sarawak Headhunter's advice to the voters of Batang Ai is that if they want a better future for themselves and their children and grandchildren, TAKE WHATEVER THE BN GIVES AND VOTE FOR PKR.

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