Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Sick Joke By Pak Blah


From the New Shit Times (same Old Shit recycled).
We'll distribute economic wealth fairly, vows PM
PUTRAJAYA: The government yesterday reaffirmed its pledge to equitably distribute wealth and opportunities for all races in the country.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said efforts to narrow down, if not eliminate, economic gaps between the races would continue so that no one would feel sidelined or marginalised.

"Opportunities for the rakyat from all ethnic groups in both the public and private sectors must be expanded for the good of all.

"We want the opportunities contained in the various programmes for the rakyat, both in urban and rural areas, to be distributed fairly. We, as civil servants, must play our respective roles and do even more to ensure equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities for everyone."


CYberNews said...

Ha ha ha must read in between the lines.

This sleepy head is saying if you want a share of the economic wealth, you must be either an Umnoputras or a MCA or a MIC or BN member. If not you mati you punya pasal because you are against BN.

Anonymous said...

Few more days to go, Sleeping Lah, relax and dont blow too many dust over the fog adding pain to suffer..

Sleeping Lah, stay cool and watch your "supposed take-over-man" Jib is screwing his way through Perak down to Dewan Rakyat KL, lawfully or unlawfully..and tell your S-in-L Curry to shut up. Curry is making a mistake thinking upholding the balls of Jib is pleasing Jib. A big mistake, Jib already has had his men and you Curry is not in...Stay quiet like "Mr. Kris- Hishamuddin"..and pop-in at the right time by the right side..

Just treat Sleeping Lah's words some joking, as you know he has never been serious since his first day in the PM office. You will excuse him of non-performance and always talks-sleeping and sleeps-talking..

Good luck, honey moon holidays retiring with good

Life-Long-Umno-Lover 001