Thursday, February 5, 2009

See How Najib & BN Ignore & Subvert Democratic Conventions When It Suits Them!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

From The Middle Ground by Romerz

Wait a minute Najib!

What a tumultous day today was in Perak and I do not think its over yet! This is despite Najib declaring that BN has the numbers to form a new Perak state government. (TheStar Online report HERE).

Perak's system of government (and Malaysia's as well) is based on UK's Westminster system of a democratic parliamentary system of government. Amongst the key characteristics is that parliament (in this case state assembly) may be dissolved at any time upon the request of the 'SITTING' MB.

Alternatively, the opposition (UMNO/BN) may move a motion of no-confidence against the MB and his government in the state assembly and a vote is taken by all assembly persons. If the MB and the government side can't defeat this motion, then the MB must either resign or dissolve the assembly and request for a general election.

Raja Petra explains the Westminster system in greater detail HERE.

Despite all the MSM saying that the PR government of Perak has fallen, the fact is the PR state government under MB Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin is STILL the sitting government sworned-in by the Royal House of Perak.

And when MB Nizar went to see HRH The Sultan of Perak to request for a dissolution of the assembly, he did so in his capacity as the MB of Perak and by convention of the Westminster system, the Head of State (in this case HRH The Sultan of Perak) should accede to the request even though HRH does have discretionary 'power' empowered by the state constitution.

My understanding of this whole fiasco is that before Najib can announce the formation of a new BN government, he must first remove the existing sitting PR government. As it stands both PR and BN now have 28 seats each with 3 independents claimed to be "BN friendly" by Najib.

Effectively, what we have here is a hung state assembly and unless and until a motion of no confidence is moved in the assembly, the status quo remains! And the status quo is PR is the state government and Nizar is the MB! Because it is a hung assembly, the MB has chosen to face the electorate again and HRH should grant him this request. It is the honorable and right thing to do.

In a sense HRH Sultan of Perak had been put in this unenviable position to safeguard the institution of democracy by UMNO/BN.

What Najib is trying to do now is to ignore democratic conventions of a Westminster system and to subvert the will of the people last recorded on 8 March 2008. If Najib succeeds in carrying this off then it is a sad day for Malaysia's democracy.

Then it is up to us ordinary Malaysians to fight for justice and the rule of law and have this day ingrained in our memory forever. NEVER again to UMNO/BN!


Anonymous said... the way...who is running this blog? A honest question, please...deserves a sincere answer! Is it by a Malayan team......

If so...we can't manage, and over time we will put our dignity right in the history of Malaysia.....with or without the help of Malayans!

King Cup ,
Gunung Kinabalu

Al Tugauw said...

To King Cup,

This blog is run entirely by Sarawakians, no Malayans involved. While we are more than willing to cooperate with like-minded Malayans, we believe Sarawak affairs should be handled by Sarawakians in the lead.

Sarawakians for Sarawak!

Anonymous said...

...Sarawakians for Sarawak, indeed!

King Cup