Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Twist To Frog Hopping

Even rats are getting into the act.

The Lust Emperor Frog - Najib Tun Katak On Rosmah's Finger

The Frog Empress - Rosmah Katak


Anonymous said...

The Chinese calendar has the Year of the Rat, the Cow...till the Pig; then we Malaysian should have the Year-of-the-FROG for 2009. Believe or not, this year will be full of frog-hopping stories in Malaysian politic and worse even after Datuk Pahin Najib-Tun-Katak ousted Pak Lah and beomes Prime Mongolia on April Fool Day...

Rich BN and less wealthy PR will all taste a year of FROG-IN and FROG-OUT, and all the states are no more in a safe and secure mode. Police Reports are like toilet papers (you go in and un-roll as much as you like) NBA basket ball score board: 89-91, 91-91, 93-91, 93-93.....lodge as much as you like

You should make a good good choice, PR > BN will promise you many Ringgit but BN > PR sure you have to tighten your belly belts..

Interesting saga: Perak State, Feb 2009, BN-Umno > PR 10 Days > BN-Umno hopping man should be awarded "Anugerah Binatang Berani Melompat-lompat Tahun 2009"

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Anonymous said...

Malaysia want to ban Yoga exercise and change to frog-hopping arobic dances...good for men with "corrupt" skin disease and women who seek political divorce from their voters...

Anwar called for 916 and no FROG-IN successful...
Najib threw the lines and some FROGS hooked...

All YBS have to change title > YANG BERHARGA, or YANG AMAT BERHARGA..

Anonymous said...
PM: They've disrespected sultan's decision
Feb 19, 09 1:42pm
Police, MACC reports against speaker
Feb 19, 09 12:56pm

Even in England, if the Queen were to behave in the pompous manner that the Sultan of Perak and the other Sultans carry on, they will be booed out of existence.

Being a Sultan doesn’t give anyone a right to do what he likes. You can bullshit some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time.

In fact, we don’t have to bother what this person or that person says. They don’t own the country.

At all times, our conscience would be clear if we are guided by the Federal Constitution especially its colour-blind aspect, the concept of Rule of Law, democracy, human rights, the checks-and-balances inherent in the doctrine of the separation of powers and other checks-and-balances measures, transparency, public accountability, free and fair elections; rooting for the brightest and best, no matter who, leading the way in every field at all times for the betterment of all of us.

We should also take a stand against AliBabaism, rent-seeking activities, “makan atas angin”, nepotism, cronyism, corruption, collusion; take a stand against packing the government departments with hardcore card-carrying fanatics and racists from the political parties; take a stand against the abuse of government machinery and places of worship by political parties; take a stand against the same small group taking all government jobs and scholarships, and government created contracts, business opportunities and other opportunities; and take a stand against the creation of political dynasties.

We should also take a stand against the government media being abused by political parties.

We should also take a stand against the mainstream media and the financial institutions being controlled and abused by the government and hardcore card-carrying members of political parties.

There will be no peace, security, stability and prosperity in this country until Umno accepts the fact that ketuanam Melayuism – whatever it means – is dead; umnoputraism is dead; that it can no longer get a two-thirds majority in Parliament; that it lost five states and Kuala Lumpur in the last General Election and perhaps will keep on losing until it enters the dustbins of history.

The Indian and Hindraf issues will evaporate overnight if the Federal Government honours the constitutional provisions on equal rights for all and allow the brightest and the best, no matter who, to lead the rest of us in every field of national life and human endeavour so that all of us, the nation and the world will be a better place.

Previously, the brightest and best used to flee the country in droves – they still do to a certain extent – but now they are increasingly staying back to fight for change.

No one craves for chaos. But as the famous Cambridge University physicist Dr Stephen Hawkings says: “The only predictable property of the universe is chaos”.