Monday, December 8, 2008

Afraid Jabu - The Only Smart Iban Sarawak Has Ever Produced

Monday, December 8

The Jabu condemnation: who will be next?

It is Alfred Jabu’s habit to condemn Dayaks who do not “kow-tow” to him. Since he became YB and minister in 1974, he had been criticising his own people and his choice of words is always similar: anti-establishment, anti-development, instigators, ungrateful, what have you done to help the community, you know how to criticise, etc.

When the defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) was in the opposition, its leaders - Leo Moggie, Daniel Tajem, Edmund Langgu, Jawi Masing, James Masing, and the late Joseph Samuel, – had also been condemned by Jabu. He had also criticised leaders of Sarawak National Party (SNAP) such as the late Stephen Kalong Ningkan, Dunstan Endawie, Edwin Dundang, Justine Jinggut, Stanley Jugol, etc.

All Dayaks’ non-governmental organisations (NGOs) – Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU), Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA), Sarawak Dayak Graduate Association (SDGA), Dayak Cultural Foundation (DCF) and Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) – have been at the receiving end of his ‘loquacious’ mouth (baka mulut indu).

A couple of days ago, he chided SDNU and SADIA for not praising him and SALCRA for helping the Dayak community. And today, 8 Dec 2008 (according to The Borneo Post), he accused bloggers of discrediting him and SALCRA, instigating the people to go against the government and hampering its efforts by abusing and misusing the internet.

He said: “They blog every day and night but have done nothing for the people. They only talk”.

It is true we have done nothing in term of physical development. But our job is to help change the mindset of the people and help them to know their rights especially their customary rights over land that had been created by their forefathers centuries ago.

As a minister Jabu is in a better position to help the people as he has the federal and state funds at his finger tips. But yet he has failed miserably as many of his projects (kononnya) to help the Dayaks have become white elephants. Perhaps only SALCRA appears to be doing much better than many of his projects. But then he is not the originator of the project.

No doubt some SALCRA participants have received some substantial amount of money from its dividends and bonuses, but the bulk of such money goes to some rich Dayaks and non-Dayaks, while some of the poor Dayak participants receive as little as RM2.70 as dividends. One non-Dayak in Saratok, for example, has received over RM500,000 in dividends last year because some scheme participants have sold their land and shares to the 'Chinaman'. Did Jabu speak about him as a successful SALCRA participant?

On development, it is undeniable that Jabu has brought some development projects to Betong which is under his constituency. But that is Betong only. What about other Dayak areas? In fact some money meant for projects in other divisions have been diverted to Betong.

His political enemies have accused Jabu of only having interests in the development of politics and business for his family and cronies. For example, who is this Gerald Rentap who owns Utahol Sdn Bhd that has been given 6,900 hectares of land, Ulu Medamit, Limbang for the planting of oil palm? And who is this Robert Lawson Chuat who owns Durafarm which was given land totalling 1501.825 hectares at Tanjong Bijat and Skrang Land districts and 3665.1 hectares of land in Betong? And what about Henry Jantum’s Ever Herald Sdn Bhd that was given 2,127 hectares of land of Batang Layar/Batang Lupar land district and another 2,873 hectares of Sablor and Sebelak land districts in Betong?

The way I see it, the more Jabu criticises and condemns people from his community the more he will be isolated and the more people hate him. Now after criticising the Dayak bloggers, who will be his next targets? - The Broken Shield


Anonymous said...

Tukang Marah Jabu the Irrelevant

Bunga Terung Dayak said...

He was smart. Now he is just 'acting smart'. Perhaps he is 'taking care' of himself, family, relatives and close friends. He has a reputation to uphold. Sadly he is powerless when it comes to defending other Dayaks and Sarawakians in general. It is not easy being a DCM who must agree with the CM all the time and sometimes defend the CM's action. He 'sembah burit' CM way too much that sometimes he embarrassed us with his actions. At one time I remember during an official visit Mr Afraid Jabu rushed to open CM's car door just like a butler and greet him like the CM has been gone for a long time. He's a DCM for goodness sake, DCM don't have to treat the CM like that. The CM has assistants to take of that, don't put yourself at the same level with 'amah'. So lame, but when the CM is not around, he talks like a big gun.

monsopiad said...

Hello my fellow Dayaks Malaysian, I am from Sabah of KDM's ethnic. Little bit of advice to the communities, Please be aware of the BN tactic's divides and rules, its happen to us down here in Sabah. May God bless Sarawak and the Dayaks, be United against the EVIL.

jumpover said...

smart penipu...
this guy start to be afraid of his own race/ dayak..because he do nothing to overcome the NCR owner problems.What he do is,, create and create problems to us.

tsunami said...

Afraid labu said dayaks are anti-government. What? Afraid thought that he is a government. Idiot. peoples voted afraid to form a gomen. pbb a government. idiot. just a party.

His name speak for itself. Anyway, wish Afraid Jabu well. Word of advise, don't be afraid. Sincerely, hope you win the coming election and not forgetting full erection.

tsunami said...

Hello datuk (got cucu)amah tak beberapa tinggi (fart tinggi)Joboo. Whats up? heard you are now in australia? have not heard of joboo these few days. no more ideas to marah the dayaks? or your title of being spokeman for pbb has been taken away? haiya kong pun bo yong.. how is your SAL KERA doing? counting dividends and bonuses to be given? christmas is coming.. land owners need bonuses for beers.. cheerrsss joboo..
wish you in the well and marry the chris and the must...

tsunami said...

On behave of few of my dayak friends and in conjunction with the coming festive christmas season, we agreed to bestowed the most high title to the self-proclaimed de-facto dayak leader, "the Jo and the boo", DFTA, Datuk Fart Tinggi Amah. The title was given to honour his no contributions, for being idiot, for talking stupidity at its lowest. And of cause for having PHD, permanent head damage.

Anonymous said...

To all my Sarawakian friends,
Please for heaven sake change the existing BN govt. in the next state election.I am sure u all are not bloody fool to be treated in that manner by Taib (taik) and his cronies.In his tenure of office he has amassed himself with the richness of the state which is rightfully belonged to the people of Sarawak.It is shocking to see everything in Sarawak especially major projects worth millions being swallowed by Taib and his cronies.
I pity some of my small businessman friend has to travel to Semenanjung all the way just to get one small project to survive.So my word of advice for this coming election do not "ngirup" toddy lebih gilak kelak kitak sik tauk sapa di pangkah.I was told by one friend from Niah that when come election time beers will be flowing like the Sungai Sarawak which make u drunk and give your state to CMS.
Godwilling this time if u manage to throw Taib inside the river and get bujang senang to bite him then u are doing justice to all Sarawakian.Then make Taib account for all his wealth to the people of Sarawak.

Quote: I think he is the only CM in Malaysia who drives Bently and Rolls Royce around......well the king of Sarawak...........CMS.Dont forget his son which he grooms to be his successor shall also be thrown inside the Sungai Batang Lupar which is infested with it men eating croc.

Anonymous said...

the guy is smarter than all of you put together!