Friday, December 5, 2008

Taib Mahmud aka Mahalanun Not Scared Of Iban Rituals

Thursday, December 4, 2008

From Mahalanun

I'm Not Scared Of These Stupid Ibans & Their Stupid Rituals

KUCHING: Native customary rights (NRC) landowners from an Iban longhouse in Bintulu Division came in full force for a case involving one of them and a plantation company at the High Court here yesterday.

However, it was the ritual aspect that attracted all the attention.

They arrived about 8am in two buses and cars, and began the miring (prayers for God's help and blessings) ritual in front of the court complex.

After the prayers were chanted, a man placed the piring (offerings) on the mat, next to six human skulls collected during the headhunting days of the tribe.

The ritual, which lasted less than an hour, was conducted in a peaceful manner.

A man, when asked about the ritual, said it was to strengthen their spirits.

"You know, land is our life and without it, we cannot live," he said.

The case involves BLD Resources Sdn Bhd, which seeks for a court injunction against Changgai Dali of Rumah Ranggong longhouse in Sungai Sah, Ulu Niah, Bintulu Division, from trespassing on a piece of land which it said was leased to it by the government.

Changgai maintained that he had customary rights over the land.

Judicial commissioner Dr Hamid Sultan Abu Backer adjourned the case to Jan 13 to allow BLD Resources to file an application to include the state government as a party. BLD Resources counsel George Lo made the application in chambers.

Harisson Ngau Laing, counsel for Changgai, said he would file a suit on behalf of Changgai and the other residents of the longhouse against the company for trespassing on their NCR land.

Ngau said the longhouse residents would also name the government as a party to the suit.

When asked by Cyber Jungle Network News (CJNN) about these claims, Chief Minister Taib Mahmud aka Mahalanun shouted, "I am the Government! These Ibans are trespassers on my land. They can sue me if they want. I don't care. There has been no new NCR in the state since 1958. Let them die without the land! I am the Government! I am the Government!"

He then started overturning tables, throwing chairs and kicking flowerpots and anyone within range, including Afraid Jabu and Awang Tanah.
Jam Masin narrowly escaped a flying teapot, while Will Morewant panicked and fell head over heels by himself. Abang Jauh Pak Awi was the first to run off and was nowhere to be seen. Awang Asfiaxated was uncharacteristically shocked speechless and was found hiding behind his wife.

Taib had to be forcefully ejected from the press conference for running out of control. Since Sarawak Police Chief Mat Slave and his boys also ran off, the job was left to a lowly off-duty Sarawak Ranger, Private Kiri Anak Kanan, who managed to subdue Taib with a kick to the groin.


United States Of All-Borneo said...

Sad. Interesting. Syabas to the Dayak Iban fighters.

Bunga Terung Dayak said...

Haha... Funny one... Awang Tanah? But seriously, I want to ask every reader of this Sarawak Headhunter Blog, who will champion Sarawak AND the Dayak people if one day Mahalanun is ousted from the helm? Is the only way to defeat Mahalanun is by voting the opposition? Is going independent as "a new country" like what the owner of this blog suggest, a better way ahead for Sarawak? Let me describe the scenarios of each situation with my own words and opinion.... 1. If Sarawakian choose to vote for opposition in the next state election, some DUN seats may be retained and new ones won by the opposition, but i still think that BN will be in power. I predict SUPP will again be the sore loser and PBB might loose a seat a two. DAP will win most of the seat which they contested, PKR will contest most of the seats but win only a few, SPDP and PRS will retain what they have, and PAS will be rejected completely. Sarawak BN will still be in power but they will face internal problem like what is happening now with UMNO, MCA, MIC & Gerakan. DAP and PKR will disagree with many issue while trying form a pack. The political situation in Sarawak will be a rocking boat. 2) Let say that DAP & PKR succeed in defeating the state BN, power struggle will surface between the two soon after. I predict DAP will control most of the urban seats while PKR holds rural territories. As we know, before the March 2008 election, PKR is not serious about governing a state like Sarawak while DAP is only concern with Chinese majority areas. Suddenly now the DAP and PKR wish to topple the State BN. This is because both party has agendas of their own and they need Sarawak to achieve them. Heads will clash between them and the Dayaks will not be taken care of. The state BN on the other hand will be the pain in the ass to DAP and PKR, attacking at every corner and pointing out every mistake and weakness. Sarawak will be a far worst state because nobody is governing, all busy quarrelling. 3. Pull out from Malaysia? Easy said. The only possible way for such a thing to happen is that civil war broke out between Tanah Melayu Loyalist and The Kingdom Of Sarawak Separatist. And that is catastrophic. Rejimen Askar Melayu DiRaja from Tanah Melayu will be hunting down Dayak Separatis. Genocide everywhere. And the Dayak and Malay and Chinese will fight each other for supremacy. UN soldiers will come. Australian and Thai armies will also come. Conclusion, Dayaks and other Sarawakian are in deep sXXt dilemma. Frankly, we still have no cure for Mahalanun and the gang. All the option we have now only leads to nothing good, and the cancer is still here. Die la if nobody come up with a solution.

ulu balang said...

we never afraid of askar melayu diraja.we give them bloody for nothin or die for something.And that why we are born to.

Anonymous said...

i only wish we have a clean uncorrupted CM or government no matter who he is or from which party. Lim Guan Eng pun boleh. what good having another sarawakian or sarawak based party to govern if they are more or less the same like Taib and Co?
PKR and DAP has to work together with sarawakian to form a clean sarawak government. no more kezaliman to sarawak natives esp the a malay sarawakian and i never vote for the present government.i hope this coming election the dayaks will realise that they will be digging their own graves if they keep voting for Taib. sedarlah sikit jgn kerna duit sikit, rumah panjang diberik generator, baja kah alu sik mikir masa depan anak cucu dirompak.

Bunga Terung Dayak said...

The CM of Sarawak post is like The Ring of Power in the Lord Of The Rings. Who ever holds this position will have great power and in command of thousands of people ready to serve. Mahalanun is the 4th person to hold this position. The previous 3 CM are just history, maybe 'soi' and cursed because of the nature of this job. Mahalanun was once a sincere and straight CM. But then power and greed consumed his sane mind. Now he is a sick Golum holding on to the ring of power and assume that people still want and need him. Such an idiot.